MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Buchla 256e envelopes

video upload by Todd Barton

"Generating 3 different envelopes from a single envelope. The top setting on the 256e CV Processor is just a pass through, the second, third and forth sections are the 3 different shaped envelopes.
My Patreon:"

Jupiter-4 Circuit Mod Demo for System-8 & Roland Cloud

video upload by MR TUNA Music

"The new JP-4 plug-out for the System-8 is here and the biggest new feature is 'Circuit Mod'

Vintage synths like the JUPITER-4 had internal trim controls that allowed technicians to tweak various analog components when they drifted out of spec. But sometimes, “out of spec” created a sound that was unique, interesting, or extraordinary. Realized through the latest ACB advancements, the new Circuit Mod function lets you sweep through multiple trims using a single macro control. Along with the Condition parameter, which simulates the effects of aging, you can dial in everything from a factory-primed JUPITER-4 to a road-worn synth that hasn’t seen a tech bench in decades.

The JUPITER-4 Software Synthesizer offers full integration with the SYSTEM-8 keyboard. You can change the JUPITER-4’s plug-in panel to match the SYSTEM-8 for intuitive, one-to-one control. Or use the PLUG-OUT functionality to turn your SYSTEM-8 into a standalone, eight-voice JUPITER-4 that you can play in the studio or on stage."

Prophecy Vol 2 - Sequential Prophet 5 & 10 - Patches 41 to 60.

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Friday 24th June.
Back with another Bank of 80 Patches for the Sequential Prophet 5 & 10. Here I am demonstrating Patches 41 to 60, first dry and then with Chorus and Delay.

This time, it's a little more harder, little more experimental at times, but still with that fantastic Prophet Sound.

I've made FX Presets to go along with all 80 Patches, so you can reproduce everything you hear in the video. There are 2 Free Plug-ins which are available for both Mac and PC.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus -
2. Valhalla Supermassive -

All you need to do is insert the Blue Cat Chorus, then Supermassive and match up the Patch Numbers...That's it.

They will be out soon on the following page, which already has Prophecy Vol 1 -

00:00 - Intro
00:42 - 41. Violet GEO
02:25 - 42. Intervals GEO
04:29 - 43. Glide Pad GEO
05:36 - 44. Electro Lead GEO
06:19 - 45. Trad Poly GEO
07:24 - 46. Night Keys GEO
08:08 - 47. Juicy Lead GEO
08:58 - 48. Pulsate GEO
10:05 - 49. Sample Chord GEO
11:01 - 50. Saturated GEO
11:45 - 51. Sync Rate GEO
12:45 - 52. Red Line GEO
14:03 - 53. Phazerz GEO
15:17 - 54. Fanfare GEO
16:47 - 55. Sample & Hold GEO
18:01 - 56. Escape GEO
19:27 - 57. Dark Space GEO
20:40 - 58. Ripper GEO
21:51 - 59. Time Trip GEO
23:21 - 60. Fold GEO"

Soundtoys Vocal Processing Week & Discounts

via @Soundtoys

Happening now at!

--> Free presets. Tips. Techniques. Tutorials. DEALS.


Note you can find Soundtoys banners on the right listing some of their deals. The sale is only running for a few days so if you are interested, now is the time.

Natural Vocal Harmonies w/ Little AlterBoy
Pop Vocal Production with Soundtoys 5
Funky Vocal FX w/ Little AlterBoy x2
Accentuate or Enhance a Breathy Vocal
5 Creative Ways to Process Vocals (ft. Soundtoys)

Using MIDI Controls With Soundtoys

Little AlterBoy MIDI Pitch Control in Ableton Live 9
Little AlterBoy MIDI Pitch Control in Logic X
Little AlterBoy MIDI Pitch Control in Pro Tools 11

Moog One Triple Sequence Demo - No Talking

video upload by SMV Producer

"Sound Banks available at:

Hello, here is a patch that uses all 3 Moog One synths.
No external effect was used and no overdub. The audio was recorded in a single channel in Ableton. Enjoy!"

New Yamaha AN-X Synth In the Works?

Yamaha filed a tradmark for AN-X this month according to the USPTO. The last Yamaha synths to feature the AN moniker were the AN1X and AN200 virtual analog synths.

From the filing:

Declaration Lanquage for Intent-to Use Application

The undersigned, being warned that willful false statements and the like so made are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, and may jeopardize the validity of this application or any resulting registration, declares that SHINSUKE SASAKURA is authorized to make this declaration on behalf of the applicant; the applicant has a bona fide intention to use in commerce the mark shown in the drawing accompanying the application on the following goods and services: /in connection with the following goods and services: Class 15 Musical instruments, namelv. electronic musical keyboards, electronic pianos, music synthesizers specified in the application; SHINSUKE SASAKURA believes the applicant to be entitled to use in commerce the mark sought to be registered; to the best of SHINSUKE SASAKURA knowledge and belief, no other person, firm, corporation, or association has the right to use the mark in commerce, either in the identical form or in such near resemblance thereto as may be likely, when applied to the goods or services of such other person, to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive; the facts set forth in the application as filed are true and were true as of the filing date of the application; all statements made herein of SHINSUKE SASAKURA own knowledge are true; and all statements made herein on information and belief are believed to be true.

ARMON Concert | Italian Vintage Synth (1974)

video upload by Alberto Napolioni

"Improvisations on a incredible rare hidden gem from italian vintage synthesizers:

0:00 Ice Waterfall
0:09 Creamy
0:17 Funky Clav
0:28 Rubber Piano
0:41 Chamber Strings
1:27 Stranger Feet
1:34 The Escape
2:06 Funky Brass
2:15 Purple Sunset
2:35 Jazzy Snippets
2:47 Ennio's Pad
3:10 Plucked Beauty
3:37 Filter
3:49 Dance of Mosquito
4:38 Ascension
4:58 God is in da house
5:14 Say Goodbye
5:51 Brass Tinto
5:59 Permutations
6:04 Harpsichord Stairways

Some patches are dry and other with FX used on it:
OTO Bim delay
OTO Bam reverb"

You can find additional posts featuring the ARMONCONCERT here.

The Sound of RAMMSTEIN - ICH WILL - E-MU Emax Sampling Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

One of my favorite songs from the german group Rammstein - Ich Will I used the E-MU Emax SE Sampling Synthesizer from the year 1986 for all sounds and parts including the guitar strumming.

The E-MU Emax was one of the most used sampling synthesizers of the late 80s. Here is the full Emax playlist with a lot sampling sound demos, sampling tutorials and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy!
E-MU Emax Playlist:"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum: Cymbals and Hihats

video upload by gotharman

"Showing off a tiny bit of the possibilities for making cymbals and hihats on SpazeDrum. First analog sounds, then digital. An LFO is modulating the VCA envelope decay time, to simulate cymbals and hihats at the same time. The 'reverb' is generated by long VCA envelope release times."

Train to Glitchville (Monotron Delay, Kaossilator, & Tape Loop)

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I started messing around with the KORG KO-1 Kaossilator & Monotron Delay and I came up with some cool sounds. I added a tape loop from The Void Electronics (played on my Sony TCM-200DV) and voila... I climbed aboard a train to Glitchville."

Cooking with Synth Witch

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Is cooking like patching? Find out with guest host Synth Witch as she gathers ingredients and heads to the kitchen to cook up a fresh recipe of Crabby Lion’s Mane Fried Rice, with a bespoke Strega soundtrack!

Try out the recipe at home:"

Eurorack Modular Glitch/IDM Performance (MI Plaits, Deckard's Voice, Subharmonicon, DFAM and more)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
As usual, you can find the patch notes on my Patreon page.
The main voices I used for this patch are Mutable Instruments Plaits, DFAM, Subharmonicon, and the one and only Deckard's Voice. One of my favorites:)

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Cinematics Soundset for @Cherry Audio Dreamsynth DS-1 Software Synthesizer

video upload by James Dyson

"Cinematics Soundset for Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Software Synthesizer!

Demo track uses 16 presets from the 80 included in the set, ALL sounds from the soundset including Drums. No external FX etc.

This soundset showcases what is possiable with Dreamsynth, deep programming and attention to detail throughout it's 80 Custom Presets.

The presets cover a wide range of sounds from rip roaring to subtle there is something for everyone here."

Demo Vertice - Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories

video upload by Blue Noise

"Courte démo d'un signal audio entrant de l'Akai Force dans le Vertice, extraite de la vidéo à venir prochainement sur la chaine."

1979 Farfisa Polychrome

via this auction

BugBrand SynthVoice+ Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"It has all the modules in the SynthVoice+ system on Tom’s website except the Dual PreAmp. It really does sound fantastic!

included in the system is:

Dual Envelope
3x Compact VCOs
Dual Filter (perfect for pinging!)
Dual Amplifier
Dual Mixing
Joystick / Touch
DDSR (amazing module!)
Dual Divide
LPG (now discontinued!)
PT Delay

It comes with an assortment of short and long banana cables, plus to banana to minijack cables for connecting with other systems.

The system is in mint condition and hardly used."

Tom Oberheim SEM Patch Panel

via this auction

1977 ARP Avatar

via this auction

"This is a really cool and very rare synth. It's an ARP Avatar, which has been converted from its original guitar-synth form to basically be an Odyssey without keys (but with the addition of a very cool fuzz mode!). It sounds absolutely amazing, and is a very unusual instrument. It's controlled via CV. I'll throw in an Arturia Beatstep and some cables to get you started."

Roland SH-1000 37-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Kawai SX240

via this auction

Quasimidi The Raven

via this auction

Casio VZ-10M Professional Digital Synthesizer SN 000797

via this auction

"A very powerful synthesizer module, classy and thoroughly professional. This is the rack version of the VZ-1 iPD synthesizer. Casio perfected the PD synthesis found in the CZ series, and the result offers impressive sounds. he character is very aggressive, digital, industrial, and powerful - similar to Yamaha's FM synthesis, but with a different, more aggressive character. Starting from a simple, pure sine wave (or different waveform), you can build very complex sounds. The on-board waveforms are among the purest to be heard on a synth.

This line of synthesizers wasn't ever very popular (and in fact after that Casio pulled back from the professional market, going back to the home market). Which is a pity, because certainly the professional qualities of an instrument like this shouldn't be forgotten. Bottom line: because of the powerful editing tools, this is a synth for 'tweakers' and programmers."

Vintage 1980s Technics AX-7 Digital Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

opera rotas

video upload by studio snippets

u-he 2022 Prototypes Pt.2: Bassline (Envelope Generator & Cascade Filter)

video upload by u-he

"Another demo of our upcoming Eurorack modules (still in prototype stage). This time, it's a bass sequence going through our Multimode Cascade Filter with some cutoff modulation by our Triple Envelope Generator."

Korg Modwave (Presets Part 4)

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Circuit Bent Yamaha PSR - 16 SMMP 🤖🤖🤖

video upload by SMMP

"A nice FM Digital synthesiser to which I added an analog VCF which really enhances it to be used for pads, nice leads and even some cool basses.

There is also an LFO which controls the VCF allowing rhythmic patterns and pulsating pads!

It's great polyphony and the possibility of modify in real time some FM parameters make it a very versatile instrument, specially when paired with fx such as delay and reverb! --------

I can build instruments on request, so, if interested please enquire! You can drop me a message or send an email etc.


My SHOP on"

Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa and Transverse Flute Trio - Perfomance and short review

video upload by The machine in the botanical garden

"Composition for Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer and transverse flute trio. Short review of the Medusa machine + description of the composition
I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the transverse flute sounds is Berlin woodwinds from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version).

The composition is titled: Painting VIII"

V.A.I. 55 Elka Wilgamat / Multivox MX-3000

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Another spin with these twooddbalss: The Elka Wilgamat and Multivox MX-3000.
The Elka Wilgamat is probably a bit familiar to our viewers by now - an Italian auto-accompaniment machine with three sections:

1. Analog drum machine section
2. Bass section with 2 sounds and variations
3. Chord section with 3 sounds

Harmonically controlled by a two-octave keyboard with a fill-in bar on top, it has a great warm sound that's unmistakably mid-1970s to our ears, the drum machine alone sounds great.

The Multivox MX-3000 is a pretty rare Japanese string machine and monophonic synth combo.
A bit similar to the Farfisa Soundmaker or maybe Solina String Synthesizer (the BIG one - not the regular String Ensemble) or the Crumar Composer but with a more complex polyphonic - or rather Divide Down - section.
Lots bells and whistles here.

It basically has three separate sections:

1. A bass synth section with multiple preset sounds and attack, decay and tone controls.

2. A polyphonic section with preset sounds that are modifiable in quite a few ways with a very nice and aggressive filter section, attack/decay, two different choruses, two glide modes and more.

3. Single Oscillator monophonic section. No presets but a few different wave forms, a very nice filter, portamento and the usual mono stuff for great leads, basses and even some space effects.

The Polyphonic filter and choruses are very cool on these, maybe that's what we got it for initially but it's turning in to our desert island machine, there's really a lot going on here, it's a versatile instrument with quite a unique and somewhat rustic sound.

They're famously hard to service due to lack of a good set of schematics.
The build-quality is strangely bad for late 1970s Japanese keyboards so they somehow always break down.
Vintage Audio Institute is a studio and gear vendor in the hills of Florence, Italy."

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