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Monday, September 28, 2015

Korg ARP Odyssey Explorer 1

Published on Sep 28, 2015 Bill Vincent

"This video is a sound exploration of the Korg ARP Odyssey. The Odyssey is running through an X32 mixer with some digital reverb and a bit of chorus to widen the sound across the stereo field. I spent much of this video experimenting with getting as many tones from one note as possible - i.e. using the filter along with LFO modulation and resonance to create "chords" from the two oscillators, using filter/resonance harmonics to add the third and sometimes fourth (over)tones from the note. This video is long and probably boring, but for those interested in what types of sounds are possible out of the Korg Odyssey, this may hold some value."

Extreme Slow Order - Simultaneous multi-event sound collage

Published on Sep 28, 2015 A Box In The Sea

"This is a continuation from my last piece. Because the Linnstrument offers so much sonic control and expression, I find myself completely rethinking how I create a patch. I wanted to further explore simultaneous multi-event generation but this time only with the Linnstrument. I'm using the Animodule Gate_Mod plus the SSF URA to help decide when I trigger a gate, 1. if it gets passed to the Gate_Mod and 2. how long to delay the gate. The result triggers an envelope/VCA combo being fed by the Nebulae (whose files are being cycled by the Phosgene's EOD output). All melodic sounds are coming from Braids in FM, TTVV and FFFF modes and processed through the Erbe Verb, Clouds, Three Sisters, PGH Filter, Red Panda Particle, Seppuku delay and Montreal Assembly Count to Five.

I'm using the Linnstrument in split mode where one side is CC faders (so I can manipulate multiple parameters at once) and the other side is notes. I'm also using the Linn with the Machinedrum to trigger the 16 samples I've loaded.

I prerecorded the main melody into sampler which I'm playing to the previously recorded Braids sounds. I'm getting 2 things out of doing this 1. I suck at multitrack recording and I'm trying to wrap my head around how I can use it for what I'm doing and 2. I knew there would be a natural delay and missed notes because I don't record on a grid and I wanted that overlapping sonic crisscross/collision of notes."

New Electribe and Microbrute are best friends!

Published on Sep 28, 2015 Hermisphere

"Pretty random improvisation over a 4 bar pattern programmed on the new Electribe. Trying to demonstrate the softer side of the Microbrute, which is a very expressive instrument."

Trance Escape by modula

"Macbeth Dual VCO > SV Filter > Modcan Dual Delay > Spring Reverb"

7 Tips for Making a Lead Sound Cut Through the Mix

Published on Sep 28, 2015 Jacob Watters

"Learn how to create a lead sound that will slice through any mix with these seven tips."

mCKENIC Linn DMX 505 rom

Published on Sep 28, 2015 mCKENIC

"Quick play after installing Harry Axten's WONDERFUL Linn/DMX rom for the Roland 505... makes the 505 a whole new beast :-)"


Published on Sep 28, 2015 EMW Synthesizers

"A sequence showing some of the features of our new MIX SEQUENCER module. This module was based on the ARP2500 Mix Sequencer module. We used some noises from our NOISE STATION, a sound from our ANALOG DRUM SYNTH and several waveforms from two VCO-104 analog oscillators."

Korg Polysix Vintage Keyboard Synth with Kiwisix MIDI upgrade SN 461541

via this auction

"The KiwiSix Upgrade was installed by a professional technician and features:-

• A complete replacement board for the troubled Korg Polysix KLM-367 circuit board. These are usually battery damaged which can be difficult and expensive to repair and render the synth unusable. • 1024 Tones can be stored and edited. It is also possible to temporarily edit any Tone. Tones are selected using a two button system. The first button selects the high digit (bank 1-8) and the second button the low digit (Tone 1- 8). This allows 64 tones (1-1 to 8-8) on any bank group. There are 16 bank groups that are selected using the A-D bank buttons.

Two FS1R Tracks by a bunch of freqs

Two entirely FS1R tracks (including drums) by a bunch of freqs. Enjoy!

Abstract Data Octocontroller Demo #3 - Techno

Published on Sep 28, 2015 sonicstate

BTW, Abstract Data will be at the upcoming Budapest Music Expo.

"Techno and modular go hand in hand, so it would be rude not to do a demo of the Octocontroller without including some techno!

In this patch I wanted to demonstrate the sample and hold CV functions of the Octocontroller. The Octocontroller has a random CV output that you can loop, it is a really handy feature and also very musical. The random CV can also be limited to a quantized one octave range which makes it very quick and easy to use in a musical way.

If you have already watched some of the other patch demos then you may want to skip first minute or so."

All parts here.

Two New Video Demos for the Upcoming Polivoks Clone by Alex Pleninger

"Polivoks in action 3" & "Polivoks in action 4 (sequenced)" added to the main post here. Don't miss them!


Published on Sep 28, 2015 EXPLORING AUDIO

"This is a quick performance video of 'What Kind of Day Has It Been', a song from my upcoming album titled 'SPACE CORGI'.

The music was composed entirely on a Nintendo Gameboy with LSDJ and then recorded, processed, mixed, and mastered in Ableton Live. Guitar parts, Korg Monotribe, and Moog Sub 37 were added live on video.

'SPACE CORGI' will be released on October 15th, 2015, in honor of the first day of the third annual 8static Festival, which I am extremely proud to be performing at!"

Demora: the width control

Published on Sep 28, 2015 wellurban

"A detailed demonstration of the "width" function on Roland's Demora delay module.

(Note: there's some occasional glitching of the pitch that's due to some quirks in my input patch, rather than to Demora)"

How to Sync Scatter to System-1m

Published on Sep 28, 2015 Jacob Watters

"Here is a tip that shows you how to sync the Roland AIRA Scatter module with a System-1m."

New Audio Damage NEURON FM DRUM VOICE Eurorack Module Proof

Silver box acid jam with Inter Gritty

Published on Oct 18, 2014 Inter Gritty / Random Island

"Quick, raw single pattern acid jam straight from Random Island HQ aka my living room. The old silver boxes take the spotlight, backed up with some hats from the 909 and a bit of pedal action. Hope you like!"

And a little late but you can still appreciate the 909:

Happy 909 day!

Published on Sep 9, 2015

"It's 9/09 today. Here's how Inter Gritty celebrated."

Moog's MF-Chorus & MF-Flange Nominated For TEC Award

via Moog Music

"Moog Music is proud to announce that both the MF-Chorus and MF-Flange Minifooger Analog Effects have received TEC Award nominations in the category of 'Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects'.

Recognizing the technical innovations behind recordings, live performances, television, film and video games, the 31st annual TEC Awards will be held on January 23, 2016 during the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Moog Music is grateful for this year's nominations and for the efforts of the NAMM Foundation and TEC Awards in spotlighting the technical achievements of today that that will shape the sounds of tomorrow.

Enjoy these select demonstrations of the TEC Award nominated MF-Chorus and MF-Flange analog effects and visit the Moog Dealer Locator to find an Authorized Moog Dealer near you."

You'll find the demos on Moog's website here.

Upcoming Sound Labs at Amsterdam Dance Event Oct 14 - 18

Workshops at this years' Amsterdam Dance Event currently include Moog, STEIM, Ginko Synthese, and Falafular Synths. Details follow.

ADE Sound Lab: a modular synth heaven

"The modular synthesizer has always been an integral part of dance music, and ADE Sound Lab will shed a light on its heritage during a three day modular synth bonanza.
If you're planning on visiting ADE Sound Lab make sure to grab the annual ADE Card, which allows you to access MusicTalks and live performances.

Modular synths have been on the rise of late. Their new found popularity boosted the modular market in unforeseen ways. The market has spiked like never before, and there are ever more and more musicians, artists and producers making their own modular set up in search of unique sounds and machinery.

ADE Sound Lab focuses on the history and heritage of synths by inviting sound designers, inventors and even some legends of the modular world to inspire you with talks, workshops, performances and a Modular Market. By exhibiting the latest inventions in (modular) synthesis ADE explores the realm of the development of new electronic instruments, (modules for) modular synthesizer systems and audio installations, as well as innovations in the field of image and visualisations of sound. Amongst other work, ADE Sound Lab introduces the Modular Expo.

Do It Yourself Synth Building Workshops
You can not only play around with existing modules and modular systems, but you can also build your own synthesizer. ADE Sound Lab offers several Do It Yourself workshops, some free of charge, others for a fee. The latter will ensure you can take your brand new, playable synth back to your home studio.

Moog’s Chris Howe will head the workshops on Thursday and Friday. Friday will see a workshop that will be led by STEIM - Hypothetical Instruments, which will focus on the future of electronic music, what instruments will be needed and how we will correspond with those yet-to-be-invented modules. On Saturday, the DIY Workshop will be hosted by Ginko Synthese who will let you build your own synth with their very own DIY kits. They’ll even let you make a case to harness the instruments. Falafular will host on Saturday. If you like to learn more about prices and workshop registration, keep a close eye on our website and the respective event pages.

Moog Werkstatt by Chris Howe (Moog Music Inc, US)
Werkstatt Workshop provides a way for synth experts and novices alike to explore subtractive synthesizers. Through hands-on instrument modifications, participants will learn the fundamentals of subtractive analog synthesis and the control voltage paradigm. Analog synthesizers have long had their own maker culture born of curious engineers, physicists and hobbyists who have created and crafted their sounds through electronic experimentation. It is our goal to share our love for learning, music, and electronics by encouraging everyone to create the world they want to hear, one mod at a time.

STEIM - Hypothetical Instruments
In this workshop you can design machines for creative expression. Working with low and no-tech, you’ll build non-functional instruments aimed at inventing the music machine of the future. By taking as a starting point how an individual imagines the experience of playing electronic music, we will spend the afternoon making the perfect machine or instrument for that person. This process is directly informed by the designers and researchers from Native Instruments, Johannes Kepler Universit├Ąt and STEIM, with the goal of making instruments that are positioned on the bleeding edge of technology.

Ginko Synthese
Ginko Synthese, the braindchild of Jan Willem Hagenbeek, aims to close the gap between the stage and the studio. At ADE Sound Lab they will be presenting easy to build cheap DIY kits. The components are available at a reasonable price. The popularity of these kits is currently spreading across the world fast, meaning that a lot of new user codes are becoming available almost weekly. You can use these modules as granular oscillators, wavetable oscillators, drum synths and even as clock sources just by uploading a different code.

Falafular Synths
Falafular is the SDIY brand that enabled Falafelbiels (Niels Kloet) to build himself a fabulous modular synthesizer. The ’S’ in SDIY stands for soldering, and Niels Kloet will show you the nit and grit of Do It Yourself synth building.

ADE Sound Lab is organised by ADE, in cooperation with Creative Industries Fund NL, the Dutch fund that offers sound pioneers and innovators an opportunity to demonstrate what they are working on, as well as helping them to develop their talents further in a 'hot house' environment.

ADE Sound Lab
Dates: Thursday Oct. 15 - Saturday Oct. 17
Time: program starts at noon
Venue: Compagnietheater
ADE Sound Lab is a free program (except for the ADE MusicTalks series and live performances, free for ADE Card holders, also accessible for 1 & 5 Day conference ticket holders)."

Minimoog Voyager Session by Jeffrey Bousfield

Published on Sep 19, 2015 Jeffrey Bousfield

"Fooling around with my minimoog voyager and minifooger analog delay"

New Moog Mother32 Interpretation from Bryan Benting

via @Bryantist

"I got to see Moog's new product (Mother 32) at Knobcon 4 a few weeks ago and drew this from memory. #Moog #Mother32"

The SNES Swerve (DIY MIDI Controller) Unboxing

Published on Sep 25, 2015 KM Productions

"The official unboxing (and example) of Kyle's hand crafted DIY MIDI Controller "The SNES Swerve". It consists of 6 potentiometer knobs and 4 mini arcade buttons built inside an X-Men Super Nintendo video game cartridge. In this video it is controlling 8 FX knobs in Ableton Live."

Follow-up to The Mini Sega Twist (DIY MIDI Controller)

Roland TR-808 and Boss RDD-10 modulation bus effect

Published on Sep 18, 2015 dyLAB0303

"Roland TR-808 snare going into Boss RDD-10 delay effect - trigger out of TR-808 goes into modulation bus of RDD-10 to trigger the modulation in time with TR-808"

via Acidboxblues

"When is a delay effect not a delay ?
Well in the video I made I use the feedback and tone on my Boss RDD-10 to start it making lovely feedback noises and use the modulation to get the effects moving along. The Boss RDD-10 has a cv input for the modulation so you can send it all kinds of things. In this instance I’m using the trigger out of the Roland TR-808 to restart the modulation, this making a perfectly synced noisy synth effect.
Enjoy the noise."

Moog Prodigy SN 6481

via this auction

Buchla Music Easel Synthesizer

via this auction

"Selling a Buchla Music Easel in excellent condition, purchased this year, with everything that originally comes with it: Power adapter, Buchla bag containing cable, card in original sealed plastic container (never opened) & original bo. Note that the cool Buchla box will be packed itself so that you can enjoy it! This is what you get when you order new, no issue/repair, you get the Buchla/Cortini sound surprisingly easily!

Those units are very tough to come by and the waiting time to order from stores is weeks if not months."

Moog Minimoog Model D w/ MIDIMini kit by Studio Electronics

via this auction

"Excellent condition, has MiniMIDI (MIDIMoog) kit installed by Studio Electronics.
Adds MIDI in/thru, Osc2 Sync, LFO, retrigger as well as other routing options. Much like the SE-1 feature set, but on an actual Minimoog. A really nice MiniMoog.

This unit has been meticulously cleaned inside and out, tuned, new key bushings installed, temp stability mods done and pots and switches cleaned and lubed.

This is an amazing machine capable of sounds you wouldn't expect from a Mini. Snoop around youtube and watch the videos of people creating amazing bass and Mini sounds all the way to drums and hats. Makes it much more versatile.

Original wood cabinet, no restaining or replacement wood. VERY Minor bumps and abrasions to wood but very few considering its age. Mostly a statement for full disclosure.

8XXX Serial Range with 3046 based Oscillators"

Moog Minimoog Model D Synthesizer with Case

via this auction

"This Minimoog D is in great shape. Everything works. It is tuned pretty much but maybe just a hair away from perfect tuning. This mini underwent an in depth servicing with updated parts at SynthFool Nov 2013. It has been packed away in it's case since then except for testing and experiments inside a non-smoking project recording room..."

Roland SH-09 analog synthesizer

via this auction

Cyclone Analogic TT-303

via this auction

"The Bass Bot is an analog, monophonic synthesizer and sequencer, an incredible reproduction of one of the most sought-after analog synths ever. The sound is authentic not because of good sampling or modeling, but because it uses identical circuitry: classic transistor-based circuit design, using 21st century technology.

The sequencer uses classic step-entry programming, and stores up to 224 editable patterns, as well as 224 bot-generated preset (non-editable) patterns. The Bass Bot holds 7 songs of up to 127 bars, with everything stored in onboard flash memory, which means it will stay there when you turn the unit off.

The TT-303 is indispensible for acid and techno house music, great for hip-hop, and just a whole lot of fun! Fatboy Slim says 'Everybody Needs a 303!': here is your chance to get one."

New omsonic VCF-1 MKII audio demo.

Published on Sep 28, 2015 omsonic

"available via
novation bass station into The VCF-1 MKII into audacity"

"The VCF-1 MKII is an updated version of the original VCF-1

2 pole low pass OTA sallen key type filter

The VCF-1 MKII now includes a tone knob that lets you change the tonality and distortion characteristics of the filters resonance clipping signal path this means you can make it sound smooth and round or distorted and gritty or most things inbetween.

Will self oscillate when Q is high enough

Very nice black and gold face plate with red back lit om sign !

Comes with a standard 10 pin to 16 pin eurorack power cable and 2 screws

system requirements info -
17 mA +12V
13 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
30 mm Depth


Published on Sep 28, 2015 Ebotronix

Roland System 100
Oberheim Sem
Kenton Pro 2000
Moog CP 251
Make Noise Format Jumper
Lexicon PCM 80 / 90, TC M one XL
Rocktron Rack Interface
Mackie the mixer²
vid # 1387

Unknown reggae, on Casio DM-100

Published on Sep 28, 2015 organfairy

"This reggae is unknown in the sense that it I haven't come up with a name for it yet! I was playing around with my Casio DM-100 and tried to make something new, and then this melody suddenly popped up. So this time I am actually recording both music and video and at the same time composing. You can see the track being recorded on the PC in the background. I later added a couple of other tracks and mixed it before making the video."

Ladik D-333 - random pattern and some modulations

Published on Sep 28, 2015 RuprechtM

"O-111 VCO4 as trigger source (green cable), D-333 rom player w. IC 020 set (+ P-060) as sound source (orange cable), 2x L-111 LFO2 as modulation sources (left one for sample selection - yellow cable, right one for modulations - blue cable), 2x A-310 headphones amps (outputs)"

Ladik D-333 CV drum pattern and as wavetable VCO extension

Published on Sep 28, 2015

"In first half is D-333 triggered by S-180 sequencer, CV output is used for selecting pattern samples.
In second half is square VCO output used for triggering D-333 at low audio rates, some modulation added"

Roland U-20 - Exploring the Presets - MIDIVERSE MONDAYS #5

Published on Sep 28, 2015 MIDI-VERSE TV

"On this episode of MIDIVERSE - TV we're sitting down with a Roland U-20. We'll scroll through some of the preset sounds of this PCM based synthesizer. Pull up a chair, turn on your speakers, and have a listen?"

Disco Forno

Published on Sep 27, 2015 SynthMania

"Sunday night Nu Disco jam. All done on Roland W-30
FX: Alesis MidiVerb II reverb, Yamaha SPX90 delay"

xenophon barber

Published on Sep 28, 2015 dresseduplunch

"hypnotic semiambient techno jam done with my new moog analog delay and vermona perfourmer MK2..

Sequencer - Sequentix Cirklon
Drums - Elektron Octatrack
Synthesizer - Vermona Perfourmer MK2
Effects - Jomox T-Resonator, Korg KaossPad KP3, Moog MF104M Analog Delay
Mixer - Mackie"

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