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Friday, August 14, 2020

Patch of the Week 71: volca bass Modular-Style Polyrhythms


"7/16 time? Sure, why not. volca bass can do up to three time signatures to create polyrhythms that expand beyond the 16 steps."

Korg Patch of the Week posts

WaveStorm - Wavetable Synthesizer - Let’s Explore - Demo for iOS - Live

The Sound Test Room

"WaveStorm is a powerful wavetable synth with a wavetable creator and editor add-on, like no other, that has endless possibilities for sound design. Submerge into the depths of sound and discover what's possible with this synth.

You can get WaveStorem here at the App Store"

You can find a Wavetable Creator Deep Dive here.

"The new wavetable creator includes massive upgrades.

The features we will be covering in this post are the following.

The control bar
Oscillator overrides
Wavetable merging
Waveform grid selection view
Wave replacing and merging
Wave drawing
Sample level editing
Wavetable sorting
Saving waveforms to your collection
Randomising using waveforms from the collection
Undo fallback
Waveform transition smoothing"

Eurorack Compilation #4 | Bastl | Moffenzeef | Befaco | Noise Engineering | X1L3 Shard | Elektron

Nostalgic Ruckus

Techno. Cake.

Return Of The Gargantuas (Ifukube Tribute) by Everett Dudgeon (Prophet X)


"Continuing on with my experiments in using the Sequential Prophet X in more 'traditional' scores I did a rough cover of Akira Ifukube's opening title theme to my favorite Kaiju film of all time.

It's rough in some areas and it was done completely by ear but I think it didn't turn out too bad. Enjoy!!

℗Everett Dudgeon 2020"

Check out more of EverettDudgeon138's Prophet X videos here.

Moog Phatty 5 Electronic Storm Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

The Purple Moog Little Phatty now has 4 Slim Phatty friends!
5 Voice Polyphonic Moog Phatty System, it's super sweet!
So cool to play a real polyphonic Moog! Pure HEAVEN!
I am using REVERB & DELAY FX.

DREXCIYA DEVILSHARK TR-808 distortion jam


"TR-808 into Euterpe Vertice filter bank vintage component distortion instrument. Freestyle jam, kick, toms, into Vertice. Resonant threshold exploration at 6:30. Used for melodic effect near 7:35. Enjoy!"

Behringer's Cool Audio Clones the Roland BA662A

This one is in via Jose of, spotted on Future Music Spain.

Per Behringer:

"Great news. Our sister company Coolaudio who designs mixed architecture semiconductors has just released the holy grail of synthesizer chips - a clone of the BA662A.

It is the THE chip responsible for the unique sound of so many classic synths.

Not only has Coolaudio cloned the BA662 “A” version, which is the highest specified version, they also managed to greatly improve noise performance and included even two chips in one packaging.

We’re beyond excited:-)"

The BA662 was used in the Juno-6/60/106, JX-3P and TB-303, Jupiter-4, and Jupiter-8.

via AMSynths:

"The BA662 is a custom made DC controlled variable transconductance amplifier (or OTA) that Roland had manufactured by Rohm from the late 1970’s and is now obsolete. There are two types of chip with different suffices; the A version has been selected for lower offset than the B version. They are further classified by gain/gm. The BA662B can only replace another BA662B, whilst an A can be used in either application.

To quote Roland from the 100M Service Manual: 'Color has great importance in circuits of some models'. However there is nothing mystical about the sound of the BA662, it is just a reasonable good OTA chip which is often carefully matched and selected."

Note Open Music Labs made a clone as well (last edited in 2014):

"They just don’t make IC’s like they used to, and is this case, they just don’t make them at all! So, we decided to bring the BA662 back to life, in all it’s Frankenstein glory. This is a direct replica (to the best of our knowledge) of the now obsolete OTA, made from well matched transistor pairs. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for most applications. So if you have an old synth or effects pedal that is no longer synth’ing or effecting, this just might be the cure...

The BA662 clone is a replica of the very rare BA662 OTA which was used by Roland in a number of their synthesizers and effects pedals from the 80's. The internal wiring of the BA662 was reverse engineered from an original part by applying external voltages and currents, and seeing how it responded. For example, you can find out how many transistors are at the top and bottom of the output stage by measuring the saturation voltages. From this it was found that they used Wilson current mirrors. Also, by measuring the current consumption under varying signal levels, the value of the emitter resistor on the buffer stage was found. A fair bit of the anaylsis was based on recollections from seeing a datasheet a long time ago, and the fact that OTA's have very similar topologies."

The Galaxy Electric - Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday - Album Trailer - Cosmic Tape Music

New album coming from supporting members, The Galaxy Electric [featured here on MATRIXSYNTH].

Pre-Order The Album HERE:

Enjoy this trailer featuring clips of all the songs from our upcoming second full length album "Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday" - these clips are all mixed seamlessly together and set to space age era imagery and Super 8 film footage crafted by Italian video artist, Michelle Pan.

About the Album:

Hop on “The Galaxy Electric” Express for a space age voyage in search of the origins of the Big Bang! It all starts at the 1964 World’s Fair….and ends on the other side of a wormhole...Will our cosmic voyagers find what they seek….or end up just as lost as the original explorers they came to rescue?

This is the first album we have ever recorded that was fully and completely improvised. And we recorded to 1/4" Analog Tape without any digital recording magic (overdubs, edits, tuning etc). We spent a year practicing this new improvisational style before we turned on the tape machine. But once we did, we recorded every day for a month. And when we listened back - we realized we had created a space age fantasy album - like the soundtrack to a time traveling space voyage. From there, we spent time mixing and mastering the raw tape recordings. It was a tedious and worthwhile effort.

We use Buchla style synthesizers, Reel to Reel and Cassette tape machines, a Mellotron, Korg Delta DL50 and various analog effects like Spring Reverb, Tape Delay, and Ring Modulation sprinkled with ethereal vocals to take our listeners on a cosmic journey.


6. S.O.S.

Synths of Sci-Fi Episode 04: Wendy Carlos, GDS Digital Additive Synthesizer & TRON (1982)

Koboto Music

"In this episode we continue to look at Wendy Carlos’ work on TRON, additive synthesis and the GDS Digital Additive Synthesizer from Crumar."

Synths of Sci-Fi Episodes

See 3:19 in the following for Wendy Carlos' GDS demonstration:

Wendy Carlos Interview 1989 BBC Two


"Wendy appeared on the BBC in 1989 and is best known for the scores to A Clockwork Orange, Tron and The Shining."

Bach to the Basichs

John Clancy

"A System 66, with Moog Voyager XL patched into top keyboard."

And one more:

Suite for Odd Tymes

-CALC- Novation Summit - Bi-Timbral Stereo Experiments


"Figured I'd make a video about a little Summit "Hack" I've been using for a while now. Summit can be an absolutely KICK ASS stereo instrument with very powerful stereo behaviour.

Just use the same preset on parts A and B in a Bi-timbral Multi and then use the two sets of outputs. Take Part A to the left side and Part B to the right side of your mixer and hey presto.... Stereo power at your fingertips.
With Part A and B's oscillators independently generated you can get some great oscillators out of phase stereo stuff going on then you can process the left and right channel either together or independently from the two synth engines if you like.

Well worth trying if you've got a Summit ;o)"

The First Touch - Novation Summit | Mike Pensini

Mike Pensini

"I recently welcomed the brilliant Novation Summit to the Mike Pensini studio. Here's the first piece of music composed using this absolutely magical synth.

I find the Summit can go from vintage analog to modern digital and everything in between, it really is a versatile beast."

Circuitry (unofficial Novation Circuit Ipad App)


Spotted this one on discchord.

From the developer Yurii Zubkov:

"This is a patch editor with some additional features for live performance (morphing between macro knob positions, mixer and FX controls).

If you're interested in taking a look at the app and taking part in open testing via Apple TestFlight, you can install the app from the link below.

It would be great if you let me know about any possible application crashes and translation inaccuracies, because, obviously, my native language is not English.

You will need iPad with iOS 11+ and USB adapter.

Thank you in advance for participating in the testing.

Open this link from your iPad:"

Novation Ultranova Demos by Microflat



DIFFICULT! Demo of Novation Ultranova Arpeggiator on "A038 Classic Combo PM" Patch - GREAT SOUND!
NICE! Demo of Monophonic Lead Synth Sound from the Novation Ultranova "A025 80 Saw" Patch
SLOW BUT LOVELY! Demo of Atmospheric Synth Sound from the Novation Ultranova "A008 Slow Pad" Patch
FAST & EQ'ED ARP! Demo of Inspiring Synth Sound from the Novation Ultranova "B002 Tribal Path" Patch
GREAT PUFFY SOLO LEAD! Demo of Lead Synth Sound from the Novation Ultranova "B087 Puff Pipe" Patch
AWESOME DELAY & DEEP/DARK & PERCUSSIVE SOUND! Demo of Novation Ultranova "B119 Hammer Cube" Patch
DO YOU WANT AN EXPRESSIVE VOCODER SOUND?! Demo of Novation Ultranova "A111 Wah String Machine" Patch
VOCODER A LA KRAFTWERK SINGS "HIT THE LIKE BUTTON NOW" Demo of Novation Ultranova "A026 Vocoder Mic"
DO YOU WANT AN INSPIRING SUPER TINY CHURCH ORGAN?! Demo of Novation Ultranova "B102 In Chapel 2"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum Presets A38 to A64


"Showing off the second part of the SpazeDrum preset bank. The complete preset bank, with 64 presets, can be downloaded here:"

Pollen(8) - An 8 voice full featured synthesizer for your electro-smith Daisy pod!


"Pollen(8) is a firmware download for your electro-smith Daisy pod that emulates a fully featured 8 voice analog synthesizer with a dual FX engine (chorus + delay/reverb), controllable completely from the basic UI provided with the Daisy pod!"

Specs via

Pollen(8) is a "full featured" 8 voice 2 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer for your Daisy pod. "Full featured" includes:

2 Oscillators per voice with the following features:
Smoothly mix from Triangle to Saw....
Or from Saw to Variable Pulse Width
Oscillator Sync
White Noise Generator
2 LFOs
Currently LFOs are triangle only, this may change in the future if demand sees fit.
These are applicable to pitch, pulsewidth and filter cutoff.
Low pass filter with resonance
Filter Overdrive - Allows you to overdrive and clip the input to the filter
Four play modes supported:
Polyphonic - 8 voice polyphony
Monophonic - 1 voice only
Unison - All 8 voices / 16 oscillators playing at once
Poly-Unison - All 8 voices play at once, but the voice pitches are re-allocated as the number of keys pressed change.
Unison spread from 0 cents to up to 1 octave per voice!
Two pitchbend modes supported:
Standard, where the position of the pitchbend determines the pitch
Motion-bend - where moving the pitchbend wheel determines the speed at which the pitch bend occurs
Pitchbend key range
So you can keep bass notes in tune while pitch bending higher notes, or vice versa, etc.
3 Chorus effects :
"Hera", my popular 80's style loguesdk chorus
A flanger
"*Buckets" (fixed 'brigade' version) - Also from my loguesdk work - a 70's string machine triple chorus
2 Delay effects
A basic delay with up to 1.36 seconds delay, and up to infinite feedback
My popular "Cathedral xd" loguesdk reverb, with variable low pass filter on the reverb signal and up to infinite feedback
A 3 band equalizer
Variable low pass and high pass frequencies
Gains for low/mid/high levels
Up / Down modes available
External input support
With support for pre-post fx routing
Save / load patches to SD card, with support for default patch loading on startup

All of this is controllable via two buttons, and two knobs, using the RGB leds to indicate the current menu - with the encoder serving the File read/write functions. In addition, the seed LED is used to indicate MIDI activity, and will glow inverted if you are on an unused menu.
The encoder wheel is used to control the SD card file reading and writing.

Bontempi Rhythm Box RB 5 SN 36510181

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me. This is the first one to be featured on the site.

"Super rare rhythm box from the 70s.

The following rhythms can be selected and combined with one another:

- Waltz
- swing
- slow rock
- Skirt
- Latin

The professional has replaced the 3-pin audio plug with a 6.3 mm mono jack plug."

SM Pro Audio V-Machine 2

via this auction

"This machines allows you to run VSTs (32bits) in a MIDI controlable standalone box."

Vintage Health Club “Switcheroo” Synth on a Rope

via this auction

"Up for auction, a vintage Health Club “Switcheroo” analog synthesizer filter. This unique synth/filter was created by the late synth guru Ray Wilson (1956-2016) [MFOS]. The fully functional unit is in excellent condition and comes with a power source. Only a few of these were produced, and they rarely come up for auction.

Some of the features include:
2 Voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), scaled to 1v/Octave)
1 Voltage controlled filter (self-oscillating and 1v/Octave, as well)
1 Attack-Release envelope generator
1 Low-frequency oscillator (LFO)
1 Voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA)
1 Mixer
1 White Noise Generator"

Roland JP-8080

via this auction

"It comes with the original manual and the rare memory card for saving extra patches. Also is loaded with the vengeance presets which were a paid extra and im unsure if they can be bought now."

Tom Oberheim TVS Pro Two Voice Synthesizer Black Edition SN 0342

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 1000

via this auction

Cool background.

EMS Soundbeam 2

via this auction

"This is an awesome tool for ambient installations, integrating synths into dance or anywhere you want to inject spatial interaction into your sound. If you can find them this system can take a second sensor/driver set to create x/y fields. Manuals and info can be found online."

Main unit #1396
Sensor Driver (most units are missing this and you can't use the system without it)
Switch box (allows sensors to control midi parameters)
9V ac power supply US

EMS Pitch to Voltage Converter

via this auction

"Nice unit with oiled afromosia case. Great history.
This was an EMSA unit. Electronic Music Studios of America, Amherst MA.
Dr. Everett Hafner's early EM studios.
Works well and is useful. Outputs 1V/OCT, interfaces well with Moog.
Pitch tracking is not up to tracking a guitar, but I found if you sequence something and play along with it (I use electric kalimba) you can get all sorts of dynamic effects from the envelope followers and filter tracking from the CV. Adds a cool layer of control. Missing one knob insert.
Leaving the offer button on, but not inclined to take less than I am asking."

"SAY SO": DOJA CAT Mini Cover On Legendary Korg Prophecy Synthesizer (1995 Model)


"This video will demo the legendary 3-octave Korg Prophecy solo synthesizer (20 years old) by use of four default patches in a mini cover of Doja Cat's major 2020 hit 'Say So'. An extremely catchy summer song.

I used patch "A58 Logg Bass" for the bass, 'A46 Fe-Voice' for the subtle and oddly great dual-tone melody, "Prophetic Steps!" for the pad phrase, and "Circular Reason12" for the outro structure pattern. Tempo is 110 BPM.

Video clips were recorded in 4K (25 fps) on a Sony Cyber-shot DCS RX100 MK IV and edited in Adobe Rush.

Audio was recorded in 192 KHz 24 bit on a Universal Audio Arrow thunderbolt 3 interface and into Propellerhead Reason 9. All audio output effects are default Korg Prophecy patch FX."

Roland JD800 SL-JD80-01 Standard Drums Sound Card Preset Patches


Patch list:

11 Modular Bass 2 00:00
12 5th Staircase 01:09
13 Ebony & Ivory 02:27
14 Pressure Dome 03:41
15 Gabriel's Harp 05:02
16 Synphonium 06:30
17 Breathing Space 08:02
18 Echo Overboard 09:32
21 Tekno Funk Bass2 11:08
22 Saddle Tramp 12:51

PPG Wave 2.3


This appears to be the one listed for sale here. Pics previously posted here.

"This video is demonstrating our PPG Wave 2.3.

We made a great effor to service this legendary machine.
What was done:
New LCD installed with LED backlight. This will make the display more readable and it will remove the hiss-noise from the audio that was generated by the old screen backlight.
Total re-cap. Changed all electrolytes. Some were original ROE caps there were long gone.
Complete cleaning of every part.
Keyboard re-build. Washing the keys and leveling them even.
Cleaned all the switches and potentiometers.

I am not a keyboard player but it will show how exciting even the presets are in this machine."

08-The Dreadbox Typhon: Modulator Part Two


"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration of the modulator functionality present on the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

Patch n Tweak
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