MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday, December 04, 2020

Elektron Analog Keys - Resolver

Payton Carter

"So I've been sitting on the Keys for quite some time now, never finding enough time to get comfortable with the Elektron sequencer. I was finally able to fill out this track, though my live performance skills are still a little sketchy!

I really dig the sound of the Analog Keys. I'm not one to jump on the analog bandwagon, but there's something about its character that's really satisfying. As just an analog poly synth, I think it's already outstanding. But if you throw in the unique sequencer, and it's an instrument in its own class. Everything in this track comes from just the Keys; four monophonic voices do everything from pads to leads to drums. How many other four voice synths can build an entire track from scratch?

Overbridge is awesome. I recorded all four tracks + FX individually over a single USB connection. This is a great improvement over just recording a stereo mix (like with the Circuit), because I can go back, change track levels, add volume automation, etc. That's what I did here, with mastering in Ozone Elements 9.

My only complaint is that the tiny screen is awful. The low resolution graphics are actually surprisingly good at displaying all the necessary information, but the screen itself has no contrast, terrible viewing angles, and a very slow response rate. Trying to view the screen while its perched up on a desk is a total pain. I'd kill to put the recent Elektron OLEDs in the Keys.

The process of building a drum track with sound locks was initially quite tedious, but it's been made much easier thanks to a recent software update that allows you to press a trigger + Yes to preview a step (thanks @Ivar Tryti !)"

RS7000 HydraSynth Hydra AN200 Yamaha


"Making some sounds with Yamaha RS7000 HydaraSynth Hydra Synth AN2000. Enjoy!"

Patch of the Week 87: Numb intro on wavestate


"2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. In this final installment of POTW Synths of Metal, we pay tribute with a recreation of the intro from Numb off the band’s sophomore album, Meteora. See you next week when we kick off another POTW series! In the meantime, got a request for POTW? Drop it in the comments!"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Casio VL-Tone VL-1 w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

Jomox Alpha Base Drum Synthesizer w/ Sampling

via this auction

YAMAHA Analog Synthesizer CS-01 Black

via this auction

Modular Synthesizer Performance by Cindy Reichel

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video co-owner of Patchwerks Cindy Reichel performs for us on her modular synthesizer. After the performance she takes us on a detailed rundown of how her patch worked and what modules she chose to use.
Performance by: Cindy Reichel
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Woody Synthesizer Evolution

Woody Piano Shack

"Join me as I share some stories about my own personal Synthesizer Evolution, the keyboards and synths that have meant the most over the last 4 decades and the musical journey that they helped to shape.

Synth Evolution - Oli Freke"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Rike Wakeman's Korg PS-3200 Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 210200 & 801010

via this auction

Korg Polysix w/Kiwisix Upgrade SN 391745

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Antonelli Syntorgan 2445


via this auction

See the Antonelli label at the bottom of this post for more.

"This was the top of the line model of keyboard synth organs that company made in 80s with polyphonic organ and monophonic synthesizer voice with 2 octave settings and switches for envelope, LFO, vibrato, hold VCF, VAC/ VCF, low pass, band pass, loud- soft and a "cut off" knob - the synth voice can be layered and modulated with the polyphonic organ voice. Rhythm machine presets with tempo and automatic accompaniment, chord memory, single finger chord ("O.F.C.") and minor & 7th pushbuttons. 8 semi- OBS preset rhythms {tango, boogie, disco, samba | waltz, march, slow, bossa}, separate bass + chord volume knob), 44 keys, headphones and line output."

Bouchete from Synthy Goodness by Carrier - E-Mu Audity 2000 Track

"All E-Mu Audity 2000 and vibraphone by Carrier. The rhythmic part at the start and throughout is the Audity 2000. The vibraphone is the jazzy pure sine wave lead you hear come in about seven seconds in."

Track: Marooned (Yamaha EX5, Digitone, PEAK, Blackbox, Guitar, Zoom R24)

"I tried to create a #Triphop track in the style of Massive Attack. As seen in the video, this was done #DAWless on hardware #synthesizer: Digitone plays the drum pattern and the Novation PEAK and also provides the MIDI clock. EX5 is in it's 16 voice performance mode, song sequencer playing a chain of 4 patterns (intro, verse, break, silence), providing pads, sub bass, the harp sound and some sound effects. The pad sound is a pure saw wave routed through the additional audio outputs into my pedal board. I use the Strymon Big Sky's brightness setting for creating that sublime filter sweep effect. The 1010 Music Blackbox is synced to the Digitone, playing back the guitar and vocal track recorded previously. Music recorded, mixed and mastered on a Zoom R24, as can be seen in the video. As also seen in this video, absolutely no skill whatsoever is needed for playing this live, but the preperation for this took quite some hours. :-)

If you like this track, you can download this track on Bandcamp or on Spotify:

Stock footage from
Video thumbnail generated from a video by cottonbro"

Digitakt Tips with Dean and Trovarsi!

Electronisounds Audio

00:00 Intro
00:29 Expand a loop to a longer loop
15:11 Overbridge Capture feature


Simmons SDSV and SDS6 in 5

The Simmons Guy

"Simmons SDS6 Sequencer driving Simmons SDSV Drum Synthesizer"

Modular Noodling with Hive in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

Korg Minilogue XD - Keys & Bliss Soundset (50 Presets)

Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for Korg Minilogue XD - Keys and Bliss.
It is a collection of 50 keys presets with various styles and moods: plucky and soft, dry and spacious, aggressive and mild, short and sustained, and others. These keys are suitable for many genres of music: from ambient to all dance styles.
The timbres are thoroughly set. Each preset has Velocity, Aftertouch, and XY Joystic to let the sound be lively, dynamic, expressive, and articulated.
All the timbres are done using factory oscillators and effects only, so no additional (third-party) SDK is needed to use the collection.

Get Keys and Bliss soundset:

To load the presets to your synth you should use Minilogue XD Sound Librarian application available on Korg official website."

The Making of Flip sampler with Andrew Huang | haQ attaQ

Jakob Haq

"Andrew Huang and his developer team just released Flip, an MPC like sampler app for iPhone and iPad, that has been designed with focus on a quick, no bs workflow. This is the story of how and why Flip was made!"

And videos from the man himself, Andrew Huang:


20% off Flip until December 9!

Flip Mega Tutorial

Nektar Panorama P1 USB MIDI Controller w/ Original Box

via this auction

This is a supporting member post.

"The Panorama P1 from Nektar Technology is a MIDI controller housed in a desktop enclosure that provides deep Reason, Cubase and Nuendo integration, along with comprehensive MIDI programming options. Multiple encoders, faders, buttons and a foot switch jack provide immediate control of up to sixty-one parameters at any one time. Settings can be stored in twenty presets, with individually save and loadable function-key maps that yield more than 1,200 combinations. However, the controller will happily function with virtually any other DAW. A 3.5" color TFT display delivers the information needed for each mode or menu, while providing detailed information that makes workflow fluent and fast. Setting up presets or function-key maps is easy. The Control Edit menu allows for selecting a control, and in real-time, assigning the MIDI command required. For each control, values can be scaled, reverse and assigned specific or global MIDI channels.

Oberheim Drummer Perf/X Interactive Drum Pattern Sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander - Legendary Analog Mega Synth SN G50454

via this auction

"You know what this is... This is the most advanced, most elegant sounding Oberheim of them all.. besides the Matrix 12. She purrs... she growls and so much more. Once you play it, you'll instantly recognize all those instant classic 80s sounds. Not many synth freaks have one.. most have never played one. This synth is not for the faint of heart. It delivers in every way.

This is the Made in USA version not the inferior made overseas version. It was fully overhauled by a veteran analog synth tech. The main encoders were replaced with new stock certified pots purchased by Syntaur Synth Parts. It was also calibrated and tested over and over again to ensure years of usage to come. It sounds amazing, and it works as it should.. NO operational errors here. Plus as you can see from the pics.. it looks fantastic as well.

As you can see from the many pics.. ALL tests PASS fast and without issue.

This synth blows away all the other mammoth synth like MemoryMoog, Jupiter 8 etc.. It just sounds bigger, wider, sweeter and ballsier. Period."

No it doesn't, but it still is nice. :) The MATRIX-12 and Xpander's forte is the modulation matrix and thus flexibility. It has two oscillators while the MemoryMoog had three. The MemoryMoog sounds bolder, the Jupiter-8 fuller? Depends on how you define it. The Jupiter-8 and MemoryMoog are more straight forward. All legendary synths.

Lyricon 1 from 1977 - Unique and Perfect

via this auction

Pics of the inside below, also some docs.

"Bill Bernardi was the inventor of the Lyricon, a wonderfully expressive wind instrument. On November 15, 1977, I went to his home in Boston, spent the afternoon being taught, then left with the Lyricon that is for sale here. For the next 25+ years it was a part of my working kit then fell into disuse. I recently decided to have David O'Brien do the complete rebuild, which he did and did well, and offer it for sale. The instrument offered here is without fault.

It is different from all others in that all the knobs have been replaced with ones that are readable in low light and can be manipulated quickly with one hand while working the horn with the other. They are knobs that are designed for use in aircraft and serve well here. All of the original literature and instructions are included. These are necessary to understand the horn and to learn to use it well. Bill was kind enough to supply me with complete schematics and blueprints so that in a pinch, I could keep it running.

If you have interest in the Lyricon and would like to learn how it really works, or if you just want to own it, this is the one. The original manual, the schematics and blueprints, will teach you all you want to know. And you can find the sellers name in the brochure - Lyricon Artists of the World. The first public use of this particular instrument was on July 15, 1978 at the Blackbushe Aerodrome "Picnic". It is just out of sight on Joan Armatrading's left in one of the pictures."

Emu Proteus 2000 OS Ver 2.26 Digital Sample Synth W/ Filters SN 129903198

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Elektron Studios Berlin Television Show | Octatrack Anniversary


"It’s the Elektron Studios Berlin Television Show, hosted by the one and lonely Cenk Sayinli! Tonight, we’re joined by the Octatrack in all of its magical, manipulating forms, to celebrate its introduction to the world. From 2010 to Eternity. Get ready for plenty of special guests. Oodles of chops on display. An abundance of rarely disclosed facts. And a big tin of pepparkakor.
Enjoy the COVID-19 safe show!"

Friday Jam with COBALT8, COBALT8M and ARGON8X

Modal Electronics

"Thanks God, it's Friday! To send you into the weekend we jammed a little bit with ARGON8 and COBALT8."

Anyma Phi: Percussive Playing Surface & Resonating Strings Demos

Anyma Phi: Percussive playing surface Demo
Aodyo Instruments

"The percussive playing surface will allow you to tap and scratch your sounds directly on the case, making your performance even more expressive and fun! Here is a quick demo of what we could integrate into Anyma Phi's case.

This would be made possible by integrating a piezoelectric contact microphone into the case. The resulting sound would be available to use on the Anyma as an audio input, ready to be fed into resonators and effects!"

Anyma Phi: Resonating strings demo
Aodyo Instruments

"In this demo, Julien Tortora plays an Anyma Phi's resonating strings patch (aka "Laraaji" sound universe).
Korg Prophecy only used as a MIDI controller for the Anyma Phi.

Pianist and composer: Julien Tortora ("

14- The Arturia PolyBrute- Morph Part B


"Here is the second part of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "morph" function found on the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Essence Flight - EssenceFM ambient/industrial track


"Atmospheric textures and drums you can create with the EssenceFM.
Its FM engine makes sound creation easy by splitting each sound into 6-OP voices, which you can then layer in various ways to achieve richer sounds.

Recorded from headphones output
No additional processing

Effects used: internal delay, internal chorus
Max polyphony used: 160 voices

Synthesis types: FM, additive, subtractive
Sequenced with openMPT

Video credit: Guillaume Laffon"

DIY eurorack modular synth $8 Envelope Generator with arduino / Make Noise MATHS type waveform

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

My third arduino projects.
Use Arduino and MCP4911 10bit DAC.

working documents ( Source code )

VCO: mutable instruments plaits
VCF: DSM01 Curtis Filter
Sequencer: division6 dual mini sequencer




Late Night Minimal Colossus Patch

Analogue Solutions

"This was not mult-tracked and was recorded live.

Featured here is the Analogue Solutions Colossus mega-synth performing a minimal electropop sequence. 4 oscillators of 12 were utilised in this patch, along with some white noise for the hi-hats.

Most sounds were kept dry in this patch, with the exception of the lead sound, which was run through 1 of Colossus' spring reverb tanks. 2 filter types were used, including a single 12db filter as well as a 24db filter."

Patch n Tweak
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