MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mophology-Dave Smith Mopho demo

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Frippertronik

"This is a demo of the Dave Smith Mopho synth. Multi-track, only effects used: Delay and Reverb."

Sugar Bytes Obscurium 1: Synthesis

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Don Garbutt

"This video details the synthesis technology, with a free downloadable folder of presets at"

See this post for details, demos and tutorials on Sugar Bytes Obscurium.

Roland TR-808 vs Korg Volca Beats

Published on Jan 12, 2016 SynthMania

"I noticed there was no TR-808 / Volca Beats comparison on YouTube, so I thought of posting one for today's daily video. I know, I know... it's sort of a silly endeavor and also a bit unfair to compare a mega-classic that these days goes for $3K to a super-cute little $150 box... but I think both machines are great and each has their own unique character! I have to say, I am impressed by the whole Volca line (I recently got all four models and will be posting videos of the others soon). The bass drum on the Volca Beats is amazing, by the way!"

Needs the snare fix mods (video here, pics here).

iVCS3 Ableton Link Demo + Patterning Syncing Samplr

Published on Jan 12, 2016 redskylullaby

"New Ableton Link integration to sync sequencer and LFOs in iVCS3 v1.6+ Also shows how to sync non Link app via midi clock sent from a Link app"

iTunes: iVCS3 - apeSoft

Endangered Audio Brings the Gristleizer to Eurorack

Endangered Audio Research has brought us an updated version of the Gristleizer in eurorack format. For some history on the original Gristleizer used by industrial band Throbbing Gristle back in the 1970s, see this post.

"The Gristleizer version 3 features a completely new filter section, expanded CV points (self-patchable), 3 LFOs, metalphoto faceplate with beautiful retro knobs."

The new module can currently be ordered in three configurations, each with some extra goodies - the first few customers receive:

$60 Off Eurorack Module
Free t-shirt or keychain

50% Off Eurorack Module Kit

$20 off Gristleizer PCB - that's an $8 PCB!

Kits include pages of documentation. High quality, handmade, built in America."

Harvestman's King Slender : Quick Tips & Demo

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Robotopsy Robotopsy

For a second I thought this was going to be tips on the game. Hold tight and the module will follow.

"Here's some tips for the King Slender from The Harvestman. A simple utility module with only 2 sections but with some cool functions & features.

Slew Limiter - Envelope - waveshaper - Mix audio - Mix CV - Mix clocks - Logic"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 analog synthesizer

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Rev 3 (CEM) analog synth VCO/VCF from about 1982-83, serial # is 324. Sequential Circuits did not make a huge # of these Prophet 10 synths, maybe a few hundred at most. This P 10 was just serviced by The Analog Lab in NYC and it had all issues that needed service and repair done. I have the repair work log showing what service was done to this P 10 analog synth. This P 10 has all 10 voices working and the auto tune function keeps the synth stable and in tune. There are 2 VCOs per voice total of 20 oscillators and a simple basic sequencer which works great, I believe it just uses some of the lower voices not all 10. The Prophet 10 is much more than just two Prophet 5 synths put together, these P 10s are rare and unique to an era when analog synthesizers ruled. You just do not see any modern synths like this P 10 anymore, and it is doubtful if any company will ever make something like this analog beast again. The micro cassette tape drive on the side of this P 10 does not work, as it was intended originally for the dumping of saved sequence patches. All the original SC factory patches were reloaded into this P 10, and this P 10 has early basic MIDI, in out and 32 patch memory. There are no dead keys in either keybed no missing voices, and no chipped or damaged keys either. No broken or missing buttons or knobs and pitch/mod wheels function perfect. The key contacts and bushings are in very nice working condition..."

Electro Lobotomy Particle Smasher + 808 bd

Published on Jan 12, 2016 electro lobotomy

"I decided to add a bypass switch to the Particle Smasher. I also updated the knobs to Davies clones."

CHAiOS SYNTH 2 Now Available

iTunes: CHAiOS SYNTH 2 - Per Loenicker

Video previously posted here.

"The CHAiOS SYNTH 2 is a further development of the free and easy-to-use CHAiOS SYNTH, which was formerly developed at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf. The new version is beefed up by a number of new features and improvements. Now the CHAiOS SYNTH 2 has become a full professional synthesizer while staying as intuitive and uncomplicated as its predecessor.

With support for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus the CHAiOS SYNTH 2 can be used together with other audio apps on iPad.

Main features:
- 16 Step melody generator with unique random algorithm
- Wavetable oscillator with three different waveforms
- VA lowpass filter with variable resonance and cutoff frequency
- Delay- and reverb-effects
- ADSR envelopes for controlling amp and filter frequency
- Support for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio

Improvements to CHAiOS Synth 1
- New bandlimited wavetable oscillator
- New „virtual analog“ 4-pole lowpass filter
- Additional ADSR-envelope for the filter frequency
- 3 modes for filter resonance
- 16 step /3 track drum-sequencer
- More parameters for reverb and delay
- Adjustable oscillator volume
- Improved, streamlined design

By placing your finger on the X/Y-pad a looped melody is generated by a random algorithm, the finger position determines how many notes are used.

If a melody sounds good to you, it can be looped and the sound can be tweaked by a number of parameters and effects.

The options to modify the sound are carefully selected to work well together and provide a creative and fun workflow."

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - Waldorf Attack Drums

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"This week, it's time for a drum Synthesizer from Waldorf. Waldorf Attack Drums is a drum Synth for the iPad. Here are some wired examples what you can do with the drum machine. You can design your own synthesis based sounds or load your own samples."

iTunes: Attack Drums - Waldorf Music

Serge Delusion Machine-Partch

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Todd Barton

"a variation on the Serge Dream Machine patch. all self-generating. reminds me of music of Harry Partch. . .better audio here:"

Access Virus TI synthesizer demo

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Pascal A

"A demo of the awesome Access Virus TI synthesizer.
The percussion is from other synths."

The Daily Loops Project, a loop every day!

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Los Sabios Duendes

"The Daily Loops Project is an idea generated by the musician Marcelo Acosta, also known as "Los Sabios Duendes" (trad: The Wise Elves) All the days composes, records and publishes a loop in this site.

Musicians from all over the world download these loops and create new works from them which are then published on The main idea of this project is the creation of a network international creative exchange between composers.

If you want to be part of this project, follow these instructions:

1) Download a loop

2) Listen and fire your creative engine

3) Modify, add layers, experiment, play!

4) Create a new music

5) Share it! Send your work to: (REMEMBER: your work will be published under a license:

6) Join the network international creative exchange between composers.

You are invited to join the project at any time!


Marcelo Acosta (a.k.a. Los Sabios Duendes)

for more information about the author of this project:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you use this loop in any creation you must remember that is published under a license:"

Electro Faustus Drone Thing Jamming

Published on Jan 12, 2016 electrofaustus

"Our good friend Lance (DJ Lance Rock) Robertson & Nanny Cantaloupe having fun with our devices. We met Lance at NAMM 2015 and have been friends ever since. Really the sweetest guy you've ever met. Thank you, sir!"

River Creative Technology Nucleus Demo

Published on Jan 11, 2016 River Creative Technology

"Video demo of the River Nucleus, a voltage controlled filter with discrete OTA core for the Eurorack format.

For details see:"

River Creative Technology Crux DIY Instructions

Published on Jan 11, 2016 River Creative Technology

"DIY assembly instructions for the River Crux, a dual voltage controlled amplifier with discrete OTA core for the Eurorack format.

For details see:"

Original Dirty Electronics Mute Synth

via this auction

Clavia / Nord Keyboards See you at NAMM 2016! Teaser Video

Published on Jan 12, 2016 NordKeyboards

"See you at NAMM 2016 January 21-24th, booth #6464. #iseenord"

Make Noise Music NAMM Flyer

#namm2016 Hall C Booth# 4909

It's always fun to see what manufacturers come up with for events like NAMM. Electronic flyers we can collect just like the paper flyers of years gone by. Little bits of synth history.

Thing Synth with Book Filter Control

Thing Synth from Nick Yulman on Vimeo.

See, books can control synths after all.

This one in via Skot Wiedmann

Serge Dream Machine

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Todd Barton

"an attempt at Allen Strange's Dream Machine patch rendered for the Serge Modular Music System. For better audio:
And here for the basic modules used in this patch:"

Maths As A Complex Oscillator

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Make Noise Maths can do a perform a lot of functions, even acting as a pseudo-complex oscillator! We look at ways to route Maths into itself to get interesting results from frequency modulation..."

E-mu Emax Sampler - sound library (1986)

Published on Jan 12, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

E-MU Emax SE Sampling Synthesizer from the year 1986
demo with different sounds from the E-MU sampling library, arpeggiator, sequencer....

The Emax was the little brother of the EMULATOR II, 12-bit sampling, 42 kHz sample rate, analog filters SSM2047, awesome sound quality.
The next generation the Emax II has unfortunately digital filters and the sound is different to the Emax.

Used a lot by Depeche Mode (Music for the Masses Tour, 101), Nine Inch Nails and more."

Mother-32 Modular Jazz Rhodes Synth Improv II (Moog SUB 37, MAKE NOISE, 4MS, KORG SV-1)

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Noir Et Blanc Vie

"Mother-32 Modular Jazz Rhodes Synth Improv II (Moog SUB 37, MAKE NOISE, 4MS, KORG SV-1)"

Venetian Snares - You and Shayna (Video Version)

Published on Jan 12, 2016 vsnares

"Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music -February 19, 2016

Hi! I made a live album in my house and it was really fun! I recorded a few different takes of these songs, resulting is some varied structures and many magic moments. This one is the version of You and Shayna that comes on the bonus album. I guess my special camera person wasn't home when I recorded the album version.
Physical Preorders come with a 10 Track Bonus Album on CD!"

TIPTOP AUDIO Z-DSP: Grain De Folie FX card

Published on Jan 12, 2016 ZV_K

"Grain De Folie FX card for TipTop Audio's Z-DSP eurorack module"

Soundmachines NanoSynth NS1 patch#1

Published on Jan 12, 2016 kevin follet

"This is my first patch on my new Soundmachines NanoSynth NS1

I used:
Little Midi Machine app on iPhone as sequencer
Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2s for processing"

via discchord

Rhodes Chroma Analog Synthesizer SN 21040010

via this auction

"16 voice dual channel monster!
This machine is 100% functional and in beautiful condition as you can see from the images, it's been fully recapped/refurbished so it sounds and plays like a dream boat.
This auction includes the following....
New Chroma CPU+ (installed)
New power supply. (Installed)
Pressure sensor kit. (Installed)
Spare voice card.
Original sustain pedal.
3 x CEM 3350 spare filter chips."

KORG POLYSIX Polyphonic Analog Synth SN 466210 with Original Case

via this auction

"Judging by the high serial number (and overall good condition) this one was a later one, and was serviced by Korg in 1987 (Japanese year of 61) when they must have taken out the original Ni-cad battery and replaced it with a much safer lithium one. The baterry is still in good shape and I saved and recalled patches with no problems."

Korg Poly Ensemble S

via this auction

Transcendent Synth from Martin Hannett 's ( Joy Division producer ) collection with Synthometer?

via this auction

I never heard of a Synthometer before now. If you know more about it, feel free to comment.

via the listing:

"ignore all those cheaper Transcendents ( that probably aren't fully working like this one and don't have famous user owner history like this one ) and buy one from Martin Hannett's personal collection of Transcendent's this one includes Hannetts unique Synthometer a unit that apparently connected this Transcendent to an AMS delay- the fully working Transcendent synth includes the correct vintage case for this synth of Hannett's and the case fits the Hannett Synthometer at the side of the Transcendent - Hannett Transcendent synth no 9 and case No 9- Transcendent is fantastic condition and the analogue sounds are out of this world. Hannett put Transcendent synths into loads of records he produced including Joy Division- there are Transcendent sounds on Unknown Pleasures and other Joy Division recordings from that era . Hannett produced and sometimes played synth effects on Joy Division early New Order, Durutti Column, John Cooper Clarke, Nico, Buzzcocks, Magazine, Pauline Murray, U2, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, he was really responsible for bringing synths and echoes into punk and post punk

Ready to plug in and create those Joy Division/ Manchester /Hannett sounds- this synth was designed by Tim Orr who also worked for EMS.

This has not just been stuck in an attic for years and full of dodgy controls or part working- this is fully serviced and refurbished and ready to go

will come with letter of provenance and Hannett's notes"

Greg Hawks's (Cars) Custom Purple Glossy Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer?

via this auction

That's one glossy panel. At first I thought the panel is black, not purple, then I realized the purple is in reference to the surrounding case. It's interesting though, the Pro-One upper case is all one piece of molded plastic with a semi-thick plastic panel graphic overlay adhered to it - at least mine is. Based on the pics it appears everything but that panel was painted purple.

via the listing: “This is Greg Hawks's (Cars) purple J wire Pro One. Unit is %100 functional and in very good looking condition considering its age. 1981. Unit comes with a custom hard case.”

The question mark in the title of this post means I have no way of confirming whether this was indeed previously owned by Greg Hawks of the Cars.

Oberheim DMX Drum Voice Cards with Original Boxes

Hi Tom via this auction

Snare via this auction

Electronic Tom 3 via this auction

Note the Hi Tom circuit board is the earlier Mk1 version, model 1553B and 1554B. The Snare and Electronic Tom 3 are Mk2 versions, model 1675C. It's kind of interesting to see the circuit board design changes.

I love the box design as well.  It reminds me of old matchbox cars for some reason...  Off to look...  Ah, it was the Hot Wheels Trans Am I was thinking of!  The stuff you are sometimes exposed to coming to this site...  Sorry.  :)

Elka Synthex Owner's Manual

via this auction

"Up for sale is an (1) original owner's manual in English of the famous Elka Synthex synthesizer. The manual, 25 pages, is in good condition for its age (see photo's)."

Battery Powered | PB & Jam

Published on Jan 12, 2016 Human Interface

"The power of batteries compels you!

This is a show about making live electronic music using battery powered synthesizers, drum machines, and other gear. The spirit here is to take live electronic music out of its usual contexts like stages and studios and bring it to some more unexpected locations and hopefully generate some unexpected performances."

Spotted this one on discchord.

Note the playlist above has 15 videos. The following is the description from the first video (Winter - Nerve Gangstas) at the time of this post, to give you some background. Note the playlists will likely be updated if you find this post in the future. Further below you'll find the PB & Jam sets.

"Hello, my name is Artur Danielian, I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I always liked Italodisco. That is actually my favourite dance style. But it is rather hard to play it on 16-step machines so I basically focus on house and techno music. This is my first humble try to use techno means of music production for making some dreamy italian style track.

About my kit: I always take it with me when I'm out of my town. 4 extremely compact Volcas fit in the soft mike case: Volca Sample, Volca Bass and 2 Volca keys. I mix them with Belkin Rockstar headphone splitter-combiner. Lot of people use it now for compact setups. I bought mine 6 years ago having no idea it would be so helpful for me)))). I also use iPad with Korg nanopad 2 connected through Camera Connection Kit. Nanopad2 has cool built-in Kaossilator style key/scale feature and sends "right" MIDI notes to any synth. I use lots of them: TF7 Synth, iProphet, both free and paid apps such as iMPC app which I control using nanopad's finger drum pads. They are velocity-sensitive and have less latency than iPad's touch-screen. My setup is much wider when I play live - there are two musicians, me and my mate Maxim Sabodash, there are 2 DJ-mixers, keyboards, kaosses and so on. But recording of both live on-stage sets and my trip sets is made on TASCAM DR-01 recorder in 24/96 format, no laptops (we're dreaming of vinyl releases because we are true analogue, lol). The band started as a volunteer musicians duo which just came to different food festivals and exhibitions seeing a DJ-place and asking: "Can we just play some dance music for you? If you don't like it, just stop us." No one did stop us, though. And then they started to invite us to play our music at their events. So we played about 50 sets during this summer on different cultural and commercial events. One of the main goals of our project is to make electronic music playing popular among the youngsters in Ukraine using different cheap instruments like volcas, monotrons, PO's etc. - it is good alternative to alcohol and drugs)) Our band sticks to the principle "only live recordings" so because of this there are only two places where you can hear and see us: either live performance, or our recorded bites on my Youtube channel"

PB & Jam

Published on Jan 6, 2016 Human Interface

"PB & Jam is a weekly show on Human Interface TV that features live electronic music jam sessions. There is no particular limitations of genre so expect an eclectic selection of non-commercial live electronica from techno to ambient to trance etc... (Could write a whole hundred pages just listing all the electronic music genres!)"

And the description for the first video (Rude Machines - Zapper Live) at the time of this post:

"This session is comprised of three patterns from the Korg EMX -- it is used for some of the bass sounds and acid lines. It also sequences the Virus TI which is playing bass, leads, screams and atmospherics. The Elekron Octatrack is doing all of the drums and builds. I have the Octratrack crossfader set to reverse the drums, allowing for quick pops and reverses. I am also using the SP808 in combination with the KP3 to add some glitched-out samples on top of everything.

This is a fun set of evolving patterns that I have been working on for quite a while. It started with me wanting to write psytrance at a slower tempo, and turned into something different over time. Often, I will write patterns like this that get progressively rewritten, added to, and then redone. Hope you enjoy!"


Published on Jan 12, 2016


4ms Peg, QCD² /Expander², RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS360²,RS 500e²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustiers Zeroscillator

Roland JX 03 Presets & Cross MOD

Published on Jan 12, 2016 muzykujkropkacom

Roland JX 03 Cross MOD

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