MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Novation Peak || Textured Brass

video upload by Mike Lewis

"Some improv with a saw wave pad that ventures into cheesy synth brass territory using the animate button. Hope you enjoy,

To get the synth patch file used in this video, you can purchase from my preset bundle here:"

Oxi One, Töörö, Bluebox, MS70 - Sequenced Ambient

video upload by Waveformer

"This sequenced ambient jam features the OXI ONE sequencer, the Töörö wavetable synth, the Bluebox and three MS-70CDRs. It is inspired by @s1gns0fl1fe's Space Ambient Tutorial, but using a hardware synth, effects and a sequencer instead of software synths, software effects and a DAW.

The audio is recorded to SD card on a Bluebox recorder/mixer and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 17.

Audio connections:
- Töörö - Output 1 - Zoom MS-70CDR - Bluebox
- Töörö - Output 2 - Zoom MS-70CDR - Bluebox
- Töörö - Output 3 - Bluebox
- Töörö - Main Output Right - Zoom MS-70CDR - Bluebox

MIDI Connections:
- OXI ONE - Töörö"

A new favourite patch on the Rev2! // Sequential Prophet Rev2

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"I've been digging into stacked patches on the Rev2 a lot over the past few months, and having a wonderful time! This is my favourite patch right now. So much fun to play, especially with the variation from the mod wheel.

The two layers on this one:
A: Lots of movement - shape modulation of both oscillators from LFO1 and then pitch modulation of each oscillator at different rates from LFO2/3 to give a very organic patch. 100% mix reverb from the effects slot, and full Audio Mod of the filter to give some high-end fizz. The mod wheel opens up the filter a little bit and reduces the filter envelope amount to stop the sound from getting too harsh.

B: A double drone - key tracking is turned off for both oscillators and they are tuned a fifth apart (C7 and G7). Layer B again uses a 100% mix reverb, plus a little filter resonance and audio mod, but also includes some low-rate filter modulation from LFO1. The mod wheel controls the VCA Env Amount (essentially the volume!). Layer B sounds very metallic, almost like a dreamy synthy sitary combo, and when added to Layer A gives really thick chords with a glorious continuous drone from the two oscillators."

Haven for Crows | A somber ambient instrumental live performance with Yamaha SK30 and Rhodes Piano

video upload by MIDERA

"Listen to my music here:
Purchase my music here:

I wrote this track today, after setting up my Rhodes and SK30 again after reorganizing my studio (for what must be the 100th time this year).

It's been a rough year. 2022 has not been kind. It started with COVID19 in early January, followed by two herniated discs, a wrist strain, a knuckle injury, torn abdominal muscles, a broken toe, knee pain, and more. Many of these issues continue today - some days I wonder if the pains will ever go away or if they'll haunt me for the rest of my life. But what is there to do other than press on?

Yamaha SK30 going through Hologram Microcosm, Rhodes piano fed through Strymon DIG, and both with a little eventide Blackhole VST."

GEOSynths Synth Show - Ep162 - Special Guest - MATTHS (Matt Hodson)

video upload by GEOSynths

"Synthesizer Podcast - Special Guest - MATTHS (Matt Hodson) - Episode 162 @ 6pm UK (1pm EST) November 20th.


Matt Hodson (aka MATTHS) is no stranger to the world of Electronic Music Production, based in Brighton he Produces and Performs his own, hard hitting style of Techno. While many Perform using just a Laptop and Ableton, Matt has a huge wealth of knowledge and skill within the Modular Synth World and is able to use his Systems Live to craft a completely unique and visual Performance.

Of course, you would have seen him on Sonicstate as a regular Guest and Contributor, however you may not know his full history, who he’s worked with, for example, does the Radiophonic Workshop ring a bell? We’ll be diving into his Music Background to find out how he got into Electronic Music, why Modular specifically and his Performances, where he’s appeared with some the most influential Musicians of recent years."

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Michigan Synth Works Bella Jam. A reimagined Mutable Anushri

video upload by Michigan Synth Works

"Bringing back an unsung classic for its 10 year anniversary. Presenting Bella based on the Mutable Anushri. Fully assembled desktop only, winter spring '23. $350 usd"

Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter Eurorack Module

video upload by Tiefengrund

Roland Cloud JD-800 “Vintage Soul” Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"We are continuing Roland JD synth legacy with the second bank for Roland Cloud JD-800.

'Vintage Soul' soundset is a true masterpiece and possibly the most complete atmospheric bank for Roland JD synthesizer out there.

And its avaliable in any for of JD synths: JD-990, JD-800, Roland Cloud JD-800, JD-08.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation.

After successful Roland Boutique JD-08 'Symbiosis' soundset we started to cooperate with Saga Musix to improve thier Conversion tool!

Yes, now we can convert sounds of Boutique JD-08 presets to Cloud, ZenCore versions as well as real JD800 & even 990!

The Roland Cloud JD-800 version have been made possible by JDTools JDTools by Saga Musix

Our second bank for Roland Cloud JD-800 is dedicated to:

Silkiest Pads
Massive Strings
Legendary Synths Sounds
Edge Leads
Dynamic Plucks
Ambient Bells
Analog-like Basses
Morphing Sounds

64 amazing presets are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Retro, Cinematic, Electronic, Dance, no limits, create new music worlds with Roland Cloud JD-800 and 'Vintage Soul'"

U-he Zebra 2 - "Cosmos" Soundset (40 Presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO.Store proudly presents a brand new soundset for u-he Zebra software synthesizer. 40 amazing presets, created by the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz, are waiting for your wise action!

'Cosmos' is opening the portal to a new dimension, that is full of breathtaking sounds. Amazing long-modulated pads will show you the depth of the cosmic space. Leads are saturated with the radiance of the distant stars and echoes of other civilizations' voices. Plucks will help you to touch the asteroids and feel the presence of the unknown planets. And much more!

Whether you're creating ambient, EDM, soundtracks or experimental music, this collection of sounds will always be at your service!"


video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Made this short 10-minute ambient piece using Cycling '74 Max, and more specifically the modular engine called Beap, as well as Jitter. Everything was recorded into an element called 'Recorder'. Did some slight EQ and compression adjustments in Ableton after that, but very minimal to stay true to what was recorded in Max.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Strymon Deco V2 Sound Demo (no talking) with Roland SH-01a and MEGAfm Synthesizer

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 MEGAfm
4:00 SH-01a

Moog Minitaur in 2022 - favorite four patches

video upload by Synth Seeker

"🎹 The Moog Minitaur desktop bass synth is fantastic. Let’s go through four of my favorite patches for it."

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Alesis Andromeda A6 (A6 is an acronym: A - A, 6 - SIX, and their consonance corresponds to "ASICs" which is an abbreviation for "Application Specific integrated Circuits") is a 16-voice, 16-channel multitimbral analog synthesizer by Alesis which was released in 2000 and discontinued in 2010.[2] The Andromeda has analog oscillators and filters combined with modern digital control. It can be considered a hybrid of older and newer technologies, but its entire signal path is purely analog. The VCOs have a very practical pitch correction function, a feature missing on other old polysynths. The VCOs have FM and ring modulation and sub-oscillators. These features makes it possible to create a much wider sonic palette than usual on analog polysynths."

Roland Jupiter 6 61-Key Synthesizer with Europa Mod

via this auction


via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager RME Synthesizer SN RME0863

via this auction

MiniMod & Ribbon Controller - AJH Synth Eurorack Ambient with Gemini 2412 'SEM' style Dual Filter

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A 2-voice ambient performance using the Doepfer ribbon controller with the AJH Synth MiniMod eurorack modular system, here incorporating the Gemini 2412 'SEM-based' dual multimode filter/VCF. Simple 2 note/2 VCO chords are shifted in pitch with the Ribbon, and pressure sensitivity used to control the Gemini's overall frequency, and the level of pitch vibrato from the Dual LFO module, which has a built-in VCA. A third VCO via the Transistor Ladder Filter creates a single oscillator drone sound (a square wave with pulse width modulation/PWM), whilst the Dual LFO also modulates the frequency of this VCF, and both VCF's on the Gemini in position to each other. The Gemini is used as a stereo filter, with both going of it's VCF's going to separate VCA's and audio channels to creates a stereo panning effect.
The Gemini can be used as 2 filters in series, or in stereo with a single audio input signal, but here both filters are processing a different VCO via their individual inputs, whilst the global Dual Frequency CV function of the module's central mix bus section allows them both to be controlled in unison, in addition to, or instead of their own individual CV control. This offers a huge amount of flexibility.
A suitably large reverb is added in post to add a film/movie soundtrack quality to the sound.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.

Video by DreamsOfWires"

Sunday Arpeggios With Model Cycles

video upload by Perplex On

"#ModelCycles in arpeggio mood today. Sequenced externally in this case using #StepPolyArpUnit on an iPad. First in a random fashion cycling through all six midi channels but then going into all channels at the same time to use all six voices together. Next to the live tweaking of the parameters, each track on the cycles is not only using internal LFO modulation but also velocity responsive modulation via the pad setup for each track, so it responds to the changing midi velocity of the incoming notes.

Served with projected visuals made with HeavyM."

4 vintage synths arpeggiating at once | How to do a closing track for an album

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Arpeggiating 4 synths, in real time, all driven by the Akai ME20A arepggiator which I've set up with a loop of chords that are broken down into arp lines, by the ME20A. Synths used: Sequential Prophet VS, Memorymoog, Kawai K3m and the Korg EX-8000.
External reverb and delay used. Valhalla VintageVerb & Specular Tempus.

Support this channel on Patreon:

Find my music here:
iTunes Apple music:
Google Play:"

03 100 Sounds

video upload by gilleslacaud


Best Ambient Synth Shootout #128: SammichSID - Song 1

video upload by Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the first song with the SammichSID. It was designed to be a streamlined, compact version of the MIDIbox SID synthesizer DIY kit. Designed around two SID chips, it is two-voice multitimbral with a total of six oscillators.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
SammichSID - Zoom MS-70CDR - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PC via USB for recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

Experimenting with generative production

video upload by

"Check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon"

00:00 creating a somber drone with Vital
07:25 airy pad with Abyss
13:01 granulizing bubbles using Novum
24:31 generative blips from Obscurium & Looperator
30:59 shattering blips with Fragments
38:00 rhythmic drips from Tactic
46:30 Kick2 providing rhythm
55:00 minimal tones from Free Thorn pack
57:00 failed but later repurposed midi experiment
1:05:08 making percussion from a splash sample
1:12:15 making a snare from recycle bin samples
1:26:00 adding Graindad to drums
1:29:07 rhythmic soft piano using piano v and tantra
1:37:28 playing with a couple Triad presets
1:40:10 drippy textural Lion patch
1:51:04 Vital spectral liquid
1:56:55 adding MSpectralDelay to vital
2:02:05 closing things out

Prototypes 2020

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Homemade synths, noise boxes, software and controllers from 2020."

SPO phonetic test

video upload by Polaxis

"SPO vox now can read phonetics files from the microSD card.
Emy is also sending the label over USB so #touchdesigner can generate some cool displays. (inspired by ... Kraftwerk)
Sound effect : zoom v3 vocal processor
Check : I just uploaded a dictionary of 130.000 words in phonetic format to get you started. You just have to store the text like this :
1: \WW \AX \AX \NN1
2: \TT2 \UW2
3: \TH \RR1 \IY
4: \FF \FF \OR
5: \FF \FF \AY \VV
6: \SS \SS \IH \IH \PA3 \KK2 \SS
7: \SS \SS \EH \EH \VV \IH \NN1
8: \EY \PA3 \TT2"

UDO Super 6 - Transceive Patch Bank Vol.3

video upload by transceive

"No external EQ or effects have been added.
Another set of 64 quality patches.
Many of the patches were created using new customised waves resulting in a unique set of new sounds."

Available on eBay

Duo Mono 👥 (Make Noise 0-Coast + H9 // Moog DFAM + Multicomp // Arturia Keystep Pro)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Going quite minimalist again with this jam featuring only 2 semi-modular analog mono synth (0-Coast & DFAM) and 2 effects (Eventide H9 & EBS Multicomp).

The Arturia Keystep Pro (KSP) was used to sequence both instruments (although I also used the DFAM's 8-step sequencer too 😄). I used 3 tracks on the KSP:
* Track1 - sending gates to sync the 0-Coast clock (for its Sample & Hold LFO) and to the DFAM
* Track 2 - sending CV to the DFAM to transpose its 8-step sequence (with some CV being sent with a 20% probability)
* Track 4 - sending CV & Gate to the 0-Coast to play the main riff (on 2 patterns).

So no MIDI involved for this time, only CV/gate sent between the Keystep Pro, 0-Coast and DFAM 😉

* Hardware used *
- SEQUENCE : Make Noise 0-Coast + Eventide H9 (Tape Delay)
- DRUMS/BASS: Moog DFAM +Erica EBS Multicomp
- Sequencer: Arturia Keystep Pro (+ DFAM's integrated 8-step sequencer)"

Patch n Tweak
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