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Monday, March 07, 2016

Blue Easel Sky Shimmer & Faux Chords

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Todd Barton

"just got a Strymon Blue Sky reverb and thought I'd give its 'shimmer' setting a test drive. For better audio:"

Easel Faux Chords

Published on Mar 7, 2016

"Ah . . . its an old trick but still works: set arpeggiator speed on fast and crank up the reverb then play chords on a monophonic synth! For better audio:

Nina Hagen, Breakfast Club, Simple Minds Used Oberheim OB-8 Vintage Synthesizer SN C25002

via this auction

via the seller: "I bought this one new directly from the Oberheim in 1983. While playing guitar for The Nina Hagen Band, I used it for songwriting, and as a general inspiration tool. It’s noises are all over the tracks on The Hagen Bands 1983 album 'Fearless,' Including her crazy club hit 'New York New York.' I was tapped by Universal to write songs for a film called 'The Breakfast Club.' We set up shop at Oasis Recording Studios for about six weeks I used my new OB-8 nearly every day, writing songs for the film. The main title was called 'Don't You Forget About Me.' by Simple Minds. So... It is upon this exact OB-8 Synthesizer the first whisps and golden threads of 'Don't You Forget About Me' slipped from the speakers, and into our ears to be nailed down for the record. There’s to the pedigree… Now as to it's condition. Factory Midi installed with original page two instructions still intact. (I reprinted a fresh copy of the users manual) The synth has been well cared for, and is in perfect working order."

Yamaha CS-30 Analog Synthesizer SN 1614 with Sequencer Input Mod

via this auction

"The sequencer input mod with a new jack on the back was installed about 6 months ago. The new jack looks and functions perfectly and looks as professional as it gets. This makes this synth a great addition to any modular studio as it can receive and send the sequencer clock."

Vintage Korg Trident Analog Polyphonic 8 Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

Arturia Beat Step Pro goes modular

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Ebotronix

BSP cv 1 pitch to CM' ~ Anti's, CV 2 pitch to CM² ~ Unkle's
BSP gates 1& 2 to Maths
- ~ +
4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, QPLFO
Analogue Systems RS110²²
Doepfer A114² , A133², A134²², A141, ,A143,9
Flame Arp,Chord Machine², Q Slide² (Maths fall,CM²,Peg,QCD)
Flight of harmony choices
Make Noise Maths², Moddemix²², QMMG, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²²,Jag
Moog MP201
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000 ~ QCD
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MPX 100, MX 400,
Line 6 Echopro, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer²
drums Ultrabeat
vid #1475"

You take Zero Oscillators and Detune Them (than what! )

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Mark Pigott

"You take Zero Oscillators and Detune Them than what!"

Fun stuff. Two filters self oscillating with high resonance and some mods.


Published on Mar 7, 2016 LESINDES

"Anlalogue at its best: KORG ELECTRINE 2 EDM loop gets some filter treatment from CWEJMAN QMMF-4 4 band multimode filter."

Macbeth Elements Unsuspected SFX

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Todd Barton

"The fifth in a series of explorations. Here is a sequence of self-generating Sound Effects . . . the Elements synth's Gate is in Repeat mode."

A search on Macbeth Elements Barton will bring up previous posts.

Nerdlich Jam 2016 (return of 2 Old Men)

Published on Mar 6, 2016 Torsten Abel

"Synthesizer Jam Session by Reimann and TMA
Manfred Böcking and Torsten M. Abel

Recorded at the "Nerdlich der Mitte 2" synthesizer meeting Wallenhorst/Germany 5. March 2016

Gear list:

- Behringer BCR 2000 with ZAQaudio Zaquencer

- Korg - MonoPoly with Tubbutec Midi-Kit - controlled by Doepfer Pocket Control
- Korg - 770
- Clavia - Nord Lead A1
- Oberheim - OB8
- Yamaha - SK 20

- several guitar fx"

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - MakeNoise Tempi & 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

"For best sonic quality, please listen on headphones or through nice speakers. My favorite speakers are Genelecs. :) For patch details - Read on...

This patch demonstrates how the MakeNoise Tempi can be used as the foundation for complex timing variations in a very predefined way, which is incredibly useful for intentional composition.

In this patch I have Tempi Channel 1 pulsing the 'Odd' input of the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. Tempi Channel 2 is pulsing the "Even" input of the SMR. These are the only 2 that remain consistent in their time - although they are phasing. Channels 3-6 of the Tempi are set to divisions and multiplications of Channels 1 and 2 by factors of 2 and 4. Additionally, Channel 6 is patched to the Tempi MOD Input. During the performance I intermittently activate MOD Mode on Channels 3-6, causing them to rotate.

Tempi Channels 3-5 are sent to the CV Bus of the MakeNoise to trigger Maths, Function, direction and clock of Pressure Points and X-Clock of Rene.

The Quantized CV Out of Rene is sent to the CV Bus and then to 4 voices, all tuned to different harmonies, that I bring in and out with the RxMx and the other mixers. I used Maths and Function as an analog shift register to take these sequenced voices out of parallel motion.

The DPO's Mod Osc is in LFO Mode, and is modulating the waveshape of the STOs, the frequency of the MMG, and Telharmonic Flux.

The 4ms SMR plays the main harmonic structure and foundational rhythmic voice of the piece ( being pulsed by the Tempi ). I am recalling 6 preprogrammed presets, each with different chord voicings as well as EQ settings. I am also unlocking a bass frequency to change the bass line note.
Video shot by Sean Hellfritsch -"

Knosillobsolutely 8x8 XY Pad

Published on Mar 6, 2016 Bimini Road

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"Another way to use the 8x8 XY Pad in a patch in Audulus. On-the-fly looping provided by the autorecording CSlooper Modules. Stereo Knoscillators."

Knosillobsolutely 8x8 XY Pad

Lego Eurorack Modules by decay

You might remember the Lego eurorack cases by decay. Here are some conceptual Lego modules via decay:

"I recently started to build some Modules out of Lego... They have no functionality (yet), although some knobs can be turned. They don´t represent any modules that are on the market. They could also be used as blank panel since they perfectly fit into Eurorack format...

Here you can have a look at the Legomodules:
Overview here
Detailed Pics here"

Access Reissues the Virus TI Darkstar

via Access Music:

"For all those who were not able to grab one last time, we have another batch of Virus TI Darkstars for you. The special edition can be obtained through the Access online store and participating dealers."

Access will be at the upcoming Superbooth exhibition in Berlin. The events runs March 31st – April 2nd 2016.

An interesting side note is with the Superbooth and the Musikmesse coming up, this might be a sign that the current version of the Access Virus will continue on.


via this auction

"This listing is for a Jomox M-Resonator Analog Filter Synthesizer. Discontinued. This little filter box is just incredible, although you won't see what's inside at first. The envelope follower is level independent and has 2 actual envelopes internally - one fixed and one changeable referential envelope. They both are divided analog which produces a level independent envelope within far ranges. The filters are made from discreet parts and form a 24 pole low-pass filter transistor cascade. They can - in any thinkable way - be self feedbacked and be coupled or feedbacked with each other, so that extreme sounds and chaotic states create - all what you need today for creative analog sound design. Unbelievable bass gains or screaming scratch sounds are no problem. The mix pots are zeroed in center position; any other angle will couple or feedback negatively or positively. FM in both directions is also available.
Connections: Power 9V~ AC, Stereo In 2x 1/4 inch, Stereo Out 2x 1/4 inch align="right" width="5" height="1""

Future Retro 777

via this auction

ROLAND TR-606 Drum Machine w/MIDI, Mods & Extras

via this auction

"This listing is for 1 x ROLAND TR-606 Drum Machine With MIDI + SEPARATE OUTPUTS + ORIGINAL BOX + MANUAL + BROCHURE + ROLAND SILVER BAG/CASE (actual items in images)."


via this auction

MOOG MICROMOOG Analog Synthesizer SN 7380

via this auction


via this auction

"Re: OS Version 11. From the Wine Country website: 'Six-Trak Version 11 ROM offers the ability to sync the on- board sequencer to non-Sequential tm MIDI Clocks, plus non-volatile MIDI Mode settings'"

KORG SIGMA Σ KP-30 Analog Synthesizer c. 1979

via this auction


via this auction

"This listing is for 1 x WALDORF MICROWAVE 1 Revision A Digital/Analog Synthesizer with Operating System 2.0 + Rob Papen Card (actual item in images)."

ACCESS OBERHEIM MATRIX Synth Midi Programmer SN A19600396

via this auction

"ACCESS OBERHEIM MATRIX Synth Midi Programmer for use with Oberheim Matrix 1000, 6 & 6R Synthesizers"

You'll need at least OS 2.13 on the Matrix-6 for this.

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm SN 925172

via this auction

Quick Session: Octatrack + Analog Rytm + DSI Tetra + JU-06 + Volca Bass = 4:44

Published on Mar 7, 2016 my4trackmachine

"I just picked up an Octatrack. I am still learning it but can already tell that I am in love. This was a test session for hopefully a new setup I am working on that will be a little more permanent."

Korg Minilogue + Strymon BigSky = ?

Published on Mar 7, 2016 Metatron's Cube

"Great sounding synth so far. I made a slowly detuning patch and ran it through the Strymon BigSky, and it sounded pretty awesome. An oscilloscope view, for a little gear porn and waveform porn. Just sat around tinkering with it for hours. Thanks for listening and watching!
Korg Minilogue + Strymon Bigsky
Zoom R24
Presonus One Ver2"

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Synthq overview

Published on Mar 2, 2016 pantsofdeath

iTunes: synthQ - Never Be Normal

"Requires iOS 7.0 or higher

Introducing the queuing synthesizer for iPad.

SynthQ has been designed from the ground up with the touchscreen interface in mind. SynthQ is a subtractive synthesizer with a customizable interface. A unique module queuing system, resizable multi-octave keyboard, and intuitive cable-based modulation controls offer a truly dynamic music-making experience for iOS.

Each part of the synth is separated into units called modules. Each module snaps into place along a scrollable surface above the keyboard.

Control the number of modules shown on the screen at any time. Control which modules appear for each sound.

Tap a button on the module menu to launch a module and add it to the queue.

Drag a module up and release to remove it from the queue.

Drag a module down to move it within the queue.

Add variability to your sound by connecting different modules using virtual cables.

Alter the sound with synthQ's movable keys.

SynthQ provides an intuitive and engaging way to get started creating your own sounds, and is ideal for production, performance and music education environments.

Full feature list:

—three oscillators — sine, triangle, saw, square, pulse and resonant noise waves
—three adsrs — amp, filter and modulation envelopes
—filter with lowpass, hipass, bandpass, band-reject and peak filter modes
—frequency modulation oscillator
—ring modulation oscillator
—eight modulation bays with virtual cables enable interactions between modules
—three tempo-syncable LFOs with sine, triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, random curve and random step waves
—two XY matrix pads
—XY keys module turns the keyboard's movable keys into modulation sources
—two FX slots with chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb, tremolo, distortion, delay and bitcrush
—analog simulation with soft clipping and random pitch wavering
—midi module with pitch bender, modwheel and velocity
—master volume control

—multi-octave resizable keyboard with 4-voice polyphonic, monophonic and legato modes
—optional "sticky keys" mode locks each key to your finger after being pressed
—when used as a modulation source, sound can be altered by moving the keys in different directions
—unique rearrangeable module queuing area defines which controls are present per preset
—fully featured preset menu system with options to share and import via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing
—import presets directly from iOS mail by tapping and holding the attachment and pressing "Open in synthQ"
—functional graphic design and layout eliminates screen switching by keeping the control modules and keyboard in constant view

—Audiobus support with Inter-App Audio
—A=432Hz, A=440Hz and A=444Hz tuning modes
—44100k Hz, 32000 Hz and 22050 Hz sampling rate modes
—MIDI input and output per channel
—basic recording feature to save, play, loop, and share recordings
—import .WAV files from iTunes File Sharing for playback
—parallax motion effects"

Iceworks synths, compare and contrast.

Published on Mar 4, 2016 pantsofdeath

"Better quality version of yesterday's vid"

A comparison of iceWorks Mersenne, Lorentz, and Laplace resonator synths for iOS. Spotted this one on discchord.

Mersenne - Melodic Percussion Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.
LORENTZ Polyphonic Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.
Laplace - Resonator Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.

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