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Friday, March 01, 2024

Bad Gear is MASSIVE

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools.

There aren’t many software companies whose influence on electronic music is comparable to iconic hardware brands like Roland and Korg - Native Instruments is certainly one of them.

They defined the industry standard for sampling, established in-the-box modular synthesis and made using FM much too easy but today we are going to talk about Massive.

Putting this 2006 wavetable softsynth and primary ghost writer of the first three Skrillex EPs on the show is - quite literally - long overdue as, after the usual venture capitalist fustercluck and discontinuation of Absynth, it can only be a matter of months until this classic plugin stops working properly on contemporary computers.

Bad Gear is MASSIVE
Plugin, VST, Software Instrument

00:00 Intro Tune
01:05 Overview Native Instruments Massive
01:48 Oscillators/Wavetables/Noise/Mod OSC
02:28 Feedback
02:39 Filter Section
03:04 Modulators ( Brostep Edition ), Wubs, Wobbles
03:37 Modulation Routings, Sidechain
03:54 Patch Settings, Unison,...
04:15 FX Section
04:29 Macros
04:48 What else??? (Pricing,...)
05:13 Hate
05:39 Jam 1 ( Moog Style Techno )
06:32 Jam 2 ( Dubstep for Boomers )
07:24 Finale ( Meme Psytrance )
07:51 Verdict
08:59 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout ( Soma Lyra-8 )"

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Making a paraphonic sequence using the SEM filter on the #sequential Pro 3

video upload by The Usual

"The best parts of the Pro 3 synthesizer are the ridiculous sequencer, and also that it has a SEM filter on board. Here I'm using both."

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

DB-01 does the DFAM

video upload by Richard DeHove

"What do you get with a full parameter randomization and an LFO modulating FM? Played in the usual way you're almost certain to get a dog's breakfast. But with some careful step arpeggiation it can start to come together in a very DFAM-like way. If you're particularly lucky you may even be able to get the equivalent of four or five progressive sections from a single pattern.

The setup is a little bit involved so if you're impatient to see whether the DFAM sound is achieved just skip to the demo chunks at the end. My favorite is the DAF demo. These were named after creating them - don't think for a moment you can decide what you want ahead of time :D As usual the Gods will deliver to you what they see fit.

The Zen delay is proving a little "smoothing" and rhythmic coherence but other wise what you see is what you get. There's no further processing. Some of the demo tracks are slightly chopped since it's very easy to wander off the path into techno-Gristle land. Visually there's a few sections where the waveform display is missing, so my apologies, in the excitement of twiddling I forgot to switch it on :(

0:00 A mild example
0:42 LFO setup
1:56 Randomizer
2:40 Arp settings
3:42 Set scale
4:25 Roll the dice!
5:45 FM LFO issue
7:11 Demo 1: Warm Featherette
8:00 Demo 2: Funky Gabber
8:34 Demo 3: Bandpassed
10:10 Demo 4: DAF
10:42 Demo 5: Noisetown

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
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Paul McGowan of PS Audio Explains the Moog Synthesizer

video upload by Paul McGowan, PS Audio

"The classic Moog changed the world. Paul helps us understand what all the wires and modules actually do."

Fascinating bit at 1:50. Paul McGowan actually created his own synthesizer, The Infinitizer. Curious if there are any images of it out there. He almost sold one to Wendy Carlos. It gets a mention in his book 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller which you can find on Amazon here (note this is an affiliate link - see the site's privacy policy for more info).

Update: I asked Paul if he had any pics of The Infinitizer. Unfortantely he didn't, and he no longer has any of the parts, but he did send over the following additional info:

"I don’t have any photos of the Infinitizer, unfortunately. I remember a very sad day back in 1995 or so when I was cleaning out my lab and had to own up to hauling it off to the dump (it was a mere skeleton of PCBs, a keyboard, and lots of wires and didn’t work)."

"The idea was to make 10 synthesizers into one unit that was easy to use. This meant it would be the world’s first polyphonic synth, since musicians only have 10 fingers.

I designed a complete analog chain of 10 modules (the usual: VC filters, oscillators, envelope generators, amplifiers, etc.). Then, I hired an engineer out of Vandenburg Air Force Base who was a whiz at this new thing called “digital”. He designed for me a multiplexed keyboard that constantly scanned all the keys looking for ones that were pressed. The keys were all internally numbered and when pressed, the multiplexer would find an available VC oscillator and assign that number to the oscillator. Because we know the number of the key, the appropriate voltage was sent to that oscillator and it produced the appropriate frequency for that key. In order to have the entire keyboard voltage move up and down (like if you wanted to bend the notes or modulate the frequency with a LF oscillator) the master voltage (that got divided by the individual keys assigned to it) could be accessed as one might normally do through the patch bay.

I also wanted to have the keys pressure sensitive so for that, I invented the use of conductive foam under each key (and that too could manipulate the master voltage to the oscillator banks) and could be assigned to modulate any of the other modifiers too. My patch bay was a switch matrix and pots kind of like ARP used to do.

It was a very cool device which I wrote about extensively in my memoirs, 99% True."


As for the first non organ based poly synth, currently that honor likely goes to one of the following depending how you define it:

1975 - Buchla 502 - six voice polyphonic with minicomputer and ability to save patches to tape drive. Development on the 500 series began in 1969.

1975 - Oberheim FVS - four voice polyphonic with Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer. Not sure if the 502 or FVS was released first.

1977 - Yamaha - CS50/CS60/CS80 - first single enclosure polyphonic keyboard synthesizers, with the CS80 to be the first synth with poly aftertouch

1978 - Sequential Circuits - microprocessor control the SCI prophet 10 (briefly) and the P-5 --- again based on existing E-mu tech stuff

via The First Synth to...

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sequential Prophet 5

video upload by SyntheticMachines

"A two part multitrack demo made with the Prophet 5 desktop module

Intro: all sounds from the Prophet 5
Part 1: Prophet 5 + Uno Drum
Part 2: all sounds from the Prophet 5

As usual multitrack recordings with some fx.

00:00 - 01:04 intro: all sounds from the Prophet 5
01:05 - 03:36 part1: Prophet 5 + Uno Drum
03:37 - 07:32 part2: all sounds from the Prophet 5"

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Making a sequence on the Sequential Take 5.

video upload by The Usual

"Here's a quick plucky delayed sequence patch. The Take 5 is such a sleeper synth 👌"

Tortured DB-01 filter harmonics soothed with a Big Sky (no talk, possibly no music)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"I like melody. Looking back at when I played synth-punk live back in the day, the music then probably had too much melody. Well, I'm making up for it here. It's just playing with sweet-spot harmonics made bearable by the newly-bought Big Sky. Too nuanced? Too nerdy? Not even music? Maybe, but look at them harmonic peaks :D

In my recent post asking whether I should send back this glowing blue reverb cliche a sizable group voted for "Make some videos and we'll let you know". It's got to be some praise for the Big Sky that these droning harmonics suddenly became sweet to my ears. In fact I didn't intend to make a video about this at all. I was just booting up the new Big Sky to make sure it worked (after my sad experience of a DOA Line6 DL4), got to preset number 2, tweaked it, twiddled the DB-01's filter knob, and here we are.

So there's some hesitation in posting this since it seems incredibly obscure. Five minutes of resonant squeals? Yet I found it strangely hypnotic and satisfying. The only other filter I've come across which was even close to the Polivoks in twiddle-fun was the classic Moog ladder on my now long-departed Sub-37. It is also fun to discover separate tones with tiny filter movements. OTOH maybe it's just the Big Sky doing all the work?

Perhaps it's best to look on this as you would a dreamy session on a Lyra-8: It's not so much music as a brainwave meditation session. And that's not bad at all for a little mono bassline synth.

As usual there is absolutely no processing other than what you see: A DB-01 and the Big Sky (plus the old sci-fi samples).

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon: / richarddehove
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Introducing Incus Iteritas Alia and the return of Cursus and Ataraxic to the Alia platform

video upload by Noise Engineering


Incus Iteritas Alia FM-based wave-mangling additive voice from Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Incus Iteritas Alia is available now:

Incus Iteritas Alia smashes big and bold sounds into your patches. Incus started as a percussion voice, and was smelted into something even wilder: create kicks for any genre, snares, and metallic hits, or go melodic and create FM plucks, analog-style basslines, and so much more. Incus uses a combination of waveshaping, saturation, wavefolding, FM, and additive synthesis, plus a slew of internal modulation, all behind easy-to-use parameters perfect for jamming.

0:00 Overview 1:00 Panel and Controls 4:41 Patch: Rolling in the Low 5:12 Driving Kicks 5:40 FM Plucks 6:06 Incus and Basimilus 6:34 Effects Palette 7:04 Alia platform Incus uses FM, additive synthesis, and a variety of distortion and waveshaping techniques to create its sounds. Both FM and additive synthesis can be quite complex, but Incus uses a simple set of controls to keep things straightforward."

Press release follows:

"Los Angeles, CA — Modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering, known for their innovative Eurorack modules, has announced three additions to their Alia oscillator platform: Ataraxic Iteritas Alia, Cursus Iteritas Alia, and Incus Iteritas Alia.

In 2023, Noise Engineering released the 10HP Alia platform, marking the return of their Iteritas oscillators. Alia launched with the famed Basimilus Iteritas firmware, along with Manis Iteritas and the new Debel Iteritas, but the team promised firmwares in the near future.

Now, Noise Engineering has delivered, doubling the number of firmwares available for Alia. Cursus Iteritas Alia and Ataraxic Iteritas Alia are revamped versions of the originals, promising to sound nearly identical to the originals with improved encoder tuning, a suboscillator output, and a performable Hold button. Incus Iteritas Alia is an all-new voice based around wavemorphing additive FM, designed for percussive and melodic sound design.

Since Alia is an oscillator platform, owners of existing Alias can try out all three of the new firmwares on their modules. Firmware is 100% free and swappable at any time from the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. With six firmwares now available for the platform, the Alia is an excellent choice for those who want an incredibly diverse yet compact sound source in their system. Swappable overlays for all firmwares are also available from the Noise Engineering webshop and retailers around the world.

The new Incus Iteritas Alia is an exciting addition to the lineup, utilizing Noise Engineering’s favorite synthesis tricks and techniques to create a new voice boasting a massive range of timbres. Sounds are created with a combination of additive, wavemorphing, and FM synthesis, with three different algorithms all controlled by an internal dynamics envelope. Users familiar with the Basimilus will find that Incus has a similar workflow, and while it can synthesize the best parts of a drum kit, it’s also well-suited to bass and melodic duties.

As usual for their platforms, all of the new firmwares are available as paneled modules, so customers can choose the panel they prefer. Ataraxic Iteritas Alia, Cursus Iteritas Alia, and Incus Iteritas Alia are available now at and at retailers globally.

Availability and pricing:
Ataraxic Iteritas Alia, Cursus Iteritas Alia, and Incus Iteritas Alia: In stock in black and silver.
Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting January 18th, 2024; MSRP US$385" [check with the dealers on the right for availability]

Details on Incus Iteritas Alia

Priced at $385

Wavemangling FM percussion and instrument voice.

Incus Iteritas Alia smashes big and bold sounds into your patches. Incus started as a percussion voice, and was smelted into something even wilder: create kicks for any genre, snares, and metallic hits, or go melodic and create FM plucks, analog-style basslines, and so much more. Incus uses a combination of waveshaping, saturation, wavefolding, FM, and additive synthesis, plus a slew of internal modulation, all behind easy-to-use parameters perfect for jamming.

Incus Iteritas Alia is available on our 10HP Alia oscillator platform. Buy an Alia module and use the included USB cable to connect to the Noise Engineering Customer Portal and check out any other Alia firmware, free of charge, any time. More info can be found on the World of Alia page here. Hotswappable overlays are also available, so you can easily panel your module to match your firmware, no assembly required.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Ambient Melodic Eurorack Drone January 14th 2024

video upload by John L Rice

"As usual I was making some changes and this is the post change test. Modules being used:
Vermona - meloDICER
Synth Tech - E352 Cloud Terrarium
Happy Nerding - MMM VCF, ADSR x 2, 3xMIA
BubbleSound - VCA4p
Rebel Technology - Stoicheia
Ladik - J-110 Derivator
Erica Synths - Black Octasource
Mutable Instruments- Beads
Circuit Abbey - Unify
ADDAC - ADDAC812A Audio Meter

#modularsynth #eurorack #electronicmusic"

#jamuary2024 13 Make Noise 0-Coast & Erica Synths Pico System 3 - more Buchla-style fun

video upload by SynthAddict

"More Buchla-type wild and strange timbres and patterns.

The Pico bucket brigade delay always provides some cool and unpredictable patterns and frequencies, under full manual control.

Pico System 3 even includes factory and "programmable" voice cards like the real Buchla Music Easel had, so you can avoid all the usual manual cable patching... Buchla was way ahead of its time in this and other ways."

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Ambient Electronica Waldorf Iridium & Maschine +

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"As usual the only way to use the Maschine + is in standalone! Not really but its the way I enjoy it the most. This time using it with the Waldorf Iridium. Lots of FX, 3 instances of Massive and 1 of Monark. There is a arp of Massive which took up a big chunk of CPU, did'nt want to re-sample it though. Re-sampling of the Iridium.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium, Hydrasynth & UDO Super 6"

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave - One Sequenced Multi Patch

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds

"Patches will be available at or

I'm still in the learning phase of the 3rd Wave, and have to admit this thing is huge, Yes the PPG Waves are great, but coupled with the VA side of things it is remarkable, the Dave Rossum designed 2140 analog low-pass filter is simply stunning and I believe is the same filter used in the P5/10 Rev4.

this Patch is called - 'SM Uplift Seq'

All sounds in this are one multi patch, each of the 4 parts sequenced separately,
Part 1 - Main Synth Pluck,
Part 2 - Rythmic Digi Pluck
Part 3 - Res Pad
Part 4 - Kick

Anyway, thought I'd do my usual, and fire out some patch examples as I go :)


Sunday, December 24, 2023


Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via Tone Tweakers eBay | Reverb

Note auction links are affiliate links.
See the site's privacy policy for more info.

Video previously posted here.

"Like nearly all the high end vintage analog synths we sell, this item has been METICULOUSLY disassembled, cleaned inside and out, FULLY serviced by professionals who’ve been servicing and selling vintage synths for more than the last 3 decades, and systematically tested multiple times over a long period to ensure it’s working exactly as it should. No BS. No ebay surprises. We’re perfectionists and don’t cut corners. Although this instrument came to us in relatively good shape, we want our items to be better than the rest and invested *many* hours of tech time plus parts costs to fully overhaul this unit so it would be clean, working like new again and as reliable as possible for its next owner. This was a serious investment of time, love, and money, and was definitely worth the effort and is of course reflected in the higher than usual price. If you’re looking for a great sounding example of this model that works just like it should without needing to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in tech fees and waiting from weeks to years, this one should make you very happy."

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Vintage Dual Manual Sequential Prophet 10 Demo 2

video upload by Randy Piscione

"Another demo, this time a bit more involved. Patches are my own, playing is a little rough as usual, all sounds are from the Prophet except the drums. Actual tunes are not lifts, just for demo purposes. I also tried to duplicate a pair of famous bass sounds.

0:00 Chameleon
1:49 Bells jam
2:55 Birdland - I did this one for the FVS demo, figured I'd see how it turns out on the Prophet. This was interesting, I think the bass is better on the Prophet but the FVS certainly does nice chords.
3:48 Blues jam - two slightly different organ patches, using Double mode to combine them.
5:57 Nice to nuts - for the last 6 minutes, I played the controls live on both manuals, ending up with spaceships, machines, room tones and whatever else comes out of two Prophets."

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

WaveReX DDD-11 Expansion Card for KORG DDD-1/5 and DRM-1

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Here is my closer look to the new WarReX Sample Expansion Card for the KORG DDD Series (DDD-1, DDD-5 & DRM-1). The title track was made only with the DDD-1, except the Solo Sound was played on a DX-21. I created a lot of Samples for the Card with Linndrum, ARP2600m, TR505, DX21, SCHMIDT and Eurorack."

The following is Google translated from WaveReX

"You've had to wait a long time, now it's finally here: our new WaveDDD, the ultimate PCM card for all KORG DDD drum machines.

The highlight: WaveDDD has 99 memory banks that you can switch by touch. Like the original ROM cards from KORG, each bank can hold 8 drum samples. However, the number depends on the size of the samples. The maximum memory size of a bank is 64kB. The samples are saved at the usual DDD sample rate of 25272Hz. Our editor takes care of the resampling with its excellent, built-in resampler.

What are you waiting for? Be inspired by the sound aesthetics of the KORG DDD Drum Machine and experience a musical transformation like never before. Discover the unique connection between vintage flair and modern technology and become part of a movement that is redefining the boundaries of music. Start now and bring your music to life!

Software and manual at:"

Monday, December 18, 2023

LD3 Vothar8 Bass

video upload by gotharman

"Tweaking the Vothar8 filter board to get a good bass sound, and then adds some more sounds...
All sounds are, as usual, made with the internal synth engines and effects of LD3."

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Do you need a complex poly synth - or just polyphony and FX?

video upload by Richard DeHove

"There are few synths more simple than the Solina, but can it be extended from its one trick? Can it do what real poly synths do, or at least cover some of the territory by using external effects? And if it successfully delivers a range of bid pad sounds then can interesting little mono synths do the weird stuff and your need for a flagship poly finally end?
After a short intro burble I demo a range of sounds using the Strymon Mobius, Shift Line Astronaut and Erica Synths Acidbox III. They certainly move the Solina out of its usual zone but can't really overcome the lack of envelope control. OTOH the pad thing is well covered. It it enough to end Big Poly GAS?

0:00 The only bit of talking
1:09 Rotary
1:40 Formant
1:52 Bit crusher
2:50 Chorus
3:44 Filter & res
4:24 Env follower
4:48 20dB gain
5:20 Drive
6:40 High res
7:20 Metal
8:10 Envelope
8:37 Drone
9:25 Thick

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Friday, December 15, 2023

Background Modulars No.3 - Serge Paperface

video upload by Memetune Studio

"Can't find a Serge Modular system to create a self-generating Cybersynthesis patch on? No worries! Just put this video on in the background (in full-screen mode), and have the next best thing 😁

In this background piece, I’m using a 1970s Paperface system with some Loudest Warning Serge clone modules to help with the AI composition process (top panel)

The usual VCO / VCF / ENV things are set up, being triggered from a combination of Positive Slew, 73 EG and the mysterious Fenetre module (a Window Comparator designed by Charlie at Loudest Warning, inspired by a tiny bit of the Destiny+ Czochralski Cells thing - Google it), which takes a CV-variable input and sends out staggered pulses, all CV-able. Some of these go to a 4-input AND module which is combined with the other clocks to give varying rhythm to the piece. The pitches are being generated from the Gated Comparator (Ken Stone design, Mk2) which is being altered as the piece develops by various interrelated CVs from the other modules and the vintage Programmer, set to 4 steps on a very slow clock, again related to the main clock via an 8-way divider, then into a 2HP Tune quantiser, which I supplanted into a spare hole in the cab. The Programmer also has its other outputs slowly changing things, such as timbre and LFO of the main oscillator. The reverb is from the Serge spring units (stereo) and there is a tiny bit of Boss SE70 delay in there (all being mixed via one of the Serge Universal Audio Processors)

The general idea is that its one great big interrelated cybersynthesis patch, and the sequence changes slightly each rotation. I think if you listen through to the end, you will hear a very satisfying melodic development, one that I was not expecting to happen. I had no idea how the melody would evolve, and for the first time in my patching life I was genuinely surprised by the melodic resolution this self-generating Serge patch produced"

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Epic sounds of Waldorf Microwave I - Drone Ambient NO FX DEMO (no talking)

video upload by brainhack musicbox

"NO FX - all sounds are produced by Waldorf Microwave synth and captured straight into PC.

Digital oscillator and analog filter, just 8 voices, no onboard effects - but it can sound like an orchestra. I always wanted to make a long, self-evolving patch - and this demo is supposed to show the incredible power of mighty Microwave.

Okay, if a big (by modern standards) 2 rack units box is a Micro, what about Macro? It all started in 1978 with Wavecomputer 360 by PPG (Palm Products GmbH) - the first instrument to offer 30 different wavetables (64 waves each) opposing to the usual minimum of the day (sine, saw, pulse). With added analog filters, it later became known as PPG Wave.

In the late 1980s #wavetable was still a groundbreaking concept - when single-cycle waveforms of differing harmonic spectra were stored in adjacent memory slots. Dynamic spectral shifts were achieved by scanning through the waveforms, with interpolation used to avoid noticeable 'jumps' between the adjacent waveforms (extensively used in this demo).

With the end of the #PPG company, some of its employees moved to the newly-created #Waldorf to make their first rockstar - the Microwave which is essentially PPG Wave 2.3 with original wavetables and analog filters.

Korg keyboard is used just as a MIDI controller, with a sustain pedal.
Programming the machine is in fact easier than it seems at first glance - but more #MIDI knobs and faders would be helpful anyway."

Friday, December 08, 2023

NerdSEQ Firmware V2.0 and Multi-IO Expander release

video upload by XOR Electronics

"Finally I am happy to announce you the new NerdSEQ firmware V2.0 and the new Multi-IO Expander release! There have been many updates since the initial release of the NerdSEQ 6 years ago but this time it is the most massive update so far!

Adding a new mapping screen which allows to modulate everything with everything, adding calculations and even simple scripting/code.
A new scaling screen with many scale presets, user scales and microtuning per note.
A new tracktype which allows polyphonic sequencing and the drummatrix to sequence Midi, I2C, CV/Gate ...
New edit modes to fill in notes/values and make sequences on-the-fly.
Updated Midi Routing allows the use of 3 independent Midi Ports with the Multi-IO Expander.
I2C support for distingEX, ER301, Just friends, 16n/F8R and clones....
External control of all parameters in the NerdSEQ.

There is much more in this new firmware and I squeezed even more out of the NerdSEQ hardware!!
As usual the new firmware is free to download on the XOR Website.

Also the new Multi-IO Expander is finally released which is the new Midi and I2C Expander. It got 3 Midi Ports:
- USB Host - Connect a Launchpad, Midi Keyboard, Midi Controller etc
- USB Device - Connect with the Computer and you got a NerdSEQ Midi Device to use with a DAW
- TRS-A Midi - Classic TRS-A / DIN Midi ports
They are 2 x I2C Ports which can be used in a flexible way to act as a Leader or as a Follower
- Encoder and Buttons allow to use new edit modes, to dial in notes and values

The new firmware and more information is available on the XOR Website:

Discussion on the forum:"

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