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Monday, April 08, 2024

ROLAND JD-XI 2024 | The 300 All-New Next Level Presets / Sounds / Synth Patches!

video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

It's time to massively upgrade your JD-Xi for 2024! Compatible with all JD-Xi models, Ultimate Patches has just released the all-new JD-Xi 2024 Ultimate Patches, with 300 affordably priced premium quality patches covering vintage, modern and futuristic polys, leads, pads and fx, as well as classic non-synth instruments including acoustic and electric pianos, B3 organs, guitars, basses, sitar, accordion, vibes, orchestral instruments and many others.

This all-new set covers genres including classic pop & rock, synthwave, orchestral, cinematic, hip hop, vaporwave, shoegaze, country, latin, R&B, classic soul, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, modern pop, reggaeton, country, dubstep, deep house, tech house, trance, experimental, retrocade, retropop and more!

Pricing & Availability: Available now as an instant digital download at, with Spring Sale pricing starting at $14.99.

The Free 15 Patch Taster Pack from the collection is now available as an instant digital download (no registration required):"

Monday, March 25, 2024

The ultimate drone machine setup

video upload by Omri Cohen

"The patch from this video, and patches from many other videos, are available on my Patreon page -

00:00 - Introduction
00:12 - Drone voice
04:40 - New drone voice
07:02 - VCO voice
09:17 - The full setup
12:10 - Patch example"

Monday, February 05, 2024

BEHRINGER PRO VS MINI | The 100 All-New Presets / Sounds / Synth Patches!

video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

"New: 100 Next-Level Behringer Pro VS Mini Ultimate Patches, Plus Free Patch Pack Get ready to turbo charge your Pro VS Mini! Ultimate Patches has just released 100 premium quality patches covering vintage, modern and futuristic polys, leads and pads, as well as classic non-synth instruments including acoustic pianos, B3 organs, guitars, basses, orchestral instruments, classic electric pianos and much more - all at a great price.

In addition, the free Taster Pack from the collection is now available to download (no registration required):

This all-new collection features genres including classic pop & rock, synthwave, cinematic, shoegaze, orchestral, hip hop, country, latin, R&B, classic soul, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, modern pop, reggaeton, country, dubstep, deep house, tech house, trance, experimental, retrocade, retropop and more!

Pricing & Availability: Available now as an instant digital download at with Winter Sale pricing starting at $9.99."

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Bastl Instruments Introduces Neo Trinity Compact 6-channel Modulation Eurorack Module

video upload by

Press release follows:

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Eurorack module, Neo Trinity. It is a compact 6-channel modulation hub that combines knob and trigger recording, LFOs, CVs, and envelope generators. This module is a spiritual successor to our renowned hex modulation superhero, CV Trinity (released in 2016). Neo Trinity is designed with performance in mind, offering great musical complexity achievable with simple gestures. With Neo Trinity, building compact systems finally makes sense.

Ultimate automatable modulation hub

Each of the Neo Trinity ́s 6 channels can be either LFO, envelope generator, or a CV knob recorder, while their main parameter can be automated with the REC button.

Each channel also features a recordable trigger generator with an algorithmic fill feature to get the inspiration started or to make things polymetric and keep your patches ever-changing. Use the SHIFT button to change modulation shapes and sync selected or all channels to an internal or external clock.

Since Neo Trinity has been designed with performance in mind, it includes channel mutes and allows storing whole presets as banks.

Easy to control with complex possibilities

While the core mechanics of the module are very straightforward, the inclusion of assignable CV inputs exponentially increases the complexity of the module’s behavior. Control some or all channels in different ways with the META IN and utilize channels’ E and F dedicated inputs. The inputs can control the main parameter in a positive or inverted way, control the output amplitude, and act as an external trigger or a trigger for the internal Sample & Hold function. The CV knob recorder mode also acts as a quantizer, and when combined with the CV inputs, it turns into a handy voltage processor.

Neo Trinity will be released on January 11, 2024, 7pm CET, priced at €290 excluding VAT. Available from the Bastl Store and our retailers.


Check with the dealers on the right for availability.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Roland Galaxias // Create your own Frankensynths

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Enhance the classics by combining analog, digital, vintage and modern tones.

We've now got a standalone synths for Roland Cloud Ultimate,... and they've given us an upgrade - you can just load your favourite synths or you can create monster hybrids. With Galaxias you can build up to 4 layers per scene - so you've got Fantom style complex performance patches .. without needing a FANTOM. Plus this can use 4 ACB models in a single patch/scene."

Friday, October 13, 2023

Bad Gear - Mother-32

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Moog Mother-32. Is this semi-modular synth and ultimate gateway drug into the world of Eurorack really Bad Gear-worthy or am I just trying to find a way to make my post inMusic takeover purchase tax deductible? Is it really a one-of-a-kind analog synthesizer or should you get the Behringer Crave or Behringer Model D?"

00:00 Intro tune
00:56 Overview Bad Gear - Mother-32
01:26 Oscillator
01:47 LFO
02:04 Ladder Filter
02:18 High Pass Mode and Workarounds, Self-Oscillation
02:42 Envelope
02:53 Architecture, Patches, Routings
03:29 Midi, Sequencer, Ratchets
03:55 Integration into Modular Setups
04:20 What else??? (Build Quality, Pricing)
04:34 Hate
04:59 Jam 1 (Techno)
05:48 Jam 2 (Ambient with Drums)
06:45 Finale (More Techno)
07:17 Verdict

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - Ultimate Pads Vol.1 Vid 2 of 2

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds

"Patches will be available at or

The first Instalment of many for this synth, due to it's strengths and capabilities I have decided with this one to break the banks down into categories.

In this one it features 50 Lush, Warm, Emotive, inspiring Pads.

the initial test was to see how lush I could get the hydraynth to sound, and decided to do a full bank production ready and balanced levels.

This will work on any hydrasynth, anyone with a deluxe, i'd love to hear the pads layered :)

These pads are suitable for most genres, especially, film scoring, ambient, trance and any musical woks that require some evolving motion.

anyway, I hope you enjoy!

as always, many thanks for checking these out!


00:00 Intro
00:10 SM Flutter PAT
02:14 SM LetmeRun
05:00 SM Volcano
07:28 SM Exodus
09:30 SM Critters
12:17 SM Chrystals
13:49 SM Falling Stars
15:58 SM Violet Saws
17:38 SM Sentiment
19:16 SM ModRipper
20:59 SM Arped Dream
24:39 SM Breathe
25:36 SM RythmicPan
27:23 SM Jazz Funk
28:00 SM PhaselDazel
29:28 SM DX Pad
30:22 SM Spheres PAT
32:48 SM RythmicWarmth
34:54 SM Choralism
36:51 SM FilmicBrass
38:17 SM HP Sauce
39:15 SM ModWhl Me
40:59 SM BrokenFilters
43:05 SM ResoFizz
44:55 SM The Journey
46:36 Outro

Friday, September 15, 2023

Hydrasynth really can do Rich and Warm!

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Patches will be available at or

This Patch will be in the Ultimate Pads Vol.1 Bank Coming Soon. - Patch Name SM Omnistax

Following a viewers comment yesterday regarding the hydrasynth not having any depth or richness, I set out today to see just how much depth and richness it can do.

I must admit I was of the same opinion with the lack of depth and warmth, but as always, diving under the hood and carefully adding motion and movement, the Hydrasynth can sound very very warm and very rich indeed. So I will happily stand corrected on my initial views.

I thought I would share this to let anyone who has or had the same opinion, it may make you think again.

This has no external effects, all 100% Hydrasynth.


Thursday, August 31, 2023


video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

"All-new, all next-level! Ultimate Patches has just released 300 premium quality patches covering vintage, modern and futuristic polys, leads and pads, as well as classic non-synth instruments including acoustic pianos, B3 organs, guitars, basses, orchestral instruments, percussion and much more - all at a great price!

The hefty collection spans the genres of classic pop & rock, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, hip hop, country, latin, R&B, classic soul, reggae, jazz, trap, chiptune, modern pop, reggaeton, country, dubstep, deep house, tech house, trance, experimental, retrocade, and more. Dig in!

Pricing & Availability: Available now as an instant digital download at, with Summer 2023 Sale prices at $19.99 per Volume (100 Ultimate Patches) or $29.99 for the Value Bundle of all 3 volumes (300 Ultimate Patches). In addition, free patches from the collection are now available to download (no registration required):"

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Is the OXI Instruments Coral the Only Multitimbral Synthesizer Module for Eurorack?

The following is the latest press release from OXI Instruments for their new Coral eurorack module. It claims that Coral is the only "multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack", but there are others as you can see in previous posts here, including the Mayer M800 (16 voice in 4 parts), Ryk Vector Wave (16/4 as well), Percussa SSP, and Rossum Assimil8or (8 part though sample based). If you know of others, feel free to leave a comment. Regardless, OXI Instruments Coral is an impressive module. You can find demos of it in previous posts here.

The press release follows:

OXI Instruments introduces Coral as only multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack, empowering users to create basslines, drones, drums, pads, and riffs

NIGRÁN, PONTEVEDRA, SPAIN: having hitherto made musical waves with its inaugural OXI One product release as a battery-powered performative sequencer, controller, and composition tool with four fully-independent sequencers (originally raising 1,178% of its fixed funding goal with American crowdfunding website Indiegogo in 2021 and regularly updated with new features since shipping), inspirational and innovative music-making tools-crafter OXI Instruments is proud to announce (limited stock) availability of Coral as the only multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack — embracing eight-voice polyphony (freely splittable into different parts and allowing every parameter to be independently set for each voice or part) and several sound engines (each assignable to different voices) all accessible via a colourful, organic interface arranged around an anodised and beautifully silk-printed aluminium panel, premium finished with custom aluminium knobs, empowering users to create basslines, drones, drums, pads, and riffs while effortlessly manipulating voices independently to craft complex patches out of the box — as of August 30…

Ultimately utilising lots of computing power to deliver rich-sounding engines in an eight-voice package that could conceivably be termed the ultimate multitimbral synthesizer — depending on the sound engine involved, one voice can have up to eight oscillators, meaning up to 64 oscillators playing at once making for a massive sound, for example, Coral can be played in a number of ways. While it is fair to say that it breaks free from conventional polyphonic synthesizer behaviour, Coral can conveniently be played polyphonically using only one CV (control Voltage) and gate connection, allocating a new voice every time it registers a new note — be that part of an arpeggio, strummed chord, or pad with long decayed notes — on the oct (V/Oct) input. Independent filter, amplifier, and modulation envelopes are available to each of those voices — in fact, every parameter can be independently set for each voice, including individual effect sends! It is also possible to play all eight voices in unison — all voices playing the same note for drones and thick textures, as well as triggering the internal envelopes with the trig input or directly controlling the amplifier level with the amp CV.

Coral also benefits from full MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) integration, meaning multitimbral operation is a given while also allowing for control over any part’s parameter via MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) commands. Indeed, its eight voices can be freely split into different parts; this time, every parameter can be independently set for each part to craft complex patches out of the box. But there’s more: once those voices have been grouped across different parts, users can distribute the modulation signals across them using the part CV; so, for instance, if there are two parts, the first part will be addressed if the part CV voltage is between 0 and 2.5V while the second will be addressed if the voltage is between 2.5 and 5V.

But better still, several sound engines can be assigned to each of Coral’s voices; included instances available from the outset are Virtual Analog, Waveshaping, FM (Frequency Modulation), custom Wavetable, MDO (Multiple Detuned Oscillator), String, HiHat Synth, Snare Synth, Digital Kick, and Wav Player, now boosted by new Additive with Wavefolder and Diode Distortion additions. As one such sound engine implies by name, Coral supports almost any kind of WAV file — 16-, 24-, and 32-bit mono or stereo — with no limit to playback time! Thinking outside the box comes easily when working with Coral — add overdrive to samples, sculpt them using the filters and envelopes, pitch them up and down in tune, and even modulate the sample file or folder in real time using the CV inputs or MIDI CC commands! It is possible to load any wavetable WAV file to the SD card for Coral’s Wavetable engine; wavetables can even be morphed into three dimensions using OXI Instruments’ OXI Wave app — based on the amazing Wave Edit app created by Andrew Belt — that makes creating and editing them both fun and interesting in equal measures.

Clearly, Coral can go far beyond the realms of a conventional polyphonic synthesizer, then, thanks to the comprehensive voice management and manipulation on offer. On the face of it, those powerful sound engines speak volumes in and of themselves — as does Coral’s full-featured polyphonic sample playback plus built-in space (deep atmosphere) and chorus (rich ensemble) effects potential. It is, indeed, the only eight-voice polyphonic, multi-engine, multi- part synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack, one whose freedom of voice management is even hard to match in desktop gear. Going from rich polyphonic patches to a fully-fledged groove box with basslines, drums, and leads comes quickly to Coral, which, of course, can be fully controlled using MIDI and CV — or both! All available to all in a compact (14HP) form factor for a reasonable price — particularly when pitched against a conventional polyphonic synthesizer.

“The introduction of Mutable Instruments’ Plaits module was a revolution in terms of compact, multi-engine synth voice modules,” maintains OXI Instruments CEO & CTO Manuel Vázquez Rodríguez, good-heartedly giving credit where credit is due before digging deeper to end on a high note: “Thanks to their open source contributions, we have taken some of their algorithms and put them into a tasty, compact package that contains eight ‘instances’ of that module with custom-developed engines alongside new ingredients like independent envelopes and filters per voice, effects, full MIDI implementation, and a colourful, organic interface. On top of that, custom wavetables and a sample playback engine are also available per voice. But we didn’t want to just create another polyphonic synth, so, to allow users to make the most of every voice, we’ve introduced the multi-part concept. Consequently, users can arrange and use the eight voices as they wish — with eight monophonic parts, one polyphonic part of eight voices, or any combination thereof, such as two polyphonic parts of three voices each, plus two monophonic voices in the same module, meaning Coral can be corralled into acting as a versatile and powerful polysynth, drum machine, groovebox, and sound exploration module... all at the same time! We won’t stop there, though, adding more features in future through regular firmware updates — just like we’ve been doing with OXI One!”

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The ultimate introduction to eurorack envelopes

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Envelopes are a classic and crucial building block in synthesis. However, there are many different options available, all with subtle differences. In this video series I tackle all the things you should know and consider when picking an envelope for your setup. In this first part I cover Triggers & Gates, and Stages & Behaviour. In a video coming soon I will dive deeper into topics like modulating, looping, trigger and gate creation etc. So, stay tuned!"

00:00 – Intro
04:10 – Triggers & Gates
06:10 – Gates
07:16 – Triggers
08:21 – Stages & Behaviour
08:32 – AD envelope
10:10 – Behaviour type 1 (triggered)
11:29 – AHD envelope
13:10 – ADSR envelope
14:37 – Behaviour type 2 (gated)
17:12 – DADSR envelope
18:16 – Check envelope length!
18:52 – Basic patches

How to REALLY use your envelopes - All about envelopes - part2

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Envelopes are crucial building blocks in synthesis, but they can do much more then control the volume of a sound. In this video we’ll have a look at what you can do with CV control over envelope stages. How you can mix, invert, and combine envelopes to create unique shapes. How looping envelopes add a lot of modulation power. And how you can get the most out of envelopes that generate gates and or triggers. Enjoy!

Full disclosure: The 3 envelopes used in this video are supplied by Erica Synths. A lot of fun videos on interesting topics (like this one) wouldn't financially be possible otherwise. Huge thanks!"


00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Modulate the envelope
09:30 – Mix & Invert
13:16 – Envelope looping
18:28 – Triggers & gates out

Sunday, August 20, 2023

TAL-U-NO-LX Patch Bank by Espen Kraft | Download now

video upload by Espen Kraft

64 New Patches! Perfect for Pop, Synthpop, Italo Disco, Synthwave etc.

Find the pack here:

The drums in the demo can be checked out in the link below. They're part of my "ultimate synthpop/Italo disco" sample pack:"

Italo Disco/SynthPop Sample Pack | Get it NOW!

"I've spent a long time recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, with focus on quality and usability. Each drum sample is taken directly out of the hardware.
Many of the sounds has been made by layering different samples and effects.

This is not a free pack, but I hope you'll see it's priced quite reasonably considering the quality and quantity of the sounds. :)

Get the pack here:"


Looking for some truly unique samples? Don't want to settle for lesser grade sound-a-likes? This is the the 80's sample pack for you and it's simply oozing retro nostalgia.

With weeks spent recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, there's an unparalleled commitment to quality and usability.

Each drum sample is taken directly out of hardware and many of the sounds have been made by careful layering of different samples and effects to give you the sound that's just ..'perfect'.

With over 600mb of construction kits, on-shots, melody loops, bass-lines and vox shots the hardware kit list in this sample packs creation includes:

Korg Poly-61
Korg DSS-1
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland Juno 6
Roland JX-8P
Roland R8
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland S-10
Yamaha DX7
Behringer Model D
Sequential TOM drum machine w/EPROM binary Linndrum, DMX and Emulator chips.
E-MU Drumulator

Dr.Böhm "The German Linndrum" drum machine
Elka OMB-5 and Drumstar 80 drum machine
Simmons SDS800 drum machine/brain
Akai S1000
Akai S612
Akai S700
Casio SK-1
Kurzweil K2000"

Sample Format: 44khz / 24 bit

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The ULTIMATE Virtual Analog Synth? // Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

video upload by Miles Away

"The Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave is a powerhouse digital wavetable synth with 24-voice polyphony and 4-part multi-timbral capability, but you might not know that it's also an analog powerhouse. Today let's dive deep into the heart of 3rd Wave, and learn how you can use it to push the boundaries of analog sonic exploration. Review, tutorial, sound demo.

Stream my EP ❤️

Download the FREE Analog Init Patch for the 3rd Wave 🕶

0:00 - intro talking
1:46 - original 3rd Wave analog demo song
4:00 - about the demo
4:37 - no talking patch comparison vs Prophet 6
5:32 - what makes the 3rd Wave sound so analog?
7:03 - synth walkthrough - creating an analog init patch
9:14 - creating a patch from scratch - stereo PWM pad
16:32 - can it do Moog bass?
20:16 - classic analog saws
23:58 - making split patches - Blade Runner bass and lead combo
29:33 - outro and final thoughts
30:24 - no talking Virtual Analog sound demos"

Follow-up to this post.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Ultimate DX7 - DRUMATRON - minimal / electro / noise

video upload by synesthetica

"Support my work by donating with Paypal:
Thank you!

Get the patches here:

32 drum patches for Minimal, Electro, Noise, etc.
No processing other than some LF EQ cut, reverb and master bus compression was used."

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Yamaha DX7, TX81z, SY35 and SY77: The Ultimate Review

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This review compares the sounds of a DX7, TX81z, SY35 and SY77 side by side. Over 20 years was spent creating the Off The Matrix patches, so the review will reveal the true strengths of each of the instruments. The first part will be a demonstration the DX7, TX81z and SY77 playing the same patches. To my surprise the TX81z sounded better for a couple of the patches. The video will cover the strengths of the TX81z and SY35 over the DX7. The video will end with demonstrations of the SY77 patches as well as the new SY99 samples. A TQ5 was used to play the TX81z patches, so through much of the video the SY35 is playing the TX81z patches.

The sounds can be found at

Stock footage that came from PexBell and Leaf Studio is used with a Creative Commons license."

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Bass Station II Battle // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"Watch Novation’s Product Specialist team from around the world, battle it out by creating patches and using them for four different live jams using Bass Station II.

To celebrate Bass Station's 30th year, and 10 years of Bass Station II, we're bringing our team together to show you how Bass Station II is much more than bass!

After 10 years the Novation Bass Station II is still the ultimate monosynth for warm, fat, and dirty analogue sounds. Based on the original classic 90’s Bass Station it is enhanced in every area to make it bigger, more versatile, and more powerful in every way. With two filter types, two tuneable paraphonic oscillators and a sub-oscillator (that can also be treated as an independent 3rd oscillator) plus; noise, ring mod and the unique and powerful AFX mode designed in collaboration with Aphex Twin mean the sonic possibilities of this analogue powerhouse are unlimited.

You won't want to miss this - tune in on May 31st to watch.

--- Discover Bass Station II"

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Korg MicroKorg | NEW for 2023 | The 300 All-New Synth Sounds / Presets / Patches

video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES


Ultimate Patches has released the all-new microKORG 2023 Ultimate Patches (also compatible with microKORG S, microKORG Plug-in VST, and MS-2000 series synths).

Celebrating the Korg microKORG's 20th year on the market, Ultimate Patches has brought the synth into fresh sonic territory with 300 new pro-quality patches covering futuristic digital, authentic vintage analog, classic leads, basses and evolving pads, and traditional non-synth instruments including B3 and Vox organs, classic 60s, 70s and 80s Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, orchestral instruments, world percussion, 80s guitars & basses and more.

The collection spans the genres of modern and vintage pop, synthwave, cinematic, orchestral, latin, futurestep, classic 70s rock, vintage and modern hip hop, country, reggae, retrocade, trap, chiptune, 70s soul, dubstep, reggaeton, deep house, vaporwave, trance, techno, tech house, futurepop, experimental, modular and jazz.

Pricing & Availability: Available now at as an instant digital download, with Spring 2023 Sale prices: $14.99 per Volume (100 Ultimate Patches) or the $29.99 Super Value Bundle of all 3 volumes (300 Ultimate Patches). The Free Patches Pack from the collection is now available to download (no registration required):"

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Paradox Vol 1 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential Trigon 6 & Synth Show - Ep175 - Sound Design

Synth Show - Ep175 - Sound Design - Sequential Trigon 6 video upload by GEOSynths

Paradox Vol 1 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential Trigon 6
video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -
The Trigon 6 is the very latest Synth to be added to the Prophet 6 and OB6 Family and while it has a number of similarities, it does go beyond those previous Synths in many ways.

Here are the final 25 Patches in my Bank of 100 - Paradox Vol 1 - and include Motion Pads to Dynamic Strings, Deep Bass to Cutting Leads, Classic Polysynths to Keys, plus a whole set of Arps and Metalic Sounds.

All 100 Patches will be demonstrated over 4 Videos, when the 4th is uploaded, they will be available to Purchase."

00:00 - 76. 80's Child GEO
00:35 - 77. Circles GEO
01:52 - 78. Ultimate Pad GEO
03:26 - 79. Shimmer GEO
04:36 - 80. Two Tones GEO
05:40 - 81. Green Day GEO
06:43 - 82. Crossfire GEO
07:54 - 83. Electroarp GEO
09:11 - 84. Synth Pizz GEO
09:56 - 85. Broken Arrow GEO
10:33 - 86. Ratios GEO
11:24 - 87. Digi Mini GEO
12:03 - 88. Estranged GEO
13:46 - 89. Old Organ GEO
14:27 - 90. Bass Roll GEO
14:51 - 91. Brass Balls GEO
15:24 - 92. Cold Call GEO
16:33 - 93. Stringfold GEO
18:03 - 94. Binary Lead GEO
18:37 - 95. Electric Friends GEO
19:08 - 96. New Wave Poly GEO
20:03 - 97. Broken Sync GEO
20:47 - 98. Sad Sax GEO
21:27 - 99. Simple Pad GEO
22:53 - 100. Big Poly GEO

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Sequential Prophet 5 / 10 Rev4 - Promethean Vol 1 - first 40 Custom Patches Vid 1 of 2

video upload by Orano Music

"Finally I got around to creating a bank of 80 sounds for the stunning Prophet 5 / 10 rev4 Patches available at

This is the first 40 sounds in the pack. Next 40 will be on Reel 2 of 2.

And yes I used the arp from the Trigon-6 a couple of times, I understand the P5 / 10 doesn't have an arp, but it lets you all hear how certain plucks etc will sound arpeggiated. :)

To keep the Preview / Demo Videos as honest & transparent as possible, I have used only chorus and a tiny bit of reverb. If a video with effects would be preferred, just let me know and I'll repost with decent amounts of Chorus, reverb & delays etc.

This was put together by popular demand, and a custom bank I was unsure if I would ever do. The Prophet 5 / 10 was always a hesitant buy for me, due to it's mono output, but boy was I wrong, and I am so glad I took the plunge and grabbed the Prophet 10! this synth has got to be one if not the best synth I've ever owned, it is remarkable! This is the first P5 / 10 custom pack from me but most certainly will not be the last! :)

The bank (which has ended up a labour of love), is one where I didn't go searching to see who and what songs the synth has been used in, but a custom bank of sounds that came straight from the heart and head. The pack is full of Gorgeous Pads, Emotive Keys. Fat and Funky Basses, Leads, Plucks, etc all full of analog goodness!

The bank has been freshly baked using the latest firmware 2.0.4 which adds some amazing features to the P5 / 10 rev4! more control with aftertouch and velocity, Q Compensation which thickens up the higher resonant sounds (similar to bass compensation) adds a nice bit of punch!

Please ensure to have 2.0.4 (or higher) on your P5 / 10. to take full advantage of these great new features!

Link to OS (as of 15th March 2023)

Bank (A) - First 40 Sounds

Tuesday, March 07, 2023


video upload by ULTIMATE PATCHES

"Compatible with Minilogue Bass + Minilogue.
Digital Download (FREE & paid) Now Available:"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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