MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2019

Prophet 6 Tutorial - Modwheel to Filter & Bandpass

Published on Dec 13, 2019 philmakesnoise

Vermona style white knobs.

"Before I got the P6 I was almost worried I'd lose those sweet modwheel filter sweeps. I was pretty happy to find they can be easily set up.

This isn't really super deep but I've seen people complain and claim the P6 lacked this feature. This works well enough for my purposes! I take things on a patch by patch basis and its nice to know I can program this in on occasion.

(Not to mention all of the other cool destinations you can link to the mod-wheel with this trick. PWM, OSC freq, and FM via OSC2 freq combined with polymod!)"

Patch of the week 36: ARP Odyssey – Basics and Getting Started + Duophonic Play

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Korg

"Korg’s ARP Odyssey is an incredible synth with a unique sound and programming style- in the next four episodes of patch of the week, we take you through some fun, useful patches you can recreate on your Odyssey at home, starting with getting sound out of the Odyssey from zero."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Synth Magic Vermon (Vermona Synth)

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Synth Magic

" (For Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher - Not for the free Kontakt player). Video demo of Vermon by Synth Magic. Based on the rare Vermona Piano Strings synth. We sampled our vermona synth and also created a custom set of samples by heavily processing the samples. We also created a user interface that went way beyond what the original hardware can do, so it is no longer just a piano and string synth. Listen to the audio demos to hear the type of sounds Vermon can create. Vermon comes with 150 presets."

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Rare Early Model 1983 SN 0136

via this auction

"This unit is somewhere between 'Excellent' and 'Mint', but we tend to be on the conservative side with our synths and will call it 'Excellent.' It is fully functional and appears to be hardly used. The buttons are crisp and all of the knobs feel brand new without any scratchiness. Our technicians have gone over this unit but didn't have to do much. This is a true closet classic collector/museum piece.

Our technicians date this unit to early 1983. It is written on the bottom wood panel, 'SN013G' or 'SN0136' (likely SN0136; pictured here). This early version looks different than later versions, where the MIDI 'IN' 'OUT' and 'THRU' are actually silkscreened into the plastic, whereas this unit has a sticker on top of the plastic."

Moffenzeef 3MØ

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Møffenzeef Mødular



30MA -12V
0MA 5V

Moffenzeef BAD IDEA #1800-CALL-YER-MUM

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Møffenzeef Mødular

“My møm says I døn’t call her enøugh sø I made a mødule that wøuld dø it før me.”
— Ross




25MA -12V
0MA 5V


Five12 Vector Sequencer (It's Like Having Numerology in Eurorack)

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Based on the popular plugin Numerology, the Five12 Vector Sequencer is a unique take on Eurorack sequencing—balancing easy access to specific rhythms and melodies with complex generative behavior.

In this video, we use a small Eurorack system comprised of only an Erica Synths Bassline, Mutable Instrument Plaits, and Make Noise Mimeophon. By controlling these with the Vector Sequencer, we create everything from minimalistic grooves to interlocking melodic patterns and ratcheting rhythms.

Vector Sequencer available here:" for the rest.

Synthtech E520 Hyperion Processor | Poly D Meets Lush FX! | Moot Booxle Sound Demo

Published on Dec 13, 2019 mootbooxle

"Back the Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor on Kickstarter before it ends Sunday! .

This will be an actual Eurorack module - not the bare-bones prototype you see here! I'd been wanting to do another Poly D sound demo, but with FX, and this was the perfect opportunity.

So much more to come...and not just Behringer! I'm practically swimming in cool stuff to show you. I'm so glad you watched my video and shared your time with me! I hope you have a wonderful day!"

modular shades #25 | for the world | meditation music | modular eurorack synthesizer

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Elinch

"a 30-minute meditative declaration of love to the world. with the hope that all people think more about the future of the earth than they are in themselves."

the basis is a 30 minute slow motion trip through a 10 second snippet of music.

1. seq /// morphagene / 10 sec. peace of music stretched to 30 minutes controlled by slow lfo (alm pamelas) / oto reverb

2. bass /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player (sample source make noise sto / optomix)

3. voices /// morphagene / random voice samples

4. sh /// make noise sto / clouds
5. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player (sample source verbos ho / optomix)
6. choir /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position mod. by slow lfo
7. choir /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position manualy controlled by intellijel triatt
8. reverse /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player (mutable instruments rings)

malekkos voltage block served as a cv mixer for the er-301.recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

thank you for the great video recordings from tom fisk."

Access Virus Ti Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

See if you can guess what happened. I was surprised myself. Wouldn't think that could happen.

Roland Varios Synthesizer

via this auction

Suit & Tie Guy vs Oliver's Pizza - Thanksgiving Eve 2019 (Juggable Offense video)

Published on Dec 13, 2019 suitandtieguy

"Every year I play a Thanksgiving Eve gig at a pizza parlor here in Peoria IL called Oliver's. The location has changed but the gig continues.

This year STG Soundlabs' Minister of Hype Bubba Ayoub did video art with me. Tonight he recorded something similar to his art that night, here is the result. [he uses camera feedback, a Vidiot, a eurorack system, and a couple of video mixers to do this.]

This is only the first set. If you think I should upload the rest of the gig to Bandcamp let me know in the comments. Also let us know if you like this kind of video. Thank you.

Bubba Ayoub:
my music:"

Stefano Mattia Sequences

Published on Dec 6, 2019 Stefano Mattia

Spotted #5 on discchord. Decided to make a playlist with the 6 to date. There's some SH-01a in here as well. If you are seeing this post off the homepage you might want to expand the post (click the "Click More" more link below) for the descriptions and patch notes before starting the player.


1. Sequence #1 // 0-Coast, Specular Tempus, Fugue Machine
I came up with this nice patch while jamming with my 0-Coast and decided to record a little sequence with it. I'm feeding midi data from Fugue Machine and Rozeta Arpeggio on my iPad, and recording the audio from the 0-Coast, through the Specular Tempus, directly in AUM. There is an additional delay send effect on the track.

Patch notes

Roland Promars Compuphonic | The Red Planet

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Alex Ball

"A musical demo of the Roland Promars Compuphonic from 1978.

This guy accompanied the release of the Jupiter-4 and is basically its monophonic sibling, although it has some differences.

The Promars has a “dual VCO” and it works as follows: The master VCO has sawtooth, square, variable pulse, sub oscillator and separate white noise. There is a second VCO (which also has its own sub oscillator) which is slaved to the waveshape and modulation of the master VCO, but can be tuned independently.

There’s a switch to the bottom right of the instrument that flicks between'“A-Tune, off and B-Tune' for VCO 2. These are two manual tuning settings for the second oscillator and a mute in case you just want one VCO. An example would be tuning the second oscillator up an octave and turning on the sub oscillator which would give you three octaves of a note with the middle note being duplicated. You can also create some very cool detuned sounds that really reminded me of the Prodigy (listen the pitch-bent lead line in the verse sections of my track).

There’s the usual Roland resonant low-pass / basic high-pass combination and then two envelopes (one is invertible), which makes the Promars more flexible than the Roland SH synths of the era. You can overload the VCA for drive too, which is a welcome feature.

The LFO is excellent on the Promars with a very wide frequency range. There’s four waveshapes available: sine, square, sawtooth and inverted sawtooth.

There’s also the familiar performance section to the bottom left of the synth which can be used to modulate VCO, VCF and VCA with bender or LFO. Portamento is found in this section as well as a “hold” switch that sustains a note indefinitely. I used this in the breakdown section where Carl Sagan joins us.

The “Compuphonic” name refers to the fact that it has eight memory slots. There’s also ten pretty terrible presets available, but they have their charms.

On the rear it has mono output, headphone output, CV/Gate in and out and external control of the bender if you wish to connect a foot pedal.

I created as many sounds as possible on the Promars including most of the drums with the exception of the hi-hats, cymbals and claps that came from the TR-606 and TR-808 respectively. I also made a subby kick on the Promars and then layered a filtered kick from the TR-707 to add a click to it in certain sections.

In the chorus section of my track I tuned the VCOs in intervals for some stacked chords. One pass was tuned in 5ths, the next in 4ths, the next a major 3rd and the next a minor 3rd. You have to be careful about what you’re playing in each part, but you get some interesting chord voicings and interactions that you wouldn’t be able to play on a poly in the normal manner.

It’s only the second time I’ve played a Promars and it’s a really cool synth and it certainly looks the part!

Sounds used:
Roland Promars Compuphonic (1978)
Roland Juno-6 (1982) into Seekers Voice Spectra Vocoder
Roland TR-606 (1981)
Roland TR-808 clap sample (1980)
Roland TR-707 (1984)

Thanks for watching."

KORG DW-6000 Synthesizer -1985- Demo Sounds

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Eaglechild

"Here's some of the factory presets. I added a little bit of Tal Chorus too. Enjoy! :-)"

BEHRINGER CRAVE - live jam / electric snow

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Aux Out

New demo from supporting member, Aux Out. You can find more here.

"8th live jam with my new Behringer Crave synths. A nice and slow track.
You can buy my music and support me here:

The upper synth plays the rhythmic lead. The lower one plays the pad.

I used this software:
Ableton Live
Valhalla Shimmer
TAL Chorus LX
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro
FabFilter Pro-C
FabFilter Pro-L"

Threetom Modular - Steve’s MS-22 dual VCF Released

This is a follow-up to this post where you'll find another demo.

"Today, ThreeTom Modular is releasing its 'Steve’s MS-22 dual VCF' module for eurorack.

The MS-22 is a dual voltage controlled filter, inspired by the classic Korg MS-20 filter, with an innovative modulation matrix and one of the highest function-to-hp ratios in the land of Eurorack.

The MS-22 contains two dedicated filter circuits, one low-pass and the other a high-pass. These are configured in series, the high-pass going into the low-pass. This configuration allows a unique duophonic fighting resonance behaviour. The cutoff frequencies of both filters can be CV’ed. Compared to most bread-and-butter MS-20 clones, the MS-22 is twice the amount of filter condensed down into half the package (4HP).

Furthermore, the MS-22 also has the following unique selling points :
The MS-22 has a unique modulation matrix that allows to configure many internal patches without using cables. Simply put, the modulation matrix (12-14) lets you route whatever modulation source you have connected to the ACV (auxiliary) input (e.g. an external envelope, LFO, S&H etc) to any or all of the following: HPF cutoff frequency, resonance amount, and input gain amount, either inverted or not.

The MS-22 has a unique link switch, which links the cutoff frequencies of the low-pass and high-pass filters in two different ratios. This creates two flavours of band-pass filters, of which the bandwidth can be tweaked and CV’ed. The switch itself also serves as an awesome performance effect as you can use it to create an instant drop. I demonstrate this near the end of this video. [see video below]

Steve's MS-22 is built to order in limited batches, the current batch consists of 10 units. Fully assembled modules are available for 225 EUR (excl. shipping). A limited number of DIY PCB+panel sets are available for 50 EUR (incl. shipping).

More information (videos, specs, manual) can be found on the product page :
Orders can be placed over e-mail, as described here :

ThreeTom Modular is a small boutique shop based in Belgium, run by Tom Verschooten, as a “hobby that go out of hand”, parallel to his full-time job as an Electronics engineer."

THREETOM modular / Steve's MS-22 Dual VCF / Drums

Published on Sep 20, 2019 Threetom Modular

Gotharman's LD3: Swing

Published on Dec 13, 2019

"The great LD2 'Swing All' function will be added to LD3 in the forthcoming update :)"


via this auction

Antumbra CARA Micro Mutable Instruments Marbles Eurorack Synth Module

via this auction

Created a new Antumbra label for these moving forward. There has only been three previous posts featuring Antumbra.

"Brand new Antumbra CARA built by an electronics engineer with over ten years of experience.

Really beautiful, compact redesign of Mutable Instruments Marbles--takes up only 10 HP. Adds very aesthetically pleasing jacklights.

From the makers of the very popular Atom module.

The panel on this module is manufactured by Magpie Modular, makers of some of the highest quality panels in Eurorack. It is white aluminum with a beautiful textured finish.

Calibrated and tested, with factory firmware."

Yamaha Vintage After Touch Magazines

via this auction

"TX-816- has holes punched
TX-81Z- near Mint condition
Motif ES- Mint condition
The official publication of the Yamaha users group.
ORIGINAL Yamaha After Touch Magazine. x 12 in excellent condition.
Published for approx 3 years in the 80's these magazines showcased some of Yamahas most iconic gear of that era.
You don't see these come up for sale ever, and when they do can sell for $20 individually. Grab a dozen for a bargain to start or complete your collection. Suits a collector.
If you have vintage Yamaha gear or just a vintage Synth enthusiast then this is a rare must have."

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon White

via this auction

"Mint condition Avalon Analog Baseline with SEM filer cart. This is the white on white variety. Just like the original TB-303, but WAY easier to program, and has swappable filter carts and sub osc. All analog, sounds amazing!"

TB-303s were silver, no?

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A Version 1.6e Published

via Radikal Technologies

"Version 1.6e fixes some issues introduced with version 1.5. Some modulation- and synchronisation-settings were not load correctly during a preset dump reception. Version 1.6e also reduced the output level of preset dumps for unit to unit dumps."

Oberheim Matrix-1000 | Analog Rack Power

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Espen Kraft

"The Oberheim Matrix-1000, a 1-unit rack version of the Matrix-6/6R, with 1000 patches stored.
A great way of getting the richness of the Oberheim sound, at a lower price than a OB-X, but with the drawback of not being able to edit the sounds, UNLESS you use a MIDI editor.

Once again, a big thanks to Anders Enger Jensen for lending me his Matrix-1000! :)

In this video I use a panel from CTRL, and I've used CTRL for many years now to edit different synths, over MIDI sysex."

Sequential Prophet VS Sound Demo

Published on Dec 13, 2019 KidNepro

"A few demos from our Sequential Prophet VS sound set. Our VS collection includes 100 new programs in Sysex or Midi File formats. Sounds are compatible with the Sequential Prophet VS Keyboard or Rack and Arturia Prophet V software. Get your new sounds today via our fast email delivery. More info and online ordering at:"

MOOG: Behind the Soundtrack: 'Uncut Gems' with Daniel Lopatin (TRAILER)

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Moog Music Inc
Update: Re-Published Jan 9, 2020

"Experimental electronic musician Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and indie filmmaker Josh Safdie have joined forces once again on ‘Uncut Gems,’ the latest Safdie brothers crime thriller featuring Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, and The Weeknd.

Join Lopatin and Sadfie on a cosmic journey through the film's synth-packed score in this original Moog Music mini-documentary.

Coming January 2020.

Preorder the 'Uncut Gems' score now:"

Korg Volca Jam Session

Published on Dec 13, 2019 Hyperobjeckt Synths

"Playing some cool patterns on the Volca FM, Sample, and Drum. This is a laid back performance, taking it easy to close out 2019 before I start making a bunch of short tracks for #jamuary next month!

Effects are from the Monotron Delay and Zoom MS-70CDR: I'm a huge fan of running the FM through the monotron delay for a lofi drive effect. The Zoom pedal is in the send FX loop for reverb and extra stereo width.

The gear list is minimal compared to what I normally use, trying to demo this setup to see if I could do a live set without any additional synths.

Sounds used on the Volca FM and Volca Drum include patches from . The Sampler is loaded with vocal one-shots, pads, and percussion from Painkid - Tourism and STRIDER - 100 Samples packs.

This session is of course very dance focused, but I tried to keep it varied with 3/4 time at the end. 13:00 is my favorite part, with the FM arpeggiator set to random and a nice techno rhythm going on the Drum."

Patch n Tweak

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