MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bubbly Sounds with R*S TKB

video by NOISEBUG

"Random*Source TKB sequencing the Elby Designs ASM-1."

Mattson Mini Modular to the right.

Noise Engineering Summer 2017 - Live Modular Synth Jam

video by Noise Engineering

"A way back jam.

Gear List

- Jabara Sequent
- Basimilus Iteritas Alter (x2)
- Cursus Iteritas (x2)
- Manis Iteritas (x2)
- Pons Asinorum (Prototype)
- Mutable Instruments Clouds
- Xerest Numeri (Prototype)
- Mimetic Digitalis (Prototype)
- Solo Vereo (Prototype)
- The Mullet
- TipTop Circadian Rhythms
- Clepsidra Diazoma (Clep Diaz prototype)
- Make Noise LxD
- 2HP Freez
- WMD/SSF Pole Zero
- Bastl ABC"

YAMAHA TX7 FM SYNTHESIZER SN 14488 w/ Original Manuals, Future Now, & Performance Data Cassettes

via this auction

"The TX7 is a desktop module form of Yamaha's DX7 FM synthesizer. The TX7 is an affordable way to get your hands on original DX7 sounds"

ROLAND XV5050 (2001)


Accesss Virus TI with BOSS DD-500 and GFI System Specular Tempus no talking

video by js-sound


video by Tarek Mansur

"VISITORS, a dark horror sci-fi game inspired ambient track by Tarek Mansur. Using UDO Super 6, Fusion System 2, DFAM, Matriarch, Light Pedal, Plasma Pedal & Starlight Echo Station on this live performance. Also some UAD Plugins used listed below.

Recorded live using analog synths & FX listed below:

UAD FX used:
Lexicon 224, Cooper Time Cube MKII, Galaxy Tape Echo.

UDO Super 6, Moog DFAM, Moog Matriarch, Erica Synths Fusion System 2, Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal, Light Pedal, UAD Starlight Echo System"

Building a Fairlight CMI: Episode 5 (Part 1)

video by Syntaur

"Cris Blyth is a brave man. He has a dream of taking a Fairlight MFX and upgrading it to a Fairlight CMI Series III. In this episode, Cris has Fairlight pieces scattered everywhere, connected by crazy wiring, and somehow, those pieces start talking to each other."

Building a Fairlight CMI Episodes

STG/Soundlabs Back in Frac

via STG/Soundlabs:

"I have finally figured out how to get modules into frac rack again, if the front panel PCB fits.

I had orders for only 4 of these. the good news is that I have a way to satisfy orders for this no matter how slow they are.

If you are a frac user, feel free to hit me up and see if i can do this or something like it for you!”

An Interview with David Cockerell

via @musicthing

"People have heard of Don Buchla & Bob Moog, but David Cockerell did legendary work in early 70s synths, then 80s samplers, then 90-00s guitar gear. Hero.…" Click through for an interview.

MUAD live analog synths - Fifths

video by O.Z. Hall

"MUAD (The Modular Units of the Analog Domain -, my synth duo with James Carr.
This is a live performance video prepared for the 2021 Virtual Circuit Benders Ball ( )."

Playing with SpazeDrum 10

video by gotharman

"Can SpazeDrum sound dirty?"

8 Stages Vactrol phaser with Q for Gotharman instrument [proto]

video by Meska

"Here a quick demo of the prototype of Vactrol phaser i'm working on for gotharman instrument, it will be compatible with all gotharman instrument who have analog filter board slote.

for now it have 2 controle :
offset the phase

it's not impossible i will add some function ;)

the layout of the circuit is near from finish even if have have to select more precisely some parts, like get ride of ceramic capacitore,

if you have some question or sugestion about the designe feel free to leave a coment or to join the muff tread :"

Color Sensor Sequencer - 1st Test

video by Izhar Ashdot Sound & Vision

"Sensors are such sensitive creatures. They smell, see, hear, feel movement, recognize direction and even differentiate between colors! I chose the TCS-230 color sensor (1.50$ on eBay) to try and create sounds with it and control the synthesizer using color. Preliminary results are promising, here is a bass sequence created in response to a video of alternating colors, receiving external clock from the modular system."

Also see The All-Dancing Accelero-Gyro DIY Triple CV Controller, and more from Izhar Ashdot Sound & Vision here.

Black Joystick 2 by Erica Synths

video by Synth Diy Guy

My Patreon:
My Website:

Intro 0:00
Unboxing 0:29
Overview of features 0:38
Joystick mode 2:46
Motion Record 5:56
Sine Wave Mode 7:13
Rsndom Mode 9:58
Oscillator Modes 11:18
Joystick settings 14:34
Cardinal Directions Mode : SNEW 16:44

Bastl Casper Waver - 5(6) Patch Tips

video by Bastl Instruments

"Patch tips for our great mixer/wave folder/distortion/dropne maschine Waver with Václav!

0:00​ Intro
0:22​ Tremolo + Distortion
2:14​ Ring Mod + Waveform Mixing
7:49​ Stereo Drone
11:25​ Kick + VCOs + Envelopes
18:00​ LFO Mixing
21:05​ Crossfading"

Bastl Casper Waver posts

J3PO Additional Softube Model 84 Presets - Sounds Demo

video by J3PO

"This video demos the 40 additional presets in my pack the "J3PO Additional Softube Model 84 Presets." With the @SoftubeStudios​ Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer, 20 of my presets come factory with the synth. Here are the rest! You can purchase them from my website ($10):

In this video, the Prophet Rev 2 is being used solely as a MIDI controller.

I also have patches available for the Prophet Rev 2, Prophet 6, OB-6, Prophet 5/10, XLN Audio's Addictive Keys Mark One, and a free bank of 50 sounds for the free VST synth “OB-Xd” — all available on my website. If you're a Nord Stage 3 user, download my bank from the Nord Keyboards website."

How to use Windows VST plugins on a Linux Raspberry PI

video by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's how to use VST plugins on a Raspberry PI - both natively compiled ones and Windows 32bit DLL files. See links and commands after the table of contents:

00:00​ introduction
00:33​ hardware setup
00:52​ Intel X86 vs ARM CPUs
02:02​ downloading and installing natively compiled VST plugins
02:30​ adding the plugins to your DAW (example: Reaper)
02:44​ "Carla" plugin wrapper
03:12​ using an X86 emulator and Windows API wrapper to run Windows 32bit DLL VST plugins
04:16​ using a Win32 VST host to run plugins (Nanohost)
04:48​ creating a track using Reaper and ZynAddSubFX
05:26​ adding the plugin to your track
05:45​ recording a synth piano
07:12​ adding a second instrument to the same ZynAddSubFX instance (bass) / step sequencer
07:57​ setting the channel routing to use plugins on another track
09:58​ adding a bass drum
11:36​ adding a lead sound (using TAL Noizemaker)
12:58​ short improvisation
14:30​ some more things to consider
15:09​ bye-bye

Useful links"

CASIO VL-1 - VL TONE (1981) The Synthesizer in the Pocket Calculator - How make own sounds?

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​​ channel:

The VL-Tone from the year 1981 is a combination of a calculator, a synthesizer and sequencer.
price (1981): 69,99 $
The Synthesizer is programmable. LSI-chip (NEC D1867G)
- square oscillator
- low pass filter
- ADSR envelope

The video shows the ADSR Synthesizer function. You can create easy own cool sounds with 8bit charme.
In the demo track I used only self programmed sounds, including the drums.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) or one of my music albums. Thank you!

★ Find RetroSound Here ★

Website ►
Merch Shop ►"

Toyo Gakki Japan ULT-SOUND DS-4 Vintage 4 channel drum synth

via this auction

EMS DK2 Keyboard (VCS3 / Synthi) SN 2505

via this auction

"Rare EMS DK2 Keyboard. You can use it with a Vcs3 or a Synthi. Just serviced, original and working"

Yamaha DX200 Loopfactory Synthesizer

via this auction

Akai S1100 MIDI Stereo Digital Sampler SN 29175-00369

via this auction

"Legendary Akai S1100 for sale in very nice condition. Just been serviced and cleaned, new LED-display, 4.30 O.S installed and internal SCSI2SD, which has been installed in the rear expansion slot with an USB/SD port for easy connectivity. Very fast save/load and an essential upgrade to these machines. Rack ears included!"

Oberheim OB-8

video by mikeandbluespirit

via this auction

Vintage Stylophone 350S Portable Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage Stylophone 350S Portable Synthesizer With Fresh Batteries. Works great with both sound pens and all the style buttons working as they should. This is one funky lil synth! It’s got that cheesy new wave sound about it..."

Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland PROMARS MRS-2 1979 Vintage Analog COMPUPHONIC Synthesizer SN 112259

via this auction

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - CAF

video by nordkeyboards

"Incredible new performance by Jesús Molina from our exclusive NORD LIVE session in Bogota, Colombia. Check this out! #jesusmolina​​ #nordlive​​ #caf​ #iseenord​"

Hologram Microcosm + Korg Minilogue music making

video by Gabe Miller Music

"I use the Hologram Microcosm effects pedal with the original Korg Minilogue to make some super pretty sounds and a couple of ambient jams."

Abstract LoFi IDM (BeatCutter app)

video by Igor Vasiliev

"This track was created using the BeatCutter app (iOS). Eight samples from free libraries were used as source audio material. Samples are completely different both in content and in rhythm. The first sample sets the rhythm and, in addition to processing, passed directly to the output. The initial idea was generated using a random template, then individual parameters were tweaked. Mainly, the trigger parameters have been changed to reduce the triggers activity and make the sound less dense. The sound is recorded directly in the app without additional processing."

polybrute+Matrixbrute+Drumbrute by Graal7

video by graal7


Patch n Tweak

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