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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Lyre Inc. FDSS Studio Additive Synthesizer + Resynthesis

via this auction

This is the first post to feature both Lyre inc. and the FDSS Studio Additive Synthesizer. It was spotted and sent in via M Me. The listing, images, and info is from, posted here with permission.

Details from the listing:

"I am offering my ultra mega rare Lyre FDSS Studio.

The FDSS is an additive synthesizer with analysis and resynthesis function from 1987

The technical data is on the last picture in the web, you can find almost nothing about it

Ultra rare , as far as I know less than 50 devices have been built , only three have been delivered to Europe .

This synthesizer was available as an 8 or 16 voice version,
The 8-voice version was always the basic version, which could be expanded to include a further 8 voices out of 16.

Like the famous Technos Acxel synthesizer, the Lyre
FDSS synthesizer also designed and built in Quebec / Canada.

You had to operate it via a terminal, similar to the

Synclavier, Synergy or Kurzweil K150FS.

Software was and is included for PC and Apple Mac

Mac could be connected directly and with the PC you needed a card (ISA is included)

price, no idea.....

with such rare things "whatever someone is willing to pay" applies :-))

or exchange for vintage synthesizer?"

CORAL & OXI JAM - Multipart with samples and synth engines

video upload by OXI Instruments

"CORAL & OXI JAM - Multipart with wav samples and synth engines.

All sounds coming from Coral.

Part 1 is a 4 voice Poly MDO Synth
Part 2 is a mono Lead
Part 3 is a Hi Hat Synth
Part 4 is a Snare Synth
Part 5 is a Kick Sample"

SoundsDivine 'Bass' Presets - Sequential Prophet 5/10

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Bass' soundset for the Sequential Prophet 5/10."

Prophet REV2 - Harsh? Bland? Static? Lifeless? - Really??

video upload by Orano Music

Note Orano Music has done demos for the Sequential OB-6, OB-X8, Prophet-6, Prophet-5/10, and Trigon-6, as well as the Novation Summit and Moog One as seen in previous posts here.

"I have read so many reviews about the REV2 being too 'static', 'lifeless', 'harsh' 'Brittle' and so on...

The REV2 is an extremely capable synth, and with some careful programming can compete with the best of them.

This Patch has no effects, nothing, it is completely dry. and to me sounds very organic, full of character, and very analog indeed. This was not using any analog modelling techniques, doesn't use the step sequencer for variants. which if used would make it sound even more analog! (if that's possible)

in a nutshell, the REV2 requires some work to achieve the same results as you would get from its upper range counterparts, but talk about value for money, this synth is very impressive!

if in doubt, grab one!

Custom REV2 Patches will be available soon at


Organ sound with Sequential OB-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Sweet Sounds dedicated to Sequential OB-6:"

Behringer Introduces New Moogerfooger Styled Pedals

Pictured AD104 Analog Delay, BM-103 Phaser, BM-101 Low Pass Filter, BM-107 Frequency Box

Moog had the MF-104 Analog Delay, MF-103 Analog Phaser, MF-101 Low Pass Filter, MF-107 FreqBox, as well as the MF-102 Ring Modulator, MF-105 MuRF Multiple Resonance Filter Array, MF-108M Cluster Flux, and CP-251 ontrol voltage processor.

Curious why Behringer when with AD104 instead of BM-104

Waldorf Blofeld - "Cosmic Leads" Soundset (40 Themed Presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"'Cosmic Leads' is a themed soundset for Waldorf Blofeld hardware synthesizer with 40 exclusive presets created by the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.

We continue the line of releases for the excellent synthesizers of the German company, which are worthy of attention and use in music production. This product is based on several requests from Blofeld fans we have received - to create a soundset dedicated to the leading sounds, both polyphonic & monophonic.

Thus, we made a set of presets for you, in which everyone can find leading sounds to their taste - soft, warm and analog, as well as sharp, aggressive and digital. In our set there are sounds with a long tail, and short plucked instruments, and also some experimental presets with complex modulation.

Whether you're creating ambient, soundtracks, EDM or experimental music, this collection of sounds will be at your service!"

Yamaha SY77 Synthesizer Presets 2 Sound Demo - No Talking

video upload by Runningonair

"In this video I finally get back to the SY77 to cover the presets 2.

----------------------------------------------------- If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below.



You can also leave a donation at:


STREGA EAT DRUMS with Korg Drumlogue

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Recently we used Strega on Breakbeats, used it to generate its own percussive sounds, and of course, let it drone into an ENDLESS feedback loop. But we haven’t patched in a DRUM MACHINE, because well, we don’t have a whole lot of drum machines hanging around here at Make Noise HQ. So big thanks to our friends at Korg for sending over their new drum machine, the DrumLogue. Let’s take a bite out of it!"

Yester Versio 3-tap delay module from Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Yester Versio will be available on Thursday, March 23rd! Pre-order now:

0:00 Intro
1:15 Panel and controls
4:45 CV inputs
5:19 Swap firmware
6:52 Versio overlays

Yester Versio is the long-awaited answer to the request for a simple delay on the Versio platform. Yester is a three-tap delay designed to be straightforward and easy to control. It’s perfect for helping glue together almost any patch.

Yester Versio comes with standard controls over panning, delay feedback, and delay time, but we didn’t stop there. The Time control interacts with the Even/Triplet/Dotted switch, allowing for flexible delay syncing. These also work with the Tap button and jack input, making it easy to sync Yester to the rest of your patch and create interesting rhythms.

Use the DJ-style filter to shape your delays. Add flavor with chorus, a bipolar control that adds a bit of clean pitch shifting or LFO-modulated effects. Turn up Fold for some gentle wavefolding, a bit of grit, and at the top of the knob, to add in chaotic suboctaves for a bit of doom.

And of course, because it is a Versio, almost everything can be CV controlled. Yester Versio is the delay you will keep coming back to.

New to our Versio platform? Any Versio module can be swapped to any other in the series, completely free, at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal:"

Bastl Instruments SPII Digital Waveforms - Guided Tour

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"SOFTPOP SPII is a powerful synthesizer in a compact form factor. With our latest firmware upgrade, we've revolutionized how waveforms are created and what you can do with them. Our lead developer, who came up with the concept for SOFTPOP SPII, will guide you through the intricacies of the eight different waveforms that we've included in this impressive instrument."


video upload by DANIELE

"This mixer from ADDAC System is not your standard eurorack mixer: ADDAC713 is the stereo version of ADD703 Discrete Mixer, which is inspired by the Moog CP3. Plenty of saturation and a few cool added features!"

0:00 Intro
0:25 Input gain, master output, pan knob
1:16 Kick
1:28 Soft clipping switch
2:23 Feedback/gate knob

See this post for additional details on the ADDAC713

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

"Original vintage c 1985 Oberheim Expander synthesizer module in absolutely stunning condition, SERVICED, with original flight case, perhaps the best surviving example on this lovely little planet. The superlative analog polysynth. Perfect for the pro player, collector, or studio for whom second best is not good enough."

Original Novation BassStation Keyboard Synth SN 0008055 w/ Manual & MIDI Implementation Chare

via this auction

Roland JP8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MRS-2 PROMARS Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 991513

via this auction

Elektron Digitone Keys 37-key 8-voice Digital FM Synthesizer

via this auction

MiSTer MT32-Pi Hat with Rasbery Pi 3 Model B

via this auction

"This is a complete working MT-32pi running the latest version of the MT-32pi synth software. It fully works out of the box with the Mister. Provides both MT-32 capabilities from Munt as well as Fluidsynth soundfont support."

You can find a demo of one here.

Critter & Guitari - MIDI Maker & MIDI Maker Tempo for Organelle

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"Download this patch here:
Make MIDI with any instrument! The Organelle will listen to your sound, play those notes with a synth voice, and send the MIDI notes out to another instrument! Turn your guitar into a piano! Turn your voice into drums! Make an audio-MIDI feedback loop!"

The Sound of the Nord Stage 4 ft J3PO - Vintage Synths & Misc

video upload by nordkeyboards

"This final episode of The Sound of the Nord Stage 4 features vintage synths, sampled based patches and more. All patches in this sound demos series are included in the Nord Stage 4 factory bank. Watch all episodes here:"

COMMODORE C64 with C-LAB SuperTrack (Sequencer & MIDI Interface) (1985)

video upload by Synthesizer Home

UAD Spark PolyMAX Synth Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

The Tracker Workflow: An Original Pattern in 15 Minutes

video upload by Polyend

"The Tracker's workflow from an empty project to a performable pattern. Watch for some tips and tricks to get your creative ideas flowing.

00:00 showing samples that I'm going to use
0:16 live recording of the beat
2:10 adjusting the crash cymbal
2:32 adjusting the second layer of the snare
3:01 rendering the drum part and adjusting it
3:44 panning for a wider stereo image
4:08 looping single cycle wave to get a Saw oscillator
5:17 reverb and delay master fx
5:30 creating a chord track separately
7:42 add the chord render
8:36 Sine wave sub-bass
9:17 trying a new sound
10:25 reusing saw instrument for a melody line
11:00 previewing another sound,
11:06 trying out an idea
11:38 adjusting the master limiter
11:50 master EQ
12:10 soloing the bass to correct a mistake
12:16 HPF to fatten up the kick and snare
13:13 adjusting the hihat volume
13:37 adjusting the rendered perc track volume
13:47 adjust reverb and delay
14:13 volume on hats again
14:23 perform mode with the finished pattern"

Liquid resonating bassline with Banshee Reach and Jeweler Cast

video upload by Shakmat

"Our brand new Banshee Reach and Jeweler Cast like to play together.
Today they teamed up with Triple Steeple and Mod Medusa for modulation duties in order to create a lovely liquid resonating bassline"




Google translated:

TAPES is a sampler that simulates LOOP TAPE. Adds a challenging essence to regular music as well as experimental music like Music Concrete and Vaper Wave. The input sound is transformed into a lo-fi sound, recorded on virtual tape, and then output. By stopping the recording, the sound can be looped, and by freely controlling the tape length, playback speed, and the part to be used, you can create everything from mysterious sounds to violent noises. increase.

lo-fi effects

Input sound is recorded on tape through REC HEAD and then output through PLAY HEAD. The output sound is output after a short time from the input. This time is determined by the tape playback speed (SPEED) and tape length (END-START length). You can get faster response by shortening the interval between START and END. The output sound quality varies greatly depending on the tape playback speed (SPEED). Rotating the tape faster results in a higher resolution, while rotating the tape slower results in a coarser resolution. When turned slowly, high notes tend to become rough, so the LPF (TONE knob) can be used to alleviate this.

Loop function (sampling)

Pressing the REC button will cause TAPES to always write to the tape, but pressing the LOOP switch will stop writing and loop (sample) the sound. You can also save the contents of the tape by pressing and holding the LOOP button. Writing and playback are performed for the section set with the START knob and END knob. By taking advantage of this feature, you can combine multiple sounds in order to create a new loop.

Record longer loop times

The loop time is determined by the tape playback speed (SPEED) and tape length (END-START length). If you want to sample the sound for a longer time, set SPEED to a slower speed, START to the far left, and END to the far right to sample a longer time.

ST Modular - NATURAL STATE (Dual Ducking Enveloped Filter)

video upload by Stefan Tretau

00:00 CV Decay and Internal CTRL LFO
00:57 Right Channel Ducking #1
01:21 Force, Open, Peak & Decay
02:25 Right Channel Ducking #2
03:22 Internal LFO

via ST Modular


16HP Dual Enveloped Ducking Filter Natural State consists of two 24b filters with a CV decay envelope and an internal LFO. It is designed to filter two waveforms in the most

ear-friendly way possible to create natural and organic sounding grooves and soundscapes. Each of the two channels has a DECAY slider that adjusts the decay length, an OPEN slider that adjusts the filter cutoff, and a FORCE slider

that adjusts the amount of decay CV that affects the filter. The STRIKE input takes any CV from + 1 volt and triggers the decay envelope. Both the decay and the filter cutoff can be controlled via the CV inputs DECAY and CTRL. Attenuators can be used to change the strength

of the applied CV. The decay attenuator also acts as a DECAY CV offset. A subtle internal LFO can be routed to the filter cutoff, which is attenuated with the CTRL controls. The LFO range is rather slow to create

smooth filter sweeps.

The resonance of the individual filters can be changed with the PEAK potentiometers. When the DUCK control is turned to the right, the decay of the left channel increasingly suppresses the signal of the right channel, creating

a ducking effect.

Both decay envelopes are also routed to the ENV sockets for further external processing.

Handbook On How To Stay Alive - Look Mum No Computer Live

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Live Version of Handbook On How To Stay Alive
Stream/Listen/Buy here :-

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