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Monday, August 15, 2016

Lexicon PCM 80 effects demo, by Pulse Emitter. With Novation Bass Station II.

Published on Aug 15, 2016 Pulse Emitter

"All custom edited patches. I played one single patch on a Novation Bass Station II synthesizer live through the Lexicon PCM 80 and recorded the output. The Pitch FX card is installed and in use. Quite a few of these sounds use the Resonant Chord algorithms which let you tune 6 different high frequency delays, creating wonderful ambient effects. This effects processor is very powerful with extraordinarily deep programming capabilities. Truth be told I bought it because I read in a Steve Roach interview that he has a few of them and they are key to his sound, and I've always loved his sound... Anyway, I've used this on a number of my albums. Love the pitch shifted delays, chorus, and reverb, although the unit is a bit noisy.!/PulseEmitter"

DSI Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER Keyboard // MFB TANZMAUS // part 1

Published on Aug 15, 2016 LESINDES

"Assorted sounds of DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS POLY EVOLVER KEYBOARD. Just fooling and tweaking with some of the presets of bank 2. Accompaniment: MFB TANZMAUS.

Btw. this is the synth I am offering on EBAY. See me tweaking the delicate knobs I was mentioning in my offer (Cutoff, Reso...)"


DSI Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER Keyboard // MFB TANZMAUS // part 2

Published on Aug 23, 2016 LESINDES

"Assorted sounds of DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS POLY EVOLVER KEYBOARD. Just fooling and tweaking with some of the presets of bank 2. Accompaniment: MFB TANZMAUS."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Recently serviced by New England Analog (aftertouch rebuilt, power supply upgraded). Looks and sounds incredible. Latest revision."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 1982 Brown/Black Model 1000 Revision 3.3 SN 4563

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

via this auction

"These gems rarely come up for sale in this condition. Only thing it needs a the nameplate repainted and a few knobs. Everything functions beautifully! Shipping will be from Washington State. Buyer pays for shipping and works it out. Also comes with original SC flight case that was built for it. It's 135lbs in the case so keep that in mind when shipping."

Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

via the seller: "Moog Model 15, a few months old! I have two so I am selling one.

I am the first owner, it is still within warranty and comes with all cables, boxes, manuals, and includes the certificate of authenticity.

Since I have two, you may pick which one you would like."

1970's Moog Minimoog Model D with Moog 1125 Sample & Hold

Published on May 11, 2016

"In this episode of Funky Vintage, we cover Moog’s crown jewel: the Minimoog Model D. This is the synth that started it all; it brought synthesis out of the laboratory and onto the stage, giving performing musicians access to the iconic synths sounds we know and love today. You’ve undoubtedly heard this classic three-oscillator monophonic synth, although you may not be aware of it."

via this auction

"Original edition Moog Minimoog Model D, serial number 53XX; with rare Moog 1125 Sample & Hold. The mini features the rare solid walnut wood cabinet and clear pitch/modulation wheels. This vintage Minimoog is in collector's condition. You will be hard-pressed to ever find a nicer Minimoog than this one!!

Also included are the following:

Brand new heavy-duty vinyl cover
Spare parts including two new clear pitch/modulation wheels and white rocker switches
Original Moog manual with schematics
The below work was just performed by an authorized Moog Service Center:

The keyboard was redone with all new rubber stops
All key contacts were cleaned
The circuit boards and tuning were calibrated

The unit also has several Moog modifications:
New oscillator board for increased tuning stability
2nd pitch knob for oscillator one (permits switching rapidly between unison and fifth tunings, etc.)
Constant "drone" switch
All modification were done by an authorized Moog Service Center using Moog parts
The Model 1125 Sample and Hold unit connects to the Minimoog (or other Moogs with an 'S' trigger) to trigger random sequencing patterns. It was just tested and is working fine."

Studio Electronics Midimoog with original/vintage Minimoog Model D board

via this auction

"Selling a vintage, no-repair/mod Midimoog containing an original Minimoog model D board. This is NOT a Midimini with non-original board, but a rack containing a real Midimoog's circuit. The rack was manufactured by Studio Electronics and is not available anymore.

Real vintage Midimoog sounds with add'l features and MIDI capability. Works with any MIDI controller (I was using a Nord Stage 2 myself). Very good condition, kept in smoking-free studio."

Crumar Bit One Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Signed by Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five

via this auction

"This Bit One is fully functional and in great condition. This unit sports an autograph from Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five.

The Bit one is a DCO based analog polysynth from Crumar. Similar in sound and architeture to the Roland Juno-106 and other DCO based synthesizers of the era. It Features 2 DCOs per voice, VCF, 2 LFOs, upper/lower split and double modes, and velocity sensitivity!"

Roland SH-7

via this auction

Genoqs Nemo Black Sea Edition Sequencer

via this auction

Note the bottom pics are stock photos.

"Sequencer with very intuitive programming, yet incredibly deep functionality incl. custom scales, polyphonic events per step, shuffle per step, complex modulation functions ... Programmable parameters can be set individually per step, sequence or page (group of sequences). Pages can be combined into chains, so that complex arrangements can be rendered. Multicolor lights give visual feedback on programming status. High end built quality, extraordinarily rare.

Nearly perfect cosmetic condition (no scratches or dents - near mint), technically immaculate.

Comes with manual and original power supply. For further details, check genoqs dot com."

ARP 2600 Rev .2/4 SN 14616

via this auction

Note this one was listed back in September, 2015 here.

"This is an ARP 2600 synthesizer. However, the configuration shown here is not exactly typical, and those who know this synthesizer will recognize the importance of these features. The synthesizer itself is a Rev.2, while the keyboard is a Rev.4 3620 two-voice model. Definitely NOT an 'off-the-floor' setup, but here's why this is significant:

When the Rev.2 versions were built after a redesign of the original (and craptastic) Rev.1 'blue meanie' 2600s, they still utilized ARP's original 4012 VCF design, which was a copy, more or less, of Bob Moog's transistor ladder lowpass VCF. Eventually, Moog and ARP came to blows in court over this, and the Rev.3 and 4 2600s used the not-so-awesome 4072 VCF, which sounds very different and much thinner at the low end, less bright at the top. But at the time of the Rev.2, there was no such animal as the two-voice 3620 keyboard; you had the simpler 3604 and the REALLY simple 3601...and that was it. It was not until some years on that ARP came up with the 3620, which also provides an extra LFO, some pedal controls and a few other interesting features, and the one here is from the final 2600 revision, Rev.4, as noted by the orange graphics and the 'no-logo' ARP logo. The synth here, also, has its distinctive rectangular Tonus logo, as opposed to the Rev.3 'G-clef'. The S/N tag on the side also says 'Manufactured by Tonus', as you can see in its pic.

As would be expected on a 45+ year old piece of gear, the cosmetics are a bit out of sorts. There's some typical tolex snags and scratches, a bit of an issue with the wooden housing (shown in one pic), and a little oxidation on the case metal. Electronically, however, the unit is perfect, with VCO3 having been replaced with a breadboarded copy in 2007, and VCO1 having had that done prior to my taking possession of the unit in 1994. Slider caps are missing here and there, but only one not-too-essential speaker slider has taken a hit. Caps are easily available, though. The synth, sadly, has a couple of major bits missing; the handle is gone (see pic) and there was no front case lid when I acquired it. If one isn't going to 'road' the unit, though, none of that is a serious issue.

The 3620 keyboard is a later vintage by perhaps 7-8 years, and accordingly, is in better shape. It's complete, works excellently, has a nice, smooth action. Both it and the synthesizer unit were fully realigned and calibrated when the VCO was replaced in 2007, and they're working magnificently. Not a 'collector piece', certainly, but if you want a 2600 that offers everything that that synth could have in store, this is the one you need."

Oberheim OB-8 W/Midi

via this auction

Roland SH-5

via this auction

"It was recently brought in for cleaning and calibration to Jim Nelson of Audio Operations. Jim is widely known in Toronto as one of the premiere synth technicians in the region and worked for many years as the head service technician for Roland Canada. This unit came in and back with a clean bill of health: The pots and faders do not exhibit any pops or crackles and it is good working order.

Cosmetically, it is in good condition showing obvious signs of wear on the tolex and in the area near the mod lever. It does not include the wooden case top."

Korg 800dv Demo

Published on Oct 22, 2015 Quedeville Tony

Roland Promars Demo

Published on May 8, 2016 Quedeville Tony

Crumar Trilogy Demo

via this auction

"The name Trilogy of course (in the same vein were, for example, the Korg Trident, the ARP Omni 1/2, and the Moog Opus 3) comes from the fact that this instrument features three sections: Organ, Strings, and Synthesizer.
These 'Multi-Instrument Keyboards', as they were called at the time, were very popular among keyboardists - because back in the early 80s, "proper synthesizers" like the Prophet-5, Oberheim OB-X or Jupiter-8 were much more expensive.

The String section in particular sounds great.. very retro, and very similar to the classic ARP String Ensemble (Solina).

The Synthesizer section is big, brassy, and typically 80s-sounding. In all, this is an impressive (not only visually - it's very large and heavy) synthesizer, capable of vintage sounds unavailable anywhere else."

PPG PHONEM Sound0816

Published on Aug 15, 2016 ryouichi harada

iTunes: Phonem - Wolfgang Palm

The Complete DX7II by Howard Massey with Flexi-Discs

via this auction

"This is without a doubt the best and most thorough book ever written on how to program and work with the Yamaha DX7II series synthesizer. A lot of the information here is applicable to all FM synths, but it was written specifically for the DX7II, and includes some things not included in the original DX7.

The particular book still has the three included “sound sheets” with all the audio examples. These plastic 33 1/3 rpm records have never been played and are in perfect condition and still attached to the book (see photos).

I am the original owner of this book. I bought it in 1987 when I got my DX7IID. I read it thoroughly in the first year and it has been on my bookshelf or in storage, untouched, ever since. There are exactly 14 pages where I highlighted some information (see photo examples), but other than that this book is in excellent condition.

What with the recently resegence in interest in FM synthesis, this book is still relevent and invaluable."


via this auction

Roland JP8000 Patches

Roland JP8000 (Patches Part 1)

Published on Aug 15, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"A demonstration of the Patch presets included with the JP8000 synthesiser.

The synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."

Some glitches in this one unfortunately. Not sure if it's the recording, the synth and if the synth, the effects.


Roland JP8000 (Patches Part 2)

Published on Aug 16, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"A demonstration of the Patch presets included with the JP8000 synthesiser.

The synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."

Quick Synthwave Jam

Published on Aug 14, 2016 Iain Smith

DSI OB-6 & Prophet-6.

Novation Circuit EDM

Published on Aug 15, 2016 RemixSample

"Novation Circuit Test Drive.

The 1.3 update pushed me into just having to buy the Circuit. I'm glad I did! The workflow is very intuitive and it sounds really good. There is massive potential in this little box."

Mune Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live & a New Demo

Mune Demo Series One Published on Aug 15, 2016 Mune

"A run-through of all the ways you can use the Mune!"

You can find the Kickstarter campaign here.

The ADSR Explained by Bob Moog

via @moogmusicinc

"ADSR from the mouth of Bob. Happy #Minimoog Monday! Love, your friends at #Moog. #bobmoog"

Analogue Synthesizer Demos by Synthe_64

Published on May 6, 2016 Synthe_64

"Here is a small demo of my analogue synths. They are all connected via Control Voltage; I never use midi. Enjoy the sound of Moog Minimoog, Korg Polysix, Roland SH2, Korg Monotribe, Arturia Microbrute, Pittsburgh Modular and Doepfer Darktime. Recorded in one track. Stereo delay comes from my Behringer Xenyx 1202FX mixer, Polysix Phasing comes from EHX Small Stone. If you have any questions about the demo please send an email to"

TapeOp Convention Modular Synth Class Featuring Peter Grenader, Alessandro Cortini and Dave Wright

Published on Aug 15, 2016 david wright

"live improv modular performance by Peter Grenader, Alessandro Cortini and Dave Wright. Mixed and processed live by Steve Roach. TapeOp Con @ El Conquistador Resort Tucson, AZ 2007"

Doug Lynner Live at uHausen 2016

Published on Aug 14, 2016 Doug Lynner

"Mountain Arabesque performed live on Serge Modular Synthesizer, Elby EuroSerge Modular Synthesizer and Cynthia Modular Synthesizer in Boulder Creek, CA, August 14, 2016. Copyright 2016 by Doug Lynner. All rights reserved.

Doug offers modular synthesizer lessons and consultations. For information write

Doug's website is"


via this auction


via this auction

Steiner Parker Minicon Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Note this appears to be the first Steiner Parker Minicon post on MATRIXSYNTH. You'll find pics of the inside below.

"Up for grabs is the only Steiner Parker Minicon. It is the only one I have ever seen for sale. It's so rare that the only photo I have found of it online is from a Steiner Parker brochure. This synth is in excellent condition with the exception for some minor paint chips along time top. This is a great synth with a huge sound that is very similar to its bigger brother the Synthacon. It takes 1 v/oct and Strig in. I have a spare knob for the noise which is missing the silver insert. Comes with the power cable."

EML 101 Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a vintage EML 101 synthesizer. Similar in functionality to an ARP 2600 but with 4 oscillators and 2 voice paraphonic! This one has been modded to accept 1v/oct input. The key bushings were recently replaced. I have a replacement knob for oscillator 4. Folds up into its own case. Overall it looks, works, and sounds great."

Rare EMS Pitch to Voltage, Eight Octave Filter Bank, and Quad Envelope Processor

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Up for grabs are 3 EMS Rack Units in excellent functional and cosmetic condition.. All 3 units are currently working but do to the vintage nature of these racks they are sold as is.

These were previously owned by the composer and brief owner of EMS, Edward Williams.

Comes with 3 vintage EMS power cords, 3 new Bulgen sockets to make new power cords, 2 insanely rare facilities cables to connect the rack unit to your Synthi, some typed notes, schematics, and a manual.

Pitch To Voltage:

I used this with a transformer. Looks like there is a switch inside to switch the voltage.

8 Octave Filter Bank:

This has a switch on the back to switch voltage level.

Quad Envelop Follower:

Possibly one of a kind unit built by Robin Wood for Edward Williams. I used this with a transformer. You will need a transformer for this unit or you will need to mess with the wiring internally."

Roland Juno 106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer with Dual VCF/VCO ICs Modification and Flight Case

via this auction

"This Roland has been modified here is information about the stock setup and then info about modifications.

The Stock Juno-106 is a six-voice polyphonic and programmable analog synth with one digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) per voice. While classic monophonic syths used two or three oscillators to create a fatter sound(check mods below), the Juno-106 uses built-Chorus to fatten up its sound with dramatic effect. The nature of its DCO meant it was stable and always in perfect tune but still warm and analog. There is an excellent 24db/oct analog low pass filter with plenty of resonance and self oscillating possibilities and a non-resonant high pass filter. The programmable pitch/mod bender can be assigned to control the DCO pitch, VCF cut off, and LFO amount all at once or individually. There are 16 MIDI channels available and MIDI SYsEX data can be transmitted/recieved from all the sliders and buttons for total remote control and sequencing capability. A switch on the back of the keyboard next to the MIDI port allows the user to switch between three types of MIDI modes: KEYBOARD, HOLD, BENDER, PATCH or ALL DATA(including SysEX).

Fully restored with Mods: This unit has been Completely rebuilt, new DCO chips, and battery. and modified with a DUAL VCF/VCA ICS which give it a thicker full sound(the extra filtier/vco chips are located under the PCB) The keyboard has been completely re-graphic in purple and yellow with matching LEDS and dark walnut sides. It comes with a printed copy of the owners and service manual. A matching spec(other than color) keyboard also modded by Roger Gastrow now resides at Henson Studios in California."

Reverb Auction Posts

Just a heads-up, I will be including Reverb in auction posts moving forward. I've had a number of readers request them. To differentiate between Reverb and eBay I've created new labels for them which you will find at the bottom of auction posts. You can sort for whichever your prefer. The Auctions label of course will remain and include both.

Please note only the most interesting/rare items will continue to go up. To submit anything else, you have to be a supporting member of the site.

Oberheim OB-Xa

via this auction

Also listed on Reverb here.

Oberheim TVS-1 Synthesizer with CV Mods

via this auction

Original Moog MiniMoog Model D Signed By Bob Moog

via this auction

Let me show you my Rack #2: Bastl Rumburack Eurorack Modular Synth #TTNM

Published on Aug 15, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines


0:29 Rumburak case features

0:58 Hendrikson - Instrument & FX interface
1:50 GrandPa + Spa - granular sample player
3:05 Tea Kick - kickdrum, drone and square generator
3:42 Noise Square - percussion sound source
4:19 Propust - triple passive filter
4:33 Cinnamon - multi-mode VCF and VCO
5:26 Clutch - quad attenuator and CV source
5:51 Skis - dual decay envelope and dual VCA
6:41 Quattro figaro - quad VCA/VC mixer and CV stereo panner
7:08 ABC - six channel mixer
7:20 Ciao! - stereo audio output module and mixer
8:32 Reverse Landfill Wood Noise - square wave noise generator
9:02 Error Instruments Hard Candy - square wave generator, clock and trigger sequencer
9:44 RFProjex Gargoyle Delay - experimental delay to infinity
10:24 DIY Blank Panel
10:38 Passive Multiple
10:50 CV Trinity - six channel LFO/Envelope/CV Recorder
12:10 Popcorn - non-linear CV/Gate sequencer
13:32 Little Nerd - clock, trigger & gate processor
14:02 Knit Rider - six track performance trigger/gate sequencer

15:30 The truth about the Bastl Instruments Eurorack wood panels!

Soundscape "Lullaby" | "Pine Fields"

Published on Aug 2, 2016 Jurren Mekking

"Improvised ambient music by Bart Knol & Jurren Mekking

Bass synth:
Moog Sub37
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb

Fender '60s Jazzmaster Lacquer
TC Electronic Sub'n'Up octaver
Digitech Whammy V
Xotic SP compressor
Strymon Mobius
Strymon El Capistan
TC Electronic Flashback delay
Strymon BigSky
Thermionic Culture - Culture Vulture

Pad synth:
Roland JX03
Strymon Timeline
Strymon BigSky

Lead synth:
Korg ARP Odyssey
EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb"

Soundscape "Pine Fields"

Published on Aug 5, 2016

"Improvised ambient music by Bart Knol & Jurren Mekking

Bass synth:
Moog Sub37
TC Electronic Sub N Up octaver
TC Electronic Alter Ego delay
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb

Fender '60s Jazzmaster Lacquer
EHX Soul Food
Xotic SP compressor
Strymon El Capistan
TC Electronic Flashback delay
Strymon BigSky
Thermionic Culture - Culture Vulture

Pad synth:
Roland JX03
Strymon Timeline
Strymon BigSky

Lead synth:
Korg ARP Odyssey
EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb

Yamaha Reface CS

EHX Pulsar
EHX Memory Man Hazarai
Universal Audio Solo 610"

Buchla Music Easel and BOSS RC-505 Recording Tests

Published on Aug 15, 2016 ozashikiTECHNO

Fasma 2016 Festival - DIY Synth

Published on Aug 15, 2016 Tomash Ghzegovsky

"A little jam on a prototype build for the Fasma 2016 Festival - DIY Synth workshop I did in Athens this April.
It's a 3 voice touch Relaxation Oscillator based on the CD40106 Schmitt Trigger.

Schematics and more info below:
For more music follow:"

via Tomash Ghz

"For the workshop I designed a pocket 3 voice touch Relaxation Oscillator based on the CD40106 Schmitt Trigger. Featuring 3 more modulation LFOs. Two controllable by potentiometers and one by a light dependend resistor. All sounds could be modulated simply by touching the pads, that would spell out FASMA."

Ring Modulating the Timbre Wolf

Published on Aug 14, 2016 HardtekStudios

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