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Monday, October 26, 2020

What's On My Sampler? Halloween Horror Sample Edition Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

"What's On My Sampler?" NEW Series on Rik Marston Official!
Showing off my personal sample collection I have obtained thru
the years. I have loaded these samples on countless samplers.
There will be many samples you will recognize from Horror's BEST!
I love SAMPLING as much as I love Analog & Digital synthesizers!
It is an ART for sure & a BLAST to use them in music!
Yamaha Motif XF6 is our master sampler today :)
"Beetlejuice" @ 00:41
"Evil Dead" @ 01:17
"Exorcist" @ 01:30
"Friday The 13th" @01:51
"Halloween" @ 02:02
"Hellraiser" @ 02:43
"Lost Boys" @ 02:59
"Night Of The Living Dead" @ 03:11
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" @ 04:06

Meteorite friends featured at the very end:
Two North West Africa 869 Chondrite Meteorites!"

You can find additional What's On My Sampler? posts by Rik Marston here.
And tunes here:

Koshiba - Gate Sequencer for iOS

iceGear Instruments

Koshiba - Gate Sequencer
Koshiba - Gate Sequencer - Factory Presets
Koshiba - Gate Sequencer - Tweaking Demo

"Koshiba is a 16-step gate sequencer plug-in effect that can transform a sustained sound into a rhythmic phrase. Each step of the gate is synchronized to the beat of the DAW, and has different volume, PAN, filter, LFO, and envelope parameters. The steps can be tied together to create longer gates, and Koshiba includes a filtered delay that allows you to set a different amount of FX sends for each step."

Hydrasynth Pad Tutorial Part 1: Basics + Reverb (New Owners This one's for YOU)

Major OSC

"Part 1 of 2 on pad creation. This will encompass several things already mentioned in prior tutorials, except it will apply directly to pad creation. This is a great starting point if you're new to Hydrasynth. Those of you who are already familiar with Hydra might like a few of the small tips as well, because just a few changes to anyone's established "norm" can make a big difference. In other words, work outside of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised by how much you benefit from the roadblocks and challenges you'll inevitably encounter along the way. Part 2 will be a MUCH longer video and will go much deeper covering a wider array of styles. It will be exclusive to patreon members so if you're interested, don't miss out. Link up top.

The last 5 minutes of the video, I give you an update on what's been going on with MajorOSC, the studio, synths, etc. Spoiler alert. The Super 6 is no longer here. You'll be surprised to see what took it's place."

RSF BlackBox SN 13236

via this auction

"The RSF Blackbox is a small 18 keys mini synthesizer that can turn your Analog Monophonic Synthesizers into Polyphonic by the use of CV/Gate with both type of Voltage Source as CV Volt/Oct. And/Or Hertz Volts and Both Gate Types as Positive Gate (V-Trigger) or Negative Gate (S-Trigger)"

Modular vid #316 Soma Pulsar-23


New Sequential Prophet-5 & Prophet-10 Hardware Issue

PROPHET 5 (VINTAGE VS REISSUE ) REV 4 COMPARISON - Neon Nights: 1980s Music Production

Update: post fix video here.

This one is in via an anoymous reader. Apparently the new Sequential Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 lack the higher frequencies found in the original, as can be heard in the comparison video above. An interesting side note is something similar happened with the original Minimoog Voyager as well. It lacked the bite of the original Minimoog. There was a modification for it that came later. I actually have a signature edition Voyager, and opted to keep it as is, as I wanted to keep it true to Bob Moog's initial design. Different synth and different history though...

The following is a from Carson Day of Sequential:

"First off, thank you all for your patience as we get to the bottom of the issue. After our group audio analysis yesterday, I forwarded the info to Dave. We worked last night and most of today determining the cause of the fault and means to fix it. I've pasted a public note from Dave below.
'As some users have noticed, there is a drop in high frequencies on the current units in the field. I checked into it yesterday, and I’m highly embarrassed to say that we screwed up. Short story is there are some capacitors that were not meant to be installed, but did in fact get installed, causing the frequency drop.

A fair question would be “how did we not notice this?” This turns out to be due to my ears lacking any high end; too many Yardbirds, Who, Cream etc. concerts in the ‘60s. I picked up serial #1 on October 1st, and it sounded great to me! Since then, we’ve shipped every unit we’ve made because we have a huge backlog. And, with everyone working at home due to the pandemic, no one else played a production unit except me.

Those are just excuses; the real issue is that units in the field need to be corrected. Fortunately, it’s a fairly easy mod if you have access to a soldering iron, or a service center nearby. Two capacitors need to be removed; that’s it.
We will happily swap boards if that is preferred, or swap entire units. We will do whatever is required to make things right.

This affects serial numbers 1 to 195 on Prophet 5s, and 1 to 159 on Prophet 10s.
I owe everyone a deep apology for this; it’s not how we normally work, and I’m really sorry this fell through the cracks. Thank you for your understanding.

Dave Smith'
I would like to also apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this has caused any of you. While yesterday was stressful, hectic, and overwhelming, I'm glad that we could all work together to better qualify the described problem.

Rest assured that we will make sure to make this right at no cost to owners whom purchased any units within the noted serial ranges.

Carson Day
Sequential LLC"

And a note on the capacitors in question:

"We'll have documentation available to those who feel comfortable removing the caps themselves. It's really quite easy and takes less than a minute to perform with a SMT hot air gun. To get into the synth, unscrew the wood ends, unscrew the 3 screws in each end which connect to the top panel metal work, and lift the top panel up. It is hinged at the rear with a lanyard so it will stay open on its own. Images of the capacitors to remove from the main board are attached."

New Adventures in K7 : Sequential OB6 Sounds


Lost in thought (Music Noodle: Prophet 6 & Waldorf Quantum)

100 Things I Do

"Some days you are lucky enough to just be noodling around when you hit something nice. I thought I would line up the camera and record before the moment was lost. While the feel has more than a little nod to a famous chap from Greece I still feel it has enough of my own flavour to share. I hope you enjoy.

My New Release : LANDER is out and available from :D"

Interesting and Unique - OB-Mx

100 Things I Do

"I thought we would take a further look at the OB-Mx today. As I mention in the video when this synth was released the reviews on the whole were so bad I almost never bothered to play one. The OB-Mx is a very unique sounding synth and with its unusual feature set (at least at the time) makes for an amazing box of ambient exploration :D"

Novation Peak Tutorial - Karplus Strong Synthesis (Advanced Sound Design)

Limbic Bits

"In this Novation Peak Tutorial you'll learn how to fake Karplus Strong Synthesis with Novation Peak and Summit.
Unfortunately, there's a glide created by the delay when switching between different delay times. But nonetheless it's still a fantastic source for more experimental physical modelling patches."

Ghost Rave - Spooky Electro Jam [Novation Circuit]

Gabe Miller Music

"A somewhat spooky, sinister, and heavy Novation Circuit electro meets darksynth jam, made with the pack 'A Force Truly Evil' by Yves Big City and A Force Truly Evil."

"Melanchaotic" - Playing sweet-chaos with OP-Z & minilogue xd

Lo-fi Pask

"Life has changed. I didn't play for a long time, and this is what I feel to express.
I sequenced piano lead, arp, etc on Teenage Engineering OP-Z, then addes some "chaos" with KORG minilogue xd. Wish you'll appreciate it."

Cymatic Form Introduces Acousmatic Engine

Cymatic From

"Moulding conceptual sampling and synthesis into rich thematic instruments, embracing Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk. With its unique sonic lusters and synesthetic character, Acousmatic Engine offers an imaginative and inspiring pallet of color, tone and texture across music and film genres."

via Cymatic Form

"Introducing Acousmatic Engine from the creator of Kinetic Metal and Kinetic Toys.

Probing the uncharted realms of Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk sound worlds with 500 surreal and thematic Kontakt Instruments. Acousmatic Engine is a distinct library of sample instruments with unique sonic lusters, articulations and textures that shape concept and sound design into playable instruments and soundscapes across music and film genres.

Within the 3 stylistic themes (Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk), Acousmatic Engine offers 5 instrument types:

Aerophones: Wind instruments and anything that vibrates with air pressure.
Friction: Anything that acts as resistance of one object or instrument moving over another to produce sound. Bowing, scraping, even pad-like sounds, etc.
Struck: Instruments that are percussive such as bells, pianos or anything that is struck to produce sound or noise.
Soundscapes: Sounds that may or may not be tonal and give a sense of environment or mood.
Machines/Movements: Arpeggiator and sequenced driven patterns or other movements.

Expert Mode:

Explore deeper into the interface to manipulate sounds and create your own imaginative presets. Each instrument offers 8 channels of unconventionally sourced, dynamically layered samples plus 8 channels of multi-dimensional sampled synthesis. There are 3 pages of effects including Shape, Color and Ambience. Quickly and easily sweep through combined effects such as Spectral Filters, Distortion, Modulation and Spatial parameters using the visual XY Effector display.


6 Macros allow you to assign any parameter for individual preference for finely tuned performance control. The Warp Wheel (the heart of Acousmatic Engine), allows you to store 3 variations of each instrument and record automation of movements transitioning effortlessly into new sonic dimensions. These variations greatly expanding the sonic depths of each sound, allowing them to breathe and come alive."

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) Plasmonic Synth Cover

Anthony Distefano

"Trying out Brian Eno's - An Ending (Ascent) using Brian Clevinger's new Plasmonic synth."

Some info on Plasmonic from their Indiegogo page:

"Plasmonic combines the resonant depth of physical modeling with subtractive synthesis. My goal is for Plasmonic to approach the depth and detail of an acoustic instrument, while making it easy to shape the sound into anything you want. Its deep modulation capability and MPE support make it very playable and expressive.

The heart of Plasmonic is a self-oscillating waveguide/multimode ladder filter pair, which can be configured in parallel or in series. Each filter can take any combination of the audio sources as input. This creates some very interesting sonic interactions between the audio source and the feedback loop of the waveguide.

Audio sources include two wavetable oscillators, a sample-based impulse generator (built-in samples only), and a filtered noise generator. Both oscillators have waveform transformations which nicely complement the waveguide. The impulse generator is especially suited for making the waveguide ring.

The master section contains a 3-band EQ, a saturator which can be polyphonic or monophonic, modulated delay effects and a final resonator effect. Like the waveguide, the delay effects are capable of self-oscillation, which can lead to all kinds of sonic mayhem.

Modulation is deep and makes it easy to add detail and life to the sound. Each parameter has a popup panel displaying the depth, polarity and inversion of each modulation source, allowing unprecedented control. Currently there are 5 ADSR envelopes, 3 LFOs, a triggered random source, as well as midi control inputs. Development of the modulation section is evolving rapidly, and I intend to make it as fun and flexible as possible."

Zthee TTSH (2600) w/ Mods

via this auction

"it's fun to have fun!!

mods added: 1. envelope speed switch for ADSR and AR (slow/med/fast) 2. sub octave output under mults on left side 3. individual wave outputs on each oscillator 4. custom wooden case like gramma used to make"

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 Synthesizer SN 000234 Owned by Original Designer of the T8 Steve Salani ?

Clives Synth Channel

Note this video is from Aug 1, 2015. Not sure if it's the exact same one in the listing below but it was included with the pics.

"Just a quick run through of sounds (mostly created by me) on my T8. Sorry no speaking, or maybe that's a blessing? Rig is T8 mono out into summing amp then into Mac linein, recorded on Quick Time. If I was speaking, I'd be making the point that the T8 does sound fat and lovely - almost all the sounds in the demo are Single (and therefore 8 note poly). I'd also make the point that the expressiveness of the keyboard makes it quite an exceptional synth. First sound is left bank 77. After that Right bank 37, then it just works through right bank starting at 12 and ascending mostly sequentially. You'll notice a couple of sections in the vid where I obviously demo the aftertouch and show 2 keys (both Cs) that are a bit dysfunctional. You'll notice they require a bit of extra pressure and accuracy to play. Recording is completely dry, so a bit exacting on the keyboard technique, especially as I'm kneeling down playing this! Anyway, hope it gives an idea of how good a T8 really sounds and how versatile it is."

via this auction

"The Prophet T8 is a legendary polyphonic analog synthesizer. It's widely considered the greatest instrument ever produced by Sequential, and "one of the best built analog synthesizers of all time."

This unit is especially unique, as it is the personal instrument of Steve Salani, the original hardware designer of the T8! This is your opportunity to own one of the rarest and most historic electronic keyboards of the 20th century.

The 76-note wooden keyboard action resembles that of a fine crafted acoustic piano, and offers adjustable velocity and polyphonic pressure sensitivity that captures every nuance of your performance.

The 8-voice Prophet T8 offers four keyboard modes: single, double, unison, or split. The instrument retains the characteristic sound of the famous Prophet 5, and includes 128 patches that feature dynamic response to velocity and pressure.

Each voice consists of two oscillators, a filter, VCA, noise source, and two ADSR envelopes. The versatile polyphonic modulation features expand the sonic capabilities of the instrument. There's even a built-in sequencer with variable playback speed!

This instrument has been safely stored in a smoke-free studio and is in excellent condition. It is configured for operation on 110V power. It will ship inside a high-quality A&S padded road case (see photos) and includes a power cord (the keyboard stand is not included). The instrument is still supported by, who sell manuals, documentation, and some parts."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 GliGli Modded SN 4645

via this auction

"professionally gligli modded. All switches, knob, keys work, and were recelty cleaned and properly lubricated and feel great. Audio out is clean and strong. Has lower noisefloor than a bunch of modern gear. Small ding in one wooden ear but othwrwise in great cosmetic condition. All 6 voices work and keep tune. All membrane buttons are responsive. And the LED js bright and clear for its age. Everything appears to work as it should and patches sound great. Overall great condition."


via this auction

Korg MS-10 w/ Original Case, Manuals, and Japanese Clear Panel Overlay

via this auction

Yamaha DX200 Desktop FM Synthesizer & Groovebox SN H101805

via this auction

"It's a DX200! FM Synthesizer & groovebox. The dream of the 90s died inside this thing and wants you to let it out."

Kawai K5000S Additive Synth

via this auction

"This is a rare additive synth with amazing sounds from additive engines and PCM samples. Its fully tested and everything is 100% functional. All knobs, buttons, and sliders work great and very responsive."

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

"This insane synth is one of the best and feature rich analog synths of all time. Sixteen voice all analog polysynth with amazing amount of modulation and sound shaping. Although it was made in 2001, it was so ahead of its time that it rivals modern synths in terms of depth and flexibility. Two multishape oscillators (with subs) per voice, two filters, arp and 16 step sequencer, 3 LFOs, 3 seven stage envelops, 2 mixer stages, portamento and ribbon control, and much more!"

Focus on Waldorf STVC: Using the Mod Matrix


"This is part 3 of our tutorial series for the Waldorf STVC Synthesizer & Vocoder."

Focus on Waldorf STVC posts

Focus on Waldorf STVC: How to make an Organum Chant Choir sound


"Want to know how angels sing? Check out our latest STVC tutorial!"

Focus on Waldorf STVC posts

Just Tuned Chords

Meng Qi

Arturia Minibrute 2S & Boss DD8 Digital Delay


Roland D-110 Bass sound test


Bass sound test.
Using a simple square wave.
Filter cutoff frequency is controlled by velocity.

Drum:Ableton 909
Bass:Roland D-110
Pad:Ableton Wavetable

KingKORG Synthesizer - All 6 Demo Songs in Stereo

John Delta Raver

John Raver Presents:

Korg KingKORG Synthesizer
"All 6 Demo Songs"

Limited Edition Black Model
with Custom Knobs.

KingKORG Demo Tracks:

0:03 Track 1 "Synth Riff"

3:40 Track 2 "Future Punk"

6:02 Track 3 "Epic Journey"

7:57 Track 4 "Mellowness"

10:08 Track 5 "Anthem King"

11:54 Track 6 "Keyboard Riff"

Roland SH-3 unique feature demo


"Showing some unique features of the Roland SH-3 (first version which later became the SH-3A). This unit could use some keyboard contact, switch, and pot cleaning, and probably a recap at this age (likely built around 1974).

This is my first video using a setup where I can get audio direct into the computer while recording the video. So my apologies for the autofocus blur at times."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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