MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Moog SUBHARMONICON & DFAM Techno Workout

Published on May 9, 2020 JAkoGreyshire

"Subharmonicon sequencers are going through a Disting dual quantizer and back to the VCO inputs. Cool trick I found this time was the DFAM trigger output into the DFAM's "VCA EG V" input. This input is only available on the Workshop DFAM."

Follow-up to this post.

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer w/ Custom Red on Black Display

via this auction

Creamware Minimax ASB 12 Voice Minimoog SN 6X7AF000R w/ Original Docs

via this auction

Microbrute, Repro 5, PG8X & Legend Synth Music

Published on May 9, 2020 Synth & Sundry

"Three atmospheric and melancholic synthesizer tracks capturing sidelined scenes on the banks of the Thames. Enjoy the warm analog synth textures wash over the foliage and utilitarian architecture of the river.

00:00 Arturia Microbrute and U-He Repro 5 VST (Prophet 5 emulator)
02:34 Arturia Microbrute
3:50 Legend VST by Synapse Audio and PG8X VST (Minimoog and Roland JX8P emulators respectively)

The Arturia Microbrute is monophonic analog synthesizer with a compelling analogue tone and focussed set of controls to dial in your sounds. There is no patch memory, so every sound needs to be programmed by hand for each track.

The U-He Repro 5 is a recreation of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. The first popular and (relatively) affordable polyphonic analog synth. The convincing recreation of the classic synthesizer is paired with a collection of effects to round out its sonic goodness.

You can hear the Legend VST in action in this dedicated video [posted here] This is a VST homage to the Moog Minimoog monosynth.

The PG8X is a free VST recreation which we have covered before [2nd video here] It has a convincing classic polysynth sound that is faithful to the Roland JX8P and a pleasing interface panel with all the design queues from the venerated synthesizer.

Video shot handheld on a Sony HX99. Edited on DaVinci Resolve

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

One for the road Leon - Live Jam with Oberheim Matrix-6 and Korg Electribe (Deep House)

Published on May 9, 2020 Phone Records

"Friends uncle Leon recently passed and brought over his main board for testing/storage. Took his Oberheim Matrix-6 out on one more ride using the roads patch."

【MV】ADAMSTAN84「Fire Soul!」

Published on May 9, 2020 adamstan84

Yamaha DX7IIFD


I made this song around a year ago, and performed it live a few times, but it was only just recently that I finally got to recording it and making video* for it. It's the second one among my anime/J-pop inspired songs. This time the inspiration and the title came from Sailor Mars / Rei Hino character from Sailor Moon anime.

* Video is the collection of clips from Sailor Moon anime series that feature Sailor Mars mixed with footage of my live performance of this song at Decrunch 2049 demoparty in June 2019.

#Synthpop #Jpop #Anime"

Oberheim Matrix-12 String Preset & Tuning Sequence

Published on May 9, 2020 synthmaven

"sound recorded with a C22 so it's not that great but you can hear that it stays in tune."

Currently on Reverb here. Pics captured earlier here.

synthmaven on Reverb

Jupiter -X onboard speakers

Published on May 8, 2020 annika morgan

I call this pattern “checkpoint charlie”

Follow-up to Falling Into Summer - DEMO by Veloway. Veloway is annika morgan.

BeatPPL Podcast 69 - Interview w/ Roger Linn

Published on May 9, 2020 BBoy Tech Report

"Roger Linn joins the conversation in this exclusive interview on Beatppl Podcast episode 69.

More on Roger Linn...
In 1988, he designed the innovative MPC60 MIDI Production Center for the Japanese Akai Company, with his signature appearing on the product’s front panel. Combining a sampling drum machine with a real-time MIDI sequencer, this product gradually became the industry standard in the production of hip-hop, dance and related music styles throughout the 1990s, and has been credited as a significant influence in the evolution of hip hop music. This was followed in 1994 with the enhanced MPC3000 and others. In addition to these designs for Akai, he also helped design products for a variety of companies during the 1990s, including the Japanese Roland company."

KRAFTWERK tribute to Florian Schneider 1947 - 2020

Published on May 9, 2020 Redmartian

"These are just a few clips I posted on Mastodon as a tribute to Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider. They feature some elements that brought his personality and humor to the band. His skill as a radio telegrapher featured in Radioactivity. While they repeat the main lyrics "tune into the melody" becomes "tune into the KRAFTWERK" in morse code. His use of the vocoder and mellotron on Radioland and of course the Texas Instruments Language Tutor which was featured on Computerworld.

These are just in the moment posts, mostly 1 minute or less made for social media and are not complete cover versions. All backing music was recreated and sequenced using MIDI or played live on vintage analog synths."

Florian Shneider posts

Toa Mata Band - Kop AKA / Tour de France - LIVE ROBOTICS from Lockdown

Published on May 9, 2020 Opificio Sonico

"Toa Mata Band is known as the first LEGO® music #robots orchestra made of #Bionicle figures.

Each band member is built using Lego Bionicle and Technic pieces.

It's a system of electric motors, rubber bands and pulleys connected to the figures arms that allows them to play an array of different touchable synthesizers, drum machines, smartphones and electronic percussions."

Florian Shneider posts

MIKE303 'Tribute to Kraftwerk'

Published on May 9, 2020 SuperfunkOfficial

MIKE303 'Tribute to Kraftwerk'

Rip Florian Shneider

more here :


Florian Shneider posts

Synthspace - Virtual Reality Modular Synthesizer

Published on May 7, 2020 Bright Light

"Support this project on Patreon and try this build today in VR or on Desktop!

Synthspace is my attempt to capture the physicality of a modular synthesizer in a virtual instrument!"

via the Patreon page:

"Hi, I'm Markus. I'm an XR programmer by day, but I'll always be a musician at heart.

Whenever a new technology arrives, my first thoughts are: how can I use this for making music? So you can imagine, when I first tried Virtual Reality - I knew at an instant that this was going to change the way we make music forever! The fantastic thing about VR is that it frees us from our screens and mice and keyboards. Suddenly we can use our hands again and we have the entire room to play in.

Synthspace is my attempt to capture the physicality of a modular synthesizer, while adding in all sorts of magical bits that are only possible in a virtual world. VR is the exciting part, but I want to create an instrument that is fun and flexible and ready whenever you need it, so I'd love to have it available on as many platforms as possible (VR, Desktop, Mobile). And I'm working towards supporting multiple users working together in the same virtual space.

I've spent countless evenings and weekends on this project, and now I'd love to take it to the next level and work on it full time! If you like the idea and see the potential, please see if you can support me in any way. Every little bit helps and I'd love to bring you along on this journey!"

Old Casio through Bass Station II filter

Published on May 8, 2020 Alfonse

"Best listened to on speakers or headphones with a good bass response. I love the analogue "super-drums" on this 1985 Casio MT-52, so I tried running them through the external input on the Bass Station II and hitting them with its filter section. On the high-pass setting, adding overdrive gave a nice saturated flavour and switching the slope from 12dB to 24dB with the resonance cranked up brought out the sub-bass in the kicks. Everything was recorded straight to four-track tape on a Tascam Porta05 Ministudio. A Zoom MS-50G multi-effects stompbox was used for a reverb send during mixdown."

The Amazing Music Of The Electronic Arp Synthesizer - Yellow Submarine ( RCA Victor ).

Published on May 9, 2020 oldiesbutgoodies45



Published on May 9, 2020 Time_Controlled_Organism

"An experiment in video cut - up.
I'm into trying to make video illustrations of the tracks I've made I love the most.
This one, appearing on my first release, is very special for me as I completed it few days after a tragic event.
It's also the first time i'm trying to illustrate the audio I produce, with Adobe Premiere.
The movies used here are all found on
Their author is Segundo De Chomn. There are extracts from "Les Oeufs de Paques" et "L'Iris Fantastique".
The audio was entirely done in VCV Rack Beta 0.5 if I rememmber correctly.
All my releases are available in name your price on Bandcamp :


You'll find this particular track on my first release


Thx for watch and consider support via a Bandcamp download if you like it !"

B3 Organ Oscillator and Effect for Korg's Multi-Engine

Published on May 4, 2020 2getheraudio

"Organ B3 Oscillator and Effect for Korg's Multi-Engine (Minilogue XD, Prologue, NTS-1 synthesizers)
(more oscillators and effects available:

The Hammond B3 Organ never goes out of style. In fact, its classic sound continues to find its way into new music in nearly all genres. For us, it's a must-have sound in our keyboard library. For this reason we created a B3 Organ for Korg's Multi-Engine. One part oscillator and one part effect, it's the complete sound you need for all your organ tracks.

Get it for as low as $10 (choose-your-price) and 10% goes to a good cause you can select at checkout!"

Buchla Cosmic Drone - Session 17 - Modular Drone Music Performance & Exploring Iannis Xenakis

Published on May 9, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Relax and tune into our live weekly improvised Drone Sessions. This seventeenth session involves a drone featuring two independent Buchla style complex and modulation oscillators starting in tune a couple octaves apart. As the oscillator frequencies drift apart by way of manual control, beating ensues. Listening to droning oscillators can serve as mindfulness sounds as there is no sudden changes in sound. Just smooth drifts in pitch and the resulting beat frequencies. Drones can also serve as an ambient track to have on while doing tasks that require intense focus. Drones are also great for a Sci-fi film soundtrack. The slow yet progressive nature of a drone performance can help one focus on tasks without distraction. The fact that we are manipulating these oscillators live and in collaboration helps the drone meander ever so smoothly in an evolving fashion as we are always reacting to one another's subtle movements. These movements are improvised so there is an unrehearsed and reactive ebb and flow to the tones generated. Engage in the practice deep listening with us.

The electronic music instruments used in this performance of modular drone music are the Buchla Music Easel and a cosmic vocal drone setup using two Boss RE-20 Roland Space Echo pedals.
The Galaxy Electric -"

Cosmic Tape Music Club - Exploring Iannis Xenakis

Published on May 4, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

Octatrack Tutorial Video: Sidechain pumping effect!

Published on May 9, 2020 EZBOT

"In this short tutorial I show you one way to make the sidechain pumping effect on the Elektron Octatrack! Using trigless trigs the and the LFO set to an inverted exponential wave, you can create a ducking effect on the sequence steps of your choice. Setting the LFO to ONE means that the LFO will only cycle ONE time. Effectively turning the inverted exponential wave into a very functional envelope! Yay! Watch the video, it's so easy!"

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

Update: videos here.

Experimental improvisation on the Lyra-8 Synthesizer

Published on May 9, 2020 Matthias Fluor - Media Composer

"Man, this thing is simply a beast, hard to control, beautiful one moment and terrifying the other. After dabbling a bit here there with it and incorporating it as drone source, I decided to make one full Improvisation with only the Lyra-8 and a handful effects.

Effects used: UVI Sparkverb, Waves H-Delay

The camera stopped recording after 10 Minutes, sorry about that."

Producing Cinematic Ambient Live On Teenage Engineering OP-1

Published on May 9, 2020 RemixSample

"Download OP-1 Samples:
Hi! Hope you are well! I recorded a unplanned Teenage Engineering OP-1 noodeling session. This video basically contains a bunch of musical sketches improvised on the spot. This is what reality looks like haha..."

Major major

Published on May 9, 2020 DoveAudio

"Had this sequence setup for fun, found it was in E and then played with some chords which all ended up in a Major chord.
Dove Audio MuSeq getting clock from the Drumbrute. MuSeq is then clocking the Q119 sequencer in time."

soundmachines modulör114 tutorial series by Stèv

Published on May 9, 2020 Davide Mancini

"Welcome to the first part of the modulör114 tutorial video series. Stév will lead you through the most important and the less known features of this modular synthesizer in the next few weeks!"

1. soundmachines modulör114 tutorial videos 1 - Starting up in SYNTH! mode and first patching.
2. soundmachines modulör114 tutorial videos 2 - Using the Modulör114's powerful MIDI interface!
3. soundmachines modulör114 tutorial videos 3 - Integrating the modulör114 in a complex patch

soundmachines (arches) tutorial series by Stèv

Published on May 6, 2020 Davide Mancini

"Welcome to the new (arches) video series! Stèv will guide you through the knowledge of this deep and powerful product. From the basic stuff up to the most complex applications."


1. soundmachines (arches) video tutorial section 1: Setting up keyboards and arpeggiators
2. (arches) user interface tutorial part 1: Setup controllers, keyboards and arpeggiators.
3. soundmachines (arches) video tutorial section 2: Setting up and using lightstrips in various modes!
4. soundmachines (arches) video tutorial section 3: Using (creatively) the thumbpads!

XOR NerdSEQ live tutorial latest Firmware, CV16 Expander , Q&A

Published on May 9, 2020 XOR Electronics

"Live tutorial about the CV16 Expander for the NerdSEQ, and more"

Oberheim OB-12 Demo

Published on May 9, 2020 Pure Ambient Drone

"I got a chance to get my hands on an OB-12 synthesizer. The sounds are amazing to say the least! I love the vintage synthesizer sounds of the Oberheim OB-12. The Oberheim OB-12 has a unique character to its sound and to its approach to synthesis."

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER Modifies a Roland CR-78

Modifying My Beloved Roland CR78 To Make It Actually Useful Published on May 9, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Today I Modified my Classic Roland #CR78 #Drum Machine to be a bit more useable using the Tubbutec Unipulse.
FREE Sample Pack available for download right here :-"

Some Blondie Heart of Glass in there.

CR78 Modification With The Tubbutec Unipulse



Published on May 9, 2020 Audio Wanderer

"Simple as that. Playing all the preset patterns from this wonderful machine from the 90s."

That Chemical Brothers style intro.. The Prodigy comes later. See what artist styles you can identify.

Groove Creation w/ Analogue Solutions Synthesizers and Sequencers

Published on May 8, 2020 rezfilter

"Here's a flock of AS synths and sequencers (Vostok 2020, Telemark, Nyborg-12, Nyborg-24, Telemetry, Fusebox, Leipzig-s and some Concussor modules + Oberkorns + Megacity) running together, communicating via CV and doing what they do best.

The Fusebox has been freshly racked, an option for the Fusebox as well as the Vostok 2020."

Radikal Technologies Accelerator demo of various patches

Published on May 8, 2020 MIDERA

"Radikal Technologies Accelerator. No external FX used."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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