MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday, August 06, 2015

West Coast Bach

Published on Aug 6, 2015 ngarjuna

Creepy Google DeepDream visual effects for that vintage West Coast acid. Sweet dreams...

"We all know Bach on the East Coast synthesizer...but sometimes he just likes to lay low on the West side. Make Noise/Intellijel/4ms voice"

Current playlist:

I. Prélude
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

II. Allemande
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

III. Courante
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

IV. Sarabande
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

V. Passepied I (en Rondeau)
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

VI. Passepied II (with da capo I)
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

VII. Gigue
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

VIII. Prélude
English Suite #6 (BWV 811)
Johann Sebastian Bach

The Anatomy of a Drone - Patch of The week

Published on Aug 6, 2015 Doug Lynner

I believe the Triple Wave Shaper wave folding video Doug refers to at the beginning is this one.

"How to patch a four voice drone for maximum texture and timbre!

Though this is illustrated on a Serge the concepts apply to many modular synthesizers. Let me know how you apply this on your modular synthesizer.

To see the modules used in this patch in detail see the Mystery Serge at

Doug offers modular synthesizer lessons and consultations. For information write

Doug's website is"

tELHARMONIC Harmonic Algorithm

Published on Aug 6, 2015 MAKEN0ISE

"For the Harmonic Algorithm, H-OUT, each of the three voices is a 24-partial harmonic oscillator, using
high-resolution sine wave generators. The timbre is varied by the CENTROID and FLUX parameters, with CENTROID
setting the loudest of the 24 harmonics, and FLUX setting the steepness of the gain roll-off around that center
harmonic. When FLUX is full CCW (0% modulation) the spectrum is flat and sweeping the CENTROID will ripple the
spectrum (like a string harmonic). When FLUX is increased, the harmonics surrounding the CENTROID decrease in
amplitude and the sound becomes more focused upon the center harmonic, which causes modulation of the
CENTROID to have a more dramatic effect.

When FLUX is not set to 0%, a trigger or gate in the H-LOCK input, or a press of the H-LOCK button, will cause the
partial that is currently selected by the CENTROID parameter to be locked ON at full amplitude even after
CENTROID changes. By sequencing CENTROID and Locking harmonics, many additive timbres can be found. Press
and hold the H-LOCK button for 1 second, or set Flux to 0% via panel control or CV, to clear all locked harmonics.
This parameter affects all three voices of the H-OUT, but does not affect the P or N OUTs."

YAMAHA CS-50 Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer features 4 polysynthesizer voices. While the case and instrument itself shows slight, routine wear-and-tear for such a vintage piece, the synthesizer is in full-working condition. Own a piece of Yamaha's rich history with this incredible synthesizer. Please note that only the 4 legs are included for the stand with the case. Additionally, this item does not include the expression pedal."

Regarding only four legs, see this post.

InsWorks Todo Junto

Published on Aug 6, 2015 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

"Asi suena todo junto"

Link Fixed for Richard Devine's BossFYTE - Think About It Remix Post

FYI, the links to Richard Devine's latest release in this post have been fixed (you can go straight to the release here). I grabbed the link from SoundCloud and forgot that SoundCloud sometimes has a nasty habit of truncating links, so when you right click and copy, you are actually grabbing a broken link. You have to click through the link and then grab it from the destination once loaded. Bad SoundCloud! Apologies to everyone for forgetting this. The link has been fixed and Richard get's a second post.

Uncertain [Live Modular]

Uncertain [Live Modular] from Icaro Ferre on Vimeo.

"This is my first attempt on capturing a live performance focused on feelings and emotions rather than technical details. While I really enjoy the technical side of music, sometimes it's nice to go back to the basic concepts of what music is and what it's really all about.

The entire piece was composed and performed using just my modular synthesizer (a 12U Eurorack system).

Recorded on August 6th, 2015."

Teletype Studies Part 2

Teletype Studies Part 2 from tehn on Vimeo.

Original Serge Modular Analog Rack Panel

via this auction

"Here is a vintage Serge panel filled with great modules. It is just a panel so it doesn't include a power supply (you'd have to integrate this with another Serge system or get a power supply for it). Works and sounds amazing! Includes: New Timbral Oscillator (unique!), Dual Universal Slope Generator, Ring Modulator, Wave Multipliers (awesome unique module), Mixer, Variable Q Filter (killer), Universal Audio Processor, Extended ADSR Sold as is with no returns so please no what you're buying. This is a silver panel from the original Serge days which is harder to come by! Note that the panel below it is not included in this auction and is an experiment with misc additional modules I've had from different Serge systems..."

Rare Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer

via this auction

"This is a very rare Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer designed to work in tandem with synths like Arp 2600s, Minimoogs (with CV) and other analog synths that didn't have the ability to store patches to have some of that capability. It includes a lot of great on board features. This particular unit still has the box and was barely used making it very close to new for such a vintage piece from the late 70s! Here's more info: RARE SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS 700 SYNTHESIZER MEMORY / PROGRAMMER This vintage analog synth programmer was designed and developed by Dave Smith, founder of Sequential Circuits back in the later part of the 1970's. This particular unit was used on a Mini-Moog to assist in live performances and offered extremely swift and accurate recalls of analog synthesizer parameters. Overall, I'd say that this unit ranks a 7 out of 10 due to some of the lettering has worn off the front panel, there's a few light scratches, and there is a small amount tape residue on the top of the real panel [see photos]. Unfortunately I was unable to test it but was working fine and trouble-free when it put in storage - a bedroom closet - about 10 or so years ago so I can not say if it's working or not [However, When last used, it offered smooth, easy and trouble-free operation]. The unit powers up and the red LED display is strong & bright and the unit steps through the bank & program numbers like it's supposed to. It has the original, knobs, pots, switches and lighted push-buttons - All in working condition with a nice, rugged feel. Serial number is which I believe indicates that this unit was one of the first ever produced of the 700 series. I have recently been told that only 25 of these units were made so here's your chance to own a piece of Sequential Circuits early history. Below is a brief description and info I found on-line

Vintage Oberheim SEM Two Voice Rack

via this auction

Blue EML 200 Modular Analog Synth

via this auction

"Here is a very rare vintage analog modular synth from EML called the EML 200 Modular System. From the makers of the Electrocomp comes a more flexible unique sounding synth! The condition is very good with some minor chips in the paint that are barely noticeable from a distance. It's a beautiful blue synth! Very few were made and even fewer were blue (most were silver/plain). Note this is not 1/volt per octave but EML's own scaling and it does not include a keyboard so it's more for processing and special effects (unless you can find an EML keyboard or some other trick with a CV to midi converter and scaling)."

Roland system-100M modular synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction


303 controlling the Elements

Published on Aug 6, 2015 LektroiD

"LektroiD's build of the MI Elements, controlled by the CV/Gate from the 303"

New MFB Tanzmaus Analogue Drumcomputer in the Works

It looks like MFB has a new drum machine in the works.

Spotted on

"Tanzmaus (dancing mouse) is a 4-7 instrument drum machine quite like the Xbase09 was – so this is a smaller version of the Tanzbär Drummachine (dancing bear) which is bigger than a mouse.

4 instruments on top – the bottom rights may be something for the hihats.. so it’s 5/6 instruments – at the bottom I found 7 “things” so – I assume it will be a 7 instrument drum machine with step input."

Doepfer Announces Black & Yellow A-124SE Special Edition Wasp Filter Module

via PatchPierre.Net

"Quite unexpected, Doepfer announced a black A-124 Wasp filter with yellow knobs today.

This module comes as a limited edition and will be available through your local dealers. (order no. A-124SE)
Great marketing-idea by Doepfer IMO, especially to promote the recently announced colored knobs. All kinds of color-schemes are possible now..."

This could be an interesting new direction for Doepfer who is known for their almost clinical grey modules.  It would be fun to see a system filled with different themed modules.  On the practical side it would make finding modules in a complex system much easier.  Imagine finding filter types based on their original color schemes.

Sq-1 with microbrute

Published on Aug 6, 2015 MegaSniv

BossFYTE - Think About It ( Richard Devine Remix)

Update: Links to the release below have been updated (click here). SoundCloud has this annoying habit if truncating URLs in descriptions, so if you copy and paste them they do not work.  Apologies to all for forgetting and not checking.

Some eurorack wallpaper for you to accompany Richard Devine's latest release, a remix of bossFYTE. The system pictured is the one used in the remix.  That is the actual patch used throughout the track. Sections were pulled and processed for the synthetic textures you hear.

via SoundCloud above:
"Just released today my remix of bossFYTE on DETROIT UNDERGROUND
Lil' Dog Toes / Think About It ( Richard Devine Remix)

Order Here

Electribe 2 | Ambient V

Published on Aug 6, 2015 r beny

"New ambient jam on the Electribe 2. Having some work done in my water damaged house, haven't had much time to make music lately. Needed to make something beautiful after listening to 5 half-fridge-sized dehumidifiers and 9 power fans have been droning on for the past few days."

Thought this one was really nice. Creating moods with individual synths.

Jen SX 1000 Analogue Synthesiser

via this auction

via the seller: "This synth is in overall good condition for its age with a few known issues but plays and sounds great. I love the action of the keyboard and, for such a simple synth, it's capable of some amazing sounds...

Known issues:

Some of the coloured knob caps are missing (see photo).
The filter cutoff knob can be slightly crackly and probably needs a clean with some contact cleanser (I've still been using it happily as it's not that bad).
The octave switch knob is a little loose and sometimes slides past the markings. When it does that I just slide it back - it still works fine even when switching octaves mid-performance. The pot probably just needs to be tightened up.

For me, none of the above issues have prevented me having fun with this synth - it's to be expected for a synth that was produced between 1978 - 1982!

Polyphony Monophonic
Oscillators One DCO (sawtooth, square, pulse-width modulation); 4-octave range (32', 16', 8', 4'); white and pink noise generators
LFO 1 Filter LFO plus Vibrato
Filter 1 Low-pass filter, 12dB/octave, with ADSR
Keyboard 37 Keys"

the magnetic bug never stops talking

Published on Aug 6, 2015 pianoloft

Great mood kicks in after :50.

"a lot of oscillators are interacting at the magnetic bug, which is built by folktek ( ). there are magnetic points to change the connections of the oscillators and some knobs to manipulate the unique and not really predictable soundresults. sometimes a delay (echopark by line 6) is added, and later on a casio sa-46 starts, run through a pitch shifting effect of the roland sp-404sx and the EHX memory man."

1986 Ensoniq Mirage Ad


Optigan Flow

CR-68 + Optigan + Mellotron-impro.

Make Noise Telharmonic Dark Drones

Published on Aug 6, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

See the tutorial, details and history behind the new Make Noise Telharmonic here.

"First simple test with the Make Noise Telharmonic module.

The Telharmonic is being modulated by slow LFOs and put through the Intellijel ZDSP, and Space Designer.

Buy my Electronic Music albums here :"

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Synthesizer Drum Machine Sequencer SN 44635

via this auction

ARP 2600 TTSH - Pacific Aid 2600 & Tabla Demos

Published on Mar 2, 2015 Cray

"ARP 2600 clone TTSH and Dave Smith Pro 2 TTSH (ARP2600) is playing the beats via the Korg SQ1 and the DSI Pro 2 is playing the chords."


Published on Mar 4, 2015

"TTSH ARP 2600 clone playing tabla"

Videos above via this auction.  Note they are from Cray who has been featured on this site a number of times before.  You'll find a couple of more pics from a previous listing here.  Really liking the multi-colored sliders on these builds.

"Version 1 with Version 2 upgrades (Gate Boost, MIDI In/ Out) Spring Reverb.
Will also throw in 3 sync pcbs.

Looks and sounds just like the original.

Professional build = quality build."

Roland Paraphonic 505 String Synth

via this auction

Gotharman's Fuzion - Synth Track

Published on Aug 6, 2015 gotharman

"Another amazing hit made on Fuzion :-) All sounds are made with Fuzion's synth engine, and sequenced using Fuzion's sequencer. The only effect used, are an internal delay. Recorded directly from Fuzion's audio outputs."

Memory Moog - "Dance of the Hours"

Published on Aug 6, 2015 noddyspuncture

"Played on my Memory Moog... and probably better known as: 'Hello Father, Hello Mother' but it's actually 'Dance of the Hours' by Amilcare Poncielli...! Great tune...;)"

ACID/ DUB/ DnB/ Abstract /Minimal (MXR into Future Retro + EMX FXz DECIMATIOn

Published on Aug 6, 2015 j j

"ACID/ DUB/ DnB/ Abstract /Minimal (MXR BOX into Future Retro + EMX FXz Decimation & as main Controller

mp3 DL link
'demonized species'"

Forbidden Easel

Published on Aug 6, 2015 Cray

Holidays with IOS Apps 1: Borderlands Granular, Elastic Drums, BIAS FX...

Published on Aug 6, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"During my holidays, I create some short clips about new apps and some great already existing apps."

Olympia Noise Co. Patterning (In Beta)
Chris Carlson Borderlands Granular
Cognosonic Pte Ltd AudioStretch
ApeSoft iVCS 3
IceWorks Inc. LORENTZ Polyphonic Synthesizer
O-G-SUS Elastic Drums
Positive Grid BIAS FX
Arthur Kerns midiLFOs
Holderness Media Crystalline
Holderness Media Johnny
Holderness Media Echo Pad
Kymatica AUFX:Space
CME Xkey 25 Keyboard

Nord Stage2 EX LIVE ACT R'N"B

Published on Aug 6, 2015 muzykujkropkacom

Gra: Piotr Lemański
Nord Stage EX 2
Drums: Native Instruments

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