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Saturday, July 06, 2024

25 Years of DiN (DiN86)

Featuring supporting members Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds, Dave Bessell of Node, & more.


1. Benge - Shadow - The Rest Of Light 05:06
2. Dave Bessell - All Is Now 08:35
3. Bluetech - Broken Prisms Still Refract Light 05:39
4. Erik Wøllo - Emergence 06:55
5. Lyonel Bauchet - A Perfect Day For Uncertainty 07:16
6. Robert Rich - Ornament Drift 05:37
7. d'Voxx - Vila Madalena 06:28
8. Parallel Worlds - Some Space 06:58
9. Ian Boddy - Small World 07:06
10. Polypores - Viridescence 07:36
11. Markus Reuter - Albatross 06:01
12. Field Lines Cartographer - Sea Of Grass 07:52
13. Scanner - Now There Was Nowhere 06:29
14. Chris Carter - Consonance 03:17
15. Bernhard Wöstheinrich - On The Cusp Of Lucid Dreaming 07:02
16. Radio Massacre International - Flying Colours 07:14
17. Surface 10 - Psyche Dio 07:59
18. Nigel Mullaney - There Is No Dark 06:13
19. Node - Rewind 10:08
20. ARC - System Six 11:33

"This is certainly a milestone release for the DiN label as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Needless to say, this is quite an achievement for a niche, independent label that has relentlessly ploughed its own path for quarter of a century. Its catalogue and release schedule has been carefully curated over all these years by label boss Ian Boddy, who launched the imprint way back in the spring of 1999. It is perhaps a reflection of his own musical identity which, whilst grounded in the Berlin School of the 1970s, has continued to evolve and grow to cover ever widening areas of electronic music, where sub-genres can be mixed and matched at will.

There have been plenty of compilation albums released on the DiN label in the past, most notably the iNDEX sampler albums, of which there have been eight to date. These cover tracks from existing albums and are certainly a great showcase for the label. However, this double album is different, in that Boddy invited the majority of the musicians who have previously been released on the main DiN catalogue to compose new pieces. Spread across two discs, this amounts to 142 minutes of sublime, varied and thoroughly original music. Ranging from beautifully ambient to dark brooding soundscapes, via cinematic electronica through to old school Berlin School sequencer workouts, “25 Years of DiN” is a wonderful distillation of the DiN label.

Presented in a stunning six panel fold out Digipak double CD package with 8-page booklet featuring an essay by Neil Mason (Moonbuilding), this release is a must-have for collectors of the DiN labels output.
releases July 19, 2024

Monday, May 13, 2024


video upload by Synthesizer Studio Berlin


Sale Price:€19.99 until 1. February Original Price:€29.99
get it here:

SUPERNOVA is a morphing FX processor for evolving soundscapes with a reverb at its heart.

We took the Reverb Diffusion Network from our well received SYSTEM FLOW Drone Synth and brought it to the next level with a modulated feedback drive + Notch filter. We also added a grain cloud, 6 LFOs and two Bit crushers. And a lot of presets

You can use it as a simple Grain Cloud/Reverb/Pitch Shifter/Bit-Crusher or make huge transitions by morphing between two presets.

The combination of all these FX modules and the possibility to randomize/morph all parameters gives you endless combinations for lush to freaky sounds.

Use the “BIG” MORPH knob to make HUGE transitions.
Feedback Drive is gain compensated so you don’t blow your speakers but you can still go berserk on your sound.

For lots of modulation and evolving sounds:

Draw your own waveforms for 6 different LFOs and use them to:.
1. Automate your Sample Rate / Mix of the Bit-crushers
2. Automate Feedback Distortion
3. Automate the Notch Filter in the Feedback path.

Full REAKTOR 6.5 required.

You get:
2 Ensembles:
SSB SUPERNOVA FX Soltau Edition.ens (less randomization/morphing)
145 Presets

563 MB (590.587.914 Bytes) unpacked
30 MB Download packed with RAR"

Synthesizer Studio Berlin at Superbooth - with interview

video upload by Synthesizer Studio Berlin

"Synthesizer Studio Berlin presents vintage instruments at Superbooth. Watch the interview with Michael Soltau and Stephan Bobinger and see the exhibition.
Visit us at Superbooth 2024.

English subtitles available!"

Friday, December 08, 2023

Erica Synths Interview // Synthesizers with Passion

video upload by Sine Community

"The Sine Community had the opportunity to interview Girts Ozolins and the team at Erica Synths in Berlin, Germany. Get an inclusive insight and learn more about the people behind this Latvian Eurorack manufacturer based in Riga.

The Erica Synths team is made of visionaries, engineers, musicians and our most important employee – Tuna the cat. Over the last couple of years Erica Synths has been working hard to create Eurorack modules and desktop instruments that make a difference in your workflow, whether for production in the studio, live performances on stage or educational goals in the classroom. They strive to offer the highest possible quality, aesthetics, sound and function.

Directed by Sebastian Vidal Bustamante ( @sonoaudiovisual )
Production of the Sine Community ( @sinecommunity )
Supported by Synthesizer New Zealand ( @synthesizernz )
Music recorded live at SuperBooth ( @superboothberlin) performed by KODEK ( @KODEK4444 )
With our special thanks to the team at Erica Synths ( @EricaSynths )"

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Berlin School live performance at home - "Analog crabs"

video upload by Caught In Joy

"'Analog crabs' is my Berlin School electronic music performance from my latest album "La chica de la playa" out on Bandcamp:

Playing the analog synthesizers, modular drum machines and guitar pedals in a Berlin School music style is like embarking on an electronic journey through time and space. As your fingers dance across the synthesizer's lush, vintage-style keys, you unleash a sonic universe that harkens back to the iconic soundscapes of the 1970s pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Jean-Michel Jarre.

I hope these analog warmth and organic textures will transport you to a sonic realm where pulsating sequencers guide your way through mysterious, cosmic landscapes on a rainy Berlin night.

All my recent songs are fully improvised and performed "dawlessly". Creating "dawless" electronic music in a home studio involves producing music without using a traditional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Instead, hardware synthesizers, modular synths and effects are used to create, sequence, and manipulate sounds directly. This approach can provide a hands-on, tactile experience and encourage creativity by relying on physical gear rather than a computer interface. It allows for a more immediate and intuitive workflow, with real-time control over parameters, resulting in a unique sonic character.

0:00:00 Intro with Moog Mavis, Prophet-10 and Moog Matriarch
0:07:16 Moog One solo
0:11:28 Moog Matriarch ending solo

Playing Moog One, Moog Matriarch, Moog Mavis, Moog DFAM and Prophet-10.

If you appreciate music that helps you unwind or just old-school electronic sounds crafted with analog synthesizers, explore my extensive collection of 20+ albums on Bandcamp."

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SPACE NIGHT 9 @ Synthesizer Studio Berlin - Roland System 700 & Yamaha CS80

video upload by Bobinger Audio

Monday, September 11, 2023

An Avant-Garde Synthesizer From 1960s East Germany

video upload by HAINBACH

"The Subharchord is a very rare electronic instrument from East Germany, made in the early sixties. At that time, the international music world was excited by the new electronic music coming from places like the WDR Studio in Cologne. As the GDR sought to lead over the West in all aspects, they established the „Labor für Akustisch-Musikalische Grenzprobleme“ (English: Laboratory for Problems at the Acoustics/Music Interface) to develop advanced electronic sound production. There the Subharchord was created by Ernst Schreiber as the lead engineer, while the striking look was designed by Gunter Wächtler. From the beginning it faced ideological concerns, which should later spell its doom. Thanks to the Elektro-Akustische Studio at ADK Berlin I got to explore it."

Friday, August 11, 2023

Roland System-700 +Space Echo Techno #2 @ Synthesizer Studio Berlin

video upload by Bobinger Audio

Thursday, August 10, 2023

System-700 + Space Echo Techno @ Synthesizer Studio Berlin

video upload by Bobinger Audio

"Roland System-700 + Space Echo Techno @ Synthesizer Studio Berlin"

Sunday, June 04, 2023

The Wiggler II & The Truth about Super Booth 2023

video upload by AudioPilz

"Taken from the @AudioPilz @superboothberlin 2023 coverage:"

The Truth about Super Booth 2023

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to the AudioPilz SuperBooth 2023 special. Will it provide The Truth about Super Booth 2023 ??? Including Borat - like encounters with Tatsuya Takahashi of Korg Berlin, marketing-meetups in the Teenage Engineering bus, my failure of getting a Yamaha representative in front of the camera, my lost Elektron brother, we will find out about how Polyend deals with trolls, whether Arturia people actually like the Drumbrute, there's plenty of meme goodness and I will jam on all the synths that I'm otherwise not allowed to put on Bad Gear. Finally and most importantly: does Nick Batt of Sonic State know about all the memes about him?

@superboothberlin @sonicstate

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Bad Gear???
00:20 Teenage Engineering 1 (TE TP-7)
00:45 Nick Batt #1
01:01 Tatsuya Takahashi (Korg Berlin) #1
01:51 Nick Batt #2
01:57 Arturia #1
02:30 Nick Batt #3
02:36 Sinevibes x True Cuckoo, Bad Gear Intro Tune
02:54 Tatsuya Takahashi #2
03:01 Nord
03:16 Sorry for deleting the Elektron Footage 😔😔😔
03:25 The Teenage Engineering Bus Incident
04:00 Nick Batt #4
04:13 Arturia #2 (DrumBrute Discussion)
04:53 Polyend #1
05:01 Nick Batt #5
05:25 Sinevibes #2 (huh, huh, huh,...)
05:32 Waldorf Confessions
05:51 Wiggler V2 (Hainbach approves)
06:08 Tatsuya Takahashi #3
06:34 Novation
06:42 Polyend #2
06:49 Yamaha
06:55 Nick Batt #6
07:03 FL Studio
07:12 Jam Part 1 (Schmidt Synthesizer)
07:29 Jam Part 2 (UDO Super Gemini)
07:44 Jam Part 3 (Waldorf Quantum MK2)
07:59 Jam Part 4 (Oberheim OB-X8)
08:14 Jam Part 5 (Mayer EMI)
08:30 Nick Batt #7 (Outro)"

Monday, September 05, 2022

Hainbach - Syn-Ket Studien (Full Album)

video upload by HAINBACH

"My album "SYN-KET STUDIEN" as it was recorded at the Museo Del Synth Marchegiano. Pre-order one of the limited run vinyl now or buy the digital:"

"Syn-Ket Studien (German for „study“) is as much an exploration as its a love letter. When I tried to coax music from this wonderful but not always perfectly working instrument, I was under the spell of the beautiful Marche region and the hospitality I encountered at the Museo. The album cover by Zé Burnay reflects that - the countryside and culture frames the session.

Having only a few days with the Syn-Ket, I needed to work effectively. I decided it would be the tempo that would guide my interaction with the instrument. By setting the speeds of the modulators first I learned quickly what the instrument could do and what I could do with it. Every piece is the result of a learning curve, the struggle of playing an undocumented instrument and the joy of its incredible rich and powerful sound.

At home in my Berlin studio I left the sound as raw and unedited as made sense musically, adding only a touch ambience with an old stereo spring reverb."

Hainbach, Berlin, 2022

A Short History of The Syn-Ket

"The Syn-Ket is a truly exceptional instrument: developed in Italy at the same time that Robert Moog and Don Buchla set out to write instrument history, Paolo Ketoff created what is probably the first portable synthesizer.
Born from the experience of making the huge Fonosynth and inspired by the works of Harald Bode, Ketoff worked closely with musicians and composers of the American Academy of Rome (John Eaton, Bill Smith) to create an electronic instrument that would allow live performances without tape playback.
Shunning mass production, the Syn-Ket was only produced in nine custom pieces, starting in 1963, all tailored to the musician that ordered it. And those lucky few got a lot, despite the compact size: three voices with tube oscillators, two filters and an LFO, an octave filter bank and three output modulators (a mixture of LFO/Envelope/VCA). All is controlled by a very expressive three row pressure sensitive keyboard.
It found widespread use in Italian movies of the times. Little wonder, as one Syn-Ket was famously owned by Ennio Morricone"

- Riccardo Pietroni, Museo Del Synth Marchigiano, 2022

released August 23, 2022

See the Synket label below for more.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Klaus Schulze Has Passed Away

Klaus Schulze passed away yesterday at the age of 74.

via Discogs

"Born August 4th 1947 in Berlin, died April 26th 2022, was a german electronic pioneer, composer and musician. Schulze initially made his mark as a drummer, first with the group Psy Free, later with Tangerine Dream (he played on their first album "Electronic Meditation" before he quit) and Ash Ra Tempel (with Manuel Göttsching). In 1971 Schulze started a solo career as an electronic musician and released a couple of heavily experimental albums, 'Irrlicht' and 'Cyborg'. 1973's 'Cyborg' was the first release where he used a 'real' synthesizer, the legendary VCS 3 and later in the 70's he would record albums such as 'Moondawn', 'Mirage' and 'X' and embark on several tours, documented across a number of live albums.

In 1978 he set up the label Innovative Communication and the following year he also launched the pseudonym/project Richard Wahnfried. In the 1980's Schulze continued his hectic release schedule as well as recording several soundtracks and rebuilding his studio (he "went digital" in 1986). In summer 1983 Klaus Schulze 'sold' Innovative Communication.

In the 1990's Schulze recorded several electronic interpretations of works by classical composers (most notably Wagner) as well as collaborating with opera singers and other classical music performers on his own albums. He also started collaborating with German ambient/techno artist Pete Namlook in the series 'The Dark Side Of The Moog' on the latter's Fax label, and steered the Wahnfried project into a more modern techno- and trance-inspired direction.

Schulze '...passed away on April 26, 2022 at the age of 74 after a long disease but all of a sudden'. - statement from his social media pages."

You can find numerous posts mentioning Klaus Schulze over the years here. Below are a few better known performances featuring his work from early on to a more recent performance with Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard.

Klaus Schulze with his rack of Quasimidi Polymorphs built to his specifications.
Klaus Schulze Live 1977 better image & sound

video upload by Relena Bonasoro

Klaus Schulze Live - WDR Köln 1977

Klaus Schulze Live - WDR Köln 1977 video upload by

Klaus Schulze talks about, and demonstrates, his first synth an EMS Synthi A

video upload by Synthasy2000

Klaus Schulze - A few Minutes after trancefer

video upload by Electronic Progression

Klaus Schulze Feat. Lisa Gerrard - Rheingold

video upload by Ioannis Gourgoulidis

via @moogmusicinc

"A pioneer of electronic sound, Klaus Schulze and his contributions to the synthesizer community and modern music as we know it will continue to inspire for generations.

Thank you, Klaus, for showing the world how truly human electronic music can be.


Photo credit: Klaus D. Mueller

This image was taken in Berlin in 1976 according to Till Kopper @realqwave. That would have made him 28 or 29 at the time depending on the month taken.

Update: also see Klaus Schulze: A tribute to his music and legacy

Friday, April 22, 2022

How the Quasimidi Polymorph got its name - True Synthesizer History!

video upload by Wine&Synths

00:00 Start
00:13 Story
07:55 Demo - no talking

"This is the true story about how the Quasimidi Polymorph got its name.

Back then, from 1995 to 1998, I was young and naive and getting the job as a product specialist and sound programmer at Quasimidi seemed incredibly cool to me!

What I really experienced there, you will learn in this vide. True synthesizer history!

And do not forget: Smoking kills! ;-)

Support the most important event of the synth community and buy your ticket for #Superbooth22 now!

Follow us on Instagram:

#quasimidi #synthdemo #synthesizer #proaudio #melodictechno #drummachine #onesynthchallenge #synthesizertutorials #minimaltechno

Thanks to:
Der HEDDphone im Test als Studio-Monitor-Ersatz! Demnächst mit Praxistest auf diesem Kanal!

℗ & © Wine&Synths 2022 a project by"

Klaus Schulze gets a mention after the three minute mark.

Monday, October 04, 2021

New Superbooth Berlin 2021 Presentation Videos

You can use the controls on the bottom left or upper right of the player to skip around.

1. Joranalogue - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
The Belgium Eurorack synth maker Joranalogue presented not one, but three new modules at SUPERBOOTH21: Orbit 3, Enhance 2 and Step 8.

During their Gesprächskonzert at Fuchsbau they not only talked about these new modules, but Alter Fritz also performed a live session with a Joranalogue based Eurorack system.

Driven by an unrelenting passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers an expanding series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesizer modules. They're continually introducing new approaches and techniques to the Eurorack platform, making waves in the waters of analogue synthesis. All products are designed and made in Belgium, guided by experiences in both modern hardware engineering and vintage synthesizer servicing.

This year, the Joranalogue crew finally returns to Berlin to present its latest developments. Join designer Joran van Gremberghe and artist Frits Jacobs (Alter Fritz) for a whirlwind ride through the exciting world of these black and silver modules!
2. u-he Wiretap - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert) @SUPERBOOTH21
For this Gesprächskonzert Urs Heckmann, founder of Berlin based company u-he, teamed up with Sebastian Hübert for their performance and presentation at Fuchsbau during SUPERBOOTH21. The former one-man show u-he is now a tightly knit team of employees, active associates and 3rd-party contractors – with ambitious plans.

Famous for very accurate and widely appreciated software synthesizers and effects, u-he showed their first eurorack module at a previous edition of Superbooth – the CVilisation. At SUPERBOOTH21 it was time for another announcement. They took the chance to present their latest development with a Gesprächskonzert, of which you can find the video documentation below.
The module is named Wiretap and it played a major role in creating rhythm during their performance.

Wiretap is a double gate extractor for v/oct signals. It will generate a gate when the voltage goes high, when it goes low, when it's steady, when it moves, when it's higher than the other one and when it's lower. And you can set the gate length and get additional envelope outputs.
3. Bitwig - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Berlin based DAW-makers Bitwig played a Gesprächskonzert on Thursday of SUPERBOOTH21. With the idea of - Less is More - Dave Linnebank showcased Bitwig and its possibilities, concentrating on simple ideas and how to creatively make them more complex. In other words: In this performance Dave starts with some short phrases, and then uses Bitwig Studio to extend them into musical passages. These will then become performance-ready clips by adding Bitwig's Operators for some fuzzy logic, getting the computer to make compositional choices while Dave is busy playing new lines on top.

Dave Linnenbank is a musician, technologist, and teacher. Over the past 20 years, he has crafted musical tools for pop and jazz artists, Broadway musicals, and desktop electronic musicians everywhere. Dave is part of Team Bitwig in Berlin, regularly making YouTube tutorials and more.
4. Verbos Electronics Complete Systems – SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
During his Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH21 Mark Verbos is introducing the audience to the newly designed Verbos Electronics System Configurations: Designer Configuration, Performer Configuration, Producer Configuration.

Mark Verbos explains the intended use of each configuration as well as the philosophy behind not only the module selection but also module arrangement. He also plays some examples with all three system to give a musical reference to the explanation of the ideas behind each system. This Gesprächskonzert is a great opportunity to watch and hear all three configurations right next to each other – where else would that be possible? Enjoy the video!
5. Modor DR-2 - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Modor introduced its powerful DR-2 drum machine at SUPERBOOTH21 with a short explanation by Marcel from Modor Music about its most deviant possibilities. This six-channel drum machine is completely digital – a discipline that Modor shines in. The DR- drum synthesizer features a sequencer with 128 steps and a very tidy user interface.

It positively surprised many people when it was introduced, because it is unusual and brings something new to the table. Luckily the DR-2 is not a copy of a classic, but uses modern digital synthesis to create drum sounds. A drum model can be assigned to each of the six channels. You can also assign the same model to several or all channels. The models include: Three bass drum models, three snare models, three cymbal models, claps, two tom models and miscellaneous, the latter divided into three subcategories: rimshot, rattle and cowbell.

This Gesprächskonzert was a very welcome opportunity to hear this rare drum machine in action. Enjoy the video!
6. Polyend Tracker - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Sobutane presents his upcoming album Future Cake using two Trackers and one Medusa durng this Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH21.

After working with the Yamaha RM1x sequencer for 13 years Sobutane discovered the Tracker by Polyend. Originally bought just for drum parts, it revealed itself to be a great live-oriented tool, making him compose music outside his trusty RM1x for the first time in his life. Although the idea of a tracker is not particularly new, the Tracker still feels fresh and inspirational to many musicians. The Tracker brought Sobutane ideas and a new approach to composing his music, so he bought a second one and a Medusa, also made by Polyend. That was the starting point for the creation of the music you hear in his Gesprächskonzert for Polyend. Enjoy!
7. Ploytec Boom Kick - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
This Gesprächskonzert was unusually opened with a steel-guitar performance by DobBroMan, showing the Ploytec Boom Kick (Guitar Pedal).

Ploytec always valued the opportunity of Gesprächskonzerte at Superbooth and so they took the chance to do another one in 2021 this time for a rather unusual product – a guitar pedal that generates a kick drum in sync with the tapped in tempo. Additionally it sends a MIDI clock to other gear. This is useful for simple backing of what the guitarist is playing. The addition of a bass drum completes the otherwise solo guitar and with the MIDI tempo output, other instruments can play in sync – whether these are additional drum machines or synthesizers or whatever.

And there is one special thing to note about the bass drum sound – there are no samples saved to this machine. The drum sound is generated through synthesis and it has a huge range of possible sounds, suitable for pretty much all music genres.

And if you haven’t heard the Superbooth blues yet, watch until the end!
8. LPZW & Tubbutec - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Kai and Tobi (aka LPZW & Tubbutec) probably could have sold every second SUPERBOOTH21 guest a 6mod6, that's how well their first joint product was received. At Fuchsbau the Berlin based manufacturers presented the result of their collaboration: a highly modified homage to the 606.

They were accompanied by an opening performance from Cem Oral a.k.a. Jammin’ Unit in which he used the new module intensively, giving a good idea about what the module sounds like in a musical context.

After the performance Kai and Tobi walked the audience through every sound engine of the module and showed their modifications of the original 606 circuits. Not only with the Gesprächskonzert, they convinced a lot of people that they created a great sounding and very versatile 606 inspired drum module.

Now the wait begins, the first batch of the 6mod6 still has to be built. Let's hope that the chip shortage does not delay the production too much.
9. Erica Synths PĒRKONS - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Erica Synths team of engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring surprise us all with a new instrument that no one expected and everyone wanted. Erica Synths had their booth completely dedicated to their latest product the PĒRKONS HD-01 drum machine.

PĒRKONS features four sonically versatile hybrid voices (digital sound engine + analogue multimode filter with overdrive) and a sequencer with simultaneous control over all four percussion tracks, an internal analogue BBD FX send, parameter automation and much more. This is a modern drum machine with a serious vintage look.

For their Gesprächskonzert they brought not one, but two of these machines and finally explained it and showed what it is capable of. For everyone’s surprise, the demo started with a drone set – yes, it can also do drones. And for the final concert part of this presentation, no other than Kodek entered the stage. Sounds fun? Enjoy the video!
10. Nonlinear Labs C15 – SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Stephan Schmitt, the founder of Nonlinear Labs, plays some improvisations on the C15 and shows the enormous tonal possibilities of this instrument and its ability to be played very expressively – with up to four expression pedals and the two large ribbon controllers. The C15 is a puristic and distinct digital synthesizer. Its sounds are generated by elementary algorithms and feedback structures. This opens up new fields for sound design and gives musicians an expressively playable and dynamical behavior, similar to acoustic instruments. The C15 is an instrument that has to be played by hand to unfold its full potential. After the performance Stephan explains what features are new and which special features of the C15 he used.

This isn’t the first Gesprächskonzert by Nonlinear Labs, so be sure to check out the previous editions for more information about this unique instrument.
11. Haken Audio & La Voix du Luthier – SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
Haken Audio and La Voix du Luthier have been presenting together at Superbooth for several years now, showing how well these two companies and their products fit together. This Gesprächskonzert features a Haken Continuum, the all-new Continuum Eurorack Module and the large Pyramid Resonator.
Watch Edmund Eagan passionately talk about his products and enjoy the demonstration and performance of the Continuum Fingerboard by Rob Schwimmer.

The almighty synthesis engine behind all these sounds is the Eagan Matrix, that now is also featured in the Eurorack module. This is a huge opportunity for sound designers and artists to expand their sound palette with very expressive and unique sounds.
12. UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop - SUPERBOOTH21 Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)
UDO Audio brought the world one of the most interesting poly-synths of the recent years. Very rarely a company achieves such a success with their first ever product – but the Super 6 made it. Now UDO Audio showed the desktop version of this incredible synth. Great looks, ergonomics and the sound of the original Super 6 make this machine a very interesting option for many musicians and studios on the hunt for a capable poly-synth.

In this video George gives a little insight into the development of the company in general and his view on the past two years, since he presented the Super 6 to the world at SUPERBOOTH19.

Thursday, August 05, 2021

SUPERBOOTH21 in 6 Weeks - Program and Special Event Tickets

SUPERBOOTH21 is coming this September 15 through 18. See for full details on the event.

Press release on the Program and Special Event Tickets follows:

Berlin, August 2021

SUPERBOOTH21 in 6 weeks - the program and the special event tickets

Many national and international exhibitors and their innovative synthesizers and effect devices attract thousands of music makers to FEZ-Berlin every year. Equally attractive are the numerous concerts and special events. These inclu- de many workshops that invite you to join in, the SchneidersLaden Tour and the comfortable arrival by boat shuttle from Berlin Mitte.

Stage program: This year, SUPERBOOTH21 will feature four stages. In addition to the auditorium and the seaside stage, two new venues will be added: the Finn- hütten and the Fuchsbau.

In the auditorium, there will be Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts) and talks - with Jean-Michel Jarre, Reinhold Heil, Atom TM and T.Raumschmiere among others. Early Wednesday evening, the Miller-Zillmer-Foundation will present it- self to invited guests in the auditorium, where it will celebrate its two-year an- niversary. This year the Miller-Zillmer-Foundation makes possible the workshop series with Gammon and his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, as well as - in co- operation with Mute Artists Ltd. - the headlining concerts on the seaside stage every evening: Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako and Pole.

The past 18 months have left room for many artists to go into the studio and write new music. SUPERBOOTH21 is one of the first opportunities to bring the results of these processes on stage and so there are some premieres to see. Yann Tiersen (Mute, release date: August 27, 2021) presents his new album „Kerber“. Also from hackedepicciotto (Mute), st.raumen (release date:
30. August 2021) and Pole (Mute) there is something new to hear.

The seaside stage will also feature Maarten Vos, Bloody Mary, Carolina Eyck, Kitmun and Ain TheMachine X SBNH, among others. The stage at the Finnhütten will be hosted by the legendary Tresor. For the 30th anniversary of the Berlin club and label, there will be concerts every night at 8:30 p.m. by e.g. Z.I.P.P.O, Carlota and Artik.

The ever-popular Gesprächskonzerte will mainly take place at the Fuchsbau. On this new stage, SOMA Laboratory, Verbos Electronics, Haken Audio, Polyend, U-HE, Joranalogue and Bitwig, among others, will musically present their pro- ducts. In addition, you can also get involved yourself at the Fuchsbau and contri- bute to the musical background of the event at the Modular Carousel.
Workshops & DIY: The various DIY workshops will take place in the cozy ambien- ce of the DIY tent at the Fuchsbau. Workshops offered are from Befaco, Leaf Audio, Making Sound Machines, Touellskouarn and Shakmat Modular, among others. Due to the severe limitation of places, tickets for the DIY workshops should be booked early.

Other workshops include the Tapeloop Workshop on September 18 (for up to 5 participants), the Kreativ Klangsafari in cooperation with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, and of course Gammon‘s Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, who will once again be working on a daily performance with students and presenting it at 1:30pm.

Tickets for many workshops can already be booked online and can be found here.

Livestream & virtuelle Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts): Those who are unable to attend SUPERBOOTH21 in person can look forward to the daily lives- tream. Here, the highlights of the various stages will be shown in a three-hour program. This also includes the virtual Gesprächskonzerte, which offer exhibitors who cannot come to SUPERBOOTH21 the unique opportunity to present them- selves to the audience simultaneously online and on site - live on screen in the auditorium. Among other things, the Gesprächskonzerte by and with Noise Engi- neering and Animal Factory Amplification will be presented here.

Boat shuttle: The boat shuttle departs daily from the old historic harbor in Berlin Mitte in the direction of FEZ-Berlin. The landing stage can be found at Mellow- park. From here there are precise signs to find the right way to FEZ-Berlin.

Tickets for the boat shuttle are available now and are very limited. It is advisable to be quick! Here you can get the tickets.

SchneidersLaden Tour: The tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at Germa- ny‘s most important synthesizer store - SchneidersLaden. For this tour Andreas Schneider has asked one of his first employees to tell interested guests about the history of SchneidersLaden, SchneidersBuero and Superbooth – and to provide insights into the current showrooms and behind the scenes of SchneidersLaden in Berlin Kreuzberg.

What‘s left to say? Stay healthy everyone and get vaccinated so we can spend a wonderful SUPERBOOTH21 together in September!

And: Day tickets for SUPERBOOTH21 are currently still available for all time periods on and can be combined at will with the special event tickets for workshops, boat shuttle and the exclusive tour through Schneiders- Laden.
Tickets for DIY workshops are only valid in combination with any day ticket for SUPERBOOTH21. All special event tickets are strictly limited and can only be booked in advance of the event.
All tickets are available exclusively via pre-sale on - there will be no box office to ensure a contactless transaction.

Please note that access to the exhibition grounds will only be granted with a daily negative rapid test, complete approved vaccination or convalescent status.

Monday, June 28, 2021

MFB's Manfred Fricke Has Passed Away

Left: Manfred Fricke (via back in the day with his first creations, the MFB-501 drum machine (right), and MFB-601 digital sequencer (left).

2nd image is Manfred Fricke with the MFB SYNTH II at SUPERBOOTH (unknown source).

We lost another legend in the synth world. Sad news in via STROMKULT: "'On June, 17th around 11am Manfred Fricke from Berlin alias MFB sadly passed away after having had a hard time with cancer for a while already. He left his wife Gloria and his son Jean-Marcel behind, we are all very sad having lost this partner, friend and father.'

Manfred Fricke was one of Berlins pioneers of analog synth and drum machine makers. He has been the weapon of choice for many (not only) starting musicians. Let’s be honest, who didn’t have one of his creations early in his or hers journey into electronic musical instruments – or at least thought about getting one – and why shouldn’t you? Manfred Fricke's machines always brought something unique to the table, they were mostly analog, affordable, in small plastic housings and just did the job. Manfred always focused on keeping his products affordable for his clients and the instruments quite often made their way to professional use later on, and the musicians often kept their first units as something almost holy, because it were these machines that paved the way into analog electronic music making.

But it would be too short-sighted to associate MFB only with budget entry-level products. Especially the drum machines Tanzbär and Tanzbär II, or the great Dominion 1 show that Manfred Fricke also built machines that met higher demands. The Tanzbär, in particular, is considered by many to be their favorite drum machine of the last few years, especially in terms of its amazing sound.

We hope that MFB will continue to exist and that it will continue to make it easier for many generations of musicians to enter the world of electronic sound production.

We wish Manfred Fricke's son Jean-Marcel continued success for the future of MFB and extend our condolences to him and his family. And lets hope that Manfred will finally meet up with all the other good guys on the other side.

Rest In Peace."


video upload by 7V-STUDIO

MFB's Manfred Fricke's first procuct, the Fricke MFB-501 drum machine.

Description via this video:
"This little analog beatbox was developed in 1980 1979 by Manfred Fricke. It was offered at 380 DM. As a low-cost model on the market for analog rhythm generators the small black and white "Switch Box" quickly found a lot of friends, because its configuration could be compared to its expensive far east competitors: 64 patterns and as many fill-ins switchable via micro switches, speed ​​control via potentiometer, 10 analog percussion instruments (activated by means of micro switches), combined mono/stereo outputs (jack), In & Out (5 Vss) and trigger footswitch inputs (jack) for start and fill-in
(retail price for the switch at 16 DM). An external wall power supply provides 12 volts.

Approx. 5000 units of the MFB-501 had been sold. Not so bad for a one-man company. So this drum machine is one of the top-selling devices in the history of the Berlin engineer offices M. Fricke . If you're lucky, this iconic device can still be found on the relevant internet sales platforms.

Today, maintenance of this tiny noise machine is still easily feasible, because Fricke employed only commercially available components. Therefore, 'presumedly dead 501's' can be reanimated without major problems."

MFB 601 Vintage Digital Sequencer, Teardown, Repair and partial analysis

Published on Feb 2, 2015 FPV Electronics

Note this video is FPV Electronics of course, and not Manfred Fricke.
"This device is exclusively built from 7400 and 4000 series basic logic ICs. Making it must have been so much more difficult than just programming a generic µController as we would do today."

Timeline via

1976: MFB was founded by engineer Manfred Fricke. So far there were more than some hundred products constructed and distributed. The first developments and products were primarly video games for industrial playmachines.

1979: A lowcost drummachine was introduced in 1979. (98 DM for the self construction kit). The legendary drumcomputer MFB-501 was finished and sold. Although it was not the most prominent drumcomputer of that time it surely was one of the best selling drum units in Germany. Some shops sold ten times more MFB-501s than Roland TR-808s. More products for the musician followed, such as the Digital-Sequencer MFB-601 and the digital drum machine MFB-512. All of these featured rich products were offered at exceptional low prices.

1984: The E-Drum module series 1000 and 2000 followed with corresponding pads.

1986: A new construction period started in 1986 with product launches of the MIDI-CV converter MFB-201 and the MIDI drummer MFB-SYNTH was finished in 1997, although its development dates back to the eighties. The machine never went into production since 2001, the year of the company´s 25th anniversary because of decreased interest in analogue synthesizer technology especially in the sales channels.

From 1986 Manfred Fricke specialized in products for video applications. Alone 20 different framegrabbers for the Apple II, C-64 und IBM compatible PCs were constructed. A very high percentage of these framegrabbers were and are still in use for special industrial purposes. Custom development is still done here, so these specialized tools are not available for other customers.

1994: MFB introduced the world´s first videomixer below 1.000 DM, the MFB-901. Its successor MFB-902 was available in 1995. Another important development in the video section was the model MFB-912, a digital video memory. This 1998 product was highly acclaimed by the press.

1999: The successor MFB-915 added sound and higher picture resolution. It´s available since October 1999. Another successor is the model MFB-920 with an integrated harddrive offering better options for nonlinear cutting and post processing of the recorded material.

2001: During this year, Manfred Fricke also developed another new MIDI drum-module. MFB-KULT, includes most of the famous sounds of the older machines. Both MFB-SYNTH and MFB-KULT are availabale since December 2001. Because of constant requests for the digital sequencer MFB-601 a successor MFB-602. was introduced in May 2002.

2002: Since August 2002 there´s also a little brother of the MFB-SYNTH, the MFB-SYNTH LITE

And of course the MFB DOMINION series and the MFB SYNTH PRO.

There have been 1747 MFB posts on the site prior to this one. MFB has been a mainstay on the site and Manfred Fricke will be greatly missed.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Leonard de Leonard Dawless Techno Live in Sound Provider Studio For Techno Elevation OnLine Festival

video by Sound Provider

"Dawless Techno Jam / Live from Leonard de Leonard from the Sound Provider Studio/ Berlin for "Techno Is Our Life": Techno Elevation On Line Festival.
It always fun to do Studio session like that, it's easier to choose the gear you ll use when you work on your Studio rather than choosing the one that will fit in the suitcase when we have to take the plane 😊.(even if playing in front of IRL dancers is much much better)
Lot of improvisation here , so no "real tracks" already release, if you like some parts tell me in the comment with the timing,maybe I'll try to make some songs around these parts.

Noticeable Gear I use here:
Drums and Percussions come from Native Instruments Maschine Plus, Modor DR 2 Digital Drum Machine and Eurorack modules and Patch
Synth bass and arp come from Novation Circuit Mono Station Analog Synth and most of the time from Modular Synthesizer (lot of Roland/Intellijel/Noise Engineering...)
Live Sequence from Toraiz Squid, Metropolis, Grids, Circuit , Maschine Plus Modor..."

Thursday, March 04, 2021

SUPERBOOTH21 Safety First Edition Moved to September 2021


"New date for SUPERBOOTH21

The decision has been made. The new date for the Safety First Edition of SUPERBOOTH21 is set for this summer, from September 15 to 18, 2021.

HerrSchneider: 'Even the greatest optimists must slowly acknowledge that the world will not be ready for larger, international gatherings in nine weeks now. That's why we've decided to move SUPERBOOTH21 to September.'

But if in the summer, then with really much outside! The organizers of the trade fair do not want to miss out on the opportunities offered by moving the event to the warm season. Thus, additional places in the outdoor area of the FEZ Berlin were included in the planning of the event.

At the new locations, Fuchsbau, Hüttendorf and the small forest behind the seaside stage, there will be outdoor exhibitors for the first time. All stations are connected by short walks and each offer a varied program of concerts and presentations on smaller stages, so that you don't have to miss the usual SUPERBOOTH festival feeling.

The open-air concept is intended to harmonize the usual relaxed atmosphere with the necessary safety measures in terms of distance and fresh air. For this purpose, half of the event space will be relocated to the spacious outdoor area. The exhibition areas inside the building will be reduced and thinned out in order to maintain the spatial distance between the participants and to avoid clusters of guests. Like the exhibition space, the guests will also be divided: For four hours each, in two groups of 500 people. This results in a moderate flow of visitors, who can experience the usual diverse selection of exhibitors in the reduced indoor area and then spend the rest of the day in the outdoor area, alternating with the second group.

In total, there are already several dozen confirmations from exhibitors who want to make their way to Berlin in September. Due to expected travel restrictions and existing planning obstacles, larger manufacturing teams directly postponed their participation to 2022. Likewise, it will not be possible for many overseas exhibitors to come to Berlin as early as the end of the summer. These will be offered alternative options for digital participation in the "Safety First Edition".

Ticket pre-sales will not start before May, as the current development of the health situation will of course continue to be monitored. The actual realization of the event is directly linked to the start of ticket sales in order to avoid costly refund processes.

The first edition of the new fair for the celebration of the art of guitar building will take place next year. Then numerous exhibitors will present instruments from the acoustic and electric range, for testing, experiencing and discussing.
The focus will be on the practical use of the presented instruments, the communicative get-together and the inspiring exchange between users and passionate manufacturers.

The first radio show of the Superbooth team from Feb. 11 is archived for listening on the new homepage Studio guest Thomas Kircher - from SchneidersLaden - explains how to work with a modular synthesizer and Sacha Ketterlin answers questions about his production techniques. Andreas Schneider talks about his motivation to host SUPEBROOBTH21 and SOOPERgrail.

The next sooperRADIO is dated 08. April 2021."

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

SYNTHR3 : THE BURNING SCHOOL TAPE ... the new coming album !


"Hello! This is some extract from the new coming album, available for christmas 2020 !
The new project is a complete album made with 2 Synthr3, and few mellotron & Strings samples :
The SynthR3 is a French synthesizer born from the imagination of Rémy Wasselin (analog part), his meeting with Jean-Luc Lartigue (digital part) and Laurent Cartaux (oak woodwork part). I had the honor to be the artist chosen to test and develop musically this magnificent project presented in a quality wooden case.
The philosophy of Synthr3 is based on a modular patchable modulation matrix that can be stored in personal banks. But above all it is a true analog "chameleon", adept at taking the colors of any of the famous interchangeable filters that Remy has reproduced with his know-how: Moog, ARP, Oberheim, ... every day you can choose the synthesizer you want to hear.
The modern software encompassing it all transforms the SynthR3 into the perfect companion for the stage or the studio: polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator, double mono or paraphonic synthesizer, synchronizable and stereo.
This album is the result of my artistic and tonal adventures, based on a cosmic and dreamy Berlin School style, where, except for a few samples, the SYNTHR3 is the star of the show.
Best regards."

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Martha von Lucid Grain im Talk mit Gerhard Mayrhofer ( Synth-Werk)

Martha von Lucid Grain im Talk mit Gerhard Mayrhofer ( Synth-Werk) from Open Video Medien Labor on Vimeo.

"Talk is in GERMAN Language

In 1969 Robert Arthur Moog transformed his mighty and complex 3C studio synthesizer system – due to popular demand – into a stage ready tryptich of extraordinary beauty and sonic superiority. No wonder the roadworthy Tolex covered 3P rose immediate attention among artists worldwide, and therefore found its way into the hands of artists like George Harrison and bands like The Rolling Stones or Tangerine Dream.

One of the most famous 3P users of all time and pioneering founder of the berlin school, Klaus Schulze, bought his system in 1975 from German Artist Florian Fricke and used it for several years for live performances as well as studio recordings. Kindly dedicated to Klaus, we considered it is about time to reengineer and resurrect this wonderful instrument to the very last detail to bring back the authentic sound and feel of this highly sophisticated beauty.

With greatest respect to the spirit of the old Trumansburg days, there will be a pristine model but no such thing as a stock 3P-2020, since everything remains customizable to your very own personal taste.
Video by Andreas Merz"

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