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Friday, June 17, 2022

nbor Live In Studio 6 22

pt 1 HD 1080 video upload by nbor

"A live performance, prepared for a livestream for Piqued program #33. The initial seed was a sequence I wrote on the Model:Cycles, which I then built around with some melodies on a MeeBlip Geode, and improvisations on the Korg Minologue and Buchla Easel Command. Additional guitar work was overdubbed."

Live In Studio 6 22 pt 2 HD 1080p

video upload by nbor

"A live performance, prepared for a livestream for Piqued program #33. This was built around some sound designs in Bitwig, and a simple drum beat. The beat was expanded and made more complex with note modifiers and randomness. Additional layers from guitar solo and Buchla improvisations round out the composition. Video feedback effects were created using a 19" CRT and some image modifications in Max/Jitter."

VELOCITY - Modular and Synth-Focused Festival in Seattle Set for August 27th

VELOCITY 2022 ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER video upload by Modular Seattle

Tickets available on Eventbrite

VELOCITY returns! Modular Seattle and Patchwerks present an all-day event celebrating modular and hardware synthesizers and the community that surrounds them, featuring an all-day trade show and educational seminars during the day, and performances across three stages at night. Come visit your favorite gear manufacturers and the Patchwerks pop-up shop, learn tools and techniques from the artists themselves, and experience an incredible evening of light and sound alongside this amazing community.

Schedule (line-up left):

11 AM – 5 PM:
Trade Show where various modular / hardware synth manufacturers will show off their latest gear and interact with the community.

11 AM – 3 PM:
Educational Seminars where speakers will speak on various subjects relating to electronic music-making and related technology .

4 PM – 2 AM:
Performances from local and visiting artists, with genres varying from house / techno, ambient, noise, industrial, and beat-oriented music.

The trade show from 11am-5pm is free to attend and all ages are welcomed. The remainder of the event, including seminars, are 21+ and tickets are required.

Tickets $40 adv, $50 at the door.

Lineup, manufacturers, and general info can be found here:


Novum - New Granular Synth!

video upload by Waveform

"An exploration of Novum - a unique granular synth with innovative sound sculpting tools!"


Also see Dawesome's next synth NOVUM (first look, no talking)

1980 Orange and Black Arp 2600

via this auction

Pictured with a Roland Jupiter-8, not in the listing.

3rd Wave Virtual Analog Sounds - Part 1

video upload by Groove Synthesis

"The 3rd Wave is a triple-threat, classic wavetable, modern wavetable, and virtual analog-capable synth with 24 voices and 4-part multitimbral functionality. Here we show a few of its virtual analog sounds. All sound sounds are 100% dry, straight from the 3rd Wave. No reverb, delay, chorus, or other effects.

Watch for Part 2 where we’ll show off VCO sync, FM, and modulation mania.

Contact us at for questions or to pre-order."

Moog Subsequent 37 Sounds : Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer Demo : with Nicholas Semrad

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Our Friend Nicholas Semrad joined us to show off a few of the patches he's been creating for his brand new soundbank!

Check out Nick's sound banks & more -
Read all about the Sub37 on our blog Signal :
Grab a Moog Subsequent 37 -
Details, Articles, Videos all about Moog :"

f2t2f draft excerpt

video upload by Akunull

"Making electro ish music from scratch in Pure Data vanilla with the objects I've built over the years (PilosLib, coming shortly) Full 28 min session:"

Four to the floor in Pure Data - f2t2f jam

video upload by Akunull

"Making electro ish music from scratch in Pure Data vanilla with the objects I've built over the years (PilosLib, coming shortly)"

Sequential Pro 3 Pitch Envelope Lead Example a la Lyle Mays

video upload by experimentalsynth

"It was a snap using an aux envelope to dial in a pitch envelope lead preset in the style of Lyle Mays. I liked it so much I made this quick recording. Learn more at"

Arturia Minibrute + Novation Circuit Mono Station and String Trio

video upload by The machine in the botanical garden

"Composition for Minibrute synthesizer, Circuit Monostation and string trio (violin, viola and Cello). Short review of the Arturia and Novation machine + description of the composition
I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the string sounds is Berlin Strings First Chairs from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version).

The composition is titled: Painting VII"

Modal Mysteries: Hyperlandia Bass

video upload by Modal Electronics

"This episode of Modal Mysteries covers one of the biggest names in EDM; Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, brings an epic blend of synthwave and progressive EDM in one of his recent tracks, 'Hyperlandia feat. Foster the People.' The Modal Mystery covers the club mix in particular. The simple yet effective synthwave bass shown on the COBALT5S is a textbook example of how easy and effective the COBALT series of synthesisers are. All synth elements in the mix were recreated using modal synths as well."

ARCANE New Firmware 1.1 Demos


"So Im updating the ARCANE firmware. Now the buttons do some byte operations directly to the registers of the Yamaha chip, making the thing way more playable in a logical or musical way.

I have also tweak the ranges of the pots and added a totally new feature to the "sequence" pot that I will document when its ready

The firmware update will be free for existing ARCANE users and new units will ship with it.


ARCANE is a generative synth that lies somewhere between a synth, a sequencer and a drum machine, depending on how you interact with it.

It is based on an authentic Yamaha YM2413 FM chip; the one used in some arcade coin ops, MSX and in the japanese version of the Sega Master System.

To control it it has 6 potentiometers and 3 buttons. The pots are:

-Tempo. It controls the tempo/speed

-Base Register. It determines if the machine is more musical or glichy

-Intensity. The higher this pot, the more amount of notes and percusions sounding. This is a veru playable way of alter the generative composition by transitioning between the simple and complex sound explorations

-Sequence. It let you browse between sequences.

-Dispersion. the higher this pot, the most registers that we are writing on the chip, so the sequences get more complex and chaotic

-Combination. It multiplex, demultiplex and recombines sequences, keeping the output related but always fresh and different

It has 3 buttons, Left, Right and Reset. Reset is located in the arduino and is self explanatory. Left and Right buttons are to be determined as the firmware is still in development.

It has Clock In and Clock Out so you can synch it with external gear

It comes fully assembled and ready to play."

Exploring Arturia FX Collection 3

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Arturia have hooked me up with their FX Collection 3 library. FX Collection 3 contains 26 beautiful and powerful effects, in this stream I'll be going through and playing with these effects and experimenting with their potential sound design"

Waldorf Microwave XTk

via this auction

Update: link fixed.

Roland Jupiter 6

via this auction

Alexander Hamilton Oberheim OB-XA w/ MIDI

via this auction

Alexander Hamilton etched in the mod wheel section.

Pics of the inside below.

"The unit appears to be working reasonably well with a few issues that need some repairing and servicing work for full function. I'm not a technician at these so I may have not covered every function, but here below are the issues I noticed as being tested.

Voice #8 fails autotune, as well as a few others occasionally fail randomly.

Hence the pitch seems slightly unstable.
The modulation bend lever appears to be not responding. The pitch bend is fine.
Has MIDI installed by the previous owner, where the "Computer Interface" slot been removed and the MIDI output/input coming out loose as pictured. The MIDI has not been tested."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 SN 0789

via this auction

Korg 770 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Bad Gear - Yamaha Reface CS - The i-Synth???

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Yamaha Reface CS. Is this 2015 virtual analog synthesizer The iSynth or just a scaled down version of the 1998 AN1x???

Thanks to Asifeh for lending me his Reface CS:

00:00 Intro tune
01:20 Overview Yamaha Reface CS
01:40 Does it have velocity???
01:59 Oscillators: Ring Mod, FM, Sync, Supersaws, PWM
02:48 Filter
03:02 Envelope
03:12 LFOs
03:32 Polyphony, mono mode, portamento
03:54 FX section (chorus, delay)
04:14 Looper
04:25 Patch memory (or lack thereof...), librarian, SynthMondo
04:35 Pitch bend, mod wheel (or lack thereof...)
04:42 What else??? (midi, updates, settings, pricing)
05:14 Hate
05:37 Jam 1 (Techno)
06:30 Jam 2 (Synthwave)
07:29 Finale (Meme House)
08:01 Verdict"


video upload by leonardoworx

"This is a chill lofi boombap tune included in my latest release album 'Uncommon'.
Executed with the mighty Polyend Tracker and the wonderful Hydrasynth desktop.
I really like them in combo.
Hope you like it too!"

Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush) | outdoor daw-less acid-synth jam at dusk in a field of daisies

video upload by drone-in-the-woods

"Preparations underway for the next drone-in-the-woods public performance at Glastonbury Festival.
Chill-time slot on the Mandala Stage in the Green Futures Field on Sunday at 4:30pm.

Roland MC101
Behringer Crave
Behringer TD3

Chichester 10th June 2022"

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round - Synth Recreation

video upload by Luke Million

"One of the greatest production trio's of the mid 80's was 'Stock Aitken Waterman'. I've always loved their synth work on Dead or Alive's 'You Spin Me Round'. Today I'm recreating it using an Emulator ii, Prophet 5 and have thrown in some Digitech Talker for fun. πŸ˜€πŸ•ΊπŸŽΉ"

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