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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Did a Vehicle

Did a Vehicle from Lyonel Bauchet on Vimeo.

Pedro Eustache tries out the Snyderphonics Birl prototype

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Jeff Snyder

"Pedro Eustache dropped by Princeton, NJ to try out the Snyderphonics Birl prototype electronic wind instrument. The first part of the video shows him testing out more discrete playing and the ending shows him trying out fingered pitch bends, one of the advantages of the Birl's "open-holed" design. Learn more at"

The Snyderphonics Birl was featured back in 2014 here.

Kawai K5000s Additive Synthesizer SN 600275

via this auction

TR-909 & TR-727 beats

Published on Jan 6, 2016 SynthMania

"TR-909 & TR-727 beats at 100, 110, 120, and 130 bpm"

Vintage Moog 1150 Ribbon Controller

via this auction

"A very rare Moog 1150 Analog Ribbon Controller that is in good condition, considering it's age. I believe it's an older unit (perhaps from the Trumansburg Factory?) since it does not have the silk screened lettering on the controls, nor the instruction label affixed on the underside. The ribbon is solid and clean, and the two switches and slide pot are functional (they slide and switch)."

Roland JD-800 Synthesizer SN ZC31591

via this auction

Giannini GK 6110 ST Demo Video

Published on Jan 6, 2016 fernando Costa Tecladista

Thought this was kind of interesting. The buttons and style remind me of the Siel DK-80. There have only been two previous posts to feature Giannini on the site. One was a brochure for the GK 6110. Note the brochure lacks the extra markings for "Electronic Keyboard Sweep Test GT". Also someone in the comments of that post stated that Giannini was a Brazilian company. Siel was Italian. The second post was for the DS1000 which appears to have been a fully programmable synthesizer, while the GK 6110 as you can see was a preset keyboard.


via this auction

"ebbe und flut - fully analogue integrated modular sound-design-machine/channel-strip

- two different 4-pole super-sonic multimode VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTERS (VCF's) with 12 characteristics each (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, allpass) and with an extreme tonal range

- completed by an easy controllable superb COMPRESSOR,
a sweet sounding 2-way spectral DISTORTION unit and a final VCA

- all surrounded by a lot of very wide range voltage controlled MODULATORS (high speed VC-LFO, 2x high range VC-AHR (Attack-Hold-Release) - ENVELOPES, super fast RMS-VOLTAGE-FOLLOWER (logarithmic/linear scale), a S&H and a NOISEGATE.

- A N D the very fast high precision AUDIO-TRIGGER is able to derive absolute reliable triggers for gating, synchronizing and controlling other modules like ENV's, LFO, S&H or external stuff - capable to produce perfect in-time rhythmic and synchronous modulations according to your music data input - very sensitive and independend on the input level.

The sound is absolute fantastic, warm and enormous powerful.
ebbe und flut is capable to turn every sound source by quantum leaps into new dimensions.

With analogue instruments, nature is talking to us!"

Akai VX90 Analog Synthesizer Demo (Part 2)

Published on Jan 6, 2016 perfectcircuitaudio

"This video demonstrates the sound of the Akai VX90 Analog Synth. Part 2."

Part 1 here.

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre FFT Freeze Effect Overview...

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Audio Damage, Inc.

0:00 Discussion and feature overview
9:50 First patch demonstration
12:50 Second patch demonstration

"This is a not-so-quick overview of the Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre module. The first ten (!!!) minutes of the video are an overview of the FFT freeze process, plus a description of the various controls on the unit and what they do. After that, there are two patch examples with quick explanations.

For more information on Spectre and our other Eurorack-compatible products, please visit"

Modular vid #244

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Phisynth

"A test using control signals derived from clock divisions, to pan/fade the drum tracks inside the patch"

BugBrand & Serge modulars.


Published on Jan 6, 2016 Zaphyd

"Juno 106, Akai ax60"

"Akai ax60 does Bass, Juno 106 all the rest. Kurzweil KSP8 and Rumour FX"

DreamsOfWires - Minibrute & Half Life

Published on Jan 6, 2016 DreamsOfWires

Thought this was pretty cool. More musical bits start at 3:13 but the beginning is definitely worth watching through.

"I've been playing some old games recently, so I thought I'd nod my head to an old favourite; Half Life, which seemed like a good excuse to see what hideous noises I could get out of the Minibrute. I recorded the base 'noise' track (which is what you can see me interfering with in the video) into Virsyn's 'Audio Reverb' app on the iPad. Then I added a second track of Minibrute + sequencer throughout most of the middle of the recording, (which I was too lazy to capture on video). I also mixed in some of the game's audio (dialogue only). Such an excellent and genuinely freaky game.

All sounds are from the Minibrute of course."

Sequential Prophet 6 Desktop Demo by DJRexParis

Published on Jan 6, 2016 DJRexParis

"Sequential Prophet 6 has just arrived!!!!!!!!
My brand new Sequential Prophet 6 Desktop has just arrived. Here you can hear my first few minutes with the unit.I love it!!"

PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer (1982) "Psycho"

Published on Jan 6, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound home:"

Korg Volca Beats Tutorial : Dramatic Changes

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Todd Smith

"This video focus on the Korg Volca Beats and how I've used it in a few live jams . The Korg Volca Beats has a few ways you can approach making these stutter / breaks . I'll show you my workflow with the Korg Volca Beats and even share the shutter / BPM settings I've used in my last few songs with dramatic drum changes !! Thank you for watching ..."

All parts here.

DSI prophet-6 / JoMoX XBase 888 : Play with Preset No.466

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Masaki Takada

Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions - JJ Abrams on Keys

Uploaded on Jun 5, 2009 thelonelyisland

Told you he was into synths. This one in via skkatter in the comments of Synth Rorschach #44.

"Here's the song we made for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Featuring Will Ferrell and JJ Abrams.
Originally Aired 5/31/09"

Synth Jam - 8

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Synth Jam

"Mother 32 Fun test.
Mother 32 send CV to the Voyager (Filter, EG Gate and LFO Sync)."

PPG Wave Synthesizer Vorführung und Geschichte

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Torsten Abel

"Stephen Parsick und Torsten Abel führen den PPG Wavecomputer 360 und das PPG Wave System, bestehend aus Wave 2.3 mit Waveterm B, bei einer spontanen gemeinsamen Improvisation vor. Desweiteren erzählt Stephen etwas zur Geschichte von PPG und Torsten zu den Möglichkeiten des Wave Systems.

Alles natürlich ohne Gewähr auf Vollständig-, sowie Richtigkeit. (Wir hoffen nicht allzu viel Quatsch erzählt zu haben)

Aufgenommen beim Dinosaurier-Synthesizer Treffen 2015 in Bocholt/Deutschland"


"Stephen Parsick and Torsten Abel cause the PPG Wave Computer 360 and the PPG Wave system consisting of Wave 2.3 with Waveterm B, during a spontaneous joint improvisation. Furthermore, Stephen tells something about the history of PPG and Torsten to the possibilities of Wave Systems.
Everything, of course, no guarantee for completeness, correctness and. (We hope to have not told too much nonsense)
Recorded at Dinosaur Synthesizer meeting in 2015 in Bocholt / Germany "

Arp 2600 with Tonus Logo & Keyboard

via this auction

"Here's the chance you've been waiting for. For sale is an incredibly rare Arp 2600 synthesizer with the Tonus logo. What makes this Arp special over most of the ones you see is it has the superior sought after 4017 oscillators, said to be more stable than the later versions and also with a fatter analog tone. It also has the rare Moog Filter which Arp was later sued over [not true - threatened but not sued] and had to change the design [true]. The later design is said to be weaker and thinner sounding. This Moog filter is super creamy and buttery, very incredible sound. The synth is 100% fully functional, recently tuned/calibrated and gone over, all sliders are clean and jacks are working and power supply board has been recapped. The keyboard keys all trigger properly, and has an upgraded connector jack that isn't as flimsy as the original connectors. Also upgraded is the power cable, it takes standard 3 prong instead of the proprietary oval shape. The only issue is 3 slider shafts are broken off, the slider still work but the shafts are shorter without the knob caps (which could be glued back on or replace the sliders entirely if desired). Cosmetically, the synth face looks very nice, crisp graphics and not much wear. The outside of the synth does show quite a bit of wear, especially on the lid covers. The lids for both keyboard and main unit are included but show a bit of peeling, so be sure to check out the pictures and make sure you like it. The cosmetics could easily be touched up with a retolexing if desired or you can appreciate the vintage character to it. The sound is the important part which is just really incredible and noticeably better than the other G-clef or black/orange 2600s I've played that didn't have the 4017 and Moog filters in them. I am open to offers but remember while your offer is pending someone else may snap this up. Don't miss out on this gem!"

Egyptian Roland TB 303 BASS LINE T-Shirt

via this auction

Another cool synth T from CustomSynth. Be sure to check out their other Ts.

Roland SH101 SN 280980 with Mod Grip

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Roland SH-101 Modulation Grip Set MGS-1 with Original Box

via this auction

Oberheim Electronics Inc. vintage polyphonic synthesizer programmer

via this auction

"The installed boards are: 1218A and 1214B."


D2 via this auction

DX-5 via this auction

Thought this was interesting. I always assumed the various Coron drum synth clones were essentially the same. If you scroll down you'll see the DX-5 appears to be an expanded version with some extra controls on the site. The front panel controls are the same. I have no idea if the range of them and/or specs vary.

EWI WX5 Magellan Patches Demo

Published on Dec 5, 2015 mkirino01

Spotted this one on discchord.

"Demonstration of Original Magellan Patches for EWI and WX (Windsynthesizer / Breath controller)
You can download the patches free:

YAMAHA WX5, iPad Air 2013 (OS7.1.2), Magellan, and iRig MIDI
Backing track : iReal b for iOS"

iOS: Magellan - Yonac Inc.


2016.01.06 from bucketbd on Vimeo.

Ohio Players - Funky Worm Synthesizer Cover by Lloyd Popp

Published on Jan 6, 2016 ProductOfTha90s .

"@LloydPopp covering one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop check this shit out!"

A little interlude from normal programming on the site with the Korg MicroKORG.

Roland SH101 Tubbutec SH1oh1 mod and Stereoping controller

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Vykaar Tones

"A quick demo of the Tubbutec Roland SH101 midi and sequencer mod being controlled by the Stereoping controller kit which I had just built and installed for someone. Sorry for hand held camera and poor sound quality but I had little time before these were collected from me."

Details on the mod from Tubbutec where you'll find some samples:

"Main features

Midi in- and output. Can output key presses, arpeggiator and sequencer.
Additional Accent Envelope: Programmable accent for volume and filter with adjustable decay.
Additional filter LFO A triangular LFO with the high range of 0.2Hz — 8kHz can modulate the filter
Additional ADSR for filter: Completely independent envelope with adjustable parameters
Improved Sequencer:now has 32 sequences with 120 Steps each
Song mode: Sequences can be chained to create a “Song” and programmed live
More sequencer and arp modes: Forward, backward, random, ping-pong,..
A lot of midi controllable parameters, velocity can be mapped to 9 different targets including accents, filter and 2nd ADSR:
Midi filter, pitch bend, arp and s/h-lfo control
Clock dividers for internal arp clock and trigger including din-sync compatible divider
Settings via an internal configuration menu or external midi controller.
Extra features accessible using the existing SH-101 controls
Comes with sticker overlays and all necessary parts
Easy to install in any SH-101 and compatible with analogue mods
For a complete list of features please refer to the user manual.

Some features in more detail

Biyang DS-10 Max Distortion - TT-303

Published on Jan 6, 2016

"Biyang DS-10 Max Distortion - TT-303

DS-10 used as insert @ Mackie Onyx 820i"

Modular line

Published on Jan 6, 2016 SYNTH GURU

"Intellijel :Metropolis,Atlantis,Mutable Instruments:Rings,Clouds,Tides"

2 Korg LittleBits Synth kits Spooky Jam

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Ritchie DeCarlo

"Reliving the late 1960's west coast electronic sounds with a toy"

littlebits on eBay

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