MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Kosmische Musik Jan 9, 2022

video upload by SynthMania

Brigitta ( Studio-88): modular sequence Hammond XK-3c system: organ
ARP Solina: syn strings
Strymon Mobius: 4-pole phaser

Music By Hand

video upload by nbor

"A solo performance on a fascinating instrument. Each finger connects to the pitch, filter, and pan of a simple sawtooth oscillator in Pure Data. The pitch is quantized to a scale mode. Reverb is added, based on the distance of contacts. It's incredibly sensitive, and a joy to play, like giving a sonic massage. I hope you enjoy this performance!"

Korg Wavestate - "Stratosphere Vol 4"

video upload by LFOstore

" presents the fourth part of the "Stratosphere" series for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.


The fourth part of the series is devoted to rhythmic pad textures, arps and moving soundscapes.

More movement, emotion and space.

40 performances ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Create sound worlds with epic pads and organic textures.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Harmonic Animation Pt3 - more Animation Destinations

video upload by

O.Z. Hall Harmonic Animation posts

"If Melody is the essence of Music, Timbre is the essence of Synthesis!

Part 3 in the Harmonic Animation series focuses on several different Control Voltage destinations that CVs can modulate to create Harmonic Animation."

Waldorf Microwave

via this auction

"Rare rev A Microwave, in excellent functional and cosmetic condition, with ram card included, original OS 1.25, but a brand new pair of rom chips for 2.0 OS upgrade will be also included in the package."

Novation PEAK 8 Voice polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Decksaver Cover & Original Box

via this auction

Korg microKORG 37-Key Synthesizer/Vocoder With Oversynth Overlay

via this auction

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #119: Alesis Fusion 8HD - Song 2

video upload by Christian's Sonic Spaces

Song 1 here

"This is the second song with the Alesis Fusion 8HD. It's a synthesizer workstation (up to 190 voices per engine, 16 parts multitimbral) that offers several different synthesis types: AWM (sample playback), FM (freely configurable 6-operators engine), Virtual Analog (VA) and Physical Modeling (Wind and Reed models). There are three oscillators per voice that can be any of the above mentioned synthesis types and 20 different filter types including low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and a 4-band EQ for every patch.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
Fusion 8HD - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PC via USB for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

Peak & Summit chained: no talking (custom patches / presets for Novation)

video upload by Jexus

"@NovationTV To get all my 250 sounds you have two options: Via PayPal: Please send € 26,00 (Euro) to this paypal address: [] writing "peak & summit patches" + your email in the title / note. I will send the soundpack / soundbank after I get notified about your payment (max 24 hours).

Via Debit / Credit Card: Send me an email [] and say you'd like to have your card charged - I will send you a payment request and it will be processed by my Paypal (you don't have to own a Paypal account, your card is enough || Full info: ).

You will receive all the sounds from my Youtube video plus extra sounds (250 original presets + their variations = 254 sounds in total). My patches come in a soundbank saved as a sysex file exported directly from my Peak & Summit. They will work on both synths! Also, you don't need any custom / external wavetables. All you need is a standard factory unit of Peak or Summit. In the demo I'm sometimes using the bi-timbral setting of the Summit (multimode with patch A and patch B active). If you have a Peak, you will receive the soundpack as a collection of single layer patches. If you have a Summit, you will also get single layer patches plus the multimode setup from the demo."

Update: vide retitled Peak & Summit chained: genres / styles / patches / presets (no talking)

Black Corporation Kijimi Sound Demo (no talking) with Death by Audio Rooms

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Melodic Techno Lead
0:44 Winter solstice Pad
2:20 Grind Bass
2:38 Skynet (Pad)
3:20 Boarder Bass into Rave
4:09 Autumn Pad
5:07 Chord Lead
5:42 Synthetic waltz
6:32 Aphexed Drone
6:56 Roth Bass
7:23 Don't like Sync Lead
7:44 Moving texture
7:55 Sync Pad
8:46 Speed Up Pad
9:30 Spacelab
10:02 Pulse Lead
10:49 FM Bass
11:12 FM Pad
13:07 Noise Bass
13:31 Air Pad
14:31 IDM Bass
14:50 House Pad
15:08 Thin Lead
15:20 Synth Pop Pulse
16:20 Legato FM Lead
16:49 Loving vectors
17:39 Andromeda Pad
19:22 Outro Pad
20:27 That's all folks

Ambient Explorations pt.31 (Reaktor 6 Blocks)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Was using the Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Blocks. Waiting to get back home from vacation, so I can get back on the physical modular synths.
Follow me on Patreon to download this preset if you wanna try it on your own Reaktor 6. -
Here are some links of mine: -
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Reach the LOWEST Notes with your Controller - PRECISION VOLTAGES to Transpose CV Signals

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Ever been frustrated that your CV controller keyboard, sequencer or MIDI to CV converter doesn't reach the lowest notes that your VCO or other oscillators can produce? The PRECISION VOLTAGES module by AJH SYNTH can fix this problem. Using it to shift the CV output of your device up or down by up to 10 octaves (and 12 semitones) means that you can reach a huge range of the pitches that your synth can produce, even into the LFO range. Many controllers won't output negative CV signals, meaning they'll only go so low and then stop producing more notes, so you may find yourself pressing the lowest keys but still only getting the same pitch. This isn't a fault with the controller, but a considered compromise, depending on the design and intended functionality of the device. However, when paired with the Precision Voltages this is no longer an issue.

In the future a full 'User Guide' video for the Precision Voltages will demonstrate the many uses and functions this extremely flexible module can provide.

This video also relates to the earlier video demonstrating how to use the GLIDE + NOISE MkII module to access and use the CV BUS for controlling multiple VCOs from a single patch cable: [below]

00:00 Introduction
00:46 How it works...
03:28 Creating Semitone Intervals
04:40 Melodic Filter Control
05:46 How it plays... (demo)"

How To Use the CV BUS - with the GLIDE + NOISE MkII Module or Mini Mod Eurorack Modular System

"This video shows you how you can use the CV BUS with a CV Controller (in this case an Arturia Keystep) via the Glide + Noise module (MkII version only) to control the pitch of multiple VCOs, and send the signal on to a filter or any other destination, thus making patching simpler, faster and tidier. There is also a section detailing the basics of what you'll need to know about bus boards to ensure that you can use both the CV BUS and GATE BUS, however a detailed video regarding using both will be coming soon.

Also, it briefly mentions how the PRECISION VOLTAGES module can compliment this system, and help you to expand the CV range of your controller, in case you are having trouble reaching the lowest notes your synth can produce. The AJH SYNTH MINI MOD system is based on the original Moog Minimoog Model D, but greatly expanded into Eurorack Modular format. Its high-end design and manufacture provides authentic vintage tones, with modern usage sensibilities, featuring substantial controls and socket layouts to provide a modular synth that is a true instrument to be played.

The GLIDE + NOISE MkII module can be used with any Eurorack modular system where access to the CV BUS is needed, along with a classic Glide function, and 3 simultaneously available noise outputs - white, pink, and red. Note that the original Glide + Noise MkI version of the module, since discontinued, does not have this facility.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Overview
02:19 CV Bus Using Glide + Noise
04:26 The CV Output
07:06 Bus Boards in brief
10:05 Usage Example"

Crumar Performer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Performer is fully functional and in great condition. Has a few cosmetic scuffs and is missing two slider caps."

1991 Roland JD-800 SN AD0271x

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"This has to be one of our favorite panel layouts on a synthesizer, holy space command! In the era of romplers this 24 voice beast stands out from the rest with knob per function, it’s just covered with sliders. This one was just overhauled; new battery, key weights have been painstakingly gone through (all red glued removed) with a non toxic blend.

Includes soft poly foam case, AC power cable, and Grand Piano expansion cards."

Elektron Analog Four MKII Black w/ Decksaver Lid

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Elektron Analog Four MKII Black, super pristine condition (could pass for new). Includes original box, power supply, usb cable, quick start guide and Decksaver protective lid. Screen protector still in-place on screen."

Korg Radias Synthesizer Vocoder

via this auction

Syntecno TeeBee markIII Demo

videos uploaded by mathieu analogique in 2016

via this auction

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder Plus

via this auction

Fender Arp Chroma Polaris

via this auction

Oberheim OB-12

via this auction


Keyboard -- 49 Keys (Velocity and aftertouch)
* Polyphony -- 12 voices
* Polyphony allocation -- Dynamic allocation + User Voice reserve
* Multitimbre -- 4 parts
* Firmware Upgrade -- via MIDI bulk dump

Sound Generationd Generation
* Oscillators -- 2 w/ noise & ring modulator
* Waveforms on each oscillator -- Sawthoot, Triangle & Square w/ WaveMix
* Oscillator 1 Waveform parameters -- Saw Spread, Tr. Wrap, Pulse width
* Oscillator 2 Waveform parameter -- Pulse width
* LFO's -- Sawtooth, Triangle,Square, S&H noise
* Filters -- 2 - 24 db / octave
* Filters configurations -- Serial, Parallel, Split (user source)
* ADSR's -- With delay time and double decay
* Effects -- Overdrive, Chorus, Delay, Reverb
* Effects Router -- Allows advanced effects configurations
* Equalizer -- 5 Bands graphic / Middle Parametric
* User Program locations -- 256
* User Timbre locations -- 256

Arpeggio & Phrase Recorder
* Arpeggio mode -- Up, Down, Up & Down, Random
* Arpeggio extension -- up to 4 octaves
* Arpeggio management -- Advanced editing for use in multitmbral enviroments
* Tempo controls -- Independent for Arpeggio and Phrase
* Phrase Recorder memory -- 32.000 events- 4 user sets
* Phrase Recorder resolution -- 96 t.p.q.n..
* Event Editor -- Available
* Phrase Recorder management -- Advanced editing for use in multitmbral enviroments

* Motion Recorder locations -- 2
* Motion Recorder Rec. Time -- 2 min @ 120 b.p.m.
* Motion Recorder Resolution -- 96 t.p.q.n.
* Event Editor -- Available
* Morphing -- Manual or Auto (set in secs or meas@bpm)
* Auto-Morphing time -- Up to 100 seconds
* Sync. -- MIDI Clk. to Morph - MIDI Clk. to Motion

Control Panel
* Timbre controls -- 24 sliders, 22 knobs, 33 buttons "True Analog" feel for real-time editing.

Effects controls -- 5 buttons & 4 knobs (lvl/parameter)
* Arpeggio & Phrase recorder controls -- Independent tempo controls, 5 dedicated buttons
* Automation controls -- 6 buttons
* Control center -- 36 buttons, Encoder, Large graphic LCD
* Others -- Pitch and Modulation wheel, Ribbon pad

* Analog Outputs -- Main (L/mono-R) - Aux (1-2)
* User bus selection - Stereo Headphones
* Digital Outputs -- Standard S-PDIF
* MIDI -- In-Out-Thru.
* Pedals -- 2 switch, 2 expression
* Power Supply -- From 93 to 240 VAC

Nord Modular Keyboard w/ Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"It comes with lovely wood sides that can be removed without a problem."

Waldorf M with Polyphonic Aftertouch

video upload by Boele Gerkes

"You hear the Waldorf M, played by the MIDI keyboard of the ASM Explorer. Just an example with what you can do with polyphonic aftertouch. In this case the time segment of a looping envelope is modulated by it.
The looping envelope modulates the filter. Velocity is modulating the filter as well. And release velocity is modulating the pitch."

saturdaynight expressions #synth #modular #moog #experimental #explore #sonic #sound #eurorack

video upload by Endless Arp's

#Jamuary2022 | Day 09 | The Mission

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Sunday is a day of rest, church, meditation, reflection - or just doing nothing. So I started with an idea of using Gregorian chants, load it into the Morphagene and try something generative. When I added the DPO's sinewave, a beautiful sinewave flute came out and when I programmed Rene to do some notes matching the chant it started to go Far East on me. It's a super exotic combo that doesn't make any sense.
But according to Wikipedia, the first missionaries arrived in China during the Tang Dynasty (7th Century AD) and Gregorian chant also emerged from Roman rites in Latin. So this crazy patch makes sense after all."

Bupz - on a Buchla 100

video upload by zack dagoba

"Messing about on the Buchla 100...and some video gearz"

Zen Garden

video upload by Stefano Bertoli

"Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Plumbutter and Sidrax with Meng Qi Wing Pinger"

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