MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michael Maxwell's "Composing Radio" Installation and Performance with Evaton Technologies RF Nomads

Update: audio excerpt added above.

For those near Southern Illinois University College, there is an art installation and upcoming peformance featuring a eurorack modular system with four Evaton Technologies RF Nomads. The installation just started today and will be on display tomorrow from 3PM to 5PM. A live performance is scheduled for 6PM on Thursday, Oct 1. You'll find a preview video below.


"'Composing Radio', an installation and performance, is a preview of the material that SIU graduate student, Michael Maxwell, will be performing with 'Resilience Radio' during Global Fusion at Texas A&M this October. 'Composing Radio' will be on display at the Cinema and Photography Gallery at the Southern Illinois University College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, in Carbondale IL on September 29 and 30 from 3PM to 5PM. There is a performance at 6PM on Thursday, October 1.

Sonic material for 'Composing Radio' is sourced from four RF Nomad voltage-controlled shortwave radio receivers, supplied by Evaton Technologies for this series of performances. The work explores the materiality of radio and seeks to create aesthetic and critical conduits that emphasizes the creative and cultural potentials of live radio."

Video clip below.

Composing Radio I
Here is a short clip from "Composing Radio." The patch from today was sounding a bit like a nature soundscape at times. Enjoy.
Posted by Felnyrii on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Here is a short clip from 'Composing Radio.' The patch from today was sounding a bit like a nature soundscape at times. Enjoy."

Elektron Sidstation with Livid CNTRLR

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Zombie Nation official

"Just rediscovered the Sidstation - and connected it with a Livid Midi controller - good fun!"

Rheyne - Live Jam #137

Published on Sep 29, 2015

"Live looping with Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

2x Novation Launchpads
2x iPads running Lemur
NI Komplete Kontrol 25 (drums)
NI Komplete Kontrol 61 (piano)
Fender Rhodes w/ MXR Wylde Overdrive
KMI 12-Step
KMI QuNexus (not used in this jam)
Ploytec PL2 (not used in this jam)
Roland System-1
Roland TR-8
DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D
DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Twister
iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 4+
PreSonus 1818VSL
MacBook Pro (early 2011)
Tascam DR-44WL
Yamaha MG06"

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

"Memorymoog Plus in good condition. Has some minor cosmetic flaws as noted in the photos. Recently serviced and have the receipts and all manuals plus schematics. The only issue with the synth is when it first boots up only 5 voices tune. After it's warmed all 6 tune. Even after being serviced it does this. No other flaw on the synth."

PAiA Road Case Synthesizer 4761

via this auction

Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 SN 100089

via this auction

The 5089 has the Moog 24dB ladder filter.

"This unit has the latest OS. Additionally it has the modification upgrades which were done by professionally by the manufacturer. These mods can be found on their website. Sounds like a classic Moog."

The Daily Loops Project Hits 1000 Loops!

via Marcelo Acosta aka Los Sabios Duendes of The Daily Loops Project

"Nearly three years ago I started a personal journey called The Daily Loops Project, where every day I composed, recorded and released a free download loop licensed with Creative Commons. Yesterday I reached the 1000 loops created! I want to publicly thank Matrixsynth for having supported this project from day one to publish on the web these loops. Also to all those who in one way or another offered their support to the project and mainly all composers from around the world who have created new music from these loops, that's the main idea of the project. We remain on track! A big hello to all Matrixsynth community!"

Such an awesome accomplishment!  Congrats to The Daily Loops Project!

Jomox Airbase99 analog drum synth rack unit

via this auction

Patterning Industrial Kit Sampled DSI Tempest

Published on Sep 29, 2015 ipadloops

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

"The following video demonstrates how one can "jam" live by triggering different patterns within Patterning's song section. I prepared a free Industrial/EBM kit in Patterning .onps file format. I created all of the samples with a DSI Tempest drum machine and ran them through an Empirical Labs Distressor.

As usual you can download the free loops and samples from this video here"

Sequencing: Linn 9000. Thinking Bout You Live Jamming: Juno 106, Tr 909, Prophet 5 Version 2. HQ.

Published on Sep 29, 2015 javd007

"Version 2 of my video sequencing Thinking About You by Calvin Harris. In this version I re programmed the entire song. I remastered it."

"No Pepsi" Electribe Sampler 2 Yamaha TX802 TX81z AN1x Live jam

Published on Sep 29, 2015

"Here is my second 'I don't have a Reface - Electribe Sampler 2 meets Yamaha classics' jam with TX802, TX81z and AN1x. The music is inspired by some big Dr Alban & Denniz Pop hit of the 90ies, starts out 'hiphop reggae in a dance house style' ;) but gets more trippy later on.

Electribe Sampler 2: Drums and percussion; Mizmar and Sitar (sampled from Roland JV-World expansion card); hardware sequencer for TX802 and TX81z
TX802: reggae bass, DX epiano and FM sfx
TX81z: sequencer sound and FM sfx
AN1x: lead (played live; tiny mistakes included)

External FX (Lexicon MX200, Alesis Quadraverb 2, Alesis Midiverb III) on TX802 and TX81z, internal FX on Electribe sounds and AN1x

Additional video footage from some drone flying attempts."

Analog Diary - MC-202 - TB-303 - TEMPEST 29092015

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Kevin Polzer

"San Diego Electronic 29-9-2015"

Elektron Analog 4, Analog Rytm, Octatrack - Jam session

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Calle Nilsson

"Hard electro jam session with Elektron Analog 4, Analog Rytm and the Octatrack. Enjoy!"

Vintage E-MU 4060 w/ Flight Case & Output Panel

via Control Voltage

Here's something you don't see often.

"E-mu 4060 microprocessor keyboard controller and sequencer, with E-mu output panel and power supply in separate custom box, cables, operating manual, and Anvil flight case for keyboard. One of a handful ever built, this instrument has had one owner and is in beautiful cosmetic shape. Built in 1977, it received only studio use for its first 10 years, then was stored in its Anvil case until the present. It will output 16 CV's and 16 gates compatible with most any 1v/oct system, with programmable control of keyboard split, glide, transposition, and channel assignment mode. In the late 70s, the 4060 was the heart of E-mu's modular systems for Herbie Hancock, Patrick Gleeson, and Frank Zappa. A rare find indeed!"

DSP Synthesizers VCDF, VCDO and W4069 Analog Wasp Waveshaper

Info on the VCDF via DSP Synthesizers

"The VCDF – Voltage Controlled Digital Filter will be released this week.

Both as a DIY chip and a prebuilt modular synth module.

The filter is a lowpass DSP filter with resonance.
76KHz 16-bit resolution and voltage controlled cutoff/resonance.
Works greate with the DSP drum chips for some synth drumsounds.

The chip is $35 and the prebuilt module is $99."

"The VDCO is an integrator saw oscillator with unision detune, sync and ring modulation.
Not sample based but a hybrid analog design.

There is also the W4069 Analog Wasp Waveshaper to go with it.
Just in case the saw oscillator is too boring ;)"

wiard richter malekko boogie oscillator makenoise rené ultra acid

Published on Sep 29, 2015 DavidH

"Boogie and René are the best acid machine !!!"

Sputnik Selector Wave Multiplexer

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Voltage Control Lab

"This video examines one way to use the Sputnik Modular Selector or any sequential switch to toggle between different audio rate wave shapes to create more complex shapes.

We're giving away one free Sputnik Modular Selector module! Check this link for more details!"

Bob Moog Foundation Minimoog Model D Raffle Ends Tomorrow

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"Our 2015 raffle for a beautiful, iconic Minimoog Model D valued at over $4,000 is quickly drawing to a close! It ends tomorrow, September 30th, at 11:59pm (EST).
Get full details and enter to win the Minimoog here.

Entering the raffle not only affords you the opportunity to win one of the greatest synthesizers of all time, but it helps the Bob Moog Foundation provide innovative science education to kids through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool. Don't know about Dr. Bob's SoundSchool? Read all about it here.

Every $20 ticket purchased helps us provide this 10-week curriculum to more kids. Purchase your ticket here.

When you purchase a bundle of six tickets for $100, you help provide Dr. Bob's SoundSchool to two children -- that's 20 experiential science lessons teaching the physics of sound through music and technology.

You can purchase a bundle of six tickets here.

Below, a classroom of Dr. Bob's SoundSchool students learn about pitch and amplitude, and record their findings in their science notebooks.

Thank you in advance for your support! Together we are helping inspire the innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers of tomorrow!"

Arpeggio Kickstarter Campaign Launches

You'll find it on Kickstarter here. $20,195 of $85,000 goal reached at the time of this post.

Turing Machine, Voltages, Pulses Eurorack modules

via this auction

"Complete Turing Machine, Voltages, and Pulses Eurorack modules from Music Thing Modular. All 3 modules were built from kits and are in perfectly working and cosmetic order. The only blemishes are slight rack rash. The images are of the actual items."

The seller also has a Tiptop Audio Z8000 listed here for those interested.

ROLAND M-64C cartridge for TR-909, TR-707, TR-727, JX-10, MKS-70, JX-8P, GR-700

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

Roland SH-3A monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus

via this auction

"This mk1 is the more sought after original version. There were a few revisions of this instrument, one with buttons rather than rocker switches (as mine has) and I think a couple of revisions on the rocker switch version too.

I got her from the original owner. I used it for the strings and vocoder which both have a unique vintage feel. The vocoder is great using external instruments too and I used it with an external pre-amped mic, though you can stick a mic directly into its XLR port. The human voice section is best used as a carrier signal for the vocoder, but I guess that's subjective as everything else is.

It's been used on everything from Transformers theme song ('robots in disguise'), through to Phil Collins (In the Air Tonight - oh my), Bladerunner soundtrack and Mantronix.

2 fader caps missing as pictured, everything on the synth works perfectly"

Modular Jam #28 - Nightlight

Published on Sep 29, 2015 DivKidMusic

"Full patch notes below so you can see how everything was done. Another fairly simple "oh that's pretty cool I'll film it" jam video. Wish I had more time to get into bigger more playable and varied patches but I don't at the minute. So these jams stay as fairly quick little snippets of patches I tend to make when I unwind with the modular after work. Full patch notes below.


Happy Nerding HM VCO's sine wave output with the WMD Multimode Envelope going into the FM input to trigger a sharp rise and fast exponential decay to create the kick sound.

Snare Noise
This is the white noise output of the Frequency Central System X SH module going through the Frequency Central Meth Amp for tone/feedback shaping. A gate opens up the volume (VCA) on the Meth Amp to create the note length.

Main Percussion
The ALM Busy Circuits Dinky's Taiko module provides percussion and through the video the oscillators releases and on board envelope speed is manually adjusted.

Laser Hi Hats
This is the SARA filter from Din Sync self oscillating with the cut off modulated by the Frequency Central UltraWave LFO with a distorted falling saw wave shape to create the laser resonance style sound. Cut off is adjusting manually through the video.

Drum Mixing & Processing
All four drum parts go into Mutable Instruments Frames working as a basic four channel mixer. The sound then goes into a Synthrotek DLY which has it's mix and feedback amount manually adjusted through the video. This then goes into the main mixer for the patch which is Shades from Mutable Instruments.

The bass sound is Mutable Instruments Braids in Fold mode. The fold amount is modulated by Mutable Instruments Peaks in LFO mode with smooth/curved sample and hold as the output. Braids then goes into Mutable Instruments Clouds for some granular processing with feedback and reverb. The blend - dry/wet mix of Cloud sis modulated with hand gestures on a HackMe Vectr. This goes into Shades as the master mixer.

Mutable Instruments Elements provides the melody sound for the main sequence in the patch. It's Blow Timbre is modulated with the System X SH module, the Dampening modulated by one row of a Make Noise Pressure Points sequence, the brightness modulated by another Pressure Points sequence and the resonantor position modulated by a triangle LFO from Peaks.

Sequencing / Clocks
ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Workout provides all the clocks/triggers in the Euclidean Toy Firmware mode. This triggers the Kick and Laster Hi Hat sound as well as the Dinky's Taiko percussion line. It also sending a clock to the Make Noise Brains module controlling a pair of linked Pressure Points modules. Step 5's gate output on the linked Pressure Points opens up the VCA in the Meth Amp to let the noise through create the snare/noise hit in the drum section. The 3 rows of the pressure points are taken out into an Erica Synths Sequential Switch with the Pressure Points' first step gate output triggering the sequential sequencing. The output of the switch then goes into an RYO Airtenuator for simple attenuation of the voltages before going into an ADDAC 207 Quantizer to send pitch to Elements for the main sequence."

Korg Gadget Tracks by Hank Astral

Published on Jul 13, 2015 Hank Astral

iTunes: KORG Gadget - KORG INC.

korg gadget live 1
gadget tune 2 14 july
Korg gadget live 3 "japan tender"
noble drive
korg gadget tune 5 "starbuck"
gadget number 6 "federal cut"

via discchord

Baby proof modular Joystick

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Quincas Moreira

"Nina performs a stress test on my new joystick controler prototype :)"

CBMods Circuit Bent Synths

In this post:
CBMods Alesis QSR Synthesizer Module
CBMods Alesis D4 (16 bit) Drum Synth Module
CBMods Kawai K1m MkII Synth Explorer Module
CBMods Circuit Bent Korg 03R/W Rack Mount Synthesizer

CBMods on eBay

CBMods Alesis QSR Synthesizer Module

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Waz Radar (CBMods)

6x Rotary Wheels
14x SPDT (on-off) switches
1x SPDT (on-off-on) switch

Famous Alesis synth module, circuit bent to high heaven.. and sounding unbelieveable..

I didn't have much time to make this video so just played around a bit on a single preset setting (reed organ I think - strange choice!).

Again I used my QY-70 sequencer to play the MIDI notes (on this occasion a pre-recorded slowcore-ish piece)..

The circuit bends seem to affect most of the factory preset settings, if not all - it's impossible to say, as there are so very many sounds in this thing, just waiting to be messed with.

(I counted 5x banks of 128 programs and 100 mixes!)...of course this is before we even start to look at the possibilty of sysex patches!"

Quick Session: A Holding (Moog MG-1, Elektron Rytm, DSI Mopho, Arturia Minibrute)

Published on Sep 29, 2015 my4trackmachine

"This one is a long one. A one shot improv session with all hardware gear. An exploration of organic expression."

Sending CV into Patchblocks

Published on Sep 29, 2015 Patchblocks

"In this video I show how to send CV from Eurorack modules into Patchblocks. This can be used to sequence Patchblocks from analogue sequencers."

ARP ODYSSEY quick demo

Published on Apr 30, 2015 GreatLakesMystery

"Quick sequence on the latest addition to the studio, the newly reissued ARP Odyssey.
Sequenced by ZAQ Zaquencer.
With a touch of Valhalla Vintage Verb."

Kilpatrick Phenol and Arp Odyssey improv

Published on Sep 23, 2015 GreatLakesMystery

"Gareth Averill AKA Great Lakes Mystery live improvised performance in studio with Kilpatrick Phenol and Korg Arp Odyssey reissue.

Gareth will be performing live at the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris October 27th.

For more details:"

Vintage Funk Sound Pack Demo for Moog Sub37 by Mike Pensini

Published on Sep 28, 2015 Mike Pensini

"Hi guys! I'm very excited to present my Vintage Funk Sound Pack for the Moog Sub37 synth!

This sound pack is available for download here:

for the special introductory price of just $9.90AU and contains a range of vintage funk basses and leads.

The files are in SYSEX format and can be transferred to your Sub37 from any PC or Mac using freely available software. Included in the pack is also a PDF outlining each of the sounds as well as instructions for transferring them to your Sub37."

Roland Jupiter-6 (Part 1)

Published on Sep 28, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

"This video demonstrates the sound of the Roland Jupiter-6. Part 1."

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay


Elektron A4 some patterns preset test

Published on Sep 28, 2015 ElektroNoiser

"a friend lent me his A4..
recorded in a preonus audiovox."

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