MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday, November 29, 2021

Improvisation - Count to 5, 0-Coast, Tape & Microsound machine

video upload by junklight

"Should you be one of the rare people who listens for more than a few seconds - the improvisation is in two parts with a small gap in-between

I've wanted a Montréal Assembly Count to 5 for ages. One came up at just the right time on Reverb recently and here we are. The 0-Coast seems to have taken over duties from my DPO on lead

The strings in the Morphagene are from Spitfire Tundra which I don't think I've ever used for anything much like media composition but I have had tremendous value from!"

Buchla 296r Transfer Study

video upload by Todd Barton

"Headphones to hear the bass! A little study in the different Transfer Modes of the Buchla 296r Spectral Processor. A different pitch sequence from the 245 to the Principal and Mod Oscs of the 259r into the 296r then through the 292 Lo Pass Gate. I love the variety of sounds/timbres from such a simple patch. Enjoy!"

DRONE MUSIC // Gotharman's PolySpaze mkII + Linnstrument #TTNM


"Here's a little hotel room drone music jam with Gotharman's PolySpaze mkII digital-analog poly-synth. I recorded three takes, each with a different PolySpaze synthesizer preset I made. Everything is controlled with the Roger Linn Linnstrument 128 MIDI keyboard. Mastering and Audio Damage EOS2 reverb effect done in Cubasis 3 for iPad.

Gotharman's website:

I love to hear from you and talk about synths and stuff, so always feel welcome to post a comment or send me an e-mail to:

Ableton Push 2 & Samples From Mars (Synth Disco In Progress)

video upload by Oblivion Corner

"Using Ableton Push 2 to try out some synth disco ideas on the fly. @Ableton Push 2 is controlling Ableton Live 10 Suite which has some @Samples From Mars synth and drum rack instrument instances for good measure.
#retrosynthpop #discobeat #synthjam

Current ever growing channel music compilation:
For a one-time $2.50 (just over 2€) payment, you get an ever growing collection of music and support this channel in one fell swoop.

I'll be uploading new tracks as they appear on the channel, with the one payment you should be able to download the newly added tracks freely, beyond those available at the time of the original purchase.

Previous music releases available here:"

DX5 playing Alphaville "Big in Japan" (updated cover)

video upload by DX5

"Updating a cover I had already recorded 13 years ago. Bassline is now sequenced.

Gear used:
Left: Roland JP8000
Left bottom: Kurzweil PC1x (final Gong)
Right top: Roland JX8P.
Right bottom: Emu Emax II (with a sampled Roland D-10).

Backtrack previously recorded by me, track by track, on Pro Tools. No original audio was used.
Original song composed by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, Frank Mertens.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Waldorf Micro Q SN 1410050000865

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Korg Electribe ER-1

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Electrix Mo-FX Time Synchronized Effects Unit

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings


via this auction

another Alice 1387

video upload by Alexey Taber

Sequential Take 5 // First Impressions

video upload by Jorb

"Quick wrap up of my initial impressions. I'm not sold on first impressions as a video format, but once I sat down to record it felt like I had good things to talk about.

0:00 Intro
2:06 My Acquisition
3:55 Why Did I want one?
5:59 Lets Talk interface
10:44 Prophet 5 Filter & Other Similarities
13:13 He's Got Complaints
15:33 Effects Chatter & Whining
19:34 Wrap it up, jeez"

Sequential Prophet 5/10 - try to simulate an High Pass Filter without an HPF

video upload by Default Corporation

"Hi, today a tutorial for simulate the effect of an high pass filter on the Prophet 10 that have not an high pass filter.
Generally used to make sound thin to fat.
There are a lot of synths without a HPF, the idea is to use envelope to modulate the square wave of the oscillator. I think Prophets were extremely advanced for the times.

Hope you like it. Thanks for watch."

Arturia MatrixBrute CV Sequential Prophet10 #shorts

video upload by SMV Producer

"Sound banks available at:

In this short video the Arturia MatrixBrute is controlling the Prophet 10 with 3 CV outs going into the CV ins of the Prophet 10."

Sequential Prophet-6 Sound Pack - All FM sounds

video upload by Shahruz Moshtael

"Sound pack of 50 patches with sequences for the excellent Sequential Prophet-6 analog synthesizer. All of these patches use Oscillator 2 as an audio rate modulation source via the Poly Mod section. FM on this synth is a big part of what makes it exciting for me and I hope these patches help you see it in a fresh way.

Sounds load into slots 200-249 as default. Everything heard here is totally dry, with no eq or compression. Just the sequences with the occasional use of aftertouch or tweaking the filter cutoff.

Note these patches use the latest firmware with the 'Vintage Knob' functionality.


Lower West Side Studio M401 Multimode Filter Resonator

video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"A few seconds of playing with our M401 Multimode Filter Resonator during calibration

For more information visit https://richsstudioproject.wpcomstagi..."
Note they are currently having a Cyber Monday sale that ends tonight.

"The ARP 2500 was made famous for sounds it created with its 1047 Voltage Controlled Filter. You can now add that rich, incredible sound to your MU modular synthesizer with the M401 Multimode Filter Resonator from Lower West Side Studio.

The M401 Multimode Filter Resonator is the Lower West Side Studio adaptation of the ARP 1047 filter. The 1047 filter is what gave the ARP 2500 its legendary sound. The M401 Multimode Filter Resonator features;

Simultaneous filter outputs including LowPass, Highpass, Bandpass and a Variable Frequency output The Bandpass output has a gentle 6 decibels/octave slope on either side of its voltage-controllable “corner” frequency, making it ideal for replicating acoustic resonators. At the other extreme, it can be set to a very high “Q” or feedback, allowing only a very narrow band of frequencies to get through.

The M401 can act as a percussion module with a dedicated input for a gate or trigger signals to “ring” its filter with adjustable decay.

The M401 also offers features not available on the original ARP VCF including adaptive AGC input that reacts to input amplitude and settings and adaptive TRIG input that guarantees a full trigger pulse at all frequency settings"

Here is an interview with Dakota Melin, the designer of the M401 Multimode Filter Resonator:

Frequency Freaks Workshop - May 2021 upload by Frequency Freaks

"This months workshop has a special extended edition of the Gear Chronicles by Heidi Chan featuring a new Toronto based Eurorack module designer Venus Instruments Veno-Echo, the updated System80 Jove filter, and the new Filter Resonator from Hale (Dakota Melin) along with some very cool performances!"

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 - Tuner (4.21), Attenuverter/Offset, & Low Pass Gate

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"The Tuner algorithm in the disting mk4 (revised version in firmware v4.21)."

disting mk4 - Attenuverter/Offset

disting mk4 - Low Pass Gate

Nights of '82 by United Simesky Institutes

Nights of '82 is a new release from supporting member, United Simesky Institutes. You can find five promo codes below.

"Coming a few good years after the first album, 'Nights of '82' is a retro love letter, a stream of musical conscience inspired by distant memories of the atmosphere of metro trips and forgotten '80's and 90's B movies ("Spacetime Metro Tunnel", 'Melancholic Mullets'), Western and Eastern technology shows ('Optomimetic', 'Networks in the East') and tracker music aesthetics ('Sim 1').

'Instantly groovy and undeniably catchy', ' some of these songs are the most compelling instrumentals we’ve heard in a while.'

We Write About Music

Composed, played and produced by Simesky.
Strings on tracks 2 and 10 by Budapest Scoring Orchestra.
Synths and drum machine samples on track 3 from The Museum of Soviet Synthesizers website.

Fun fact: the Arturia Matrix V had a huge role in the instrumentation, its poly and FX sounds functioning as signature hooks across songs. Hardware synths include the Korg Monologue and the Yamaha SY-85.

As a bonus for Matrixsynth readers, here are 5 code which can be redeemed at :


#2 Testing new live setup LD3/plinky/euro

video upload by Meska

"quick preview of one of the track of my upcoming EP on the new live setup ;)
Chords& reverbe: Plinky
Drums/SUB&arpegio (made with the wavefolderLPG protoype) is LD3
Mixing, side chain, fx on drums is LD3 too
Alf the euro is sequencing drums via grids
the other half is noise effect via warp&typhoon

"Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Simmons SDSV Cymbal Module

video upload by The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of the Simmons SDSV Cymbal Module available on eBay 11/29/21."

Yamaha FS1R Tone Generator Formant Shaping/FM Synthesis SN PJO1034

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emulator II

via this auction

"The King of the Vintage Sampler E-MU Emulator 2 in almost Mint Condition! Full Working.

Incl. SD Card Reader (besides Floppy Drive) and USB adaptor for Mac OS X wich can Load, Storage and Edit Disks and Samples via EII Editor for MAC - runs on my Mac OS Big Sur - (for more Infos google EII Editor Mac).

This load and save Disks in seconds directly from Mac OS X. With this upgrade it's the best Emulator 2 for the modern Setup."

New In Box REON Driftbox R Violent & Noise Synthesizer

via this auction

"This product is a very, very rare brand new item that has been left in the warehouse for several years!

Comes with original box & power supply (100-240v / US outlet plug)."

Roland JUNO-60 w/ Custom Sequential Circuits Prophet-6 Road Case

via this auction

Some stickers and custom colored sliders on this one.

“SIG 03 - Meet Chromaphone” by Friendly Noise

video upload by Friendly Noise

"The amazing Befaco Voltage Controlled Midi Converter (VCMC) allows you to convert analog signals like voltages and gates into midi messages with microscopic detail and programmability. I think that SIG and VCMC can be best friends, because with VCMC you can record the output of SIG as midi data in the DAW of your choice, for later editing, cut and paste, …

Modules: Stochastic Instruments Stochastic Inspiration Generator + Expander, Befaco VCMC.
VST: AAS Chromaphone."

Creating a Soundscape with the Moog Matriarch + Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"Today I'll show you how I designed a soundscape with the Moog Matriarch and the Cocoquantus 2 by Ciat-Lonbarde."

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