MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday, April 29, 2022

GS Music GS-e7 7-voice Analog Polysynth

video upload by GS Music

You can find additional demos and pics of the GS-e7 in previous posts here.

Available in Blue, Red, and Black.

"We would like to introduce our new Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, e7. It is a 7-voice, 4-part multitimbral desktop synthesizer, also featuring MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE). This instrument is the result of years of research and development to come up with the first analog polyphonic synthesizer ever made in Argentina.

Signal path
The signal path is completely analog, featuring two VCO per voice, a white noise source, a mixer, a 4-pole low pass VCF and a VCA. The control voltages are digitally generated, including 3 LFO, 2 ADSR-type envelope generators. Finally, it has a stereo digital effects processor with Delay and Chorus. LFO 1, LFO2 and the delay can be synced with the MIDI clock using a user selectable subdivision.

It features two VCO plus sub oscillator per voice. Each oscillator has 3 different waveforms: triangle, sawtooth and saw-tri (triangle+sawtooth). There is a fine-tuning adjustment and a transpose option, allowing tune adjustment up to +/- 2 octaves. Tuning can also be modulated with any of the three LFOs and EG1.
Furthermore, each oscillator has a pulse wave that can be turned on or off, which is mixed with the other waveforms. Its pulse width can be modulated with LFO1 and/or EG1. Oscillators can be hard synced.
The autotuning algorithm takes about 2 seconds to complete. All the voices are tuned in parallel, making a lot faster than usual.

The mixer can control the levels and mix the two oscillators, the suboscillators and the white noise or the external input.

The filter is a 4-pole ladder-type low-pass filter with resonance control. It can be modulated with EG1, this modulation an also be affected by velocity. It can also be modulated with any of the 3 LFOs. On the other hand, it features keyboard tracking and it can be controlled by the modulation wheel or aftertouch.

There are two types of chorus available: basic and ensemble. The Basic algorithm is subtle and allows you to add some spatiality tothe resulting sound, while the Ensemble algorithm adds a different dimension to the sound, simulating a string or vocal ensemble. The Basic algorithm uses two delay lines, while the Ensemble uses 4 delay lines. Each delay line has its own internal LFO. There are controls for rate, depth and mix.

The delay can be a stereo delay or a ping pong delay, with its maximum delay time being as long as 1.35s. It is possible to sync the delay to the MIDI clock too. If the delay is synced, the delay time knob controls the time division instead of the delay time. There are controls for the feedback and mix too.

There are three LFOs available. LFO 1 and 2 have 5 waveshapes: triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square and random with sample and hold. LFO 3 has the first 4 waveforms and is activated with the modulation wheel and/or aftertouch.
LFO frequencies go from 0.1Hz to 100Hz. Additionally, LFO 1 and 2 have different modes:
Monophonic: The LFO is in phase for all of the voices.
Polyphonic: The LFO is generated to a slightly different frequency for all of the keys pressed. This allows an interaction of the phases, generating more complex modulations.
Keyboard Tracking (KB Tracking): The LFO frequency varies according to the note played following the chromatic scale.
Keyboard Sync (KB Sync): The LFO is restarted when a key is pressed. Each voice has its independent LFO.
Clock Sync: The frequency of the LFO is synced to the MIDI clock signal. The e7 automatically detects the BPM of the clock signal. It can be configured to generate different rhythmic figures.
Keyboard + Clock Sync: The LFO frequency will be a sub-division of the MIDI clock signal. Also, the LFO will be restarted each time a key is pressed.

Envelope generators
There are two ADSR-type envelope generators. There are controls for attack, decay, sustain and release. Attack and release can be modified by velocity and the envelope times have keyboard tracking.

By default, the voices have a stereo panning from left to right. By adjusting the stereo spread, it is possible to set all voices to the center or set them from right to left. There is also a stereo motion option that allows this stereo spread to be adjusted by an LFO.

The synth can store up to 640 presets, 128 of them being multitimbral presets.

The synth can have up to 4 multitimbral parts. Each part has it complete sound configuration, assignable MIDI channel, keyboard zone, velocity zone, transpose setting and MIDI filter. Additionally, each part can have different voice assignments and/or share some voices.

MIDI Polyphonic expression
MIDI Polyphonic expression is supported by the GS-e7. It was tested using GeoShred, allowing independent pitch control and cutoff for each voice."

Creating Custom Wavetables for nanobox | fireball

video upload by 1010music

"Our resident bit mangler shows off a simple workflow for creating custom wavetables using Serum (by Xfer Records)."

1984 Roland Juno 106 SN 422432

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"A high water mark for glassine pads, premier brass stabs, and surprisingly present basses, the Roland Juno 106 is well deserving of it's status as a classic synthesizer. All voices have been refurbished, this is a fully working specimen, with all sliders and pots cleaned and working wonderfully. Physically, this is a synth which shows it's age and use, but operationally this Juno is a superior sonic experience.

This Juno was just serviced by our in-house technician, all voice chips have been refurbished. This unit is in excellent condition overall, one of the cleanest we've seen come through the shop. Includes original user manual and AC power cable."

Yamaha SU700 Sampler Sequencer Workstation w/ Case

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Davoli Davolisint

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Davolisint is fully functional in great cosmetic condition and has been fully serviced."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Elektron Octatrack MkII Dynamic 8-Track Performance Sampler w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer : "Recordings from the Åland Islands"

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Artists Jeremiah Chiu and Marta Sofia Honer came by the Perfect Circuit Studio for a short performance and to discuss some of their workflow!

Check out the album out now :

Follow Jeremiah & Marta on social media @jeremiahchiu & @mmartassofia
Check out more of their work :"

Updates on the New OB-X Synths

As you know Oberheim recently posted a new teaser for their upcoming synth. It's obviously a new OB-X. The big question is will it be different from the original?

Swissdoc created an image featuring the highlights from the video. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I created a focus stack from the movie to get the full picture.

Compared to pictures of the OB-X I noticed these differences:
Knobs for Menu at the bottom left of the Programmer buttons 1-8
In the Portamento/Detune section there are three buttons instead of one

The upper row seems to be identical, I see/guess the same number of knobs
Colors and knobs i.e. the industrial design is taken over 1:1"

He also reminded me of Abstract Instruments rackmount OB-X, the VS-1.

The following is an update on the project from their Kistarter campaign posted just a few days ago on April 25.

"We're back up to full speed making very good progress. We've decided to prepare the DIY kits for shipping with the option to ship the mainboard in a second shipment. There is a lot of building to complete for the kits and this will allow everyone to get started while software development is completed. As mentioned in a few prior updates.. parts for full parts kits are packaged per PCB assembly. Each PCB has the relevant parts separated, even if the same part number is used in more than one PCB assembly. This makes it easier for assembly and partial shipments. For the mainboard we're 'still' testing a few aspects including the new interface option for the OLED and vetting a new ROM IC. We still don't want to make this assembly until 100% sure it's perfect. We're not sure when the DIY kits will start shipping but I will update soon with a delivery estimate once we have a reasonable estimate. The full retail versions are built in groups of (10) units. We've had the first few groups staged for along time already and will start to ship once the software is ready.

I received many messages last Friday and over the weekend regarding the Behringer UB-X. Some colleagues and customer friends were snickering at the notion I might be working for Behringer. I will confirm the answer is no. The design of the OB-X is very particular. On one hand it's a textbook implementation of a polyphonic analog synthesizer. If you were designing a polyphonic analog in 1978 the OB-X is basically what you would find in publications of the time. Discrete oscillator, 12dB OTA-based filter, OTA-based VCA's and the new CEM ADSR IC's. On the other hand there are many minor quirks that you do not want to overlook. That said I know the in-house engineers at Behringer are excellent engineers. At the end of the day these synths aren't rocket science and these guys know what they are doing. The fact that they contracted someone to help is interesting. I do not have any insight as to who or why they have contracted someone. In any case it's safe to say I would not agree w/ all of the design trade-offs that will end up in the Behringer model. The VS-1 is second to none in this regards. Since we are a boutique company we can focus intensely one one or two designs and don't need to make any design trade-offs.

On a personal note I had mentioned that the office was closed at the beginning of the year for family reasons. I wanted to let everyone know at the time that there was a reason for the inactivity, but didn't believe it was necessary to go into details. However I received many personal messages and would like to confirm that there is no concern at home or with the VS-1. My wife and I had premature babies...twins. They came dangerously early and it was full time care for a good while. Babies are at home and healthy.


Brian Castro | Abstrakt Instruments"

And finally we have Behringer's UB-X update from the 22nd.

Three OB-X synths are in the works. One with the orginal build from the original maker, one rackmount, and one compact. It's worth noting Sequential typically follows up with a desktop version of their flagship keyboard synths a few months later as well, and if its not obvious, Oberheim is backed by the Sequential team.

Midnight at Xanders' // Streets of New Capenna OST

video upload by Amie Waters

"I once again had the wonderful opportunity to write music for my favorite kind of cardboard rectangles. Thank you so much to Wizards of the Coast for sponsoring me to make some chill synth jazz inspired by the art deco glamour of New Capenna. The whole soundtrack is out today so make sure to check it out:"

SQ 1 sync to Env Follower

video upload by Todd Barton

"Hopefully this will have applications in other systems like the Serge for instance.


SQ 1 sync as Audio Source

"Thanks to @Roland Klinkenberg for the grounding reminder!"

Ian Richter - Liễu Hạnh [Official Video]

video upload by SEKRET PAKT

"'Liễu Hạnh' is the third track off Ian Richter's "Bloody Marys With An Angry Goddess" album, released via Confused Machines.

Choreography and performance: Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên.
Camera: Red
Makeup: Thương Lê

Special thanks to Nguyễn Hoài Bảo Tâm, Nguyễn Công Nguyên, Chinh Ba, and CAB Hội An.

Video by IR.

Hear/download the album:

Some additional info via supporting member, Ian Richter:

"The story behind the Liễu Hạnh video started when I was invited by the Morua artist collective to compose and perform music for one of their experimental pieces. The idea was to live and work together in central Vietnam for two weeks, and then tour the country with the finished piece. Shortly after arriving in Hội An, fate took an ill twist and that plan fell through, but living in close quarters in a small town, we started getting to know each other and exchanging ideas. That progressed naturally into working on smaller collaborations together, one of which ended up being between myself and Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên, a choreographer with a background in both contemporary and traditional Vietnamese dance. Nguyên and I kept the process intuitive, and found a location that we both felt suited the spirit of the material. The final video was shot in a single take."

Bad Gear - Yamaha RY-30

video upload by AudioPilz

00:00 Intro tune
01:05 Overview Yamaha RY-30
05:02 Hate
05:29 Jam 1
06:22 Jam 2
07:19 Finale
07:50 Verdict
09:13 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts


video upload by Akunull

Akunull is and Android app developer. You can find his apps on Google Play here, demos featured in previous posts here. You can also find him at Video description for the above:

"Everything coded and synthesized in Pure Data and controlled via Korg padkontrol and expression pedal. Another version of SHOKJE. Original:"

SHOKJE_999 jam - akunull
video upload by Akunull

"Live synthesis coded in puredata vanilla and controlled by midi via padkontrol and foot pedal"

VCA WITH VELOCITY | TEIA Synthesizers - vcA Team

video upload by DANIELE

"TEIA Synthesizers vcA Team is a dual vca with velocity and it's perfect to add dynamics to your sequence or drum pattern!"

via this auction

"The vcA Team is a dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier conceived with dynamic expression control in mind. With Velocity control on both VCA channels, vcA Team expands the creative use of amplitude variations on your patch, bringing not only control over the contour but also over the loudness of your sound .


Dual VCA.
Velocity control over both VCA channels.
Linear and Exponential response.
CV input with Attenuator-Inverter.
Mixed output.
DC-coupled inputs."

TEST SERIES Ieaskul F. Mobenthey 2x Benjolin NonLinear Circuits Erica Matrix Mixer Ciat Lonbarde

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Erica Synths Matrix Mixer
Ciat Lonbarde Ieaskul F. Mobenthey Denum, Dunst, Swoop, Fourses, Sprout.
Benjolin V1 and V2 with expanders.
NonLinear Circuits NLC Brain Custard, Quad Jerk Chaos, 1050 Seq/Mix
Ornament & Crime

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Elta Music Solar 50 Sky Blue

via this auction

Additional Perfect Circuit listings

You can find a demo posted here, and additional demos as well other model colors in previous posts here.

"SOLAR 50 consists of 10 voices, each voice has its own volume. All voices are divided into groups of 5 units for the right side and for the left side and mixed by the MAIN MIXER where the Knob 01-05 sets the volume of 5 left voices and the knob 06-10 sets the volume of 5 right voices. Also, there are external audio input and volume PIEZZO knobs on the MAIN MIXER. All audio signals go to a 12 dB analog filter from POLYVOX synthesizer, which is controlled by voltage. From the filter, audio signals enter the effector (with cartridges) which is controlled by CV as well - the same circuit is used in ELTA music CONSOLE pedal. Here, the BLEND knob sets the effect level. The VOLUME knob sets the overall volume WET OUT. To process a pure voice signal by external effects, there are DRY OUT L and DRY OUT R which are clean outputs for both groups of voices. When being used, these outputs are dropped out from the general mixer and no longer go to the filter and to the effector. Then you can return one of the processed channels to EXT AUDIO input so you can create stereo sounds. In this case the contact microphone inside the keyboard always goes to the filter and to the effector by default. It also controls the ENVELOPE follower / Gate detector, or you can choose to connect an external microphone, electro-musical instrument or guitar."

Roland Juno-106

via this auction

Siel: Firmware 10+CC and Editors max for live Logic Reaktor BCR2000 for Opera6 Kiwi DK600 Expander

video upload by

"neue Möglichkeiten für Siel Opera6, Kiwi, DK600 und Expander:
danke der neuen Firmware10+CC von Bob Grieb,
und neuen Editoren für Max for Live von Clemens Bergthaller, Atlantik; Logic Audio, Reaktor und einem Patch für die Behringer BCR2000 sind dies Synthis über midi automatisierbar, Sounds lassen sich über Midi speichern u laden. Das Video zeigt die neuen Features, viel Spaß"


"new possibilities for Siel Opera6, Kiwi, DK600 and Expander:
thanks to the new Firmware10+CC from Bob Grieb,
and new editors for Max for Live by Clemens Bergthaller, Atlantik; Logic Audio, Reaktor and a patch for the Behringer BCR2000, these synths can be automated via midi, sounds can be saved and loaded via midi. The video shows the new features, have fun"

Siel Kiwi SN 193/142

via this auction

"Kiwi, super technischer und optischer Zustand, kleine Kratzer, siehe Fotos
Tastatur komplett zerlegt u gereinigt, neue Batterie, factory sounds, frisch kalibriert,

mit neuester Firmware, Version 10 von Tauntek, siehe Video (ich bin Vertrieb für Deutschland):
alle Controller lassen sich über midi steuern (ausser den 2 wheels)
alle Sounds lassen sich in 1 Take über Midi laden und speichern
mitgeliefert werden Editoren für Logic, Reaktor, Max4live, und ein Patch für die BCR2000"


"Kiwi, super technical and optical condition, small scratches, see photos
Keyboard completely disassembled and cleaned, new battery, factory sounds, freshly calibrated,

with the latest firmware, version 10 from Tauntek, see video (I am a distributor for Germany):
all controllers can be controlled via midi (except the 2 wheels)
all sounds can be loaded and saved in 1 take via midi
Editors for Logic, Reaktor, Max4live, and a patch for the BCR2000 are included"

Siel Opera 6 SN 292/316

via this auction

"Opera 6,super technischer und optischer Zustand, kleine Kratzer, siehe Fotos
Tastatur komplett zerlegt u gereinigt, neue Batterie, factory sounds, frisch kalibriert,

mit neuester Firmware, Version 10 von Tauntek, siehe Video (ich bin Vertrieb für Deutschland):
alle Controller lassen sich über midi steuern (ausser den 2 wheels)
alle Sounds lassen sich in 1 Take über Midi laden und speichern
mitgeliefert werden Editoren für Logic, Reaktor, Max4live, und ein Patch für die BCR2000"


"Opera 6, great technical and optical condition, small scratches, see photos
Keyboard completely disassembled and cleaned, new battery, factory sounds, freshly calibrated,

with the latest firmware, version 10 from Tauntek, see video (I am a distributor for Germany):
all controllers can be controlled via midi (except the 2 wheels)
all sounds can be loaded and saved in 1 take via midi
Included are editors for Logic, Reaktor, Max4live, and a patch for the BCR2000"

PAIA Electronics & Wersi Vintage Pedal Synthesizer Catalog Brochures

via this auction

Note the Synchronous Technologies SMPL System featuring SMPL Lock and MIDI instrument sync on back. Also the PAIA Programmable Drum Set.

"The two Paia catalogs are 22 pages total, the Wersi NOTES is twelve pages. All are from the 1980s. The Paia ones are in rough shape, but are totally complete w no marks anywhere. Much loved and pored over."

Vintage ARP Odyssey Model 2800 Synthesizer w/ Original Service Manual

via this auction

Clavia Nord Modular G1 Rack SN 21041737

via this auction

RE-202 Space Echo with Vintage Roland Synthesizers // Sounds Only

video upload by Jorb

0:00 SH101
5:38 Juno106
13:43 JX8P
21:44 D50
25:02 SC88 Pro

New Erica Synths Black 3109 VCF/VCA Eurorack Module

video upload by

See the dealers on the right for availability.

"The Erica Synths Black 3109 VCF/VCA is a lowpass filter and voltage-controlled amplifier combo built around the AS3109 VCF integrated circuit, a contemporary version of the IR3109 chip, found on vintage synths. Filters based on IR3109 had several drawbacks, including a volume drop when the resonance is increased so we added a volume drop compensation as well as a built-in VCA for more versatility in compact setups.


00:02 - Patch 1 - VCO through VCF which cutoff is modulated with the ASR envelope and sent through Black Hole DSP II
00:55 - Patch 2 - Basic waveforms from VCO through VCF with different resonance settings
02:13 - Patch 3 - Volume compensation test
02:50 - Patch 4 - VCO SUB out used as audio source of the VCF input and PULSE out from the VCO is used to modulate the VCF cutoff frequency. Black Hole DSP II stereo delay algorithm is used as FX
04:09 - Patch 5 - Creating bassdrum with self oscillating VCF which CV input is being modulated with ADSR envelope and then VCF output is sent through BH DSP II to add some overdrive and bitcrush
05:07 - Patch 6 - Stereo FM radio left channel sent through VCF and VCF cutoff modulated with the radio right output channel
05:35 - Patch 7 - Black VCO SUB mixed with PWM used as input for 3109 VCF linked with Black HP VCF using the VCF coupler module
07:27 - Patch 8 - Drum loop from Sample Drum sent through Pico E.F. and then trough VCF which is modulated with the CV contour which is extracted from the envelope follower
08:01 - Patch 9 - VCO sent through VCF which cutoff is modulated with ASR envelope and VCA part is controlled with second ASR envelope from the Black Dual ASR module. BH DSP II high pass delay algorithm is used as FX

All sequences in the demo are created with the Black Sequencer module."

"The Erica Synths Black 3109 VCF/VCA is a lowpass filter and voltage-controlled amplifier combo built around the AS3109 VCF integrated circuit, a contemporary version of the IR3109 chip, found on vintage Roland synths such as the Jupiter series, Juno series and the SH-101.

The 3109 VCF/VCA is our attempt to recreate the iconic sound of these synths, but we also aim to improve upon it. Filters based on IR3109 had several drawbacks, including a volume drop when the resonance is increased so we added a volume drop compensation as well as a built-in VCA for more versatility in compact setups. Additionally, 1V/oct tuning is implemented so you can use this module for perfect VCF keyboard tracking and also as a VCO.

24dB/oct lowpass VCF
Volume drop compensation
Built-in VCA
Cutoff level attenuverter
1V/oct tracking"

01-The Korg ARP 2600M-Oscillator 1

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the first oscillator found on the Korg ARP 2600M."

AutomaticGainsay Korg ARP 2600M posts

Access Virus TI Sounds - One of the Most Interesting Synthesizers

Access Virus TI Sounds - Part 1 - One of the Most Interesting Synthesizers video upload by Friendly Noise

"First introduced in 1997, the Access Virus and all his following variations are without doubt one of the most iconic and used synthesizers in the 21st century. The last versions of the Virus are full of details with a real musical function, like three oscillators, three LFOs, dual multimode filters (+ comb and formant modes), great modulation matrix and effect section, FM, ring modulation, wavetable, Hypersaw (kind of Rolandish-Supersaw)… to name a few features. With that power, the Virus can cover all the basics for different kinds of musical styles. A 16 part multimode and great polyphony can deliver all the sounds you need for whole songs… providing you like the characteristic sound of the Virus. Some love it, some hate it. Was the amazing polyphony achieved at the cost of the high end? The Virus is not the brightest synth in the town, but how much do you care about that?

The sounds are illustrated with pictures of my own Virus. There is no video, because those are old recordings, made long time ago before I started recording videos. The purpose of the recordings was exclusively for personal use, a way to remember sounds I liked. Some of the recordings can be useful today in order to get familiar with the sound of the featured instruments, so I decided to upload them. In fact, no video is an advantage: you can do other things while just listening to the sounds. :-)

Video sections:

Virus Presets
00:06 Veldisa BC
00:34 Spring HC
00:50 WavePad BC
01:19 TIBell SV
02:26 Riptide HS
02:48 TriblZapMS
03:27 MnstrSW2MS
04:16 GritFunkBC
04:48 SlowSilkMS
05:34 BadMouthBC

My Presets
06:28 Autobahn sounds
07:54 Big Pad
11:05 Noisy sounds
14:34 Resonating short delay"

Access Virus TI Sounds - Part 2 - Self Programmed Sounds

00:06 Virus Arpeggio with Roland SH-101 melody
02:06 Tangerine Dream-like Intro 1
03:45 Tangerine Dream-like Intro 2
06:13 Emulating Sounds from Kraftwerk’s Kometenmelodie
08:16 A Pad With Pulsating Phaser
11:03 Using Multimode
12:56 Sequence With High Resonance
13:26 Self Oscillation
15:22 Distorted Sounds
19:08 Last Track For An Missing Recording

Access Virus TI Sounds Part 3 - Self Programmed Sounds Including Sound Comparison With Roland SH-101

00:06 Nice pad with internal effects
01:39 Virus or SH-101 Part 1
02:21 Virus or SH-101 Part 2
03:29 Octavius Wavetable Part 1
05:06 Octavius Wavetable Part 2
06:00 Powerful Arpeggio
08:05 Hypersaw Waveform
09:11 Organ Sounds
11:00 Original Virus Filter
14:20 Resonant Filter with Sample and Hold Modulation and Delay
16:39 FM Sound with Digital Distortion
18:35 Ring Modulation
21:32 A Last Pad"


video uploads by HOME BAKE INSTRUMENTS

"NEW COASTは西海岸のさらに向こう側を目指した、WAVE TABLE & FOLD SYNTHERSIZER です。 WavetableをFoldすることで、更に先鋭的なサウンドを作り出します。 1つのWAVE TABLE OSCと、WAVE FOLDER / LPGを装備しており、それらを内蔵のLFOとENVELOPEで制御できます。 LFOは4種類のモードを持っています。 サイン、ノコギリ、スクエア、S&Hされたランダムな波形を出力でき、ピッチやFODLER,LPGをコントロールすることができます。"


"NEW COAST is a WAVE TABLE & FOLD SYNTHERSIZER aiming at the far side of the west coast. By folding the Wavetable, you can create a more radical sound. Equipped with one WAVE TABLE OSC and WAVE FOLDER / LPG. The LFO has four modes, which can be controlled by the built-in LFO and ENVELOPE. It can output sine, sawtooth, square, and S & H random waveforms, and control the pitch, FODLER, and LPG. can do."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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