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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

EMS VOCODER 2000 SN 12053

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Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

"Professionally serviced and working perfectly. We had our tech replace the power supply capacitors as a preventative measure.

This unit is currently set to 240v and was originally in use in Germany. The plug is a 2 prong European plug. It can be switched between 240v and 115v via a switch on the back panel.


WatchBay Vocal Mix'

video by Major OSC

An all Roland Jupiter-X cover of the Bay Watch theme with "The Hoff" from supporting member, Major OSC.

Roland EF-303 Groovebox Synthesizer Sequencer SN ZN70607

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I never noticed there's a ground connector on the back similar to a turntable. Thought that was interesting. How many synths have ground connectors on the outside?

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Polyphonic Wave Morphing Synthesizer

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Moog Subharmonicon Workshop

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"Patchwerks is hosting a Moog Subharmonicon Workshop with Moog!

Click this link to have a chance to win a Moog Subharmonicon!​"

Introducing Metropolix!

video by Intellijel

"The Intellijel Metropolix is a unique and powerful Eurorack format musical sequencer. With an abundance of hands-on, tactile controls and a wealth of modulation possibilities (both internal and external) you can quickly and easily create infectiously musical sequences that are never boring. Even the simplest riff can be brought to life with seemingly endless options to create variations or real-time manipulations. Equally at home in the studio or a live improvised performance, the Metropolix is sure to become a staple source of fresh ideas and killer riffs in your creative process.

On first blush, it appears to be a simple 8-stage sequencer — but there is far more functionality than first meets the eye:

● There are two tracks (TRK 1 and TRK 2) that are variants of the single master pitch/gate sequencer, which is programmed via the PITCH sliders, PULSE COUNT and GATE TYPE switches. Each track interprets the master sequence in a variety of ways — creating complementary sequence variations that enable you to generate counterpoint, polyrhythms, and all manner of sonic movement (both subtle and extreme). Each of these tracks has its own playback ORDER, sequence LENgth, clock DIVision, SWING amount, SLIDE time, and track GATE lengths. Other track-based sequence variables are accessible from the TRACK MENU, and include Pitch Slider inversion; sequence note range; track transposition; and more. In addition, Tracks 1 & 2 both have multiple lanes of per-stage playback parameters, including: GATE override; PITCH override; RATCHet count; PROBability of playback; ACCUMulating transposition, and a dedicated CV lane. Each stage also has a SKIP feature, and a pitch SLIDE option.

● 8 separate and individual MODulation lanes are accessed via the MOD button. Each MOD lane has 8-stages of modulation values and its own playback ORDER, LENgth, and clock DIVision; and each lane is routable to one of Metropolix’ two assignable outputs or to dozens of internal destinations, allowing for some sophisticated and powerful self-modulation.

● A trio of AUX inputs allows for external modulation of user-assignable sequencer parameters for even greater variation, while two assignable CTRL knobs give you direct access to the parameters you want to adjust most frequently during a performance. With dedicated Pitch/Gate outputs for both Track 1 and Track 2; two totally user-assignable outputs (A and B); and internal MOD routing, Metropolix features a wealth of patching opportunities.

● Metropolix also features a Loopy mode, allowing you to instantly play back short sub-sequences, or even “play” the stage buttons directly (like a ‘keyboard’).

● Metropolix stores up to 64 preset configurations (in 8 banks of 8 presets), and all live settings are stored in EPROM, ensuring that your Metropolix will always power up exactly as you left it — even if you haven’t saved them to a preset. By default presets can change all the structural (menu-based) elements of your sequencer without overwriting the front panel controls, but full recall is also available.

● The operation of the Metropolix is optimized for live performance and jamming, with quick access to all the most important performance parameters, and the ability to greatly affect your sequences with a single slider or switch."

Additional posts featuring Metropolix

Bass Station II - Battle Performances with Ehsan and -CALC- // Novation Live

video by NovationTV

"In this livestream two Novation stalwarts, Ehsan Gelsi and -CALC- will battle it out, performing individually, using Novation’s powerhouse analogue mono-synth Bass Station II as the main feature. Both will perform live and then run through the techniques used, looking at how to use the killer AFX mode and checking out how the Bass Station II can form the centre point for any set-up.

--- Discover Novation Synths:"

Steve's MS22 filter by Threetom : Build and Calibration

video by Synth Diy Guy

"Fun build of a great module!
More info here:​"

BLEASS Shimmer (Mac)

video by boxoftextures

"OK, two videos in two days, a new record for me. But I saw that BLEASS released their iPad plug-ins for desktops and I immediately bought them all. Then I loaded them up in Logic and tried them in my randomly opened last used file, which happened to be my video intro and outro track. As soon as I loaded the Shimmer plug-in and heard how it just totally transformed things I knew I had to record it all. I know I sound a little ridiculous but it was kind of a magical jaw-dropping moment when I pressed the Shimmer plug-in "power" button and it kicked in. And I (almost) never use presets, but I liked this one so much that I didn't bother to change it except for fading the dry/wet mix in and out.

Synth drone sound is done in Phase Plant, by the way.

BLEASS plug-ins:
Phase Plant:​

Twitter: @selgart

Töörö [Fred's Lab] Om Zanka - KA III (Magma cover)

video by adnmusic

"Köhntarkösz Anteria III or Om Zanka, as you like it :)
New explorations of Töörö [Fred's Lab] : envelops, tracking, LFO, ring modulation, sync, aftertouch, multi-fx...
A theme composed by Christian Vander and played by Magma.
100 % Töörö : no presets, no external fx, no external sounds.
Yamaha Motif XF7 as keyboard and sequencer
Tascam Portastudio 464 for the tape recording and the faders."

Morphagene as a Stepping Stone of the Creative Process

video by MAKEN0ISE

"In this video, Hélène Vogelsinger uses the Morphagene in combination with her voice to create the foundation of a whole piece.

She starts with a simple rhythmic and tonal vocal pattern, that then evolves into deep and grainy textures.

From the Earth to the entire Universe.

To hear more of Hélène's work, click on the links below:


And a few additional videos by Hélène Vogelsinger:

Generative Modular Ambient - Eurorack, VCV Rack, Keystep Pro

video by Omri Cohen

"There's a full walkthrough video of this patch on my Patreon page -​"

Circuit Bent Grandstand First Talking Computer

video by

Circuit Bent Speak and Spell with Sequencer

video by SMMP

"Circuit Bent Texas Instrument Speak and Spell - loads of glitches, loops, LFO (thanks @casperelectronics for the inspiration!), synth tone, pitch pot, body contacts and a SEQUENCER inside a VHS :) enjoy!"

Another Circuit Bent Speak and Spell

video by SMMP

"Circuit Bent Texas Instrument Speak and Spell - loads of glitches, loops, LFO (thanks @casperelectronics for the inspiration!), synth tone, pitch pot, body contacts...loads of fun!"

Casper Electronics Nova Drone V 1.3.2 (DISCONTINUED) 2014

via this auction

"Awesome, awesome drone machine with built-in light show. Now rare and increasingly desirable. Am throwing in a power supply, which is not original / did not come with the unit."

YouTube Playlists Broken - And Fixed

Upate: it appears playlists are back.

Just a heads up, but it looks like embedded YouTube playlists are brokend across the board. Take a looksie here:

Note this affects all sites, not just here.

I have no idea if they are coming back. If you work at YouTube or know someone that does, maybe report it?

Playlists take a bit of work to create so this is making me rethink the idea of even creating them. I like the cleaner look with a single playlist on top, but separating the videos out does allow you to scroll down and watch each video in a separate player with the description directly below each video. Maybe that's better form a user experience perspective? If you feel strongly about either, feel free to leave a comment, but at this point I think I will separate them out moving forward. First video and description will show on the front page feed with a "CLICK FOR MORE" link to get to the rest in the individual post view.

Roland JD-800 Editor for Patch Base Released

via Coffeeshopped

"Patch Base has the best Roland JD-990 editor and librarian available for Mac and iPad. Edit any parameter, organize patches, create random patches, and more.

The Roland JD-990 is a powerful multi-timbral synthesizer module capable of playing 7 voice parts and 1 drum kit at once. Patch Base gives you easy editing of every voice and drum parameter inside the JD-990, enabling you to harness everything this little box can do.

Voice Editor
Each Voice in the JD is comprised of 4 Tone layers, each with its own sample, pitch, filter, and amp envelopes, and LFOs. Additionally there are 7 effects units including chorus, delay, and reverb. Patch Base lets you control all of it:

Quickly browse all the internal samples in the JD-990
Easily browse and use the additional sounds on any PCM card you have installed
View either an entire Tone at once, or "palette" mode letting you see all settings of a particular section (Pitch, Filter, Amp, etc) across all 4 tones
Copy and paste envelopes for easy editing
Copy and paste entire Tones to mix and match layers, or thicken up your sounds
Use any of the effects in the JD, and fine-tune their parameters
Get a bird's-eye view of the dozens of parameters that make up an JD voice patch
Rhythm Editor
Design your own custom drum kits with Patch Base's Rhythm Editor for the JD-990. Only dedicated menu divers would want to do this without an editor, but with Patch Base, it's simple. You can design 61 separate drum sounds per setup:

Each drum sound uses its own sample, with tuning and pitch envelope
Access the multi-mode filter for every sound, with its own envelope
Copy/paste entire drum sounds to create multiple variations per kit
Copy/paste envelopes for easy editing
Performance Editor
The Performance is where all the parts of the JD-990 come together. With Patch Base you can easily edit all 8 Parts:

Make high-level sound adjustments to the level and panning
Set your MIDI Channels and configure outputs for every part
Edit the Performance effects
Bank Editors
Edit and organize the 64 voice patches and 16 performances stored in your JD's memory. Patch Base gives you direct access to the banks, so you can organize patches and back them up to files on your device."

Polivoks - Doom - Game Soundtrack Synthesizer Music - BFG Division - industrial synth metal

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:​

all synthesizer sounds: Formanta Polivoks Analog Synthesizer (1982)
drums: LinnDrum, Emulator II
recording: multi-track

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:​
RetroSound Home:​"

ASM Hydrasynth Sounds by Cray

video by Cray

"My sound creations"

Eurorack Liveset from WMD Devices Freq Boutique #48 (Not Hi-Fi Audio, Sorry!)

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Many Thanks to WMD Devices for having me on their 'Freq Boutique' Livestream this week! I worked really hard building this set. The audio is from the original livestream, and is not hi-fi audio - sorry, Friends!"

Creative Technologies TBD custom wavetable oscillator

video by Creative Technologies

"TBD offers the possibility to upload user wavetable data and use it in a wavetable oscillator plugin WTOsc"



(Side Kick: KORG DSM-1) 😉
Sequencer/Sampler MPC 4000 & Just YAMAHA LS-9 32 Effects


video by Synthesizer Home

Moog Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Nice pics.

Roland MPU-101

via this auction

Korg Electribe EA-1 1999

via this auction

Doepfer Dark Energy II w/ Original Box

via this auction

Crumar compactpiano

via this auction

I beleive this is the first one to be featured on the site.

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKI Drum Synthesizer/Sequencer

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly Monophonic Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 377602

via this auction

Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Rack Synthesizer SN ZN68204

via this auction

Mattoverse Electronics Double Gate Drone MK IV Synth SN 031 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Mattoverse Electronics Double Gate Drone MK IV Synth Box

This pedal is in perfect MINT/LN condition used briefly for a small project.
There are no issues or marks of any kind to report.

This is lots of fun from a really cool company/builder."

Krischer Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Black Edition

video by BeyondTheSchemes [SoundDesign] Studiocontact

Krischer Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Black Edition (No CV)
Testing the Krischer Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer (Drone Test).
Not a review. This device was not given to me.
Recorded in Reaper with SLAX Limiter (preventing peaks), TAL Filter & Eventide Blackhole Reverb.

Additional sounds :
-Bass : Korg Monologue
-Drums : Elektron Model:Samples
-Pads with Native Instruments RAUM :
1/Nils‘ K1v (​)
2/Klevgrand SyndtSphere (​)

Link to Krischer Black Edition Polyphonic Synthesizer :​

Secrets Vol 1 - Patches 25 to 48 - Arturia Polybrute

video by GEOSynths

GEOSynths Secrets Vol 1 posts

"Out Soon...
2nd Video of 4 highlighting Patches 25 to 48 of Secrets Vol 1 for the Arturia Polybrute. With a mixture of Pads, Strings, Leads, Bass and Sequences, Secrets Vol 1 highlights some of the best Features of the new Arturia Polybrute.

00:00​ - 25. Glitch In Time GEO
01:25​ - 26. In Yo Face Bass GEO
02:43​ - 27. At Night GEO
04:02​ - 28. Rusty Nails GEO
05:14​ - 29. Swept Aside GEO
06:50​ - 30. Rolling Thunder GEO
08:41​ - 31. Terminal GEO
10:23​ - 32. Clouds of Titan GEO
12:24​ - 33. Solina Strings GEO
13:51​ - 34. Metallix GEO
15:26​ - 35. Winter Comes GEO
16:44​ - 36. Theorem GEO
18:38​ - 37. Don't Go GEO
19:02​ - 38. Old Smoky GEO
20:23​ - 39. Leap of Faith GEO
23:08​ - 40. Solo Sax GEO
24:17​ - 41. Vintage Lives GEO
25:55​ - 42. Into Focus GEO
27:25​ - 43. Rotary Lead GEO
28:22​ - 44. Quantum Rift GEO
30:05​ - 45. Exoplanets GEO
31:40​ - 46. Silk n' Sweep GEO
34:10​ - 47. Syncing Feeling GEO
35:50​ - 48. Drumbrute GEO"

Roland JX-10 Sounds

video by Tim Mantle / Psalm37patches

"Just some basic sounds I've come up with...Pretty rusty playing, so nothing exciting."

Patch n Tweak
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