MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Superbooth 2021 PART 2 with Wine & Synths! Join us for a tour with many synths and modulars!

video upload by Wine&Synths

Part 1 here

M²Synth - All New Analog Modular Synth From Soundtronics

via Soundtronics

"Over the past year we've been hard at work in the Soundtronic's labs developing an all new modular synth. For now, here's a sneak peak of the M²Synth. Stay tuned for more posts as we prepare for its official launch."

"Housed in an robust and sleek all metal enclosure, the M²Synth's expandable 5U format allows you to grow your system 10U at a time with virtually no limitations."

Kebu - Live Online

video upload by Kebu

"The limited Twilight Edition of my upcoming album "Urban Dreams" can be pre-ordered on my Bandcamp page now:"

Rabbit Rules Synth Art

Some synth art spotted and sent in via Joe McGinty.

You can find the full collection here.

Forget Interrupt! Arp Is The Preset I've Been Using // This thing on Drums is too fun.

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"I originally focused on the beat repeat broken glitch effect known as INTERRUPT and BLOCKS. After rinsing that preset out i started going crazy on ARP. Originally i was a little turned off by the name because i don't really care for arpeggiated sequences, but this is a completely different flavor. especially when you start sending drum into the tempo-synced presets! Shout out to Hologram for sponsoring this video and just letting me to show you how i've been using the Microcosm lately, haha! More info on the Microcosm below."

Hologram Microcosm with Novation Peak & Circuit Tracks.

UNO Synth Pro - "Unique" 32 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

" presents a first bank for Uno Synth Pro


The time of the little monster has come

The bank features massive basses, punch leads, soft plucks

Create your own dance, ambient, retro and cinematic compositions, together with "Unique" and Uno Synth Pro

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Kawai K3 Vintage Hybrid Synthesizer

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via this auction

"The first K series model with great tone and excellent analog filters that were in many amazing synthesizers of the time. Hands down one of the best classic Hybrids."

Yamaha DX100 Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer

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via Switched On Reverb

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"The underdog of the legendary DX family! The Yamaha DX100 offers FM synthesis great in a smaller, more portable package. It is most renowned for its great analog bass sound (Patch #01) that is awesome for techno, house, jungle, and acid music styles; it's very gritty, the bass tone with gristle! Small pitch and mod wheels in the upper left and guitar strap pegs make this synth usable for live use. Even if you don't know anything about FM, you can get some seriously twisted sounds out of it. If you're willing to spend a little time with it, it has a lot of potential."

Yamaha QX-1 Digital Sequencer Recorder

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via this auction

Demo video in the listing previously posted here. Danielle aka TheSynthFreq used one in this video. BTW, although the GoFundMe for Danielle was a success, you can still contribute if you initially missed it.

Roland JD-800

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via this auction


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via this auction

"Multi-Track FM Synthesizer and Groove Box

4 FM synth engines / 4-Tracks sequencer / Filter / Effects

LIVEN XFM is combined a FM fusion synthesizer with a 4-track sequencer, that we are designing with a focus on live electronic performance.


You can find demos in previous posts here.

Roland TB-03 Boutique Bass Synth SN Z4H8689

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via this auction

Molecule Synth

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via this auction

You can find demos of the Molecule Synth in previous posts here.

"This is an unusual and rare modular that was launched on Kickstarter. Modules included are:

Central mixer

Pressure sensor

Photo sensor


Analog sound generator

Digital generator


Flex sensor

Audio input

MIDI / arduino control module"

clockworkrobot Colossus Synth And Sequencer

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via this auction

You can find demos of each here.

Roland Jupiter 4 with Roland RE-201 Space Echo - Lost in space ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

video upload by

"A friend of mine has lent me his Roland RE-201 Space Echo. I had a lot of fun playing my Roland Jupiter 4 with this iconic tape echo/reverb machine. The tone of the JP4 instantly gets a very unique kind of saturated and beautiful character. Enjoy the music !"

“More Jupiter 4 sequences” by Friendly Noise

video upload by Friendly Noise

Friendly Noise Jupiter 4 posts

Modal Cobalt8 Demo I No Talking

video upload by Alphacode Synth Demos & Patches

"I had the pleasure to be one of the designers of the factory banks for the Cobalt8 line when it was released. Here's a demo of some of the presets."

Microwave XT Sept. 17/21

video upload by Mason Chrysler

"Waldorf Microwave XT arp recorded in Logic (Using Logic arp x2)
Sent to Eclipse ChorusSpace increasing over time"

Morning vibes with the old ARP QUADRA synthesizer #shorts

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The ARP Quadra from the year 1978"

"Kid" - ZEN-Core SoundPack DEMO SONG by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

Calculator Synth Wave With Retrokits RK-008

video upload by HAINBACH

Retrokits RK-008 posts

水滴山洞 / denseWaterCave

video upload by Meng Qi

"Wing Pinger〈-〉Wingie2 -〉Magneto

It’s Superbooth time of a year. Catch a glimpse of Wingie2.

Wingie2 is a portable stereo resonator like Wingie1. In this video, it's inside a fb loop of Wing Pinger to generate the water cave sounds. Magneto provides sound coloration and incrases the density.

Superbooth 临近,我也放一点小羽二的预览。

小羽二和一代一样,也是个便携立体声共鸣器。它在这个视频中和振翅一起作用,生成了滴水山洞般的声音,Magneto 增加了声音的密度并润色。"

Additional Wingie posts

Additional Wing Pinger posts

Superbooth ´21 Berlin - 20 minutes journey

video upload by HOLODECK PROJECT

"Waiting almost two years now the time has finally come, the Superbooth in Berlin. The new concept (health concept) to accommodate most of the exhibitors in tents and wooden huts turned out to be very original. I asked the organizer, Mr. Schneider, whether it would be retained next year. He confirmed it and promised that this concept would be continued because it was obviously so popular. I liked it a lot too.

This condensed overview shows my personal point of view on innovations at the fair. the highlights that I show here are shaped by personal interest. Since I am not (yet) a real modular North, the relevant manufacturers that I had visited and interviewed are also missing here."

#Superbooth 2021 - Modular Lazer Rave - Aftershowparty

video upload by KlangDing

Erica Synths - Perkons HD 01 #Livejam #Superbooth 2021

video upload by KlangDing

Not the best audio but there are some close-ups of the the Perkons HD-01 in use.

SUPERBOOTH 2021: Soulsby Atmultitron Updates and More

video upload by sonicstate

"The Atmultitron from Soulsby has been in development in for a number of years now, however it is almost at the end of the development cycle and Paul was on hand to give us the run down. The Atmultitron is the big daddy of 8-bit synthesizers, 8 synth engines, analogue filters and VCAs with CV i/o and more."

Additional Atmultitron posts

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Vermona - DRM1 MKIV

video upload by

Additional DRM1 MKIV posts

SUPERBOOTH 2021 Jomox MOD FM + Moonwind II

video upload by sonicstate

"Jurgen Michaelis has been providing the techno scene with some solid equipment for twenty years this year! And he's still going, with a couple of new things to show - the MOD FM is a 4 OP FM module with 8 voices analog filter and CV control, with plenty of CV control - expected early next year, and the Moonwind II a stereo analog filter with on board parameter sequencer LFO and separate Q and resonance controls. Again, expected next year with a price in the region of 7-900 Euros."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - VoicAs Modular - New Modules

video upload by sonicstate

Addtional VoicAs posts

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Schlappi Engineering - Boundary

video upload by sonicstate

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Ritual Electronics - New Modules

video upload by

New modules from Ritual Electronics:

Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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