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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sequential Take5 Filter Vowel

video upload by verstaerker

"the Take5 talked to me ... and told me i was underestimating his Modulation Matrix
So i took a closer look and modulated the Filter via VCO2 , wich got a shape modulation from LFO2, wich was speed modulated by LFO1.
There quite some hidden possibilities in the Matrix.

Here's the Base-Patch"

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation 2022

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"What is the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation? An overview of our organization and what we are currently working on in 2022!

Visit for more information

Living Beings Part 1 by Lean Logic
Used with permission by Lean Logic
Contact Tim Burgess on"

Prism Circuits demo system

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Prism Circuits has given us a 3 panel demo system for customers to come have the full Serge experience in person within a synth shop setting.

Make an appointment today to come play this exact system!"

"Here is a patch from scratch to show how the system sounds in an experimental state by freely patching to create a patch."

Controlling synthesizer modules through Circuit tracks with midi keyboard as input, using a merger.

video upload by Pierce McIntyre

"I explain how to use a keyboard to control modules through the circuit tracks as a sequencer. Hooking up the keystep and using it as a controller of modules sequences from the tracks. Midi outpu on tracks does not 'echo' midi input so you don’t hear midi input unless also hooked up to midi thru. A merger combines the thru/out of the tracks so you hear a sequence as you play and then after it is played back in the sequencer."

ACID 2 For Roland TB-303 & Clones

video upload by Igor Leus

"NatLife Sounds present you a second part of our big ACID invasion - ACID 2.

This is the largest package of MIDI Patterns at the moment specifically for Acid styles of music. 139 outstanding ACID melodies are ready to work for you. It is a library of the most diverse variations of Acid sound.

And it's a great for: Behringer TD-3, Roland TB-03, Roland TB-3, ABL3, Cyclone TT-303 MK1/2, Din Sync Re-303, Acidlab m303, Transistor Bass (FL Studio 20) plus any other ACID plugins or Hardware Synths, which can be used for recreation of that sound.

The styles, on which it's based: ACID Techno, ACID Trance and ACID House.

It's all what you need for starting rock the new era of ACID music now!

These pack of MIDI's was created by master of it's vibes as Gianfranco Carone in collaboration with NatLife.

Soundpack contains:

139 MIDI Patterns"

Rare STING Midi Wind Synthesizer Controller, The Missing Link

via this auction

Note this appears to be the first post to feature the STING Midi Wind Synthesizer. "Hi, this is Peter Ponzol. Most of you know me as a mouthpiece maker and saxophone designer. I was also a consultant and clinician for Lyricon, the first wind synthesizer. I demonstrated Lyricon at the Frankfurt Music Fair in 1979, 1980 and 1981. In 1985 I was contacted by a Japanese company called Sting. They had made a Lyricon type instrument that was Midi, something Lyricon was not. This allowed you to control any Midi device from the Sting unit. I did some consulting for the company and introduced it at the Frankfurt Music Fair in 1987. The company was small and Sting never became well known. If you know Lyricon, you know Sting. Keys and fingering possibilities are similar. There are some interesting innovations in Sting. For example there is no reed or typical woodwind type of mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is more like that of a recorder and thus much easier for none woodwind players to play. All information is transmitted over Midi except velocity, which is sent analog. I have two control bodies and the so called brain unit, as pictured. I packed these up around 1990 and they have been packed up in storage ever since. I have the original Operation Manual. The electronics brain is 220 volt and will need a voltage converter to 110. I just checked them with a midi unit I have and everything works. The only issue is the RCA jack on one body is loose. I am not an electrician and don't want to try and repair it. I'm sure its a simple thing for someone to fix. The jack works but is loose. These are real collector pieces of equipment. I have never ever seen another one for sale and I'm sure they are really rare. As they are 35 years old the sale will be as is. At the moment everything works as it did when I put them away. Its hard to determine the value as they are so rare. I have seen Lyricons going for $3,000, but I will start the bidding at $995.00. I will only ship to an address in the continental USA. Please do not bid unless you have a US address. I will sell internationally if you have linked your account to Ebay's international shipping service. Please see Ebay for more information. I will list this for one more week. If a buyer is not out there I'll pack it away again for a few years, then it might be worth much more."

Oberheim OB-12

via this auction

"The OB-12 is a 12 voice synth with 4-part physical modeling synthesis. Loads of real-time knobs (22), sliders (24), and buttons (33) with a traditional layout give you fast hands-on access and control of most parameters. Extra hands-on goodies include a ribbon controller, pitch bend and modulation wheel.

Stunning machine with loads of character!"

Roland System-100M Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer w/ Docs & Cables

via this auction

"Here is an extremely rare 5 x ROLAND System-100M modules set in their M-191J rack :

- module 112 : dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync

- module 121 : dual VCF, with low-pass and high-pass filters with 24 dB/oct slope

- module 130 : dual VCA, with a linear/exponential switch

- module 140 : dual Envelope (ADSR, invertible, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)

- module 150 : Ring Mod, Noise (pink and white), S&H (with lag), and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)

Although some sliders are scratchy all modules are fully working. The set comes with many patch cables and the respective brochure of each module and many patch sheets plus the original 191J owner's manual.
Operates with 220V."

150 041593
140 951325
130 991318
121 041482
112 021644

Moog Liberation SN 1547

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog w/ Dust Cover

via this auction

"Nice condition Memorymoog+ Recently serviced, new key contacts, factory patches loaded. Some minor cosmetic nicks and bumps but has lived in a studio for most of its life. Comes with stardust covers dust cover."


via this auction


Jordan Rudess plays the PRO-VS modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

video upload by ikmultimedia

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the PRO-VS. The Pro-VS recreates the sound of vector synthesis from the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with its 4 digital oscillators through an analog filter. A cousin of wavetable synthesis, vector synthesis allows the mixing of 4 oscillators with X-Y controls for extreme animation and liveliness.

Syntronik 2 sets the new standard in modern virtual synthesizers. IK’s advanced sampling techniques, combined with a hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine, power a comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths with stunning sonic accuracy and the deepest editing.

This is a massive update to the previous release, adding 11 new synths, exciting new, advanced, and much-requested functionality, and a huge number of all-new presets for the 22 original synths taking advantage of all these new features."

Fenix IV sequenced by an SND Sam-16

video upload by splitradix

"TINRS Fenix IV sequenced by an SND Sam-16. Some compression from an API 2500."

🎻 synth strings making (Sequential - Prophet Rev2)

video upload by J Gran - 제이그랜 연습실

Synthesizer: Sequential - Prophet Rev2
Vocoder: Roland JD-Xi

Quelques sons que je viens de créer sur le Prophet-10

video upload by Franck Lhermet

Bidouillage sur le Sequential Circuits Prophet-10

Bruitages gouttes d'eau - R2-D2 sur le Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
video upload by

You can find additional Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 videos by Franck Lhermet posted here.


video upload by Synthesizer Home


video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Crash landed on Planet Strega!

Animation by Lewis Dahm

These animations originally appeared on the Make Noise Instagram! Follow there for more :)"

Buchla Tiptop Audio 281t Overview & Examples

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is the beginning of a mini-series on the basics of the new Buchla & Tiptop Audio modules. First up is the 281t Quad Function Generator. I'm really enjoying these modules and Tiptop has enthusiastically embraced the Buchla paradigm. These modules have shipped to various shops worldwide and can already be preordered."

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Buchla Tiptop Audio 281t examples

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is the a mini-series on the basics of the new Buchla & Tiptop Audio modules. First up is the 281t Quad Function Generator. I'm really enjoying these modules and Tiptop has enthusiastically embraced the Buchla paradigm.

And if you'd like to support my demos and tutorials my Patreon site is:"

Surge XT Quick Minute

video upload by boxoftextures

"Well, this was not the video I was expecting to upload today but was surprised with the release yesterday of Surge XT. New and improved! I really liked the original (non-XT version) and I really like this one; can do all sorts of things with it as it's easy to use but super deep. This is just a minute or so, basically just a shimmering pad (my usual I suppose). Gimme a few weeks and who knows what'll happen! 100% Surge XT, nothing else.

Audio routing done with BlackHole16

Screen capture, audio recording, and video editing all done in ScreenFlow


Roland Cloud JV 1080 "Planet JV" Soundset 126 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"The legendary Roland JV-1080 synthesizer is back with virtual Roland Cloud version!


Back to 1994 JV was one of the most powerful digital modules with its flexible engine &
beautiful sound combined with great set of effects & drums.

Why its so cool?

Cause besides pianos, bells, cowbells & cheesy accordions, GM applause and Bang! presets - its capable to create great analog sounds, the deepest ambient textures, great moving sequences.

Its like a hardware “Omnisphere” synth with huge effort.

So – what was our first desire when we get our black box?
To create our own soundset for the legend with modern approach ofcourse!

So here it is: “Planet JV” Soundset by team: Nick Klimenko & Kirill Polikashin.

126 presets splitted on:

* Vintage analog-like basses & modern digital wavetable * Vintage & Modern leads (yes, Klaus Schulze spirit also there)

* Deepest ambient pads, space drones & tonal soundscapes

* Modern sequences you never heard or seen before on JV

* Beautiful bells, plucks & rhytmic structures

* Fx's with modular approach (cause, why not?)

* Great emulations of classic legends: Moog, Jupiter, JX-series, CS & others.

Enjoy the sounds and rediscover JV world with our soundset!

Our video demo shows almost 50 presets from soundset combined with drum samples & beautiful nature, so take your time, breathing slowly, take your hands out of rewind button ;-)"

Roland Cloud JV 1080 "Analog Dreams" Soundset 75 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"The legendary Roland JV-1080 synthesizer is back with virtual Roland Cloud version!


Back to 1994 JV was one of the most powerful digital modules with its flexible engine &
beautiful sound combined with great set of effects & drums.

Why its so cool?

Cause besides pianos, bells, cowbells & cheesy accordions, GM applause and Bang! presets - its capable to create great analog sounds, the deepest ambient textures, great moving sequences.

Its like a hardware “Omnisphere” synth with huge effort.

So – what was our first desire when we get our black box?
To create our own soundset for the legend with modern approach ofcourse!

So here it is: “Analog Dreams” Soundset by team: Nick Klimenko

75 presets splitted on:

Inside of the pack is all you need for your retro-inspired track:

*Vintage analog-like basses & Vintage leads (yes, Klaus Schulze spirit also there)

*Great emulations of classic legends: Moog, Jupiter, JX-series, CS, Juno,Arp Odyssey, Yamaha DX-7 and others

*Deepest ambient pads, space drones & tonal soundscapes

*Modern sequences you never heard or seen before on JV

*Beautiful bells, plucks & rhytmic structures.

Enjoy the sounds and rediscover JV world with our soundset!"

CR8000 #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Roland SH-7 44-Key Duophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 710644

via this auction

"Roland's SH series, the top model SH-7, which is a rare and rare vintage item and is still extremely popular! Roland's best-selling product at the time was this SH series! The biggest feature of this model is that 2VCO can be used as polyphonic! The same goes for ARP ODYSSEY, and it was a valuable synthesizer that could play chords! It has more waveforms and a wider range than the SH-5, and NOISE also has built-in pink and white, a ring modulator, and SAMPLE & HOLD! ENV also has 2 ADSR systems, and the filters are high-pass and low-pass, making it possible to create detailed sounds! The slightly sloping panel design is the most sophisticated layout in the SH series, making it easy to create sounds while being complicated! Equipped with CV / GATE IN / OUT on the back, it can be connected to other models! It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as bass, lead, and SE, and is a masterpiece that many people choose as the best synthesizer! * There is no problem with normal operation, but please note that we have not confirmed all operations before purchasing. This is a recommended product!"

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA Rare First Promotional Model SN 003

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"restored, recapped, calibrated. If you are interested in collecting, this is the third copy produced. serial 003 of the very first rare prototype model that was used as a promotion (only 10 producted). it still retains the big logo and the writing "oberheim" behind it identical to the obx and it sounds more vintage and raw than the others as the logic board that manages the voices is also identical to the obx. the voices go in tune very well but need the synth to warm up for a few more minutes, just like the obx"

Oberheim OB-X - 8 Voice w/ Encore MIDI

via this auction

"rare oberheim obx. 8 factory voices. restored with original components and calibrated, it works like a Swiss watch. encore midi edit with many functions and 120 memories. the synthesizer looks perfect always kept in a maniacal way."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 1193

via this auction

Akai X7000 61 Key Sampling Keyboard w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Here is the x700 in all its glory. It features an amazing analog filter. This board is fully functional and has the expanded ram. Includes original box."


video upload by Bastl Instruments

"SOFTPOP SP2 is also an amazing audio processor!
You don't believe us? Look at this amazing clip! We are syncing Deluge and the SOFTPOP with MIDI. Bass guitar is then processed rhythmically and tonally for this amazing bass tone in the performance.

Performance by Patrik Veltruský"

Also see New Bastl Instruments SOFTPOP SP2 Released - Demos & Overview


video upload by PWMusic

"In this video, Suren AKA My Panda Shall Fly shows us how and why he's made this Malevolent Patch.

For more information on Malevolent, please visit

For more information on My Panda Shall Fly, please visit

Look out for patch sheets to replicate these sounds in the near future via our website:"

The Stunning Synth That Moog Did Not Want

video upload by HAINBACH

"This is the story of the Moog Sonic Six, an American synthesizer from 1972. While branded Moog, Bob Moog had little design involvement and was even opposed to it. Through a series of both unfortunate and fortunate events, Engineer Eugene Zumchak still did get to realize the Sonic Six. Though never as popular as the Minimoog and mostly used for education, this synthesizer is one of the few I dare to call "beast", and try to do my best to prove so in the sound examples. It has numerous outstanding features, which make it special even 50 years afters its creation."

Tundra | Generative Ambient Eurorack Modular (Marbles, Plaits, Veils, QPAS, Beads)

video upload by SyllixMusic

Download the patch notes:
Download the audio:

"Hello! This emotive and enigmatic track was created entirely with the eurorack modular synthesizer through a randomly generated melody created by Mutable Instruments Marbles. Marbles also triggers Plaits which is then being filtered by QPAS before passing through beads for some added textures. Full patch notes are availabe above on my Patreon page. I hope you enjoy the beautiful soundscape of the frozen tundra.

Marbles, Plaits, Veils, QPAS, Beads

Case From Lake

Bored Brain Music"

#Jamuary2022 | Day 19 | Spaceship Jam

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"On day 16 I did a jam with Roli Blocks. Today I'll connect the Seaboard to the Shuttle Control for a dark triphop jam. recently changed their panels to a more professional style, which means we have to say goodbye to the aliens, abducted cows, airplane terminology and space travel. Personally I loved those but I can understand Andreas and Julia like to take their brand to the next level. Love you guys, but I am going to dearly miss the alien with the Salvador Dali mustache. Fortunately, a new panel doesn't change the sound. It can still rip space apart and make wormholes."

Dusting off the Tenori:ON

video upload by allmyfriendsaresynths

"Another weirdo sequencer, with weirdo idiosyncracies. The Tenori:ON. A quick and dirty jam for that month that people do jams in.

All sounds etc just from the Tenori:ON. A bit noisier than usual thanks to a dirty PSU.

I post all of the music I make, including WAV stems; sample packs; collections of video textures; early access to videos; and a whole pile of other stuff on Patreon. I know I know, I hate doing this as well, but if you like what I do and want to get more of it, while also helping me offset some of my ludicrous gear purchases, this is the best place to do it:

If you just want individual sample packs or downloads of video footage to use in your own projects, get them on Gumroad here:

If you're in the market for new gear, my favourite place to find new and interesting synthesizers and other electronic music gear is Signal Sounds. They are based in Glasgow, but ship all over the place and often have stuff nobody else does. Find them at"

Yamaha SY35 Demo: The Presets | No Talking | Moot Booxle

video upload by mootbooxle

"A quick (but not brief) stroll through most of the internal presets of the Yamaha SY35 Vector Synthesizer. I had just gotten the thing that day and I always feel like that is the best time to demo the presets in order to capture my first reaction to them. Some interesting spontaneous music in a myriad of genres and moods was the result!"

Synth cover - "Dance Of Maria" (Elias Rahbani)

video upload by SynthMania

"Non-monetized synth-cover of the wonderful "Dance Of Maria" (1972) by Elias Rahbani"

Roland Juno-106 Demo

video upload by Synthesizer Revolution

"Sound demo of the famous Roland Juno-106 vintage synthesizer."

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