MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday, October 28, 2022

Harmonic of Silence

video uploads by Harmonic of Silence

Tasty Chips GR-1, Buchla & eurorack. You can use the player controls to skip around.

Kurzweil K2500 synthesizer VAST Tutorial

video upload by Lars UK

"Introduction to V.A.S.T synthesis technology used in the Kurzweil K series of Synthesisers"

Erica Synths : Syntrx II Presented by Girts LIVE : Perfect Circuit Stream

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"We're hosting Girts, the founder of Erica Synths for an in-depth walkthrough of the Syntrx II + surprises !

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

In-depth look at Korg Modwave with Natalie Chami

video upload by Patchwerks

"Today we are connecting with Natalie Chami from Korg to take an in-depth look at the Korg Modwave. The Modwave is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer that builds on the legacy of the Korg DW-8000. It comes with 200 wavetables, each containing 40 waveforms.

Korg Modwave:

Korg Volca Sample V2 Raffle signup:

Be present during the stream to take part in a raffle to win a Korg Volca Sample V2!
- Must be present to join and win
- Must be located in the USA"

Arturia MiniFreak - Part 1: Oscillators, Filters, Signal Processing, Modulation

video upload by CatSynth TV

Part 2 here

"Part 1 of our detailed look at the new MiniFreak from Arturia. This part focuses on the oscillator types, mixing Oscillators 1 & 2, the Oscillator 2 processing features, the analog filter, and modulation options.

00:23 Overview
01:06 Factory Presets
03:00 Oscillator Types
11:56 Oscillator 1 Modulation
14:06 Combining Oscillators 1&2
19:24 Analog Filter
21:23 Oscillator 2 signal processing features
33:44 More Factory Presets

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content. Patreon: Ko-Fi:"

New WMD Orion Eurorack Phaser Module - Sound Examples, NO TALKING

video upload by WMDevices

"WMD Orion is an analog Phaser effect module for eurorack modular synthesizers in 4HP. It can be used in mono or as a mono to stereo effect, creating cosmic swirls of spaced out texture. An instant bypass switch allows for hands-on engaging of the sound.

The number of stages can be set by the user and the resonance, depth, rate, and frequency-center controls make for quick dialing in of the perfect effect.

In this video, we explore the sounds the Orion is capable of by running different audio sources through it including white noise, saw waves, filtered tones, sounds from the Elektron Digitone, and some drums from the WMD drum modules.

00:00 - White Noise
01:33 - Saw Wave
04:00 - Filtered Saw Wave
05:30 - Elektron digitone
09:20 - FM'd Sine Wave
12:10 - Mono drum mix"

3rd Wave Demo by Paula Maddox

video upload by Groove Synthesis

"Our friend Paula Maddox, founder of Dove Auto and former lead designer/engineer at Modal Electronics, shows off some of her favorite sounds on the 3rd Wave. Paula is the first 3rd Wave owner in the UK and is an amazing instrument designer and visionary — as well as a great sound designer.

Contact us: for questions or to order.

Follow Paula Maddox:"

Paula also produced the MonoWave - a one voice PPG rackmount synth.

Playing the 245t

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using the stop button to scroll through stages of the Tiptop/Buchla 245t Sequential Voltage Source.

My Patreon:"

Meet the New Synclavier Regen Hardware Synth

After 30 years… a Synclavier synth! What’s new and how it competes // Regen Tutorial & Review
video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:50 Overview
3:55 Interface
7:50 Build & I/O
10:20 vs Go! & V
11:35 Preset nav
13:40 Red vs blue
14:00 Timbre ctrls
15:15 Effects
16:50 Note FX
17:00 Arpeggiator
17:50 Note filter
18:20 Filter env
18:55 Oscillator
19:30 Samples
20:25 Multisamples
21:45 Chop & loop
23:25 Subtractive
25:00 Additive
27:50 Frames
28:55 Resynthesis?
29:50 Modulator/FM
31:30 FM to sample
32:30 Osc chorus
32:50 Envelopes
34:40 Partial xfader
35:40 LFOs
36:30 Mod matrix
39:05 MIDI mapping
40:05 Settings
40:25 Pros & cons
45:00 More sounds?

via Synclavier

Synclavier Regen

Synclavier Digital is proud to announce its new product, Synclavier Regen. Drawing on the rich history of the Synclavier, while simultaneously breaking new ground in what’s possible in a desktop synthesizer. Stop dreaming, start creating. Synclavier Regen is waiting to be your new companion for sound. Additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, and sampling have all been given equal reverence in this unique hardware Synclavier .

The new buck in the Synclavier stable
Synclavier Regen is the newest in an auspicious line of Digital FM synthesizers. Designed for desktop use, it contains the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimised. Full colour screen, liquid-like touch controls, high fidelity audio output coupled with a sound design powerhouse makes this the synth you always dreamed of.

Regen supports additive synthesis for full control of 24 harmonics. We’ve now added subtractive synthesis to the Synclavier synthesis engine, especially for Regen, allowing creation of super saws, PCM square waves, and noise generation. Or you can use samples for your carrier waveform.

And these different waveform generators can be mixed. You have up to 12 partials to use in your sound design creation with crossfades assignable to inputs such as velocity, pressure, mod wheel, and of course, keyboard.

Regen is loaded with content to get you inspired fast. There are over 250 timbre presets including 6 newly-commisioned artist timbre libraries. On top of that, there are 2 exclusive sample libraries with over 300 new samples and one mega library with over 700 original samples from the NED era.

When you’re done exploring the factory content, you’ll have fun with the sound design possibilities. You can layer up to 12 partials with different sound generators (additive, subtractive, samples) then apply dynamic effects per partial. It’s truly an expressive instrument, both to program and to play. Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE is fully-supported and there’s a sophisticated modulators section where you can apply responsive curves to properties driven by pressure, velocity, mod wheel position, and so on.

The Daddy of digital synthesis is back with a punch. Results are immediate. The DC-coupled audio outputs really kick on basslines and percussion. The pad sounds shine with that satisfying FM that is so unique on Synclavier. And now there’s a bunch of other effects, such as reverb and bit crush to play with.

255 Regen timbre presets
700+ samples of royalty-free factory content
Additive waveforms, subtractive waveform generator and multi-sample patchlists
12 partials to build your sounds.
12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or stacking (layering) of sounds.
4 USB ports for keyboards and other peripherals plus one USB port for connection to DAW. And 5-pin MIDI standard (TRS).
2 full-colour high resolution screens
Senstive liquid-like touch swiper and 12 selector pads.
Multiple effects per track, including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit crush, and multi-mode filter.
High fidelity DC-coupled audio out (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range.
Patent Pending

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 134 - Synthplex 2022

video upload by Pro Synth Network

"Music Technology Discussion with Ben Simpson, Kent Spong & Rob Puricelli!
This week, we're hoping to bring you some live coverage of Synthplex 2022 in Burbank, CA with roving reporters, Dr. Manny Fernandez and Andy 'Synthaddict'! Plenty of synths and carpet! ;-)"

Dark Ambient generative production for Spooky Celebrations

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables, presets and samples on gumroad

Just realized what time it was, join me as I make dark and haunted ambiences, put them on in the background to fill the air with spooky vibes"

Halloween Soundscape 2022

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I figured it was time for a moody soundscape. Here's a quick composition made with a Duo-Sonic guitar, my Dave Smith Mopho, and the modular synth. Halloween is right around the corner. I hope this helps to get everyone in a festive mood. Happy Halloween!

See more vids featuring Modular Synth & Guitar here:"

Testing Modifications With Rough Peter Gunn Theme Song

video upload by John L Rice

"This started out as just a test to see if my new modifications to this system were working (I custom installed the KMIDI expander for the Kilpatrick K2579 sequencer to the side of the 4ms case since I didn’t have enough hp for it to fit normally). The K2579 sequencer is playing the bass line on both the Alesis NanoPiano via MIDI and the eurorack modules via CV/gate (Modcan Triple VCO, SSF multi mode VCF, SSF ADSR/VCA, Rebel Technology Chronos MKII LFO). The lead line is played on a Haken Audio ContinuuMini."

Waldorf Microwave XT Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer w/ Custom ALBS Knobs

via this auction

"Waldorf Microwave XT 10-voice Rack Synthesizer in pristine technical and optical condition (practically Mint). Brand new knobs and V3 board which can be upgraded to 30-voices. This is the non-Nextel version with the bright orange colour finish, which does not fade or decay over time, and thus holds its value. For german buyers, a copy of the book 'Microwave in der Praxis, by Uwe G. Hoenig' will be included. The XT has become a true classic wavetable synthesizer capable of very unique and characteristic sounds!"

SN 010730609x

Roland MKS-70 with Custom Loaded Multi-Bank Cartridge • Original Box and Original Docs

via this auction

"Roland MKS-70
• Excellent working condition
• Excellent cosmetics-- just one noticeable scratch on top from racking-- super clean-- bright screen
• Very little use
• Includes multiple bank Mega Cartridge (value approximately $200)
• Cartridge is loaded with favorite sounds from dozens of soundbanks-- documentation is included of each sound and each memory location
• The MKS-70 has three EPROMs that were updated over the years by Roland.

Calling all synth nerds:
• This unit has the OS 1.08 OS update EPROM A for the Assigner Board. That is the final version and it features all the bug fixes.
• It has the 1.03 OS update EPROM for boards B and C. Curiously, the OS # for those boards rose to 1.06, but 1.06 has the identical content of 1.03.
• Conclusion: This unit has all final, actual, functional updates by Roland.
• Comes with the special Roland power cable"

Korg DW 8000 w/ Manuals

via this auction

"The DW-8000 has 8 voice polyphony in two modes, or one monophonic mode with all eight voices stacked. The analog VCF resonant filter and VCA both have independent ADBSSR envelopes. Parameters can be altered in real time via a single programmable slider. There are 64 presets that can be reprogrammed by the user."

DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS Sequential Prophet 12

via this auction

Yamaha DX7II SET-UPS Step-by-Step Reference Guide

via this auction

"1988 Hal Leonard Publishing Corp."

Arturia JUN-6 V - Sound Bank '79

video upload by Polydata

"Drawing from the earliest days of polyphonic synthesizers, Sound Bank ‘79 for the Arturia Jun-6 V finds its inspiration in synthesizer music found in documentaries and library music from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

A bank comprising 30 patches for instant inspiration. The goal was to squeeze as much vintage analog juice out of this plug-in as possible, primarily working within the constraints of the original Roland Juno-6. I honestly wasn't expecting much from the Jun-6 V going into this project, but I was completely blown away by the sound quality of this plug-in, and it's now definitely among my favorites.

Sound Bank '79 is a series of vintage tones for different synths and plug-ins, so look out for future releases. Recorded completely dry with no external effects or processing.


Lite2Sound listening to the highway lights

video upload by EA78751

"There are hidden layers of reality for example the sounds of modulated light. We're on the highway listening with a Lite2Sound photodiode amplifier. A few decades ago you wouldn't be hearing so many types of interesting tones and frequencies. But now almost every light is modulated and it all blends together like a free ambient soundtrack. On the highway there is also the sound of air turbulence, you hear it whenever a light shines towards the sensor while passing through turbulent air in the wake of a vehicle. I'm disappointed though, this was supposed to be a stereo recording, but by accident the camera only recorded in mono. Location: San Antonio (2022). /"

Bad Gear - Akai Miniak - The Copy/Paste Synth

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Akai Miniak. Why is this 2010 virtual analog synth so suspiciously similar to the Alesis Micron and Alesis Ion and still so different. Is it just an Akai MPK 49 with some added synthesizer sounds?"

00:00 Intro tune
01:20 Overview Akai Miniak
01:54 User Interface
02:22 Presets
03:03 Oscillators (Waveforms, Waveshaping, Sync, FM, RingMod, Noise)
03:39 Filters
03:51 Envelopes, LFOs, S/H Generator
04:01 Tracking Generator, Mod Matrix
04:17 Drive, FX
04:33 Signal Flow, Mixers, Analog Drift, Unison, Portamento
04:55 More UI, Multitimbrality
05:13 Sequencers, Arpeggiator, Phrase Recorder, Groovebox & Drum Machine Functionality
05:45 What else??? (Rear Panel, Pricing, Thanks)
06:00 Hate
06:28 Jam 1
07:15 Jam 2
08:10 Finale (Drum and Bass)
08:37 Verdict
09:46 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout

Cre8audio East Beast and West Pest Synth voices - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"We're looking at a pair of desktop synths (also mountable in Eurorack) from Cre8Audio - as in previous releases, these are made in collaboration with Richard Nicol from Pittsburgh Modular - he knows how to make great sounding Oscillators, Filters and Wave folders, in fact the core technology of the East Beast (subtractive single VCO synth voice) comes from the VCO, VCF and VCA of the SV-1 Blackbox - which we think sounds pretty fine. The West Pest however has the VCO, Wavefolder and Dynamics from the highly prized Voltage Research Laboratory System - with a rich Wavefolder and resonant Low Pass Gate for a more West Coast sound."

Jolin ASHIKO / quad VCA / 4 channels of CV controlled panning and more

video upload by BRiES

"In this video I demonstrate the powerful nature of ASHIKO by Jolin. ASHIKO is a quad stereo or quad dual mono VCA with auto panning features (see-saw or ping-pong VCA). Especially the ability to easily create stereo movement from any mono signal is what I really like about this module."

0:00 intro
0:11 hi
0:24 brief overview
3:08 patch examples
8:44 inputs, outputs, switches
16:46 normalized connections
23:29 panning a stereo source
26:32 conclusions

ASHIKO is a quad ping-pong VCA designed to create multi-directional stereo sounds starting with mono sources.


4 Stereo full range VCAs.

Transistors based CV inputs designed to give the best results with LFOs.

Individual toggle switches to activate mono or stereo mode.

Selectable hard/soft switching curve.

Input and CV are normalled and they flow top to bottom when no jack is inserted.

Works with audio and CV sources.

'Whatever' power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.

Sum+Inv (Sum and Invert)

video upload by After Later Audio

"This video covers using Sum+Inv to create quadrature signals out of Cascades' Sine and Cosine outputs..

About Sum+Inv:
Two identical channels with two inputs and two outputs. For the first output the two inputs are summed (at unity) and the second output the sum (at unity) is inverted.

The second channel is identical to the first channel but it normals channel one summed output to the first input. This enables a 3:1 configuration with both a summed and inverted output.

This is a great companion to the COCO system."

Patch n Tweak
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