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Monday, October 12, 2020

Max Repeats - Using Make Noise Mimeophon

Dusty Clouds

"This is a sound exploration using Make Noise Mimeophon at max Repeats. I am using an LFO from Maths to move the Rate for some wobble and added texture later on. Mimeophon is a unique instrument and definitely not just another delay effect unit."

Cat Full of GHOSTS Live Video Jam #3 (Old School Rave)

Cat Full of GHOSTS

"A nice long jam with some old school tunes. Live video from the movable VJ rig + Korg Kaoss Entrancer."

First jam with Waraku III Suzuki TES-371S Koto Synth

Dj Puzzle Dj Puzzle

"All the sounds are from the Waraku III including drums. Just got this thing today and already having a bit of fun. It’ll take some practice playing the strings as they are a bit finicky."

KORG Introduces KORG Module Pro / KORG Module V4 Updates

KORG Module Pro / KORG Module v4: Hybrid Preview


"Version 4 of KORG Module is now available, with a new Hybrid Digital Synthesizer and AUv3 support."

KORG Module Pro / KORG Module v4: New Features

"The KORG Module series of iOS apps are equipped with a professional-grade sound library and can be used in the studio, for music lessons and when working live. With this major upgrade, KORG Module Pro and KORG Module now add a hybrid digital synthesizer and the much-anticipated support for AUv3. Both KORG Module Pro and KORG Module can be updated to version 4 for free.

The "Hybrid Synth Pack 2" and "Cinematic" expansion sound packs are now available for the new sound module, each with 30 additional programs. We're also offering a free trial that lets you try out each expansion sound library for a week before you buy.

In addition, the new synth module can be used as the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2. With the addition of AUv3 support, it can be used not only with KORG Gadget 2, but also with third-party iOS music production apps like Apple Garageband. Enjoy the wonderful sounds of the KORG Module!

The new synth module "Hybrid"

Hybrid is built on a brand new engine that allows you to create a wide variety of rich and powerful sounds ranging from warm analog sounds to sharp synth leads to shimmering FM sounds - even tempo-synced sequences. Each sound has the optimal parameters selected on the interface so you can quickly adjust to suit your preferences.

Rick Wakemen Auction Link Fixed

The auction link in this post has been fixed. Click here if you want to skip the post and go directly to the listings. The previous link took you to the seller's listings but you had to take some extra steps to get to the synths.

The synth pics have been captured in the previous post for the archives.

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 810725762

via this auction

"Some wear around the rack mount holes, and edges/surface of enclosure. All pots and encoders have good movement. Display is still bright and responsive. And most importantly, still capable of that varied and wonderful sound the synth is known for. From warm lush pads to just quirky ambient sounds, and everything in between. The pictures are a good representation of the cosmetic condition of the synth, I took the pains to provide as much visual detail as possible."

See this post on how to clean Waldorf Nextel surfaces. Not sure if that's the problem in this particular case, but it might be worth a try.


zack dagoba

"I borrowed a Roland TR606 off LucidSound yesterday, wanted to get a feel for it and he said I could overwrite all his patterns - here it is clocking the Modcan A - funky!"

Cables For Clouds - A Message From Beyond

Cables For Clouds

✶ Gear Used ✶

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with DREEK BEATZ

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Music producer Dreek Beatz based out of Atlanta, is the brainchild and sole producer behind Pushing Keys Music Productions LLC.

Dreek has produced for artist such as: Skrillex, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Plies and Don Tolliver to name a few. In addition, his work has been featured on the movie soundtrack Suicide Squad.

We chatted with Dreek on how he uses Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

NEW Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4: Day One

San Stacks

"Unboxing and running through a few presets with the brand-new Sequential Prophet-5 analog synthesizer.

This is a lovely and impossibly deep instrument. I'm so happy (and so broke). Can't wait to use the P-5 on, well, everything."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Vintage Prophet 5 Presets Vs. Prophet 6 (NO TALKING/DIRECT FEED FROM SYNTHS)

Vitaphone: Vision-Sound

"Vintage Prophet 5 Presets compared to a Prophet 6... No talking (aside the weird youtube glitch) No camera mic, volumes boosted as much as could be without overload, Most of the dead air has been cut and a/b times have been truncated, Listen on proper monitors, Or turn Equalization to Flat as it may overload standard systems.

You asked for it, you got it... well... Some of you did.

In the video we compare a Vintage Prophet 5's Presets to the John Bowen recreation bank on the Prophet 6to see if they can sound alike.

THIS IS NOT SCIENTIFIC... At all, the time was limited with the vintage unit and the day the video was shot, It was unexpected as The Prophet 5 (for the 2nd time in 6 months) needed to go into the shop.

This video is not intended, nor the prior video to tell anyone the synths are the same, Nor which synth to buy, its merely the 2nd video on youtube that exists of the two synths sitting side by side playing the John Bowen presets."

Official Demos for Analogue Solutions Colossus

Analogue Solutions

1. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance I: "Evolver"
This performance was recorded live in a single session and was not multitracked.

It is Part 1 of a series of performances created with only the Analogue Solutions Colossus synthesizer and is titled, "Evolver."
2. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance II: "Rounded Corners"
3. Analogue Solutions Colossus Live Performance III: "Treading Lightly"
4. Analogue Solutions Colossus Rhythmic Beat Sequence
Here's the Analogue Solutions Colossus at work creating a smooth, rhythmic sequence with some bonus percussion elements that are brought in via the joystick.
5. Analogue Solutions Colossus Battleship Torpedo Launch
6. Analogue Solutions Colossus - more than a synthesizer
7. Analogue Solutions Colossus delivery
Customer report:- Yesterday, on July 14th 2020, I received delivery of my Analogue Solutions Colossus mega synth -- and I can officially confirm that synthesizers like this only come around once in a decade, or possibly a generation.

It is at once: enormously impressive, and it begs to be touched, fondled, turned, pinned (matrix), patched, and played.

In my short time with this sonic work of art, the Analogue Solutions Colossus is indeed a dream synth that is wrapped in a meticulously formed wooden case.

I love it, and I look forward to sharing it with you soon. -Rez
8. Analogue Solutions Colossus - more than a synthesizer (widescreen)
And one from rezfilter:

Analogue Solutions Colossus Lifestyle Video
"Analogue Solutions Colossus - more than a synthesizer.

A video overview of the beautiful lines of this magnificent synthesizer."

Audio Industry Charity Auction for MusiCares COVID-19 Relief

This one is in via supporting member Starthief

"For the past ten years, Luftrum has organized a charity auction each October, asking companies in the audio industry for software and hardware donations for a good cause. This year's auction benefits MusiCares COVID-19 Relief.

As of October 12 the auction has already raised more than $10,000, with dozens of software and soundware developers participating. On the hardware front, Mutable Instruments has kindly donated two NOS Clouds modules, but we'd like more developers to step up!

The auction runs through midnight (CET) on October 31."

You can find the auction here:

Rick Wakeman of YES Synths For Sale

via this auction

A peek at some of the actual synths used by Rick Wakeman starting with his keyboard mixer below.

"We are happy to offer the following items from the personal private collection of iconic keyboardist and synth collector Rick Wakeman. Rick career has spanned over 50 years including his time with The Strawbs and YES through to his session work with David Bowie, Black Sabbath and countless others. Alongside this, Rick's own solo career has pushed the boundaries of possibilities in terms of his use of the synthesiser including his albums Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the Six wives of Henry VIII. Rick is now pleased to be offering his fans the chance to owns some of the pieces which have sculpted his sound across his extensive career. Please find details of these pieces as below: Rackmounted Keyboard Mixer Used to mix 6 of Ricks Keyboards from the late 70s/Early 80s Each item will come with written verification direct from Rick Wakeman to confirm his ownership and use of the items. Pricing All items have been in storage many since the 1970s and will require servicing by the purchaser. This costing is reflected in the pricing of each item."

Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer - Mint with Box and Manual

via this auction

"Possibly one of the best examples out there - museum-worthy condition.

Purchased from the original owner - it was bought brand new and never left the house, which shows in it's condition. Meticulously kept, working perfect. Serial number 070XXX.

Includes the original packing, including inner box (with original wooden shipping frame), as well as outer shipping carton and original owners manual."

Forms - Screen Ensemble

Forms - Screen Ensemble from Playmodes Studio on Vimeo.

This one reminds me of a virtual ANS meets tracker. Details and pics follow:

"Forms -Screen Ensemble- is a generative visual music jukebox. Driven by chance and probability, this automata creates endless, unrepeatable graphic scores that are immediately transformed into sound by means of sonification algorithms. Images become sound spectrums, making it possible to -literally- hear what you see. The dream of Kandinski.

Each screen of this networked ensemble plays a particular instrumental role: Rhythm, Harmony or Texture.

Performed by this trio of automats, a visual music symphony evolves over time giving birth to unique sonic landscapes that will never be repeated again: from tonal ambient music to raging rhythms, surreal electronic passages or dance-floor beats.

Forms - Screen Ensemble was presented at 2020's edition of Ars Electronica festival in Barcelona, thanks to a grant given by NewArtFoundation, Institut Ramón Llull and


Hammer Blow


"Echo Fix EF-X2 tape delay experiment with a more rhythmic sequencer parts.
All of it generated from the 5U large format modular. What I find especially appealing from the delay is the way it blends in without stomping all over the source signal. Also the steady nature of the new high quality drive motor and tape shuttle is evident when turning off the motor and starting it up again. No glitching from the mode knob when changing through head taps. All in all I think the Echo Fix is the best tape delay ever built. The reverb is a mix of true spring and the digital delay. Besides the Echo Fix the only other gear outside the 5U is the Canyon delay in Octave mode for the rapid slap kick coming from the Sputnik Voltage Controlled Slope module."

Korg Karma - Beautiful Ambient Programs Performed by Chronos


Ambient Programs from factory Presets:

A 08 56 72 120 122
D 40 106
C 09 19 35 50 56 81 101 116 124
E 06 28 43 58
G 98

Soundset soon!

Self-Generating Patch in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

IMPLEXUS - Intense Jam

Majella Audio

"After the interview we did with MATTHS (Matt Hodson), we did some live jamming and really liked this intense halftime beat with west coast style sounds!"

Electropop / Nu Disco Jam (Novation Circuit)

Gabe Miller Music

"A super swung electropop, nu disco, synthwave type jam on the Novation Circuit, made with the Manitoba Cassette pack by Digiphex."

via this auction

Roland V-Synth Version 2

via this auction

"Roland V-Synth Version 2 - Near Mint Excellent Condition + 1GB Card"

Radikal Technologies Spectralis SN 140214

via this auction

Access Virus TI Snow Desktop Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG MS-20M Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module SN 000033

via this auction

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth SN 10582

via this auction

Analog Rhythm 909 Drum Machine - Preview


"Back from Detroit. I'm grateful to work with music pioneers to make this new drum synth.
Guest appearance by @BrandonRico Simpson


"COMING SOON: It’s been a tough summer. We want to make the best drum machine we can make for you. The 909 will be coming out later this month. We appreciate your patience. The good news– It will be AUv3 & will support iOS 11 & up. Thanks everyone. And, stay tuned.

This is a limited edition app that will be $3 for 3 months. Once you get it, it’s yours forever!

Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in
Create your own drum sounds
Vintage style Shuffle/Swing
Classic sound with modern power and features
Space saving: Entire app under 20mb total
Create beats with sequencer or play pads
Like having a piece of hardware on your iOS device
Add your own analog drum sounds to your songs & beats
Choose your own view configuration. Work the way you want.

CVilization: Introduction


"u-he proudly presents CVilization, a unique multi-mode utility module for your Eurorack system. This first video offers you a general overview of what it’s all about. The 4 modes, which we will explain in further videos, are:
Mode I: 4 x 4 Matrix Mixer
Mode II: 4 x 4 Sequential Switch
Mode III: Quad Mucorder
Mode IV: Quadraphonic Panner
More videos coming soon!"

Additional posts featuring CVilization

ACL Oktober JAM

Audiophile Circuits League

"a small JAM in our ACL Studio"

Mystic Circuits Panels Are Purple Now & Using Ana for Note Sequences

Mystic Circuits

"Here is a little announcement about something we have had in the works for awhile now. All of our modules will have Purple and Silver PCB Panels going forward with limited runs of black panels every once in awhile. Let us know what you think, we hope you like the new panels as much as we do."

Using Ana for Note Sequences
Mystic Circuits

"Today we have another instructional video on how to get the most out of Ana with this episode focusing on how to use Ana to process note sequences. Unlike normal logic processing modules Ana also works with variable voltages which allows us to do all sorts of fun non-linear processes to instantly transform a melody with the twist of a knob. When it comes to note sequences Ana is capable of a lot of handy tricks either processing a single sequence or combining multiple sequences and always providing multiple outputs for quickly manipulating polyphonic note information."

MEGAfm samplepack for OP-1, OP-Z, Digitakt, Ableton, Samplers

True Cuckoo

"Hello, here's a unique sample pack made with the Megadrive synthesiser, MEGA fm by Twisted Electrons. Over 300 samples of around 30 cuckoo patches that I made in the process. There's alien stuff, percussive stuff, kick drums, sharp metalling sound, and fluffy flutes.

Purchase the pack here:"

Toy, or pure joy? Modal SKULPT Synthesiser - Sound Demo (No Talking)


"Skulpt is a powerful desktop performance synthesiser featuring a unique 32-oscillator virtual analogue sound engine. It's really easy to handle lets you create exciting sound textures from super-soft to ultra-brutal.

But, is it a toy or pure joy? You decide!"

The forgotten 1950s vacuum tube synthesizer is back - Hohner Electronium modded


"The Hohner Electronium, a German 1950s vaccuum tube synth in accordion form, came to me end of 2019 and worked for all of one day. It took me some to time to find a reliable tech that could fix it and also mod it. Now it boasts a send/return, so we can hear the direct sound of this gorgeous 1950s synth and add FX. And add FX I did."

Softube Model 72 vs Minimoog vs Synapse Legend: A Review and demo of Softube Model 72

Starsky Carr

"Hurray... another copyright claim on a filter sweep!! during an in depth walkthrough and review of Softube's excellent Model 72 Minimoog soft synth, FX and Modular System.

0:00 intro
1:28 overview
6:56 oscillators
14:55 Filters
19:13 FM
25:35 overdrive
30:00 final thoughts"

07- The Arturia PolyBrute- Ladder Filter Part A


"Here is the first part of a two-part video that portrays the sound and functionality of the Ladder Filter present on the Arturia PolyBrute."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

07 10 20 Serge Frequency Shifter and voices [01]


"Késako player & reverb playing a sample, sent to Serge Frequency shifter."

Gestures on Sidraw

Meng Qi

"Sidraw is an experimental electronic instrument, based on Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrazzi circuit board, and my interface experiments.

There is a way to design electronic musical interface, which is not to consider sound parameters, but to think from the angle of circuit interference, I call it 'Circuit Expression'.

It can be seen on various experimental electronic musical instruments. From the Crackle Box by Michel Waisvisz back in 1970s, to the new Landscape Stereo Field and Martin Howse Dark Interpreter. UK synth designer Tom Bugs also had been utilizing them in the Weevil series of work. I've commissioned a special version of Chirper from Tom Bugs, which may have pushed the release of Board Chirper model a year later.
This method has a lot to do with circuit instability, touch and feedback. by touching selected circuit nodes, new connections are made, circuits behaviors are affected.

On sound output, it may result in a complex change on a combination of sound parameters (loudness, pitch, timber), and expressive reactions can be found.

I've found expressive behaviors from touching specific parts in Sidrazzi circuit, thus Sidraw is born.


Sidraw 是一台实验电子乐器。

它基于 Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrazzi 电路板,还有我在演奏界面上的一些实验成果。

有一种设计演奏界面的思路,并不考虑通过演奏来改变声音参数(例如通过滤波的参数改变谐波能量, 或者通过控制增益改变响度),而是考虑电路的干扰。我把这种做法叫做“电路表达”。

这种思路在历史上有不少实验乐器进行了实践。从上世纪七十年代 Michel Waisvisz 的 Crackle Box,到新的 Landscape Stereo Field 和 Martin Howse Dark Interpreter。英国合成器设计师 Tom Bugs 也曾经在 Weevil 系列中使用了这种思路。我本人曾经从他那订制过一台特殊版本的 Chirper,带有触摸点。这件事可能也推动了一年后 Board Chirper 的诞生。

“电路表达”利用了电路的不稳定性、触摸和回授。通过触摸一些电路节点,新的连接产生,改变电路 的反应。在声音上,这通常会导致声音参数的一些复杂变化。也可能会找到富有表现力的反应。

而 Sidraw 之所以诞生,就是因为我找到了一些 Sidrazzi 电路的良好反应。


The Sidraw made its first appearance back in December of 2019.

Eurorack modular synth VCF-74 VCO-81 D-ENV NSTH

Vintage Synthlab

"Eurorack modular synth demo including all-analog modules: VCO-81 (oscillators); VCF-74/mk2 (filters for synths, kick noise, snare noise); N-STH (uncorrelated W/P noise sources); D-ENV (Env Gen., w/ delay)."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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