MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SPACE NIGHT 9 @ Synthesizer Studio Berlin - Roland System 700 & Yamaha CS80

video upload by Bobinger Audio

The Push 3 Experience With Phemto In The Studio

video upload by EZBOT

"In today's stream, we're thrilled to have Phemto, also known as Jordan Guzak, join us for an in-depth exploration of the Push 3. Jordan is no stranger to this technology; he's been an avid user of the Push 2 for years and was among the first to get his hands on the latest Push 3. Notably, he has released lots of music over the years under a number of aliases, developed the Modbang riser line of products, shieldXl battery mod, and Max for Live devices specifically designed to enhance the Push 3 experience coming soon. You'll find links to his music and work below. Buckle up and prepare to delve into Push 3 tactics from the ground up!

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Modal Electronics' Insolvent Case

Insolvent is when you are unable to pay your bills.

According to, there is currently one case filed against Modal Electronics. Note this does not necessarily mean the end of Modal Electronics. I'm not crazy about sharing dirty laundry as this case could go away, but the news is being shared and synth news is definitely part of this site.

According to's guidence:

"‘Insolvency’ describes both the situation an insolvent company is in, and also the various legal procedures for dealing with this situation under the Insolvency Act 1986.

There are 3 options that allow an insolvent company to continue trading. Directors can:

contact all your creditors to see if you can reach an informal agreement

enter into a company voluntary arrangement

put the company into administration, offering some respite from creditor action and enabling:

the company to continue

property to be sold

You also have the option of liquidating (‘winding up’) your company. This means the company is closed down and its assets are sold and distributed to its creditors."

Vortex | Techno Jam with Erica Synths LXR

video upload by Mars Machine

43- The Arturia MiniFreak- Touch Strips (Left-Hand Controller)

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the left-hand controlled touch strips found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

“Tom Sawyer” Legendary Synth Intro

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"I've Always wanted to breakdown the opening bass sound to 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. The introduction is so memorable that it sticks with us as much as the verse and chorus of the song. I'm using an Oberheim OBX which is the same model synthesizer used by Rush. Because of this, I can achieve a very close match compared to the sound on the album. In this video, I will show you the precise oscillator waveforms, modulations, filter and envelope setting so you can re-create this sound on almost any synth you have. Most importantly, the skills you learn on this channel about how to breakdown the sounds you hear on famous recordings will help you tailor any preset into a perfect fit for the records you are making. Also, I hope you are experimenting with merging all the tips and techniques from my other videos with the info you learn from breakdowns like this. Putting that together will bring you a step closer to being able to create any sound you hear in your head See you next time, Anthony

Anthony's musical touch as both composer and performer is connected with some of the most influential creative minds over the last 40 years. He’s composed and conducted original orchestral scores for over 80 feature films including Young Guns, Internal Affairs, The Man From Elysian Fields, 15 Minutes and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for his symphonic work "In the Family Way", written over one thousand TV commercials in a myriad of musical styles, co-founded Levels Audio Post (LA's premiere post production facility) and performed and arranged on big-box-office films and influential hit records such as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

His extensive work as a young arranger, orchestrator and performer for Quincy Jones, Jack Nitzsche, Lamont Dozier, Arthur Rubenstein and Giorgio Moroder was vital in launching his own career. His early years pioneering modular analog synthesizers along with his wide-ranging music scholarship positioned Anthony at the center of the music technology revolution. He attended the University of Southern California School of Music as a piano and composition major."


Akai AX60 | Short Edit

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Akai AX60 synthesizer from 1985.

This video is a short edit, taken from my longer detailed review of this VCO synth from the mid80s."

Espen AX60

The Room Outside Of Time 2

video upload by John L Rice

"A quick one I should have spent more time on, and also should NOT have spent ANY time on, but I wanted to record a bit of it for the memories! 😅

Unlike a lot of my recent complex sequencer experiments this one only uses 5 steps of a single row of one Moon 569 sequencer! The CV out is patched into a Synth Tech E102 Quad Temporal Shifter (shift register) and the 4 outputs go to 4 voices, each consisting of a MOTM-300 VCO, saw out to a Happy Nerding FM AID, to a Moon 517 VCF and finally to a Oakley Dual VCA. VCF and VCA modulation was from a Club Of The Knobs C911P poly EG and the FM AIDs and VCFs got additional modulation from a Krisp1 OCTO LFO. Effects are from the usual Strymon BigSky and Timeline pedals and Lexicon MX400 rack. I used the Roland A-88 keyboard to transpose the sequence via a MOTM-650 module and the bassy-lead was played on an Expressive E Osmose keyboard."

Yamaha CS-80 (synthetic ode to Elektrish studios)

video upload by ollilaboratories

"I have been in heaven, synth heaven... the Elektrish Vintage Synthesizer Studio & Museum. This is a place where in the future people in Sweden/Malmö can see/touch/play/record the synths and feel the vintage tolex smelling heat surge from a massive extremely well curated synthesizer and electronic instruments collection. Big hats off to Jörgen, the curator and owner of the museum.. i cant wait to see what the future holds for all the gear heads when they enter this holy ground.

About the piece, Yamaha CS-80, what can i say? The biggest and baddest of them all... the studio was so hot that i was literally fuming, lost track of time and managed to gain the signal a wee bit hot. But i dont care, this was so much fun and i want to share the joy with you call.

Top panel plays the main lead, bottom panel i am adding a fifth, sort of organ style sound, poly AT controlling vibrato on VCO and VCF, adjusting and mixing them a bit and also adjusting the attack on both for a smoother sound.

Played live in one take, EHX 720 stereo looper playing in reverse a plucky CS80 sound in the background, el capistan for delay and bigsky modulated room reverb. Thats it... and yeah, a hot signal too, so you all know what to expect.

Big Thanks to Jörgen for having me, i will come back soon. ps, I now smell like a vintage synth.. and i am completely fine with it. No shower for me for a while :)"

Novation Peak 09/17/23


"Something stirs from long ago."

Kastle ARP - Fun Melody Generator

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Introducing the Kastle ARP, the ultimate innovation in our lineup of compact and exhilarating modular synthesizers, all powered by convenient batteries. But here's the secret: don't let its small size deceive you! The Kastle ARP is a powerhouse of creativity, ready to take your musical journey to new heights."

SEMSVF Eurorack SEM Filter Walkthrough of Basic Features [Demo 2]

video upload by gstormelectro

"SEMSVF is my Eurorack Tribute adaptation to the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter. All hand made in limited quantities. Today I am talking through some basic features and patching some sounds via my 101-VCO feeding in. No mastering or effects. Recorded direct via my Feedback CP- Mixer to Pittsburgh Modular Outs to Mackie mixer to Tascam DR-05.

Check my Reverb store for SEMSVF, 101-VCO availability"

Joranalogue Route 4 deep dive

video upload by Quincas Moreira Music

"Getting into experimental patching with this cool new module by my friends at Joranalogue! Always inspiring, always fun :)

Stay Noisy!"

What's New? | PolyBrute - Firmware 3.0

video upload by Arturia

"Matt Pike gives you a guided tour of the fresh creative features, sonic enhancements, and useful fixes arriving with PolyBrute's firmware 3.0, from built-in distortion to new tuning options."

Playthrough | PolyBrute Firmware 3.0 - Presets

"Enjoy a sonic preview of PolyBrute's revamped preset library, courtesy of firmware 3.0, with sound designer Matt Pike. Each preset is designed to delve deeper into PolyBrute's unique expressivity, alongside the firmware's new features."

Polybrute Firmware V3 Update

video upload by Starsky Carr

"The Polybrute gets better and better.. Arturia have given us another surprise firmware update for the Polybrute. Lots of nice little additions in here, in particular the 7 new distortions plus FX routing, VCO tuning options and unison detune... and a fair bit more."

0:00 7 Distortions
1:13 FX Routing
2:31 VCO Tuning
3:14 Unison Detune
4:15 Poly Unison
5:04 Duo Pitch Bend
5:53 Stereo Layers
7:05 Arp Glide
7:53 Step Record Page Follow
8:32 Generate
9:03 Visuals and Misc

Distortion mode

Color and crush your polyphonic patches with a new page of effects: Distortion. This includes 7 types of crunch: Subtle Tape, Classic Distortion, Soft Clip, Worn Out Tape, Germanium, BitCrusher, and DownSample.

Flexible effects routing

Dig deeper into PolyBrute’s signal chain and rewire its effects to suit your sound design flow; both the Insert and Send modes can now be adjusted in terms of order.

New Stereo Layer mode

Allocate one voice to the left channel and one to the right to add increased natural width to PolyBrute’s sounds.

Enhanced tuning

A wider range of tuning options lets you adjust PolyBrute’s musical role in your projects, from tuning individual oscillators more deeply to transposing the keyboard to suit a particular track or style.

PolyBrute Connect

Communication between PolyBrute and its software counterpart is now quicker, smoother, and more intuitive, also accommodating other new features from firmware 3.0.

Workflow & expression improvements

Numerous fixes and much-requested additions to PolyBrute’s feature set, from reloading your last saved preset on startup to more features & parameters displayed on-screen in real-time.

Over 350 new presets

PolyBrute’s library has been totally reworked with new & enhanced presets that emphasize its expressivity, analog power, and new features like Distortion and Stereo Layer mode; hear the new library in action in Matt Pike’s dedicated playthrough video.

X1L3 - PORT 2 - retro joystick and paddle adapter - eurorack module

video upload by X1L3

X1L3 - PORT 2 - Atari paddle mod walk through

via X1L3

PORT 2 is an 8HP, 37mm retro joystick adapter.

Current draw V+ 80MA / V- 50MA

Gate outputs are +5v

Paddle cv outputs can be set to unipolar or bipolar.
Paddle pair fire buttons are routed to joystick L / R gates.
Unipolar - 0 to +5v
Bipolar - -5v to +v5

Module can be used with a single stick, two sticks, four paddles or a stick and a pair of paddles.

The module consists of two dsub joystick ports which are compatible with all the old joysticks from back in the 80s/90s retro days of C64, Atari, ZX Spectrum, STs and Amigas.....

These joysticks consist of four on/off gates on the X/Y axis of the stick and a fifth gate on the fire button. Examples of compatible sticks are the competition pro, Atari joystick, Zip stick, quickshot 2 and the Cheetah 125+. There are numerous others. A search of retro joysticks will yield plenty of results.

The module is also compatible with the paddles that would come with an Atari 2600 system. The paddles require a simple mod that involves soldering a single wire into them to work properly with the module. No extra parts or desoldering is required. It's just one wire and a couple of minutes with a soldering iron.


NOTE: This module will NOT work with things like Sega megadrive/master system or Nintendo controllers. These use multiple fire buttons and rely on some cpu decoding to work properly.


Initial tests reveal this module to be an absolute killer in a noise/powerelectronix rig with a joystick/paddle pair combo for gate/cv control over a noise generating configuration. I'm sure it has plenty of other uses, but the SFX / noise rig is where it's at for me when using things like this.

TTMC 158,TOKYO GATE,180,140,123

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Recreating Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" lead sounds with a Frap Tools system.

video upload by Frap Tools

"The idea for this video comes from this excellent tutorial by @AlexBallMusic , thanks a lot!

Full video by Alex Ball here: [posted here]

00:00 Introduction and patch overview: BRENSO and CUNSA
03:25 Adding envelopes and modulation through FALISTRI
06:18 Adding a wild distortion with the CGM creative mixer
08:22 Automating the filter sweep with the USTA sequencer
11:47 The final Smack My Bitch Up patch and closing remarks"

Bob Moog Foundation Shares The Story of Moraz at ProgStock 2023

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"We are excited to announce that the Bob Moog Foundation will be sharing a temporary exhibit featuring the life and work of virtuoso keyboardist Patrick Moraz at ProgStock 2023, taking place October 6-8, at the Williams Center in Rutherford, NJ. Moraz will be performing at the festival on Sunday evening.

The exhibit, filled with personal photos and narrative, traces over 70 years of Moraz's prodigious accomplishments, including his early training on the piano starting as a young child, his involvement in the bands Mainhorse, Refugee, Yes, The Moody Blues, and Moraz-Bruford, his extensive film scoring and solo albums.

Moraz's 1974 Minimoog and 2004 Voyager will also be part of the exhibit, on loan from Canadian synthesizer collector Lee Keeley.

Read more about the exhibit here.

Find out more about ProgStock and purchase tickets here:"

Sequential Prophet VS SN 1305

via this auction

Oberheim OB-1 MK1

via this auction

"This is the one you want, the mk1 with the super fast envelopes.
In excellent condition, very beefy sound with lots of modulation possibilities and even 2 sub oscillators."

Moog Prodigy 32-Key Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

Moog Matriarch meets GFI Specular Tempus

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Moog Matriarch meets GFI Specular Tempus
Exploring the GFI Specular Tempus Reverb and Delay

Follow me on Instagram:

0:00 - 0:41. Angels Shimmer
0:42 - 1:16. Duck this Dynamic Echo
1:17 - 2:38. Awakening Swell
2:39 - 3:17. 1/4+8th dual dotted
3:18 - 4:30. Hypnotik Ambiental
4:31 - 5:12. Spacious Spatium"

FIVE MINUTES WITH Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick JR FX Pedal

video upload by sonicstate

"We got hold of the brand new @CrazyTubeCircuits Sidekick JR pedal for our latest episode. Based on the Sidekick released in 2019, the JR combines the most widely used time based FX from the 80s era and beyond. With Modulation: ensemble, dimension, flanger, Echo: tape and digital, Reverb: plate, spring, hall, gated, exciter and shimmer.

In this Five Minutes With - 80s synth aficionado Paulee Bow (@magicalsynthadventure3216 ) breaks out the Ensoniq VFX SD and gives it a workout."

Patch n Tweak
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