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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Strymon NightSky | Moog Werkstatt-01 Beat Demo

Mitchell Rays

"All Moog Werkstatt sounds. Some include the Strymon NightSky routed through the NighSky. A pretty sweet combo!

I give out free audio samples on my website"

Andy and Luke from KORG explore and showcase the new opsix & NAUTILUS workstation


"Andy and Luke from KORG explore and showcase the opsix ALTERED SYNTHESIZER. Building on the classic 6-operator FM synthesis made famous in the 1980s, KORG have added extra algorithms (including the ability to create your own!), four new operator modes including Wavefolder and Ring Modulator and demystified FM programming with a musician friendly front panel.

With elements like 16 step sequencing with motion record, a stellar effects section and full DX patch compatibility, the opsix is a tremendously powerful instrument, equally at home in a studio or live situation."

KORG synth evangelists Luke and Andy introduce the new KORG NAUTILUS workstation

"KORG’s UK synth evangelists Luke and Andy dive a little deeper into the new KORG NAUTILUS workstation. As you will see here this is a streamlined version of KORG’s flagship industry-leading KRONOS, with new sounds to explore, from essential to experimental and cutting edge.

The front panel is reimagined with the live player in mind and all their favourite functions are still there, from Set List to Smooth Sound Transitions and 16-part COMBIs incorporating the unique nine dedicated sound engines.

The true power of a workstation is still there with full sampling capability, 32 track (16 audio, 16 MIDI) sequencing, and a powerful effects section giving producers the tools they need to refine their mix.

With all of this technology combined, the NAUTILUS is the most powerful workstation in its class."

Sequential Prophet-10 rev 4.1... first 40 patches by manmade madman

manmade madman

"These are the first 40 patches I made during the first week of owning the Prophet-10 rev 4.1 from Sequential. As you can hear, I've wandered into everything from brassy FM patches to some thunderous noisy sample-like sounds. These took me a few hours tweaking a listening, reviewing, then tweaking some more.
If you know my work from Kurzweil K2xxx and Moog One, these are right in line with the same edge of dirty, distorted, and noisy-- yet musical to my ears."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

Running a Minimoog Through a Modified Krohn-Hite 3200 Analog Filter

Stevan Dedovic

"Recently purchased a Krohn-Hite 3200 Analog Multifunction Filter off of eBay. This is typically used as a piece of laboratory test equipment. It has been modified to replace the standard BNC connectors on the front with 1/4 inch audio jacks, allowing it to be used as a piece of audio equipment. It's now essentially an oversized analog filter pedal. Here I'm running my Minimoog through the filter, as a little demo.

== Links =="

Note this is the same Krohn-Hite 3200 Laboratory Grade Analog Filter posted here.
Below are some new pics of it modded with 1/4 inch jacks from the original BNC connectors.

Dave Smith DSI Prophet 08 Synthesizer Demo Cinematic

Tom Noise

Harder Better Faster Stronger on PO-133 (Daft Punk)


"Remix of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-133 (Street Fighter edition of the PO-33 KO)"

The Prophet is back!!

Alex Ball

"The Prophet is back baby!"

Alex Ball documentary video posts

New Oxi Instruments ONE Hardware Sequencer

This one is in via Jesús Gallego. This is the first Oxi Instruments post on the site.

via Oxi Instruments



This instrument has been created with the principles of ease, power, expressiveness and robustness in mind, getting rid of most drawbacks seen in many existing sequencers in the market. Consequently, all the features of OXI ONE are easily accessible in a blink of an eye.

Unleash your creativity with all the included performing features, randomization options, and sequence edition capabilities.




8 tracks with independent start-end steps and sequence length. Configurable MIDI outputs and scale note filtering. Unlock up to 32 tracks in the OXI ONE.

Innovative chord function generation for easy creation of chord progressions. Plenty chords types and voicings with a dedicated chord menu.

Total freedom with up to 8 voices per step, fully configurable with the same parameters available in the MONO mode.

Full control of a monophonic sequence with complete visualization of the melody. Never get lost again in a pattern!

More modes comming in future Firmware Updates: Cartesian, Melodic Steps, Curve…

Two Days to go on New Töörö - Hybrid Polyphonic Supersynth Kickstarter Campaign

Supporting member Ray Ewan wrote in to let us know there are only a couple of days left for the Töörö - Hybrid Polyphonic Supersynth Kickstarter Campaign. Click through for details.

Above are some demos from Mylar Melodies, not previously posted here on the site.

Frédéric Meslin, aka Fred's Lab was the man behind the very successful and highly rated Buzzzy! Synth. You can find additional posts featuring Fred's Lab here.

New iPad synth for Bass Music - Agonizer!

Electronisounds Audio


Agonizer Synthesizer | THE haQ attaQ Synth Tutorial
Jakob Haq

"Agonizer synth is the official haQ attaQ Bass synth app for iOS and in this video you'll be able to learn all about it. GET AGONIZER ►"

In The Mood - Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizerdemo

Tom Noise

Demotrack, made with a Jupiter 6.
All Sounds: Jupiter 6
Recorded and arranged with Pro Tools.
Analog Mix: Amek Rembrandt Console.

Roland Jupiter 6 & E-Mu Proteus 2000 Demosong
Tom Noise

Drums: E-Mu Proteus 2000
All other sounds: Roland Jupiter 6
Recorded, arranged and mixed in Logic Pro

Arturia Minibrute - "Meteor" 55 massive patches


"Arturia Minibrute is Back with our new and deep "Meteor" soundset


After successfull Arturia MicroBrute 100 Patches we finally bring back its older brother - the Mini!

Minibrute is one of the best budget synth on the market.
Its tone sounds really alive, massive and sits perfectly in the mix.

We made lots of music with this little fellow & by hearing your requests made beautifull booklet with 55 massive patches with all possible categories:

Bright Leads
Authentic Basses
Melodic Arps
Beautiful Plucks
Nasty Fx
Cosmic Drones

All reactible on MW & Aftertouch

made by Nick Chronos & Anton Sacral Reason

What in the pack:

* High quality pictures of every single patch ready for print with all the 55 patches.
Easy navigation, fast patching & great looking.

* Single pages of each patch & hi quality wav. demo (wet/dry version) for comparing & re-creation.

* Booklet"

Mozart Butterzardt


"I'm playing with the modulation knobs of Waldorf Streichfett Synthesizer, while Mozart's music played over Midi-In. I don't know why, but this experiment was very funny :-) Mozart Rondo Alla Turca KV331."

Experimenting with Oscillators - Corsynth Odyssey of sound

Three Delay Tap

"Experimenting with Oscillators - Corsynth Odyssey of sound
All sounds created by this one oscillator. I counted about 15-some different sounds.
No external effects have been used during the making of this video."

Also see:
Corsynth C104 - Ring modulator patch tricks
Corsynth C104 VCO - Diode Soft Clipping - Audio Modulation

See the Corsynth label below for more.

Sandwich Time


"Let's talk about composition in the context of.... actually, know what, I am really hungry and need to make myself a sandwich."

AFX Station Sounds by Cray


"my AFX Station sounds made within first 10 minutes of opening box"

КИНО СПОКОЙНАЯ НОЧЬ - Виктор Цой - KINO Spokoynaya Noch - Viktor Tsoi - Roland JD-800 Synthesizer


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Виктор Цой, in deutscher Sprache Viktor Tsoi, war ein sowjetischer Rock Musiker. Er wurde 1962 in Leningrad (heute Sankt Petersburg) geboren und war u.a. Frontmann der Band KINO. Viktor kam bei einem tragischen Verkehrsunfall ums Leben. In diesem Jahr war der 30.Todestag. 💫
Ich verbinde persönlich viel mit seiner Musik. Sie ist Bestandteil im Soundtrack meines Lebens.💫
Ausserdem hat er einen der schönsten Songs geschrieben, den es gibt. Für mich jedenfalls.😉
Спокойная Ночь. Gute Nacht 🌃

Teisco SX-240 + new board SYN-53, fully serviced and calibrated

via this auction

"Here is a rare synthesizer again !
The Teisco SX-240, an 8 voice synthesizer capable of great sounds !
2 DCOs, VCF and VCA section with 1 envelope for each section.
A built in sequencer and some good features like split and dual.
This synthesizer sound really great and has been fully serviced.
The most common problem is the battery that eventually occurs if the battery is not changed on time.
This one has suffered from it this is why the whole board has been taken appart and replaced by our new clone board.
This synth is now working great and will never suffer from the battery leak again.
The most likely to fail logic chips have been replaced.
The synth has been calibrated.
The keyboard contacts have been carefully cleaned."

Oberheim Matrix-6

via this auction

"In overall good shape, this matrix 6 has been fully serviced recently :

- the key contacts have been cleaned,
- the lever board have been checked and the lever potentiometers have been cleaned.
- the main board have been inspected and cleaned.
- New sockets for the voices and the ROM.
- the battery have been replaced.
- All the tactiles switches on the front panel board has been replaced.
- the factory patches have been loaded. and finally the synthesizer has been calibrated."

Solton Arranger

via this auction

Roland JD-800 SN ZC55403

via this auction

"The keyboard has not had the red glue issue which tends to plague some of these. The key-weight glue is still intact and not sticky. All controls are working with a few of the sliders showing slight signs of jitter. For example, a slider may be sitting at a value of 50 and over time, without touching the slider, it may rise to 51 or lower to 49."

Reon Drift Box R

via this auction

Monome Aleph Sampler Contemporary Music Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus B Desktop Synth Module SN 10004128

via this auction

Korg Opsix - The Movie

Red Means Recording

"The Korg Opsix is a 6-op FM synth. It's fun. Here's some music I made with it."

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

Update: video link corrected. Thanks to Epsilon Process in the comments for catching this. 

Korg Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer Demo

Reverb Reverb

"Back at the January NAMM show earlier this year, Korg's booth featured a few pieces of concept and "coming soon" gear hanging up behind some protective glass. One of the particularly interesting prototypes was a sharp-looking FM synthesizer called the Opsix. And today, we're finally getting the chance to get a hands-on look at what the final product is capable of. Watch as Natalie demonstrates what some of the Korg Opsix can do as well as how it works.

Read more on Reverb"

10 08 20 Serge with Player & Reverb and Cicadas



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