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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A Magic Pulsewave's STAR SONG - Programmable Optical Disc Based Sequencer

video upload by A Magic Pulsewave

Press release follows:

Taking its cosmic inspiration from star charts and ancient astrolabes, STAR SONG is a rotating optical disc-programmed sequencer with a built-in minimalist synthesizer.

STAR SONG can be used either to play its own built-in pulsewave synthesizer, or in combination with the A.M.P. electronics WAVE EXPANDER (sold separately) to drive external analog and modular synthesizers.

To create sequences on STAR SONG, the seven translucent rings (orbits) of the optical disc are marked with a marker (included) or opaque tape. The disc is removable and additional discs are sold separately, allowing for indefinite storage of your favorite sequences.

The outer six rings control the tuned note selection and note-on/off sequencing. The innermost ring controls the cut-off frequency for the built-in bandpass filter.

Disc on/off and disc direction are toggled from touch contacts on the front panel, and disc speed is controlled from the central rotary control.

Additionally, there are 1/8" inputs to control rotation speed and rotation direction with an external source.

The addition of WAVE EXPANDER makes the STAR SONG into an incredibly versatile GATE (6 channels) and CV (1 channel) sequencer, as well as providing the STAR SONG’s tuned audio oscillator over five separate octave divisions (four audio and one sub-audio), 12 outputs in all to integrate into your modular system.

Multiple STAR SONG units can be synced by using an external clock signal, and you can even slave STAR SONG to your existing MELODY ORACLE/WAVE EXPANDER combo.

SING THE CYCLES OF THE SPHERES, with STAR SONG, a “revolutionary” new sequencer.

Disc Rotation: 0~15RPM
Panel Controls: Disc rotation on/off, disc rotation rate, disc rotation reverse.
Synthesizer: Quasi-monophonic pulsewave, 8 tuned notes, each with three octaves used in any combination. Sequenced via optical disc.
Tone Filter: Bandpass, optically-controlled.
Audio Output: ¼” LINE (5V p-p)
AMP LINK Output: CAT 5 or 6 w/SHIELDED connector (compatible with WAVE EXPANDER and future AMP accessories only).
Motor Clock Input: ⅛” 0-12V. ON @>7.5V
Disc Direction Input: ⅛” 0-12V. CW @>7.5V
DC input: 15VDC, 2.1mm, tip positive (US adapter included)


Dawnbeat Sampler for iOS Released

video upload by dawnbeat

Available at:

Press release follows:

"Introducing Dawnbeat

Luis Rivas has released Downbeat, a playable iOS app designed for beat- making, sample edit, play and sequence patterns.

Dawnbeat inherits the best part of the classic hardware samplers and takes it further by adding features only possible on a multi-touch device. Create more natural patterns by tapping and swiping pads.

Focus on creativity, you don't need to hit record before playing a pattern to get the right take. While you play and experiment, the Memorizer is always recording.


Pads are multi-touch, play a single pad with two fingers at the same time. Re-trigger by dragging to get amazing fills with tone variations.

There are 4 pads modes, monophonic, polyphonic, MIDI OUT, and Audio Unit instrument. Import a piano-like sample and play chords with the polyphonic mode. Use MIDI mode to sequence hardware drum machines and synths from Dawnbeat.

There is a built-in mixer that includes 4 assignable BUSSES and one MAIN BUS. You can assign pads, internal effects and AUV3 effects to these busses.

Dawnbeat is an Audio Units host, import your favorite plug-ins or play with the 12 built-in effects, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, Flutter, Gate, Tremolo, Noise, Filter, Chorus, Equalizer, Stutter and Tape Slow Motion.

AutoSlicer detects hit points and slices audio into individual files minimizing the need for manual editing. Chop up any audio file in a few seconds.

The app also includes sample libraries, variable recording sample rate, export audio and movies, advanced waveform edit and more.

Pricing and availability

Dawnbeat can be downloaded through the App Store. Download is FREE, and exclusive content can be unlocked with a single $9,99 In-App purchase.

App Store URL:

Dawnbeat URL:"

Additional details via the App Store:

"Dawnbeat inherits the best part of the classic hardware samplers and takes it further by adding features only possible on a multi-touch device.

Create more natural patterns by tapping and swiping pads.

Focus on creativity, you don't need to select a tempo before hit record to finally play a pattern until you get the right take, just play and forget about to record! Dawnbeat is always recording!

Multi-touch and draggable pads:
- Pads are multi-touch, play a single pad with two fingers at the same time!
- Pads are individually configurable, allowing re-triggering when dragging for amazing fills, tone variations .
- Mute and Solo buttons for pads available.
- Mute groups.

- DawnBeat is always recording pad events, you'll never miss a beat, play and experiment and when you hear something you like, it's already recorded! simply go to Memorizer and select the desired events.

- 4 assignable BUSSES and one MAIN BUS. Assign pads to busses, assign internal effects or AUV3 effects to busses.
- Mute and Solo buttons.

Polyphonic pads:
- Pads can be turned polyphonic, import a piano-like sample and play and sequence chords with a single pad.

- Trigger samples from a MIDI controller, play melodies from a MIDI piano.
- Sequence hardware drum machines and synths from Dawnbeat.
- Use Dawnbeat as an intermediary between a midi keyboard and a synth, save the sequences you are playing. Dawnbeat can save poliphonic sequences!
Pattern sequencer with piano editor.
- Swing, count-in, metronome.

Audio Units:
- Dawnbeat support AUv3 effects and instruments!

Built in Effects:
- Reverb, Delay, Compressor, Flutter, Gate, Tremolo, Noise, Filter, Chorus, Equalizer, Stutter and Tape slow motion.
- Effects can be rearranged.
Built-In sample browser:
- 6 drum kit sample libraries, and 1 bass sample library.

Selectable internal sample rate:
- Internal sample rate can be changed, choose between HI-FI and LO-FI sample rates.

- AutoSlicer detects hit points and slices audio into individual files minimizing the need for manual editing. Chop up any audio file in a few seconds.

Recording sample rate can be selected.

Export movies with images and animated GIFs ."

Nanoloop Version 1.5 Synth Cart

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream Mk1 w/ Custom Wooden Case

via this auction

"The Black Corporation Deckard's Dream mk1 in excellent condition with one-of-a-kind custom wooden case.

DIYed by very experienced builder. I'm the first owner and it has worked perfectly 5 years. I used the synth extensively with MPE via a linnstrumwnt and it was a joy to play. I built it a fittingly handsome wood case out of cedar, walnut, and oak. The case fits the DDRM very well and the synth is securely mounted in the case with rack ears. One of the weaknesses of this synth design was that the voice cards could come loose. In this particular synth the voice cards are held in place with 3d printed cardholders.

Comes with: synth, case, power cable, long driver to install/remove synth from case, and the components needed to DIY the stereo mod to the synth."

Yamaha CS-20M Synthesizer

via this auction

"Dual VCO monophonic analog synthesizer from the legendary CS line. This one is in amazing shape and sounds wonderful."

Vintage Roland Jupiter 6 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Jx8p + Kiwimod + DT800

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix-6R User Manual & Patch List

via this auction

Vintage Mini-Korg K-1 Synthesizer with Manual & Info Sheet

via this auction

Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud live AV set for Berlin Modular Society on May 14th 2023


"This is a live semi-improvisational audio visual set at Klunkerkranich in Berlin for the @berlinmodularsociety at their post-@superboothberlin DIY kit fair.

Audio is by Eric Schlappi of Schlappi Engineering leaning heavily on the Three Body and 100 Grit.
Video is Bastien Lavaud of @syntonie1487 showcasing his new video modules the Isohélie and Animate.

See Schlappi modules at:
See Syntonie modules at:
Hear Eric Schlappi albums at:

Audio and some performance video clips are taken with permission from the Berlin Modular Society live stream, the direct video synthesizer footage was both generated and recorded by Bastien Lavaud.

Thanks so much to Jacky ( for organizing the show and also to everyone who came!"

Stylophone Synth Jam (Also a Nord Wave 2 Synthesizer)

video upload by Composer Feliciano

"Hey there, fellow music lovers! Welcome to my electrifying synth jam session! In this video, I take you on a captivating journey through the world of electronic music, showcasing the mesmerizing sounds created using the iconic Stylophone, the versatile Stylophone Gen X-1, and the powerful Nord Wave 2 synthesizer.

Join me as I explore the limitless possibilities of these incredible instruments. From dreamy pads to gritty basslines, pulsating sequences to soaring melodies, each synth adds its unique flavor to the mix, weaving a tapestry of mesmerizing sounds.

Whether you're a seasoned synth enthusiast or just diving into the world of electronic music, this jam session promises to inspire and ignite your passion for sound. So sit back, relax, and let the waves of sonic bliss wash over you."

Trentemøller | Textures & Malfunctions with MicroFreak

video upload by Arturia

"Copenhagen, Denmark: for over 20 years, Trentemøller has explored the dark, dreamy, emotive sonic territory where punk, rock, and electronica collide. In his pursuit for visceral and imperfect sounds, he’s amassed countless guitar pedals, tape reels, synthesizers, and beyond - and MicroFreak has emerged as a cornerstone of his process."

Can ARP do... Lounge Piano?

video upload by midicake

Create Cinematic Textural Pads with Objekt

video upload by Reason Studios

"Watch Adam Fielding create a textural pad using Objekt completely from scratch while explaining the ins-and-outs of getting started with Objekt patch creation, Objekt parameters, and general creative decisions along the way.

This video is perfect if you wanna get deeper with Objekt and learn how to design rich otherworldly sounds."

Akai Introduces AIR: Jura The Synth Of 82

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio.
The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow.

In 1982 something magical happened in the world of synths, a Japanese legend was born.

It was one of the synths that defined the sound of the 1980s and was used on countless hits by artists such as The Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, and Aha. Now it’s loved more than ever and used on tracks by acts like Charlie Puth, Tame Impala, and the Weeknd.

Now we bring you something very special, the authentic sound of that 80s synth

But that’s just the start; we wanted to build on the legend and make it fit for modern music production workflows. So for those with qualified AKAI MPC/FORCE standalone versions, you get complete touch control of every parameter. You can really get your hands on this vintage classic and craft your future hits.

Of course you get all the analogue goodness of the original, our team are audio wizards and they have meticulously crafted the sound. It has the single DCO, a monster sub oscillator, the unparralleled VCF, and if you want it, lashings of THAT chorus!

In short, Jura gives you the best of both worlds - the classic sound of an ‘80s synth monster, coupled with some very cool modern workflow enhancements. Jura comes in several versions; a plugin for AU, VST, and AAX DAWs, and there’s the MPC/FORCE Standalone versions for the complete hardware experience of touch control. Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio. The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow. The synth of ‘82... reimagined for your future hits

Take our free trial at or on directly on your MPC"

Meet The New Akai MPC One+

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Meet the MPC One+. Supercharge your beat-making with powerful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16GB internal storage, and more. Visit to learn more and how to get a free MPC plugin."

MPC One+: Red’s going for the jugular // Ideas for WIFI & Bluetooth setups // MPC One Plus Review

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:30 What’s new?
2:55 2GB RAM OK?
5:00 CPU loads
5:25 Using WIFI
6:40 Splice
7:20 Ableton Link
8:50 MIDI over WIFI
9:55 Ableton control
12:20 Bluetooth
13:30 Connection tips
14:20 MIDI routing
15:20 Mapping CCs
17:15 Using WIDI
18:45 Pros & cons
22:05 Outro

Frap Tools FALISTRI Workout Episodes

FALISTRI Workout ep. 1: Four-Quadrant Multipliers
video upload by Frap Tools

"Wanna get the most out of your FALISTRI? Join today's workout on four-quadrant multipliers! No other modules allowed for extreme FALISTRI focus. Drink a lot of water and join us for this HIIT training!"

FALISTRI Workout ep. 2: Gates
video upload by Frap Tools

"Another HIIT session with two FALISTRI, this time we even managed to get some dynamic timbre modulation! Wanna see how? Join the workout, drink a lot of water and follow a healthy diet."

FALISTRI Workout episodes

Ambient arp with Arturia MiniFreak (jam session)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Sweet Sounds dedicated to Arturia MiniFreak: and collection of Dreamy Sounds: but also Crazy Machine collection:"

Cherry Audio Polymode - Circuit '76 Sound Bank

video upload by Polydata

"Based on the classic and one-of-a-kind Moog Polymoog synthesizer, the Cherry Audio Polymode plug-in captures all the magic of this unique 70's staple.

A bank of 30 patches for instant inspiration and vibe. It has all the thick tonal character of the original with some very thoughtful workflow enhancements. What I love about this instrument is that it gets you to think in a different way and come up with different ideas. It doesn't respond to your playing like a typical poly synth would, and programming it requires different approaches, so you end up thinking outside the box and building fresh ideas.


After payment, you will receive the file in your email within 24 hours.


Korg Mini Pops 35 vs National SY-50 Automatic Rhythm

video upload by SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Korg Mini Pops 35 vs National SY-50 Automatic Rhythm
70's Rhythm Box Drum Machine Comparison

Recorded with
Korg Mini Pops 35 Drum Machine
National (Panasonic) SY-50 Automatic Rhythm
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Tascam Model 2A 70's Analog Mixer"

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

You can find an additional demo of the National SY-50 here.

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