MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Montage Film Fun

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"The Montage is truly a performance instrument. This is an entirely live performance with a film soundtrack feel. I created a performance that has a French Horn swell which uses the Superknob for a really great performance dynamic. I am controlling the knob by the FC7 footpedal. I also layered a choir, and some strings. The strings are brought in and out with the mod wheel for additional dynamic control. Finally there's a timpani on the lower couple of octaves that I have active only at about velocity value 60 and above so you can lay into it and get that percussion. Just a few minutes of improv with a little Rocky and Star Wars thrown in for good measure. :) Enjoy!"

Yamaha CS-10 Synthesizer SN 1520

via this auction

Roland PROMARS Demo & Review

Published on Jul 3, 2016 musictrackjp


DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

diatonic scales'

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander , QPLFO, RCD²
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Cydustries Zeroscillator
Doepfer R 2m², A133², A134²², A 141, A143-2,9
A151²², A 156², A175²²²,A185-2(14x),A138m,a²²b²²c²²²
Flame Chord Machine , Q Slider², Tame Machine
foh choices
Make Noise Brains PP², Maths², Moddemix²², Optomix,
QMMG, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², MP201
SSL Modulation Orgy
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (pentatonic minor and aeolian),
Sportmodulator, TWF²
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400
mackie the mixer²
vid #1559

TTSH ARP 2600 and Moog M32 detune

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Cray

"Some slow random ARP acid with the help of the Moog M32"

"Ennio Elettronico"

Published on Jul 3, 2016 SynthMania

"Inspired by one of the most wonderful Italian composers of all time, one of my great influences since childhood."

Launchpad vs Montage

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Manuele Montesanti

"This is a "fun experiment" played in real time with my Montage and Launchpad Mini. I love the 11/8 groove..i love the "Motion Control Synthesis" of my Montage..;)!
#‎yamahasynth #‎yamahamontage #‎driftlab #‎launchpad #‎groove"

Moog Model 15 BASICS & CLASSICS: 64 free synth patches by Fabio Ribeiro

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Marcus Padrini
Update: video renamed to Moog Model 15 BASICS & CLASSICS: 100 free synth patches by Fabio Ribeiro

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

"The brazilian keyboard player, musical producer and sound synthesis instructor Fabio Ribeiro (Remove Silence) created the BASICS & CLASSICS collection, bringing 64 patches for the Moog Model 15 app for iPad and iPhone.

This free collection presents classic and famous synth sounds created using only the original features of the classic Moog Model 15 analog modular synth, without the new features of the app or delay.

In addition to demonstrating the versatility of the original synthesizer, the purpose of these patches, mostly, is didactic, illustrating how sounds of different classes can be created through subtractive synthesis in a modular synthesizer. Also included are some classic patches from keyboard players and bands like Rick Wakeman, Yes, Triumvirat, Rush, OMD, The Prodigy, Camel, Uriah Heep, etc.

BASICS & CLASSICS collection download:"

Eurorack Grp A4 Elektron P12 sequence

Published on Jul 3, 2016 TubeSamsa


Tears in Rain (Vangelis) cover by Studioliv. Demo From the Sound Bank for Jupiter-80. Live

Published on Jul 3, 2016 studioliv1

"One of my Vangelis'sound bank for Jupiter-80.
All patches programmed by Studioliv
The Vangelis'festivities Sound Bank for Jupiter-80 soon available, in preparation."

Exploring Modular Synths - 6 - Fuller patch with three sequencers and Pressure Points for Chords

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Modular Landing

"First I explain the patch, which is using Pressure Points for chords, and three sequencers (two Mother 32's and the Rene), plus Dixie ii+, Wiard Anti-oscillators and Braids for sound sources, and Peaks for a bass drum. Then I play the patch a bit."

All parts here.

Transmission A-001 ( Live Demo Version )

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Todd Smith

"This little ambient jam will be the intro to my upcoming Lydia EP. The Arturia Microbrute, Korg Volca Beats, Teenage Engineering PO-12 and Korg Volca Bass all sleep on this jam. I use the Korg Monotron Delay to capture and process live radio waves from a local Christian radio station. Korg Volca Keys plays a simple, one note drone style synth line while the Micrkorg is played & supplies the pad. On the Roland end we have the Roland Boutique JU-08 which is sequenced in Dual mode. Side A plays the strange sound which starts the track & side B plays the sci-fi, radio wave type synth sound. The Roland Boutique JU-06 plays a simple pulse wave sequence. All this is recorded in one take into Ableton Live which is used as a muli track recorder & adds VST effects. I use Waves SuperTap6 for delay.

: Gear Used :

Korg Microkorg
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Monotron Delay
Roland Boutique JU-06
Roland Boutique JU-08
Midi Solutions Quarda Thru
Behringer Micromix MX400
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Supertap 6 ( VST )
Ableton Live 8 ( Used as digital mixer / multi track )

"Five Days Resolver"

Published on Jul 3, 2016 SynthMania

"DotCom modular and ARP Omni-2. Eventide reverb and AMS delay. Audio snippets from one of my favorite movies ever"

voyager os paraphonic

Published on Jul 3, 2016 conor paxton

"shut the front door! i recently found a way (that quite frankly had been staring me in the face) to kinda sequence my moog voyager old school sort of paraphonically (at least as how i interperate paraphony..i.e more than one note, sharing the same envelopes, filter and vca)

quick demo, the phasor is a moogerfooger. the reverb is just a really cheap rack thing and thats it."

Arturia MiniBrute SE Analog Synth

via this auction

Thought these were particularly nice shots.

Casio CZ-1 Cosmo Synthesizer with Extras

via this auction

"Mint Casio CZ-1, which was the pinnacle of Casio's phase distortion synthesizers in the 80s. Comes with 3 different manuals, two data cartridges, a original Casio volume foot pedal, CD-Rom, and power cord. If you want a MINT CZ-1, this is the one to get! No issues whatsoever and cosmetically almost perfect from what I can tell. Selling low for quick sale and ship."

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest with Gig Bag

via this auction

Emulator 2 and Lexicon PCM 80

Published on Jul 3, 2016 ms20user

"Some of my new Samples made for the Emulator 2. All Synthesizer patches Samples and Sequences/ Melodies are made by myself.
Lots of these samples are from my original hardware PPG Wave 2.
Enjoy :)"

Minilogue Dub Techno Chords

Published on Jul 3, 2016 RemixSample RemixSample

Couple of KORG Minilogue Chords played via Midi. Nothing fancy. Valhalla Shimmer ( doing most of the work."

Patch Notes #2 - 0-Coast Hidden LFOs

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Here's a patch example using the hidden LFOs and other functions in the Make Noise 0-Coast synth as the main voice, with another Euclidean Rhythm based drum part with the Ornament & Crime.

The 0-Coast is the melodic voice, sweeping between the clean triangle wave shape and the additive, overtone shape from time to time.

The note sequence is coming from the René, which is being clocked by Tempi to the X clock and a slower odd tempo to the Y clock from Tempi via the Wogglebug, which is also sending slewed random voltages to the Y CV in. Then the gate from René is routed to the Contour (ADSR envelope) section, which controls the Dynamics (VCFA). The sustain is turned down in the Contour section, resulting in a basic attack/decay envelope, with the decay time modulated by the triangle wave LFO from the MIDI B CV output (as covered in the related tutorial).

The Slope (cycling AD envelope) section has cycle disabled, and is being triggered at an audio rate by the Oscillator square wave output. The rise and fall times are set to zero, and the vari-response knob is set to exponential, creating an extremely short envelope shape. The Slope output is then routed into the Oscillator FM input. The Stepped Random output is sent through the signal mult to the Oscillator Multiply attenuverter, while the square wave hidden LFO is routed to the Overtone attenuator.

Tempi is also clocking the Ornament & Crime, which is running 3 channels of Euclidean rhythms to a kick in Braids, a snare with the Basimilius Iteritas, and a hihat in the Scooper, with the Euclidean fill amount on each sequence modulated by the three channels on Pressure Points clocked from Brains."

Endangered Audio Research AD4096 Delay 800ms BBD Upgrade DIY Kit

Published on Jul 2, 2016 Endangered Audio Research Video

Two videos. The first demonstrates how to install your AD4096 Delay Upgrade Kit in a version 1 AD4096 and the second for a version 2 AD4096.

For a text version of this tutorial, check out this instructable:"

Rheyne - 0-COAST, Mother-32, Hall of Fame, and Demora (no computer)

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Rheyne

"A patch using a Make Noise 0-COAST and 3x Moog Mother-32 synths, with reverb from a TC Hall of Fame, and delay from a Roland Demora. No MIDI - all notes are from the Mother-32 sequencers, and all modulations are from the synths. Audio is directly from the mixer and is in-sync with the vid.

Download the complete audio at SoundCloud, which is the same 24-bit/48khz file used for this video. The entire audio is 5:48, and the video is the last 2 minutes. The audio is uninterrupted from the time the sequencers were started, until they were stopped a few seconds after recording the video was finished:"

Honey, They Shrunk the Synthesizer or the Grendel Grenadier

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Wein Glas

"The Grendel Grenadier is a monophonic analogue synthesizer with sequencer and some kind of 4-key-keyboard and ... it is tiny!
But it can sound very fat ;)"

Moog Voyager to Eurorack Interface From Synovatron

via @davegalemusic

"Interface your @moogmusicinc Voyager to Eurorack! Expander module from @Synovatron @MusicTechMag @BrightonModular"

via Synovatron

"ATTENTION: The first and most important thing that I need to get across here is that the VXP1 has been designed for the keyboard versions of the Moog Voyager. The Old School version has the same Accessory Port but does not have a touchpad so therefore does not support the Touch X, Y, A and Gate outputs. The RME (Rack Mount Edition) has an Output Accessory Port and does support the VX-351 and is probably OK BUT I have not been able to verify the extent to which it is compatible as there is virtually no information about the RME Output Accesory Port's signal set. Logic suggests it is very similar but I cannot yet guarantee how well the VXP1 will work with the RME. I will try and find out (maybe borrow an RME for a weekend - any offers?).

TOUCH Outputs (X, Y, AREA, GATE)
This function produces TOUCH X, Y, AREA CV and GATE outputs in response to touching the Voyager's touchpad. X and Y vary according to where the pad is touched, AREA varies according to how much area on the pad is being pressed. The GATE turns on when the pad is touched.

X, Y and AREA are CV outputs that have an effective range of ±5V.

GATE is a 0V off and 10V on signal. The GATE LED illuminates when the pad is touched.

NOTE: The Touch outputs are not supported by the Old School Voyager; they will remain at zero volts. One possibility I'm looking into is to provide a modification to allow the 4 Touch connectors to be used as a mult. This would involve removing 4 resistors and adding 3 linking wires on the circuit board. Another possibility is to make X, Y and AREA into diode connected inputs to the GATE output. This would act as a logic OR gate. This would entail fitting diodes to 3 connectors and wiring them to a spare comparator chip and wiring that to the GATE output driver. These options would have to be ordered as an Old School variant with Mult or Diode options but I will publish details of how to modify or revert back to standard.

This function produces KEYBOARD PITCH CV, VEL CV (velocity), PRESS CV (pressure) and GATE outputs in response to playing the keyboard. PITCH CV is determined by which key is pressed, VEL by how fast a key is pressed and PRESS by how hard a key is pressed. The GATE turns on when a key is pressed.

PITCH is a CV output that is trimmable to 1V/octave (using the screwdriver adjustment on the front panel) and has a nominal range of -0.916V (low F) to +2.667V (high C).

VEL and PRESS are CV outputs that have an effective range of ±5V.

GATE is a 0V off and 10V on signal. The GATE LED illuminates when a key is pressed.

This function produces WHEEL PITCH and MOD CV outputs in response to operating the Pitch and Mod wheels. The Pitch wheel is centre sprung to give 0V when not operated. The Mod wheel is not sprung and can be left in any position. Normally when the Mod wheel is fully rotated towards the player no modulation occurs (in the Voyager). However this position equates to -5V output. A jumper can be set on the VXP1 circuit board to provide either the standard ±5V range or a 0V-10V range. A 0V-10V range will allow it to operate a modular VCA to control modulation depth for example.

PITCH and MOD are CV outputs that have an effective range of ±5V but MOD is jumper selectable to have an effective range of 0V to +10V.


"Here is the panel design that will go into production"

208r V2 - First Patch and Test Vid 2016

Published on Jul 3, 2016 djangosfire

"Just finishing up a 208r V2..... Raw beautiful analog tones .... all sounds from the module - nothing else.

Testing quickly turned to inspiration! Decided to share the moment here..... it's been a while, thank you for checking out my vids!

- Djangosfire"

Roland VP-330 Plus Vocoder SN 881094

Published on May 31, 2016 Ulises El Licenciado Lozano

"Testing my favorite Vocoder
One of the best Vocoders ever made.
Testing all the functions."

via this auction

1970s Crumar Performer Vintage Analog Synthesizer Strings & Brass with Transpose Slider Mod

via this auction

"Up for sale, a 1970's Crumar Performer synthesizer in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This vintage analog synth has been recently and thoroughly serviced, with the addition of a transpose slider on the bass side cheek block to give it the same six octave functionality of the Performer 2, as well as a couple extra sustain and crescendo options.

Compact and fully polyphonic across the 49 keys, this synth was manufactured in Italy and introduced in the late '70s. Programming is simple and clearly laid-out on the Performer, with just 15 sliders and a few buttons. A solid black chassis and wood end-cheeks round out this classic and often overlooked string machine, which was fully serviced and modded by Bob Weigel of "String Doctorin."

The Performer is best remembered for its Strings, and features a simple three-band equalizer with high, mid and low sliders can be used to give the strings shimmering sparkle or moody dark timbres. The Strings section uses two oscillators per voice with 8' and 16' settings. Simple Attack and Sustain sliders give you some control of your strings envelope settings as well.

The Brass section uses a single oscillator with just a square wave, and it has a low-pass voltage-controlled filter with resonance. Simple Attack and Decay sliders control its envelope settings too.

The LFO is quite nice, with delay length, rate and depth control. It can modulate both Brass and String sections and can be routed either to the VCF or pitch. There are three outputs on the back: main output, brass output and signal output (for external processing) as well as CV and Gate connections.

Cosmetically, there is light wear on the wooden ends and a few small scuffs on the enclosure, but overall, this Crumar is in impressive shape, with all of its original slider caps. Fairly uncommon in any condition, it's very rare to find a Performer that has received the necessary servicing and care from which this synth has benefitted!

A partial Crumar cover is included, which is essentially just half of an original zippered case that now works as a fancy dust cover."


via this auction

"Note: White keys are painted black, low key is a bit mangled but works fine and the scratches by the pot are pretty noticeable."

Freeforn D Circuit Bent Wrestling Belt

via this auction

Some synth bling to wear at the next synth meet. Creepy video further below.

"The Mods are:

Mono mini jack output

Centre off toggle switch to select Pitch - Up - Off - Down

Grey and Yellow Controls for Pitch Up or Pitch Down

You might need to add some Velcro on the back because the belt down not fasten, I used some string which worked fine."


via this auction

"VERY RARE Classic 80s Clap Synth from the British Drum Machine Legends MUSICAID/SIMMONS ELECTRONICS

This one is in great condition and PARTICULARLY RARE, being the more scarce early MUSICAID analog version of the Clap Trap which is much harder to find. Excellent both cosmetically and functionally"

Korg KPR-77 Programmable Rhythm ANALOG DRUM MACHINE

via this auction

"The KPR-77 was Korg's answer to the TR-606 drum machine. Like the 606, the KPR-77 is basically an analog machine. Its sounds consist of bass, snare, two toms, open and closed hi-hats, accent and (switchable) cymbal/clap. Each drum sound's level can be individual mixed via the sliders. Unfortunately the KPR does not sound nearly as nice as the 606 can. But it has a simple LCD programming display sort of like what the TR-505 sports.

It holds up to 48 patterns (3 groups of 16) and two songs. A pattern can hold up to 32 steps. Like the TR-606, the KPR can be battery operated and REQUIRES batteries for retention of your programmed drum patterns and songs when it is turned off! Fortunately a casette out lets you store its memory to tape for offline storage. The KPR-77 has DIN SYNC IN/OUT as well as Tom trigger outs (like the 606) for external control and triggering. However, Korg's DIN Sync is not the same as Roland's DIN Sync. When syncing Roland and Korg gear via DIN sync, they will work however the Korg machine will run at 1/2 the tempo/speed of the Roland unit. This is because Korg uses a 48 ppqn (parts per quarter note) DIN standard whereas Roland's is 24 ppqn. This can be corrected with several devices which will translate 24-48 sync, such as the Korg KMS-30."


via this auction

Piano, Clavi, Harpsichord, E. Piano, with Chorus & Flanger

"Polyphony - 16 voices
Multitimbral - Monotimbral
Oscillators - DCO
Modulation - Square or Sine Tremolo with rate & depth controls
Filter - Brilliance
Envelope - Long or Short release times
Effects - Chorus, Flanger
Arpeg/Seq - None
Keyboard - None
Memory - 128 patches
Control - MIDI In/Out
Date Produced - 1984"

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer w/ KENTON MIDI

via this auction

Sunday Jam session (ms-20, erebus, JX-03, System-1, TR-8, KORG volca)

Published on Jul 3, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Started to make a slow, 80 bpm jam session.. because is was working on some camera stuff, new angles / overhead etc.. and in the midst of jamming, well.. why not record it ? :) Its a vey laid back session.. main focus is on the system-1 arp and ms-20 solo sounds.. + stabs on the NLA1 and JX03. Oh, and im using the TR606 sounds for the first time too on the TR8, they sound really great... BUT the hihats are really loud and hard to mix.. haha :D

Other than thats its my standard setup, Live straight into 2 track.. no overdubs.

Gear used: ms-20 mini, korg volca bass, keys and sample, elektron analog four, system-1, TR-8, TB-3, NLA1, arturia microbrute, microgranny, SQ-1, dreadbox erebus, JX-03

FX: strymon timeline, mooer reecho, strymom bluesky, el capistan, mooer skyverb, kaoss pad, zoom ms-70 CDR _ and the Presonus studiolive 16.0.2 desk

And yeah ! Overhead cam .. its something that i have wanted to try out for some time.. a little bit disappointed on the low light capabilities of the HERO4.. but yeah, it creates a nice feeling being able to add those overhead shots. :)"

Polygonal Substructure (Korg Minilogue, Voca FM x2, Volca Sample)

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Metatron's Cube

"The outer crystalline mass gives way to a hollowed polygonal sub-structure. An entire civilization recorded in holographic memory. Up and downs, chaotic times through stagnation and peace. Small embers of light, burning.
The Volcas and Minilogue are just too fun, more walls of sound and some extreme bass if your speakers or headphones can take it. Maybe it's a bit overboard. Thank you for watching and listening, have a good week!
Korg Minilogue + Stymon BigSky
Korg Volca FM + Digitech Supernatural reverb
Korg Volca FM + TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb
Korg Volca Sample
Zoom R24
Sony Cybershot
Kden Live
Presonus One"

Assd. Acid - Elbow Mix

Published on Jul 3, 2016 MrSharps02

"found this old vid from a few months back and after relistening decided its worth having on the youtubes. sorry my huge elbow blocks most of the action, just listen with your eyes closed i guess.

live knob turnin and switch flippin."

Batchas presents: la minute (et demie) de Serge Paperface [S01E09]

Published on Jul 3, 2016 batchas

"Original Serge Paperface Modular System from 1978.

One take, direct outs. Reverb/delay added afterwards."

All parts here.

Just a quickie: Make Noise 0-Coast + Korg SQ-1

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"Just a short quick demo of the Make Noise 0-Coast being sequenced by the Korg SQ-1. This one is a bit on the acidy side..."

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