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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tabletop Modular Synth Music

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"Two new synthesizer songs made using this particular rig. Pulsar-23, Volca Modular, Volca Kick, Donner Syn Bass, 1010music Blackbox, 1010music Bluebox, and Simmons SDS9."

You can find the Donner B1 here.

See the Donner label below for additional posts.

Roland JD-08 sounds (no talking)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg


Also see Floyd Steinberg's Roland JD-08 Review and Tutorial

"The #Roland #JD-08 is one of the "Boutique" synths inspired by 1991s JD-800, which brought back an analog style user interface to a digital #synthesizer. In this video, I'm browsing all the patches of bank A. Table of contents:

Live toolkit: MIDI to CV with Expert Sleepers ES-3 & ES-5 (in depth How-Tos)

via ty hodson @ sublevel9 lab:

"I completed a series of deep-dive articles on using Expert Sleepers' ES-3 & Voice Controller plugin and the ES-5 & ES-5 Controller plugin with Ableton Live -- with particular focus on understanding signal flow with these modules and plugins. I would've loved having something like this when I was getting started with Expert Sleepers, so hopefully this'll be a welcome source of info for newcomers.

In addition to written explanations, each post includes downloadable Live sets with fully working configurations. All you need to do is adjust the track inputs/outputs for your setup.
Screenshots are provided for reference as well if you'd rather work from those.

Building a toolkit in Ableton Live
Introduces the toolkit concept that sets up the next articles

Live toolkit: Expert Sleepers Voice Controller calibration
How to do it, including an explanation of calibration signal routing

Live toolkit: MIDI to CV with Expert Sleepers' ES-3 Lightpipe/CV
Including a rigorous review of Voice Controller's outputs, the Output Matrix, and signal routing from VC to Live and from Live to the ES-3

Live toolkit: MIDI to CV with Expert Sleepers' ES-5 'ES-3 Expander’
Including an explanation of how ES-3 / ES-5 expansion works; freeing up ES-3 outputs by moving gates to the ES-5; comparing stacked vs. collapsed instances of ES-5 Controller as well as a description of how ES-5 Controller's 'Thru' function works (includes signal flow diagram!)

Live toolkit: Polyphony with Expert Sleepers' Voice Controller
Setting up Voice Controller for polyphony and for paraphonic response

P.S. Thanks to os at Expert Sleepers for providing feedback to me on these articles!"

Mimeophon Feedback

video upload by Todd Barton

"No input feedback of the Makenoise Mimeophone but sending plenty of CV to it..."

Waldorf Microwave XT Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer SN 840726975

via this auction

"Perfect working condition, brand new knobs, and brand new power supply"

ROLAND CN-20 Music Entry Pad SN ZA92755 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me. See this post for some pics of the matching CM-64, and CF-10.

Goolish description:

"This is a very cool and ultra-rare MIDI controller. It comes with everything shown in the photos, including the instruction manual, original box and power adapter. It is in excellent condition and each membrane button is fully functional.

The user can program MIDI chords, even ones that are very difficult to execute, with a simple push of a button or two. It can also be used for live performances, especially if you're a crap keyboard player like me. I mostly play guitar!

The leftmost slider can be mapped to the following:
After touch
Just press the button between the list of destinations and the slider. simple stuff.

The rest is very self-explanatory. Just look at the front panel. It's pretty much one button per function."

Marion Systems MSR-2 Super Patch Mode

video upload by Silicon Breakdown

"This video demonstrates the MSR-2 Super Patches that are set up on this specific MSR-2. Super Patches can have each 8 voice playing a different preset allowing a doubling of sounds and an easy way to make unique sounds.

New Patches are dialed in with the encoder and show and ASTERIK on right. Pressing enter switches to that Patch and ASTERIK goes away."

A couple of classic '80s synth setups

video upload by SynthMania

"A couple of classic mono synth + poly synth + drum machine setups used in the pop music of the 1980s.

0:00 Pro-One, Prophet-5, LinnDrum
2:10 Minimoog, DX7, TR-808"

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Minimoog Bass Cover)

video upload by csmcrckrs

"Another holy grail song for funk bass. Dialing in the bass sound was easier than expected: Pretty much all the synth sounds and the bass lines are quite straightforward ... the arrangement and production quality is perfection, though!

Most other covers/playalongs on yt use sawtooth vcos and sound quite off ... the trick is to start with a pulse wave, and everything will fall in place pretty fast!

Gear used: Minimoog for the bass, Theis Modular System for the intro sequence, Prophet 5 for various synth sounds, Fender Stratocaster (JP) for the guitar tracks. Drums, mixing and editing done in Ableton Live."

Soundfly: Meet Com Truise - How Seth Haley Became Electronic Music Icon Com Truise

video upload by Soundfly

Follow-up to Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk — A New Course From Soundfly

Note Soundfly is a new sponsor of the site. You'll find their banner on the right. They offer various courses on music production. You can find them at, and the Com Truise course here. Details on the course and video above follow.

"In this excerpt from his new Soundfly course, Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk, producer Seth Haley shares the story of how he got into music, what inspires him, and how the music he makes as Com Truise first took off. Keep learning at


Seth Haley shares the stories behind how he first got into music as a kid, banging on pots and pans, through his breakout success as Com Truise.

Seth first began sharing music under the moniker "Com Truise" on MySpace in 2010. Before that, he'd made music under different names (Sarin Sunday, Airliner, SYSTM), but it was the Com Truise project that started to generate buzz. His is the rare story of labels and artists reaching out to him for opportunities. He got asked to do remixes by artists like Neon Indian and Daft Punk and eventually hooked up with the famed electronic label Ghostly International.

Since joining Ghostly, Seth has released three full-length albums, numerous EPs, two compilation albums, and countless remixes for artists like Tycho, deadmau5, Deftones, and more.

Throughout all of this, Com Truise has been exploring alternate dimensions through sound. A number of his albums follow the fictional tale of the world's first android astronaut, who launches into space to encounter other civilizations, falling in love and fleeing for his life in the process. Seth's interest lies in world-building: Defining exciting and detailed sonic spaces and soundtracking the emotions of the characters within them. He's trying to tap into something emotional and nostalgic, but also futuristic and fresh.

Nowadays, Com Truise continues to make music while also exploring new areas, from soundtracking cryptic Super Bowl commercials to working on feature film scores. And he performs live and DJ, often with elaborate visual displays to accompany his music.

-- About the Course:

Combining a nostalgic reverence for ‘80s drum machines and production techniques with a futuristic sensibility, Com Truise has been building intricate musical worlds that are hypermodern and yet emotionally familiar for over a decade.

In this course, you’ll discover how Com Truise produces music that is both textural and driving, awash in retro drum sounds and thick clouds of synthesizers. You’ll follow along as he creates a brand new track from scratch, and opens up the sessions to some of his most popular songs, giving you a unique look at how he approaches synthesis, drum machine programming, production, gear, and more.

Whether you’re an aspiring synthwave artist or simply someone in need of inspiration and constraints for your next musical project, this in-depth course will help you add an otherworldly quality to your music. Sign up here:

This course is exclusively available as part of Soundfly's course subscription, where you can access dozens of in-depth, high-quality courses on topics ranging from songwriting to producing, mixing to beatmaking, and so much more. Subscribe today to get learning:"

SUPERBOOTH Berlin Presentations & Recap - SUPERBOOTH23/SOOPERgrail Set for May, 2023

video uploads by Superbooth Berlin

Oberheim OB-X8 - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22
Erica Synths Syntrx II & Perkons - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22
SOMA Terra - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22
UDO Super 6 - Gesprächskonzert @ SUPERBOOTH22
Verbos Electronics Polyphonic Envelope - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22
ALM/BusyCircuits presenting the ASQ-1 - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22
Quanalog - Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH22

And the recap press release from SUPERBOOTH:


SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail welcomed around 6000 trade visitors, day guests and over 170 international exhibitors at FEZ-Berlin. In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Superbooth, for the first time innovative guitar builders were represented in larger num- bers and with their own exhibition space under the name SOOPERgrail.

The expanded concept of the largest trade event for electronic musical instruments in Europe has proven successful, and Superbooth Berlin GmbH has overcome the worst obstacles resulting from the Corona crisis. This clears the way for next year‘s planning - the date is set:
SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPERgrail #2 at FEZ-Berlin: May 11-13, 2023. with even more innovative instruments and music, concerts, workshops, presentations, indoors and outdoors

Andreas Schneider: "For the anniversary version of Superbooth, as it turned out after all obstacles and difficulties, we can really only be grateful to everyone and congratulate everyone who was able to be there. The delicate little flower called #SOOPERgrail also made a successful start and the international events - above all the presentation with Hainbach for the Goethe Institute Tokyo and the partici- pation of Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith with their new instrument - were im- portant factors of culture and economy alike. We are already excited to see what will develop from this next year!"

The various areas of the anniversary edition each convinced with their very own at- mosphere, which always meandered between music festival, nerd get-together and a group trip with friends. The basis for relaxed encounters, lively exchange and a good mood was provided by the extended event area in the park, the large number of exhibi- tors and the summery weather.

The stage program represents an enormous variety of musical variation. Early electronic instruments such as the Trautonium were on display. Hainbach presented how electro- nic music was made by artists like Stockhausen in the 1960s, and many concerts fea- tured modular synthesizers, which can be seen as modern successors to the featured instruments. From the stages you could hear great live electronic music from ambient to techno, a lot of experimental and innovative works. Surprisingly for many guests, there was a performance by Richie Hawtin on the last day of the event.

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble gave the mostly young participants their first stage experience with a composition they had previously developed together in a work- shop lasting several hours.
Within the framework of SOOPERgrail, there were many outstanding concerts and workshops, with individual instruments presented. In addition to traditional crafts, the artists and exhibitors also showed possibilities that enable expanded artistic expression. With the presented technologies, external devices can be controlled and microtonal music can be played.

The main stage for diverse guitar music was located in the circus tent. There was, among others, a blues concert by DobBroMan with spontaneous support from Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream, the performance of Nagen & Kotzmann, who blurred the line between drone, ambient and free jazz, and Linalab, who brought along a drummer for her electronic post-rock, processed the sound of her electric guitar with a synthesizer, thereby ideally united the concepts of SOOPERgrail and SUPERBOOTH22.

The lecture-concerts (Gesprächskonzerte) recorded during the event are now available on Superbooth Berlin‘s YouTube and Vimeo channels, and the recordings of the other concerts will be released in the coming weeks.

Lecture-concerts are a combination of concert and presentation, where new inst- ruments are introduced in a concrete musical context. This year, legendary synthesizer manufacturer Oberheim made a comeback and presented a new instrument in this for- mat that, like its predecessors, seems to have the potential to become a classic.

We would like to expressly thank all exhibitors, artists, media representatives, trade vi- sitors and last but not least the numerous private visitors for their great support and the wonderful three days and are already looking forward to SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPER- grail next year.

Save the date now: SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPERgrail from May 11 to 13, 2023 at FEZ-Berlin!"

See the SUPERBOOTH label below for more.

Roland JD-08 Review and Tutorial

video upload by Floyd Steinberg


"The #Roland #JD-08 is one of the "Boutique" synths inspired by 1991s JD-800, which brought back an analog style user interface to a digital #synthesizer. In this video, I give a short overview what this box is and does and then create a patch from scratch, using it with the built-in sequencer later. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:44 hello
01:06 hardware overview
03:26 creating a patch: layers
03:49 selecting a multisample (sine wave)
04:11 tuning
04:23 amp envelope
05:02 loudness, amp lfo
05:45 second layer
06:14 selecting a multisample (saw wave)
06:24 tuning
06:33 filter and amp envelope
08:21 filter lfo and resonance
09:18 loudness
09:57 effects
10:34 fiinished sound
11:27 the sequencer
11:39 selecting a part
11:49 activating the sequencer, setting sequence length
12:21 step input
13:12 realtime recording
13:46 selecting another part and sound, improvising
14:45 important considerations
15:12 conclusion: is it good?
16:35 bye-bye"

Update: Roland JD-08 sounds (no talking)

Disco Edit enhanced with Arturia Synclavier & Matrix 12 V synths

video upload by Mamotreco

"Took an old disco track and spruced it up with some added melodic synth, brass, and vocoder parts as well as rejigging its structure in Ableton Live. I hope you enjoy this disco edit.

Current channel music compilation (20 tracks for the price of a coffee):
Previous music available here:

To make it, I used the following:
- Ableton Push 2 controller
- Ableton Live 10
- Ableton Wavetable (for the synth bassline)
- Arturia Matrix 12 V VST to layer with a sampled brass instrument from Ableton for the lead melodic hook.
- Arturia Synclavier V VST for some sequenced chord bits that come in over the drum break early on and then again later during the choruses. Paired it with the Juno Chorus VST also from Arturia.
- Ableton Vocoder to process some added backing vocals from me over the choruses.
- Samples From Mars drum samples for drum reinforcement.
- Various Ableton Live Insert FX: Echo, Glue Compressor (on the master channel only), Compressor and Dynamic Tube on individual to add flavor to the sounds and tame the dynamics (ducking etc)
- 707 sampled drum kit from Ableton to provide a phantom trigger for a sidechain compressor on the main loops.
- Filmed with a Fujifilm X-T4 camera paired with a 23mm f2 lens. Footage edited in Final Cut Pro"

KORG N5EX/N5 Sound Pack "Anthology N" 100 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"KORG N5EX/N5 synthesizer keyboard AI2 realtime control.

'Anthology N' soundset contains 100 Presets ready to go in your track.


Whatever it is: Ambient, Original Sound Track, Electornica, Bass, Pad – you will find interesting timbres here!

The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing.
Made Alexander Kav"

2 Vintage Roland JX-8P layered + Eventide Reverb - Pure Sounds No Talking

video upload by MR TUNA Music

"Finally got my other JX-8P back from repair so now I can layer them together for some beautiful synth serenity. No talking, just pure atmosphere

Gear used:
Roland JX-8P x2

Eventide H9 Max"

Steve Porcaro | Meeting CS-80 V

video upload by Arturia

"There aren’t many keyboard players who have blurred the lines between muso and mainstream quite so prolifically and successfully as Steve Porcaro.

As a seasoned session player, songwriter, and a founding member of rock demigods Toto, the legacy of his playing and his musical impact cannot be overstated. We have the privilege of spending time with Porcaro and CS-80 V, our digital reimagining of his very first Toto synthesizer.

Full Story →"

Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer Demo

video upload by REZISIZER

"Demo of the Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer in action. Notes are being triggered from my DAW. Turning the knobs on the panel and trying out different types of sound."

You can find the Donner B1 here.

See the Donner label below for additional posts.

A trick to lengthen the delay on a Synton Fenix

video upload by batchas

"A small trick to lengthen the delay time on the Synton Fenix using a negative voltage from 0V to approx. -1V sent to the Time CV IN.
No matter how well the delay is trimmed or not, I use to do this to get more delay variation.
The delay output has to be sent to a 24db filter to avoid too much high-pitched noise/hiss due to the character of the BBD."

KORG MS-03 Signal Processor SN 180810

via this auction

"Korg ms - 03 fully operational"

Access Virus Indigo 2 w/ Spare Silver Metallic Knobs

via this auction

"Some minor marks of use and smudges on the bottom. Knobs have started to fade, but I can include a set of silver metallic knobs that really go well with the machined aluminium sides)."

Waldorf Rack Attack Drum Synthesizer SN 1410110000170

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emax II Rackmount 16-Voice Sampler Workstation

via this auction

"This is a rack version of the Emax II keyboard. It is a stereo 16-bit sampler, designed to faithfully reproduce sound across 10 octaves with 16-voice polyphony. It features SCSI, and 8 assignable outputs.

This unit is in good condition with a strong display. OS v 2.14, and a fully-expanded 8mb of RAM. Finding an Emax II in this configuration is becoming harder and harder! Power cord and rack ears included."

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 1823

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This massive sounding classic analog beast was born August 1981 : ) As you can see it was very well cared for, it looks fantastic and it all works great! By far the best bass and lead machine. It even sounds a little bolder than the Prophet 5! I had a pro analog tech install new key bushings and give it a good once over. This synth plays, sounds and looks great! Nothing beats the classics!

I left a radio station sticker on the side left panel.. you can easily remove it if you wish.. i just kept in on there as it really reminds me of how awesome the 80's were. BTW, this is an early serial J Wire edition.. not the problematic Membrane Keybed version which has issues.. happy happy!"

Korg Lambda ES-50 SN 230980 w/ Case & Dust Cover

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg Lamdba ES-50 vintage synthesizer in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, fully serviced and complete with the original Korg-branded slip cover and aftermarket case. The Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic 48-key preset synthesizer, and this example is exceedingly well-kept, freshly serviced by Synapse Audio Systems who replaced over 200 leaky capacitors to ensure trouble-free use.

The Lambda ES-50 features two banks of sounds. Percussive (Electric Piano, Clavi, Piano, Harmonics) and Ensemble (Brass, Organ, Choir, Strings I, Strings II). These presets are all available simultaneously, ideal for thick layering, and each key is articulated independently (ensuring none of the "note stealing" pervasive in synths with fewer voices).The Percussive sounds have a fast attack and variable decay envelope, and the Ensemble sounds have both preset and variable attack/release envelopes.

Roland Juno-106

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer in excellent condition, freshly serviced and calibrated, and complete with a Roland-branded hardshell case. All switches, connectors, pots and jacks have been thoroughly cleaned, and all functions and features of this Juno operate as intended. The circuit also benefits from a set of new voice chips.

Imported from Japan, the Juno 106 is one of the most enduringly popular Roland synths of the '80s, virtually the same synth engine as its predecessor the Juno 60, yet with extensive MIDI capability and over twice the patch memory storage (128 patches)."

Roland SVC-350 Analog Vintage Vocoder

via this auction

Akai S700 & S900 - MIDI sample dumps | tutorial + bonus S612

video upload by Espen Kraft

"In the 80s when samplers were cutting edge tech, it soon became useful to be able to transfer samples between them. The Midi protocol had a set of rules for this, that not all sampler manufacturers seemed to comply with. Akai was one of those brands. They did it ALMOST by protocol and as such Akai samplers would sometimes be hard to sample dump TO or FROM, from other brands.
Between two Akai samplers, no matter the model, things were ok, as I show in this video."

After Later Audio Dirty Laundry // Full Walkthrough & Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we do a deep dive into Dirty Laundry, the 14hp Destructive Harmonics Generator and Wavefolder by After Later Audio.

Jump to any section of the video using the timecodes:

2:20 - Walkthrough
2:38 - Press
6:31 - Fold
11:32 - CV Modulation
14:15 - Feedback Modulation
17:32 - Voice Laundering
22:50 - Slap Bass Laundering
28:12 - Guitar Laundering"

Norand Morphos - Contextual Modulation overview

video upload by Norand

"A quick overview on various ways of using contextual modulation."

A Space Full Of Everything | Modular World 2 Year Anniversary Performance | Sworn64

video upload by Sworn64

"Modular Synthesizer Performance From The Modular World 2 Year Anniversary Show"

Full show (part 2 further below):

2nd Anniversary Show (Part 1, May 14)
video upload by Modular World

"Spanning two days (May 14 & 15, 2022), 140 Artists from 23 countries will come together for this historic celebration of the global modular synthesizer scene as Modular World celebrates its 2nd Anniversary.

0:00 - Intro/outro music:
IIITAIII, from his brand new release, Panic In Slow Motion, available for the first time TODAY:
05:03 - Welcome to the show!

Artists performing (in blocks) on May 14, their countries and Instagram handles:

Qu-Bit Aurora: A Musical Exploration

video upload by Red Means Recording

"The Qu-Bit Aurora is a unique spectral reverb and pitch processor that must be heard to understand. In this video, we'll explore different musical materials through Aurora to get a sense of what this module is all about."

00:00 intro
00:18 prophet exploration
04:24 piano exploration
06:02 guitar pitch-shifting exploration
08:54 drum processing exploration
11:01 wavetable fft setting exploration
13:19 vocal chops fft setting exploration
15:44 drum and bass fft setting exploration
19:34 cello is magic
22:28 outro

Tidal Resonance // Mutable Instruments Rings, Tides, and Beads

video upload by Genshi Media Group


An experimental improvised ambient exploration of Mutable Instruments Rings, Tides, and Beads modules played manually via the Intellijel Tetrapad. The audio of this tune can be downloaded from my Bandcamp at -"

Noir Et Blanc Vie on Synth Effect Pedals

WHY Do I Still Use These? 😪 video upload by Noir Et Blanc Vie


(Good for all mastering plans, chromatic, All Access Pass)"

Who hasn’t tried to play and sound like Vangelis? A little homage using the Access Virus TI.

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A little homage to one of the best artists of the 20th century and one of the greatest pioneers in electronic music.

Who hasn’t try to get his synth to sound like Vangelis playing the amazing Yamaha CS-80?

Access Virus playlist:"


Patch n Tweak
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