MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 1, 2022

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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Survey of SlowFast by Phasma (LIVEN BASS&BEATS demo)

video upload by SONICWARE

"LIVEN BASS&BEATS demo by Phasma

Sound Designer / Music Producer
He has been active as a sound designer and composer in various fields of art, advertising, and musical instruments manufacture. He is currently involved in a wide variety of activities, including collaborations with international artists, remix production, and live performances.


Elektron Syntakt “Chi-Town Beatdown” & Dubstep

video upload by Adam Jay

"Syntakt through some Octatrack compression/limiting and EQ."

Elektron Syntakt : Dubstep

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Elektron Syntakt posts

Sequential Pro 3 Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Akai MPC5000 Music Production Center - with Memory Upgrade

via this auction

Built in synth patches are based on Alesis Fusion and sound fantastic."

Yamaha RS7000 Groovebox/Sampler with Maxed-Out Sample Memory/SCSI

via this auction

Behringer 2600 Gray Meanie Semi-Modular Limited Edition

via this auction

Nord Modular G2 37-Key - Expanded

via this auction

Buchla 212 Improv 1

video upload by Todd Barton

"My first improv with the Buchla 212 Dodeca module.
My Patreon:"

Roland Juno-6 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 237867

via this auction

Computone Wind Synthesizer-Driver (Lyricon)

via this auction

"Powers up but needs some TLC and essential parts like the wind controller and power cable. See photo for plug type.

Tested with a borrowed power cable and a Moog prodigy. Some voltages affected the oscillator pitch. I can't comment on the full functionality as there's no wind controller to complete the unit.

Outer case has a crack in one corner.

Item comes as seen. See photos.

No power cable or wind controller is included. Just the synthesizer driver portion as pictured."

BÖHM SOLIST-S (Böhmat) Analog Groovebox 1974 | Demonstration

video upload by AnalogAudio1

"The Boehm (Dr. Böhm) Böhmat Solist-S Compact is an analog rhythm box / accompaniment from 1974 made in (western) Germany. Great analog sound! Completely analog sound generation, not programmable. But the rhythms and different arpeggios are combinable!

I played it partly with delay (right channel only) and reverb effects (Korg SDD-3000 and Lexicon MPX-500)."

This appears to be the first 1974 model featured on the site. You can find models from 1972 and 1973 in previous posts here.

Syntakt Beginners Mega Tutorial - 1

video upload by True Cuckoo

"I like the new Syntakt from Elektron. Combining simplicity and fun with depth. It goes straight to my list of recommended electronic instruments!
Here's a tutorial on how to get going. As always I'm freestyling when I make these tutorials, so I never really know what order things happen. Just take your time and hang out with me, and I'm sure you'll get a pretty good first overview of how to gel with the Syntakt."

Elektron Syntakt Unboxing + First Jam

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Ambient Explorations pt.36 (Schmidt Eight-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer) || Very Rare ||

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Got an opportunity to play on this extremely rare synthesizer: Schmidt Eight Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer. It is built with super precision, and it is extremely limited, with a very hefty price tag. My time with this synth was very limited so I did what I could in the time that I had. Made some very lush-sounding chords along with an improvised structure. Let me know what you think of its sound in the comments. Cheers!

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Oberheim DMX Drum Machine w/ Factory MIDI

via this auction

"An excellent example of a classic drum machine from the 80’s. Aside from the scuffed bottom side (see picture) this DMX is in remarkably good condition with only the tiniest blemish on the top in the upper right corner (see picture). Fully functioning. Faders and buttons recently cleaned (following Paul Whites videos), and battery replaced. This unit comes with the original manual and a power cord. It also has the factory MIDI expansion and comes with a xerox copy of the MIDI expansion manual as well. Also included are 6 sound chips (see picture).

Included in this listing:
• Oberheim: DMX drum machine w/ factory MIDI expansion
• Power cable
• Original owners manual
• MIDI expansion manual
• Set of 6 sound chips:
- Reverse Snare/Clap 0
- Reverse Snare/Clap 1
- Scratch
- Roto Toms
- Reggae Snare
- Finger Snaps

French Roland Dance Gear Brochure Featuring the MC-303, DJ-70 MKII & VT-1 Voice Transformer

This one is in via AHC

"Here's a PDF of the MC303 brochure (french version) and other groovy gears from 1996.

It's in quite good condition so I decided to scan it and share it with everybody. Enjpy !"

Featuring the Roland MC-303 Groovebox, DJ-70 MKII Sampling Workstation, and VT-1 Voice Transformer.

Modular Synthesizer jamming with Tiptop Audio

video upload by OVERLAP

"in this video I'm particularly focused on showing what kind of organic sound you can get from one sampler player modular, the fun part started when I include the Buchla Dual Oscillator (out) patch into Fold Processor wave Multiplier (in) an then patch to Forbidden Planet Analog Filter to VCA ( Voltage Controlled Amplifier), and of course the Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator help a lot to shape the sound of the Buchla, adding in top the Z-DSP VC – Digital Signal Processor for feedback delay."

Erika 10:10 - A Modular Synthesizer Exploration with Erica Synths Pico System 3

video upload by Chief Thomson Music

"I just recently got myself the wonderful Erica Synths Pico System 3 and I am currently exploring ideas around this system.
It's quite fun to patch and gives you these playful moments.
Hope you enjoy this 10 minutes and 10 seconds track :-)"

Elektron Syntakt - First Jam

video upload by verstaerker

"i got the elektron syntakt today and just testing the sound and workflow"

Buchla 212 Retro Playtime

video upload by Todd Barton

More over on my Patreon:

Korg Modwave: 50 Arp Presets/Performances. Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for Korg Modwave - Arp Waves.
It is a collection of 50 arpeggio presets that can be used in various genres: Techno, Trance, House, Progressive, Deep, Ambient, Cinematic, Chill Out, Lounge, Trip-hop, Downtempo, Electronica, IDM, Breaks, Drum’n’Bass and others.
🏮 Get the soundset:

The bank covers a wide range of Arp tones: warm, deep, bright, metallic, mallet, soft, expressive, dream, dark, evolving, detuned, and others.

All presets have unified Velocity, ModWheel, X/Y Pad, and Macros assignments.
- Velocity controls loudness and brightness. Use it to add accents to the arp.
- ModWheel adds expression, it makes the sound bigger and brighter.
- 4 Macros control the level of the 2nd Layer, Detune, Timbre/Tone, Length of the notes.
- X/Y Pad changes envelope and tone.

All these controllers make a smooth morphing between different colors and tones within a single preset.

- Wide range of arp sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters
- 2 Layers
- 4 Mod Knobs/Macros assignments with titles
- Kaoss Physics Pad changes tone and envelope

- ModWheel adds expression
- Presets volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing
- No user/third-party wavetables

Firmware Version 1.1.0 (or higher) is required to use these presets.
Use official Korg Modwave Editor/Librarian to upload the presets.

Patch of The Week: 'On the Run' Ep2 Percussion - Floyd's Classic Synthi track recreated in Eurorack

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Second of 2 videos showing how to recreate the classic Pink Floyd track from 'Dark Side of The Moon', originally recorded on an EMS Synthi AKS. This episode covers the percussion element of the sound, which in the original album recording was simultaneously created and performed along with the melody on the Synthi AKS. Effectively, the Synthi was used to create 2 voices from one monophonic synth by some clever use of the instrument's built-in ring modulator.
Episode 1 covered the melodic sequence, how to programme it, and how to get a similar sound. Check it out here: [posted here]
In this version I'm using the RING SM, as it's ring mod is directly based on the one in the EMS Synthi and VCS3, so it's behaviour is the same. This trick will not work on all ring mods, as they vary in design and the way in which they achieve a ring modulation effect. However, the Ring's SM's is a true, all-analogue ring modulator.
I start using white noise from the GLIDE + NOISE module, and then experiment using the ENTROPIC DOOM and LUNAR MODULE as the noise source. CV sequencing is supplied by the Arturia Keystep sequencer.

Patch Sheet PDF for this video:
Patch notes also below.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for more 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides detailing a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, and each containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.

Video by DreamsOfWires

00:00 Intro
00:31 Patching the modules
00:56 Explaining the patch
04:16 Patch Sheet

Patch Notes:
Green dots show approximate pot and switch positions. Those with two dots show the range I adjust them during the video. Pots and switches that do not have green dots are not used in this patch, and should be left at their zero or off positions.
SONIC XV: This gets us fairly close to the Synthi's sound, as that instrument also used a diode ladder VCF. I use both 24dB, as the original Synthi filter was 24dB, but also the 6dB output, because in 24dB it is easier to send the filter into self-oscillation when using high resonance, and this sound really benefits from a lot of resonance. The 6dB can achieve a more noticeable degree of resonance before self-oscillation occurs. It is subjective, and both have their character and strengths, so experiment!
RING SM: Firstly, depending on what you are using as a noise source you may need to keep levels low, both on the RING SM and the VCA. Here I'm using white noise from the GLIDE + NOISE module, which has a low volume level, but when using filtered noise from the Entropic Doom (for example) the output will be quite high. Therefore, regardless of your noise source, start low, and gradually raise the levels to a useful volume.
DISCRETE CASCADED VCA: Either this or the MUTING MIXER & VCA can be used, as I did in the previous video. All that's important here is having at least two channels - one for filter output and one for ring mod output, so that the mix/volume balance between the two sounds can be adjusted, and then just to be careful of high audio levels.
Modules used from top-left to bottom-right: Glide + Noise, Dual LFO + VCA, Vintage Transistor Core VCO, Ring SM, Sonic XV Diode Ladder Wave Filter, Discrete Cascaded VCA."

Roland Juno-60 w/ Blue Display, Bender, & Custom Painted Side Panels

via this auction

"Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer, very will maintained and studio use.. some areas painted back/ cleaned up - all keys work. Very nice to play and authentic vintage Roland Juno 60."

The control panels look like a new stick-on.

Keytek CTS2000 Cross Table Sampled Synthesizer SN 0279

via this auction

You can find a couple of videos featuring the CTS2000 in previous posts here.

"THE GIBSON Synthesizer. The only.

Its name: The Keytek CTS 2000
Analog True vintage : CURTIS CHIPS // CEM 5530 / 8 CEM 3389
Released in 1987.

RARE COLLECTOR Early Model number 279

This will be supplied with :

1 COMPLETE IN ENGLISH !! Instruction Manual ! 64 pages
1 EXTERNAL ORIGINAL MEMORY CARD of this KEYTEK CTS 2000 model to store even more of your sounds.

Fender has also released one on its side: The Chroma Polaris.

Story : Gibson had bought the Italian brand SIEL (Societa Industrie Elettroniche)
and worked in collaboration with its engineers who had already released
a lot of synthesizers including ( Cruise, Orchestra, Orchestra 2, Dk-70,
Ex-80, Dk-80 , Expander , Opera 6 , Dk-600 , Dk-700 , Kiwi ) and worked
themselves with suzuki and knew how to draw inspiration from analogs
from Korg .Moreover it would have been produced in Japan.

Gibson's synth, the Keytek CTS 2000 is a 330 plus wavetable based
synthesizer. But it is above all one of the last analog synths of this era. For
this it was equipped with Curtis chips, the same used in the little brother
of the Waldorf Wave, the Microwave .... as well as the Prophet 2000 which
is a Sequencial Audio / Dave Smith sampler ...

It has 6 voices with 2 oscillators per voice.
7 levels of envelope settings...
A Total MIDI Implementation....
An internal memory to save 48 sounds.
Finally its specialty of Cross Table Sample allows to mix for a sound of the
wavetables between them to obtain a combination of 330 X 329 so 9000 !

That is more than 9000 waveforms more than the sinusoid, the triangle,
the square, the sawtooth ! And this for a single voice ....
Each oscillator can be tuned differently for Fat sound .
An Lfo is also present to modulate these.
ADSR on 7 levels
All this in many combinations

One cannot simply overcome its possibilities.

It produces a unique sound. With it your instrumentations won't sound too much today.
He will add a personal color. It can produce percussive sounds, particular pads...

Another thing that differentiates the KEYTEK CTS 2000 is that very few copies
were produced in the world.
There are 2 other Keytek models but they are only weakly trimmed compared
to this one.

The model on sale was released in the very First GIBSON-SIEL workshops.

Number 279."

Gehirn Enterprises Bean Jelly Synthesizer

video upload by Gehirn Enterprises

"Demonstration of Bean Jelly Desktop Synth built by Gehirn Enterprises in Nipaluna, Lutruwita.

The quiet bit in the middle has some subtle percussive sounds, sorry if it's too quiet to hear on your phone or laptop speakers.

Audio Equipment used:
Bean Jelly Desktop Synth, Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface, Metabox Laptop, Cubase5, M-Audio AxiomPro25 midi controller, MidiMuso Midi to CV converter, Audio Technica M50a cans.

Totally dry track into the interface and out to a wave file, no effects or audio post processing is used at all.

Video Equipment used:
Shot on a Samsung A51 and an OppoF1s phone. Arlec LED lighting from Bunnings. Edited with OpenShot open source video editor. DIY Rocks.

0:27 Modulate filter CV with VCO1 Triangle.
0:30 Modulate filter CV with VCO2 Triangle.
0:38 Add randomizer CV into filter.
0:44 Lower filter frequency and increase randomizer CV.
0:53 Increase VCO2 freq (and randomizer int clock).
1:00 Remove VCO1 and VCO2 modulation from VCF.
1:30 Add randomizer to VCO2, which makes the int clock non linear.
1:40 Add VCO2 triangle to VCO1 CV.
1:55 Change filter settings, add modulation, lower resonance etc...
2:05 Disconnect internal audio, many wiggle to generate percussive sounds.
2:50 Add Keyboard CV to VCO1 CV and VCO2 CV inputs, Gate to filter CV in.
3:10 Reconnect internal audio, much wiggle to setup for use with keys.
3:50 Tune VCO's. Play with keyboard.
4:44 Turn on internal clock, crank VCO2 and make some noise.
5:15 Squelchy robots.
6:05 8 step LOOP.
6:20 Filter Overdrive.
6:40 Crank VCF randomizer so filter only opens up on higher notes, 16 step loop.
7:00 Open up filter, modulate VCO1 CV with VCO2 Triangle.
7:30 Get noisy. Many wiggle.
7:58 FIN."

via this auction

"Desktop synthesizer with:

2x VCO's with individual Pulse and Triangle outputs + PWM combined output, crossmodulation and 1V/Oct tracking.

1x VCF with sweep and resonance, LowPass, HighPass, and BandPass outputs + switchable pre filter gain boost.

1x Rungholter Tanz Randomizer output, pre patched to VCO's + VCF with depth controls, also has 3x 5V Gate outputs, plus looping or infinite modes.

3x CV inputs with Depth Control (2x VCO + VCF).

Internal Clock + 1x External Clock input.

External Audio input and Internal Audio disconnect.

XOR input and XOR output.

Looping, 8 or 16 step with loop offset control.

USB or 9V - 12V DC powered.

19x 3.5mm jacks and 2x 6.5mm jacks for integration with EuroRack synthesizers and guitar + bass amplifiers.

3x Super cool flashing LED's"

1986 Maestro Formanta Soviet Synth with Midi Mod SN 0591224

video upload by Kee Reel

via this auction

"Maestro synthesizer, vintage from the USSR, made on the Formanta factory, Polivoks brother.The unit is in fully working condition, the exterior has a few scratches, otherwise it looks like new. In the gallery there is a video with this excact piece.The synth is newly serviced, MIDI added, filter decay works on each preset. It has an incredible chorus and some unique sounds. Comes with the power cord and the original hard case."

Oberheim Xpander SN G43528 w/ Extras

via this auction

"This Oberheim Xpander is a monster synthesizer and is in great shape.
The battery was replaced and unit checked 2 years ago by Synth Smith,
a great tech who worked for Sequential and E-mu Systems.
The last battery lasted over 20 years so should be good for many
years, but back up your sounds.
TUNE ALL returns all passing as shown in pictures
Video below shows a simple test of features and ends with running the tuning process
Main processor O.S. 1.2, and Voice processor O.S. 1.4 (latest O.S.)
Amazing Condition, The only real scratches are on the bottom of the synth
No rust or corrosion as shown in pictures of inside this beauty
The three displays are nice and bright

Auction Includes these Items
1 -Vintage Oberheim Xpander in full working condition
2 -Oberheim Xpander Original Manual
3 -Custom sounds installed. A mix of the Kid Nepro Matrix12/Xpander sounds from Rogue
music, and some of my own creations.
4 -A 3 year old Roadie Xpander flight case in mint condition
5 -Also, comes with a survival kit of five rare chips.
Three CEM 3374 VCO Chips
Two CEM 3372 VCF Chips
6 -And lastly, a dust cover so it stays nice and clean"

Oberheim MATRIX-6 SN 705596

via this auction

Vintage 1970's Roland SH-1 Synthesizer With Hard Case

via this auction

Default Corporation - meno bello (300)

video upload by Default Corporation

"A melodic ambient track done with Korg Minilogue XD and Electribe 2 only.

Hope you like it.
Thanks for you time"

free PO-33 kit: 80s drums (works for PO 133 as well)

video upload by CNTR RNDM

"I'm an 80s kid…and, dude, in my opinion, - even if I sound like an old fart now - there was no better time to be a kid than the 80s (and the 90s, maybe). I mean, dude, I spent my Saturdays lying on the floor of our living room making mixtapes. My parents had this huuuuuuge record collection and I would spend hours on end going through these records…Joy Division, The Cure, The Smiths, Prince, all that good stuff, you know. I mean, how cool is that? And I remember being all hyped up because my parents let me watch Wrestlemania 5…dude, Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage…can it get any better? And I sat there wearing both my Hulkamania shirt and my WW(F|E) Championship belt waving this silly foam finger in my dad's face like there was no tomorrow. Those were the days, my friend! Nintendo released the NES, Michael Jackson's Thriller came out, endless summer nights, countless barbecues…dude, seriously, how awesome were the 80s?

To honour this amazing decade, I made this PO-33 80s drum kit consisting of 15 one shot drum hits and 3 drum loops. I really just sampled a bunch of my old drum machines and layered the samples in Ableton to…well just because😂

You can download the FREE backup file here:

While we're at it, why don’t you grab my free drums sample pack as well:

Feel free to check my other packs on gumroad as well:

All my samples and kits are copyright free - you can use them in your own productions, videos, whatever. The main thing is: have fun with this kit (or any of my other kits or packs)!!! If you make a cool track with one of my kits or sample packs, let me know!

If you want to know more about how to transfer data to your PO-33, please check this amazing data transfer tutorial by @Ollie Loops :"

PO-33 KO! How to Data Transfer!

video upload by Ollie Loops

"In this chapter of our series on the Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO!, we take a look at one of the more interesting features of the KO, the ability to data transfer to and from the unit. The KO has a feature where connecting a stereo 1/8" to 1/8" cable between the unit and an audio recorder allows you to download all of the samples and patterns in the unit. This allows you to swap samples and patterns without loosing your work. You then have a back up of your work. You can also transfer files directly between two KOs. Note: this also applies to the other Pocket Operators in the Metal Series, the PO-32 and PO-35.

Here is a direct link to the WAV file:

It is super important to get the right audio format when you record the data transfer. It must be a stereo 16 bit 44100 hz file format or better. The recording will likely fail if you deviant from this format."

Myiase - Live Nov 23, 1997 [Excerpt]

video upload by batchas

"Myiase 'Terrain Glissant' live performance in 1997.
No! The camera was not recording in 4k and no, the cameraman was not working at Universal Studios Hollywood.p"

Processing External Audio Through Roland SH-5's VCA triggered by LFO

video upload by zibbybone

"Running a drum pattern from a Roland TR-8S into the SH-5's external input then having the SH-5's VCA triggered by the SH-5 LFO2. Lastly, I also modulate the VCF as well."

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