MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Back Unto Knives | IDM

video upload by MIDERA

Track made using:
Roland D50 (Pads)
Roland SH-101 (Bass)
Yamaha RS7000 (Drums)
Toraiz Squid (Sequencing)

10 Sines Chant

video upload by Todd Barton

"Love the raspy, wax-recorder-like sound. Seems like an ancient field recording is some made-up land...

My Patreon:"

G&T and Squid Salmple - Funky Slap Bass / Patch Tip

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video I share patch tips for G&T by After Later Audio and the Squid Salmple by ALM Busy Circuits, and how they can work well together to make a funky slap bass style patch that is keyboard playable. G&T is great for turning any keyboard patch into an expressive press/release reactive patch."

Meet the Destiny+ 16 PSYCHE

video upload by kirkis

This one was spotted and sent in via Meska.


"16 PSYCHE manifolds a structureless structure at infinite convergence of causal invariance in the frequency domain.

The core 16 configurations of 16 PSYCHE expose the diversity of the proto core* and the rich experimentation to gain using the 5 pillars of its foundation in depth. The infinity function groupoids, quadrilateral non linear transfer functions, twisted division ring of fractions, through zero phase modulation and non linear resonant feedback windows.

Although not limited to 16 configurations the evolution of the chosen system is a kin to a multiway infinity, defined only by the isomorphic relationship of user and machine, however it should be noted that 16 PSYCHE obtains suitable nodes for trajectories towards complex feedback and modulation far beyond previously known orbits.

Abbreviated proto-core* mathematics.

For more information on 16 PSYCHE, stock, build time or future destiny+ electronic musical devices please reach out to the center of destiny+"

Circuit Jam 5 - Circuit Rhythm // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"Our Circuit Jam series is a compilation of short and exciting performances and jams showcasing our Circuit range of grooveboxes. Watch Enrique tweak and edit, creating this chill downtempo beat with Circuit Rhythm in Circuit Jam 5. This beat utilises the Keyboard Note Mode and Grid FX.

Circuit Rhythm is a versatile sampler for making and performing beats. Record samples directly to the hardware, then slice, sculpt and resample your sounds effortlessly. Capture your groove quantised or off-grid into the sequencer, and layer up across eight sample tracks. Invigorate your live set with performance FX: embrace imperfection with lo-fi tape, stutter your mix with beat repeat, and more. Integrate Circuit Rhythm into your studio, or unplug and create anywhere utilising the built-in rechargeable battery.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm:"

The John Bowen Interview | Legendary Synth and Sound Specialist, New Solaris OS, Demos, & Prototype

video upload by Espen Kraft

"John Bowen is the man behind those Sequential factory synth preset sounds heard on so many classic tracks. The Prophet 5, Prophet VS, Six-Trak etc.
He later worked on the Korg Wavestation, Korg Oasys, the Creamware DSP plugin synths and finally his own hardware synth, the Solaris.
You've heard his sounds more times than you know.

In this interview you can hear how it all started, all the funny stories, and what happened in California in the 70s, at Sequential Circuits in the 80s and at Korg in the 90s. And more."

You can find v2.0.3 update details here:

The following are a couple of videos featuring the Solaris, the first featuring on the John Bowen site.
video upload by synthhaft

"Improvisation with a 'Noodle'-Sound, done with the SOLARIS.
One Sound, one take, no external fx."

And one more with a Nonlinear Labs C15 and Waldorf Quantum:

video upload by

And last but definitely not least, some pics of the Solaris prototype via the John Bowen Synth Design forum where you'll find additional pics:

"I came across some of the old Solaris prototype photos, and I thought people might enjoy seeing them!

We introduced the Solaris at the Frankfurt Musik Messe at the end of March 2007. The original design features 2 rows of knobs below the Envelope section, so that you could easily adjust filter and amp envelopes without having to select them individually. (Note there are only 3 EG select buttons, as the idea was to select them in pairs.)

The wood sides were more rounded, as you can see these were quite nice, but a bit too expensive for production. The graphics of the front panel featured a design from my childhood friend, John Heisch (viewable on the left side). Also, the original silk screen for the front panel was not to my liking, so I requested an 'emergency' job from Axel Hartmann to revise the graphics look for the show (which he did just 2 weeks prior to the show!).

We went through 5 prototype stages, arriving at the production version you know now. It was quite the journey!"

Pink Floyd - Shine On Your Crazy Diamond Part 9 [cover]

video upload by Piano in a Living Room

"Shine On Your Crazy Diamond Part 9, composed by Rick Wright of Pink Floyd in 1974 for the album Wish You Were Here.

Master keyboard / piano: Dexibell VIVO S9
Synthesizer / white noise intro: Sequential OB-6 + Strymon NightSky reverberator
Strings: Waldorf Streichfett
Additional phaser synth: Yamaha reface CS + Source Audio Lunar Phaser + KORG NTS-1 reverb
Drums: Elektron Rytm
and a bunch of expression pedals
Better sound:"

The Behringer 2600 On The Hans Zimmer Live Tour - With Pedro Eustache

video upload by Behringer

Looks like two TiNRS Fenix systems in the background.

"Dan recently headed to London's O2 Arena to interview Wind Synthesist and Composer Pedro Eustache, currently on tour with the legendary composer, Hans Zimmer.

Pedro takes us through the Behringer products (2600, BD440, UMC1820) he uses in his setup and how they all play a massive part in not only the Hans Zimmer Live concerts but also in many scores, including the Oscar-winning score for 'DUNE'.

As a Wind Synthesist, Pedro shows how expressive and versatile the 2600 can be when controlled via his Lyricon wind controller.

Later in the interview, we also meet Juan Garcia-Herreros (The Snow Owl) who in 2019, won Best Bass Player in the World. Juan also discusses how Behringer products continue to play a big part in his professional musical career.

To discover more about Pedro and Juan, be sure to check out their websites at:

Pedro Eustache:
Juan Garcia-Herreros (The Snow Owl):"

Behringer EMS VCS3 SYNTHI Putney Clone Nearing Completion - 50 Synths In the Works

Some news on the upcoming VCS3 clone & upcoming synths from Behringer:

"Wow, we’re getting close with this beauty.
Here’s our final pre-production model which will now go to our beta testers for final sign-off.
This synth took a particularly long time, as the mechanical construction of the matrix plus the recreation of analog circuitry was very complex and needed several iterations.
Our UK analog expert John Price, spent over two years to meticulously recreate the sound of the original unit, while also adding many additional functions as you can see from the front panel.
While we don’t have a final shipping date yet, we wanted to share this news with you so you know we haven’t forgotten this synth jewel.
We hope you love this synth as much as we do 🙂"


"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience. We have seven hard working teams simultaneously working on over 50 synths.

While the current component situation is very challenging, we are committed to bring all those synths to life and at the most favorable prices possible.

Just give us some time to make these synth dreams come true. And so much more is coming as we’re just warming up! Thank you for all the support and love we receive from you every day. You are the reason why we do what we do"

Benge's original ARP2500 up close

video upload by zack dagoba

"Getting in there with a nice vintage Fujinon zoom lens and Sony video camera

This is a self-playing ARP 2500 patch utilising the two very different types of sequencer it has"

Additional ARP 2500 posts

ESK - Working on a track with the GS Music e7

video upload by Metunar

"Playing with the GS Music e7 Synthesizer while recording. This track is for a new live set."

Five Funky Organ Grooves on Nord Electro

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo of the NORD ELECTRO 6D by playing some of my favorite HAMMOND ORGAN funk grooves.

My Nord Electro Story

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

VAI 66 : Böhm Digital Drums - Ekosynth

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

Casio CZ-1000

via this auction

"This was also one of the very first digital synths to compete head-to-head sonically with analog keyboards. It is similar to the CZ-101 but the 1000 has full-sized keys and better controls. It also has strap buttons so you can rock it as a keytar!!

I bought this keyboard in the early 1990s from Rogue Music on 30th Street in New York City. I believe I am the second owner. It has never been used on a gig since I have owned it but has been sitting on a stand in my studio with a plastic cover over it when not in use. All functions work great and it is still in great cosmetic shape (some scuffs here and there but otherwise very nice), especially for a nearly 40-year-old keyboard!"

Yamaha DX7IIFD 61-Key 16-Voice Synthesizer w/ Grey Matter E! & Xtras SN 30525599

via this auction

"Includes flight case, books, disk. Has Grey Matter E! expansion."

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCAR

via this auction

"The OSCar was a synthesizer manufactured by the Oxford Synthesiser Company from 1983 to 1985. It was ahead of its time in several ways and its later versions were among the few mono-synths of its time to have MIDI.Around 2000 were made."

Roland Jupiter 6 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

"Original Roland Jupiter 8 JP8 made between 1981 - 1985. Everything works as it should. Internal battery recently replaced."

ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard - Serviced

via this auction

"Serviced - all jack replaced, fader cleaned/replaced, power supply .."

The ARP 2600: The Story of a Legendary Synthesizer | Reverb Feature in the listing posted here with KORG's New 2600 announcement back in January of 2020.

ARP Sequencer Model 1611 - Fully Restored

via this auction

Moog MicroMoog Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Manual & Road Case

via this auction

"Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition with some dings and scratches on the casing and the controls. Two of the keys are ever so slightly uneven from the others but it is only noticeable if you sight them straight on and not when you're in normal playing position, The keys all operate fine. The ribbon controller has a slight wrinkle or something in (we've never seen a MicroMoog without a blemish on the ribbon controller. They all seem to have them) but it works just fine. Overall condition is an 8.5 out of 10.

Case: Case is a great fit and is in excellent shape. It has Moog sticker on it. Manual is original and cool but the ring binding has come off and the pages are loose."

Electric Red Moog Voyager Select Series

via this auction

"Ultra rare Select Series Moog Voyager in custom mahogany/electric red combo!"

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 920727217 w/ White & Red ALBS Knobs

via this auction

Simmons SDSV SDS5 Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 001440

via this auction

"Fully Functional. Tested trigger inputs with Roland tr606 and everything sounded as it should. Cannot confirm or deny but rumored to have been used by Prince. I left the pencil markings on front of face plate due to this (may be from him) although they could easily be rubbed off. Check the picture of the label from studio it was used by, allegedly rented to Prince for sessions."


video upload by PWMusic

"In this video, Suren AKA My Panda Shall Fly shows us how and why he's made this Malevolent Patch."

Patch n Tweak
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