MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Minimoog Model D vs Voyager

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Rhythmicons

"This is just a comparison between the Minimoog Model D and the Voyager's different waveforms.
I realize after making this that one can't really compare one synth's saw to another's square."


via this auction

The Rev 2 has SSM filters.

"This listing is for a Vintage SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS Prophet 5 Rev 2 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard.
Serial #1000 - 0244
Rev 2 w/ Cassette Mod (See HERE for explanation)
Uses the better sounding SSM Chips"

"In 1980 the Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 came out. The Rev 3.0 had a cassette interface on board. The Rev 2 did not have this feature. Therefore Sequential thought it was interesting to bring out a cassette interface mod for the Rev 2. And so they did. The cassette interface modification for the Rev 2 existed only as a retrofit and was never a standard feature on a Rev 2. An official revision 2.1 (or even a 2.2) never existed in contradiction to what some sources may say.

Two small grey buttons are visible on the Rev 2 models (panel far left and top centre). These were 'Preset' controls to enable instant editing of mod and filter sections for the selected patch; they also doubled as cassette interface load and save controls. They are left out from on a Rev 3."

Korg Polysix PU-6 Programmable Analog Synthesizer SN 382618 with Green KORG Case

via this auction

"This unit is in outstanding condition for its age. It's had low usage which is evident from how clean it is. There are almost no significant marks on this one besides some slight deterioration on the wooden ends.

Not only is this unit very clean but it has just returned from an a complete overhaul from one of the most reputable vintage synth stores in Tokyo.

An enormous amount of work was carried out which included changing the battery, replacing and servicing all voice chips. Complete tuning and scaling. Cleaning of all sliders and switches. Professional cleaning of the main board and other circuitry.

The initial bill after all the work was completed came to almost $850 USD but fortunately I managed to negotiate the price down from there. I only mention this to show that this unit should provide a trouble free experience for the buyer for some time."

Electro-Harmonix '70s Bad Stone demo

Published on Oct 17, 2015 SynthMania

"Demo of the Electro Harmonix '70s Bad Stone phaser pedal, in a late '70s disco-funk vein."

Machines In Music

Published on Oct 17, 2015 boxoftextures

"Modular Synthesizer Fair, at Bat Haus in Bushwick, Brooklyn - 17 October 2015"

Mannheim Rocket live with Takete for iPad

Published on Oct 15, 2015 RefinedStochastic

"Improvisation using Takete v1.3b on an iPad Air 1."

Takete beta 1.3 providing all audio and visuals.

iTunes: Takete - Refined Stochastic Technology

ARP Quartet Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer with Original Wine Glass Box

via this auction


"Excellent condition, just serviced (fully calibrated, all sliders and switches disassembled, cleaned and lubricated). Includes the original box, original owner's manual, and sustain pedal.

A very versatile analog 49 note polyphonic synthesizer from 1980. While the settings may look fairly simple, a complex array of sounds can be created via different combinations of presets, an LFO, ADSR, and a two pole voltage controlled filter.

Mix and match between any combination of the four tone color families (Brass, String, Organ, Piano), eight instrument presets (Trumpet, Trombone, Cello, Violin, Organ, Celeste, Piano, and Honky Tonk), and several settings that are available depending on your combination of instrument families:

ADSR - Attack, Sustain, Brass Attack & Brass Sustain
LFO - Vibrato & Vibrato Speed
VCF - Brilliance
Delay line - Percussion & Solo"

hyper gliph

Published on Oct 17, 2015 rezzy blips

"rhythm wolf tb3 jam"

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 with Original Box

via this auction

Childres of Syrian

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Zaws

Tinysizer + Octatrack

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Ant GM

"New LiveSet"

One hand MFB Dominion1 Jam

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Guy Schneerson

"Yes all you critics were right, you only need one hand and 3 notes to make electronic music :)
Shoot on my iPone"

AVP Synth PolyRhythm (dual analog filter + phaser) teaser

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Avp Synth

"This teaser demonstrates AVP Synth PolyRhythm - dual analog filters + phaser desktop unit.
The sequences are coming from a Korg MS2000 virtual-analog synthesizer fed directly into the PolyRhythm.
Recording is done in Mono, 24 bit/48000hz recorded directly into a soundcard.
No effects, compression or EQ was applied.


AVP Synth is a Russian brand manufacturing synthesizers and drum machines, as well as other audio related products.

PolyRhythm – dual analog filters + phaser box. It has two voltage controlled filters and a low-frequency oscillator made from authentic Soviet components. It has 8 knobs, 5 switches and 2 buttons with which you can control the parameters of the sound. Both filters are made of components and circuitry in accordance with well-known Soviet synthesizers, produced in the USSR back in the 1980s.

- Method of signal processing: Analog
- Voltage Controlled Filters (VCF): two types - POLY and RHYTHM
- The low frequency oscillator (LFO): one - triangle
- Audio inputs: two; mono jack socket for 6.3mm
- Audio outputs: three; mono jack socket for 6.3mm
- CV inputs: two; mono jack socket for 6.3mm
- Controls: 8 knobs, 5 switches, 2 buttons
- Plastic black case
- Weight: 1kg
- Dimensions: L33xW87xH55 (cm)
- Power supply: 12V AC power adapter (supplied)

Price: 220 EUR
EXPRESS Shipping: Europe - 40 EUR, USA - 50 EUR. For other locations, please send us an email to"

NanoStudio First Song

Published on Oct 17, 2015 chisel316

"Here's my first song using NanoStudio on the iPad mini 4. All original synth sounds. Enjoy!

Peace \/

iTunes: NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

Critter & Guitari Introduces the Organelle with Open Source Sound Engine

"The Organelle makes it easy to explore new sounds and experiment with new ways of making music. It combines playful and intuitive controls with a powerful and flexible sound engine. The result is an instrument that is limitless in musical possibility and a joy to play.

At the heart of the Organelle's sound engine is a robust computer that runs patches. A patch allows the instrument to take on different forms. Onboard hardware for sound input and output and mappable knobs, keys and buttons enable patches to synthesize, sample, effect, and anything in between!

The Organelle ships with a set of common default patches, and new patches may be loaded from a USB drive. Simply select patches from a continually-growing list, transfer them to a USB drive, reinsert it in the Organelle, and play!

Don't see the exact patch you need? You can create it yourself! Patches may be created and/or edited directly on the device as well as on a personal computer. Plug in a keyboard, mouse and monitor and begin customizing. The Organelle runs patches created in the powerful computer music programming environment Pure Data (and may also be written in lower level languages too!).

Open Source
As you create patches or tweak existing ones you can share them with others! The Organelle is built with community interaction in mind. The entire system runs open source software and may be customized at every level."

Akai MPX8 + Korg Monotron Delay

Published on Oct 12, 2015 Benjamin Jimenez

"Used: Akai MPX8 + Korg Monotron Delay
Audio: Yamaha W24
Camera: Galaxy Core + Eyecam"

TECHNICS SY 1010 Vintage Japanese Analog Mono Synthesizer

via this auction

"TECHNICS SY 1010 Vintage Japanese Analog Monosynth

In good working condition, all functions working well.
All keys / sliders / knobs working well with no issues.
In good cosmetic condition but does have yellowing of the keyboard and some marks and scratches here and there."

Hard-Mod |Engraving sound|

|Engraving sound| from Hard-Mod on Vimeo.

"Engraving sound is a contemporary re-interpretation from recycled old technology/ideas:

Horn speaker system
Classic analog synthesis path
Original engraving technique

The piece will be exposed at "Trienal de Santo Domingo" at Puerto Rico and is a colaboration for the mexican artist Tania Candiani.

The clip is only a work in procces."

Elastic Drums on tour with Mouse on Mars

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Oliver Greschke

iTunes: Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

Ambient Dub Electro Live by Jens Aderholz

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Jens Aderholz

"I use:

Elektron Analog four
Elektron Analog Rytm
Elektron Octatrack
Roland Aira MX1
Roland Aira Tr8
Korg Elektribe 2
Virus Ti Polar"

Moon Modular 569 Sequenced Vertically!

Published on Oct 17, 2015 John L Rice

"I kept thinking that it HAD to be possible to get at least part of the Moon 569 sequencer to step vertically instead of the normal horizontal so I went ahead and proved myself right! ;-) Note: when trying to follow the more complex patterns you can use the YouTube playback quality tools to slow the video down."

West Coast Bach October 2015 Aria (BWV 988)

Published on Oct 17, 2015 ngarjuna

"October 2015
Aria (BWV 988)
Johann Sebastian Bach

We all know Bach on the East Coast synthesizer...but sometimes he just likes to lay low on the West side. Make Noise/Intellijel/4ms voice"

Wogglebug It 3

Published on Oct 17, 2015 miip999

"Make Noise patch with Wogglebug, René, DPO, Maths, Phonogene, Optomix and Rosie, and Mutable Instruments Ripples and Doepfer

A-199 Springreverb this time with more hands on with wogglebug,rene and pressure point"

Kick.S Live / Korg ELECTRIBE MX&xOxbOx&AcidlabMiami X944

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Kick.S

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral

BASS STATION 2, Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack, Elektron Analog Rytm /Psychodelic underground

Published on Oct 17, 2015 Vladimir Aristarkhov

"Psychodelic underground/BASS STATION 2, Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack, Elektron Analog Rytm /
Record through Elektron overbridge and Ableton 9."


Published on Oct 17, 2015 SugoiGaijin

"(Best in HD)
These days I'm just messin' with new compositions!!
Trying to make it work for upcoming live concerts and recordings, so please, let me know if you like it!!!
Share and subscribe!!!! Don't forrrrrget!!!!!
See you next week!!

(Mejor en HD)
Estos días estoy dándole vueltas a mis nuevos temas!!
Intentando hacerlos funcionar bien para próximos conciertos y grabaciones, así que decidme si os gusta!!!
Compartid y suscribíos!!! No os olvidéiiiiiiiiiis!!!!
Hasta la semana que viene!!

Gear: Novation SL MKII, KP3+, TR-8 & Live 9.

Become a Patron:

Official Website:"


Published on Oct 16, 2015 Zaws


Buchla 243v pulser CV Looping

Published on Oct 17, 2015 JurekPrzezdziecki

"buchla verbos 243v advanced with analog cv input. you can get very interesting results by mixing different control voltages with 256e. i have used eardrill morphun + 281e envelope for that purpose. crossfading and mixing these envelope creates some interesting polyrythmic patterns."

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