MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Yamaha AN1x FM, Free EG, Seq & Arps Demo Patches


Sequential Prophet~10 Rev 4

Hitoshi Koizumi

"Sequential Prophet~10 Rev 4
Strymon BigSky
.....this is a genuine analog polyphonic synthesizer!!"

PROPHET~6 Synthesizer - Sound Demo - vintage old school custom patches, Sequential

Tom Loncaric

"The Sequential Prophet~6 synthesizer! These presets were made by me over the last three years. I developed these sounds for live concerts which needed emulations of organs, brass and classic synth tones.

Everything in this video is performed live, in the spirit of the classic synth tones of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

This Prophet~6 is recorded by an iPad with a Roland GO:MIXER PRO. No eq. All sounds made by the Sequential Prophet~6"

Prophets of Paradise: Prophet-6, Prophet-12, OB-6 🌴


"Found this one hanging out in the archives!"


via this auction

"Professionally serviced and working perfectly. We had our tech replace the power supply capacitors as a preventative measure. This unit is currently set to 240v and was originally in use in Germany. The plug is a 2 prong European plug. It can be switched between 240v and 115v via a switch on the back panel."

Aquifex - Reface DX live looper jam (one synth, all parts)

"Another of my 'one synths/all parts' demos. MIDI assist from Theoryboard (some chord variations) and Keystep (perc arps).

All layers played by hand into a multi-looper and remixed live to a stereo recorder.

The Reface DX has amazing sound and realtime timbre control for a 4-op synth. Some patches sound like 6-op patches, as in a DX-7."

happy birthday genni by Benge w/ an ARP 2500

zack dagoba

Carol of the Doorbells

Failed Muso

"My gift to you all this Xmas and a tongue-in-cheek nod to all those people who describe my beloved FM synthesizers as expensive doorbells!

Have a safe, happy and healthy Xmas and here's to a better New Year!

All the best,

Rob aka Failed Muso

© Failed Muso Productions"

The Make Noise X-MAS

Cinematic Laboratory

"No, it's not a new module, but the Shared System can have a Christmas vibe. 2020 is going to be the weirdest X-MAS ever for most of us! Let's hope next year will be better."

Heikki’s one stop shop - A Supercritical Demon Core tutorial

Supercritical Synthesizers

"I made this video to be a quick tutorial for all of the essential functions regarding polyphonic control of the Demon Core Oscillator.

This module is running the latest Firmware 1.3. You can find the firmware, installing instructions and the user guides on the product pages on our website."

Happy Nerding Stereo Filters

Happy Nerding

"Shapers category is updated with a pack of stereo filters: Low Pass Moog, Low Pass 4pole, Low Pass 2pole, High Pass 4 pole, High Pass 2 pole, Band Pass 4pole, Band Pass 2pole, Band Pass Width, Notch, DJ."

Electronisounds [LIVESTREAM] Digitakt and Chill! - December 20th, 2020

Electronisounds Audio


Sub Phatty Bass - Prophet Rev2 Lead


"Keeping it dreamy with this Sunday Jam 🌌 Just one more jam to go for this year! The Sub Phatty and Prophet Rev2 are probably my favorite synths to work with at the moment. Got any synths on your holiday wish list? 🎁 Hope you enjoy this one 🖤"

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar

via this auction

"Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar 37-Key Analog Monophonic Programmable Synthesiz. Condition is "Seller refurbished".

The OSAar was a synthesizer manufactured by the Oxford Synthesizer Company from 1983 to 1985. It was ahead of its time in several ways and its later versions were among the few mono-synths of its time to have MIDI. Around 2000 were made.

When synthesizer manufacturer Electronic Dream Plant folded in 1982, Chris Huggett went on to form the Oxford Synthesizer Company. The OSCar synthesizer was launched in 1983. Chris Huggett designed the electronics while independent product designer Anthony Harrison-Griffin was responsible for the unique look and build of the OSCar.

1985 VERSION M2 (MIDI) MIDI note receive response much faster than version M1.

Timing clock receive implemented.

Original UK model run on 230 v 50 Hz. Need an AC converter to be used in the USA

Perfect working conditions

Misses 2 top caps wheels knobs controller , 1 store recall push button and 1 sequencer insert button [shown in pictures] but they all work perfectly fine

Perfect esthetic conditions no scratches

Original Manual

Offers below $5,999.00 not accepted"

Mattel U-Create Music

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Note this listing is from Tony Light of Leploop.

Mattel made a Sampler !!!
Rare sampler\groove box, instant fun.
Can load samples and here you get a 808 kit for it !!!

- 8 FX /Filters - Internal microphone
- 3 Back beats (5 sec. each)
- Internal speaker
- 3 Riffs (5 sec. each)
- USB mini jack
- 3 Licks (5 sec. each)
- Stereo out (connect speakers/headphones sold separately)
- 3 Runs (5 sec. each)
- Line In (connect MP3 player sold separately)
- 2 voice files (5 sec. each)
- Microphone In (connect external microphone sold separately)
- Touch panel interface"

VACOLOCO , Gorf, Midi Step Sequencer 2009 Built by Tony Light of Leploop

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

"Gorf tiny and compact Midi Step Sequencer, I've built some time ago from a kit, software V1, work nicely lot of possibilities.


Ability to store and load 64 sequences, 8 sequences in 8 banks

8 Steps per sequence

Bank Play Mode, allowing you to chain up to 8 sequences with variable repeats per sequence

Ability to chain two sequences

Each step has Note number, velocity, gate on/off, CC1 and CC2 controls

Variable Tempo (or MIDI sync)

Variable 'root note' for the notes being played

Variable step length

Randomize function for sequence

Legato mode (for those tb303 slide emulations)

Variable sequence length (1 to 8 steps)

Variable last step

Variable First Step

Selectable CC's for CC1 and CC2 channels

Record Sequence notes from external MIDI keyboard

MIDI Clock out (with start/stop)

MIDI Sync In

knob "snap" mode to prevent unwanted value changes

Sysex dump/load of sequence, bank, complete memory

MIDI sysex update of code"

Gijs Gieskes HSS2, 2009 Hand Made by Tony Light of Leploop

via this auction

"Gijs Gieskes, sound artist from Holland develop the Hard Soft Synth, noise synth diy project.
I've build it some time ago, I've add our analog 12 db low pass filter and made a custom painted wood box, single piece.

- synth engine lookup tables.
- 7 selectable instrument.
- 3 audio processi efx, chopper, ring mod, legato bit.
- monophonic.
- runs from internal clock. trigger or plays random.
- 8 steps.
- 5 track, 32 step seq.
- 8 pattern banks.
- save\load patterns.
- record single step.
ext. connections
- mono audio in\out
- trigger in\out"

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

The Minimoog Synthesizer Model D Service and Operating Manual

via this auction

"Three main sections:
1) 1) Schematics and Circuit Diagrams: Twenty 11"x17" schematic diagrams on ten double sided fold out sheets dated 1970 - 1973 with these titles:

* MINI D OSCILLATOR P.C. BRD. ASSY. SCHEMATIC (Date: 4-10-72, Moog Music Inc., Williamsville, New York)

* MINI BOARD No.3 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ( Date: 7–5-73, Moog Music Inc., Williamsville New York.) There are 4 circuit diag. on this page: “DUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR”, “MODULATION AMP MIX”, “NOISE GENERATOR”, “HEADPHONE AMP”.

FAT Freebass FB 383

via this auction

"Mint condition FAT Freebass FB 383 MAM Mono Synth Roland Tb-303 Clone

This has a pure Analog signal path and has that original drippy 303 tone. It’s wonder from new and in superb condition / not much to say really it does what is says on the tin....

I’ve used it for lead sounds as well as 303 - it’s actually a good lead synth as well.

Novation Supernova II SN 6913

via this auction

"This is the 24-voice version currently running OS 1.5. You can upgrade it via midi to OS 2.0, which includes new sounds and features, using a file downloadable from Novation's website."

★ SuperRare! ★ Siel EX8500 (Italy, 1985) Analog Synth Expander Module with 2 SoundCards & Documents!

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"super rare and vintage Siel EX8500 (made in Italy in 1985) midi synth expander with original power supply and 2 original sound cards (100 Siel DK70 + Siel DK80 additional sounds!)! It comes also with original printed manual and original documents!

The Siel EX8500 is a polyphonic synthesizer with voice assignement containing 8 complete and individual synth modules (termed voices or channels). The instruments is provided with:

- 8 Oscillators (D.C.O.)

- 1 Pink Noise Generator

- 9 V.C.A.'s (8 for the DCO's and one for the noise generator)

- 1 24db / octave low pass Voltage Controlled filter (V.C.F.)

- 9 digital envelope generators (D.E.G.)

- 2 low frequency oscillators (L.F.O.)

- 1x SSM 2045 resonant low-pass filter (Sequential Circuits type filter)

- Analog Chorus (bbd based)

- Sequencer (polyphonic, 300 note)

- Full MIDI implementation

- Mono and Stereo outputs"

Elka Solist 505

via this auction

"Everything works except 2 preset buttons, you can see them in the last photo. Thick and sweet sound."

You can find demos of the Elka Solist 505 in previous posts here.

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer + Carry Bag + PSU's

via this auction

"The TB-303 is in a really good shape. No damages on the plastic housing, clean battery compartment no scratchy pots. The only blemish is on the cover. There was a scratch that has been over painted. The TB-303 is equipped with a Sequentix Midibass midi interface. This modification is nondestructive and can be removed easily. Buyer will receive the original parts that has been removed to fit in the midi interface. I believe the Midibass is the best midi mod out there because it keeps the original functionality and feel of the TB-303 and just adds midi capability. The new owner will receive the original Roland carry bag and two original PSU's for EU and US voltage."

[tutorial] Blofeld Beginners 13: Binary Modifiers

Synthesizer Video Service

"In video 13 we are talking about binary operations which you can do with the modifiers. Binary calculations can be hard to understand when you don't know them yet. But in this episode, I try to go pretty much into detail."

You can find all parts in this series of Waldorf Blofeld tutorial videos by Synthesizer Video Service here and additional Blofeld videos by Synthesizer Video Service here.

MIDIPHY LOOPA - Review // A surprising little MIDI looper and sequencer


0:00 Intro
1:30 Connectivity
2:30 This setup
3:30 Overview
5:00 Scenes
5:45 DIY vs builders
6:55 Track setup
9:00 Clip setup
9:30 Step seq
11:30 Drum seq
12:30 Live recording
13:05 Autoloop
15:30 CC seq
17:20 LiveFX
18:20 Beat loop
19:25 Transpose
20:30 Misc features
22:15 Pros & cons
26:20 Outro jam

IO-Lights Demo

instruments of things

"IO-Lights is really easy to use. Just plug it to your computer or smartphone via USB and start playing MIDI notes. For control change message, switch to MIDI-CC mode and map some parameters. You want to connect IO-Lights to your hardware synthesizer? Then simply use an additional USB MIDI host (e.g. your computer). Have fun!"

See this post for additional info. Spaceship | Episode 04 | Configuring Shuttle Control

Cinematic Laboratory

"One of the most powerful modules in the Shuttle System is the Shuttle Control. It converts midi and external controller information to CV. It supports separate mono voices, but it can also be configured to controlling a maximum of eight polyphonic voices. Since most of us have eight oscillators in our rig I've created a configuration file where preset 7 & 8 support duophony (for the Furthrrr Generator or your DPO) and a three voice polyphony setting for a bigger system. I can basically run all my cases and modules with these presets."

Johann Sebastian Bach: Invention No. 1 (Synthsunday 2020-12-20)


"I play Bach's Invention No. 1 on two analog synthesizers: 1979 Yamaha CS-5 (lead voice) & 1983 Vermona Synthesizer (bass accompaniment). Some effects added by Yamaha MODX."

Elektron Digitakt, Korg MS20 & DSI Pro 2


Winter QasarBeach (Fairlight CMI)


"A short demo of "QasarBeach CMI IIz" 1.29. QasarBeach a complete Fairlight CMI recreation complete with user interface and functionality of the original hardware, while adding many useful improvements making workflow much faster and intuitive. V1.29 add more Series III like functions.

You can download QasarBeach here:"

Patch n Tweak
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