MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back To Hordijk II

"Another brief live improv on the Hordijk modular synth. Studio monitors recommended. A lot of dynamic and pitch range . . ."

SYSTEM-500 Sound Patch Examples Mix

Published on Aug 25, 2016 RolandChannel

"'SYSTEM-500 Sound Patch Examples'
You can download Patch Examples file from here."

Custom Logic Programmers for Hardware Synths

You'll find the full list of editors for sale here. Note these do require the APPLE LOGIC audio/sequencer program (formerly Emagic Logic). To use the editors you MUST have a valid copy of LOGIC on your computer as well as a MIDI interface which connects your computer via MIDI cable to your hardware synthesizer.

This software CANNOT be used as a stand alone application under any circumstances. It will NOT run in Ableton, Reason, VST, AU or any other host - it is not a plug-in but two importable layers of the Logic environment.

New programmers include the JP-8000/8080, Prophet VS, JD-800 and JD-990, and OB-Xa with Encore MIDI (pictured in order here).

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 with MIDI

via this auction

"This P10 has recently been serviced by an expert on sequential products with 30+ years of doing so. At it's last servicing I had the following done:

Cleaned all jacks and contacts
Replaced memory backup battery
Cleaned all internal connectors and treated all gold contacts
Re-lubricated all upper and lower keyboard bushings
Aligned all upper and lower J wires
Cleaned and burnished all upper and lower J wires
Cleaned and burnished all upper and lower Buss bars
Treated all gold J wires and Buss bars
Calibrated all 20 oscillators tuning and scale
Tested all auto tune and circuits functionality
Ran factory diagnostic rom all test = ok
Installed factory patches
Tested all controls, all keys, all functions, auto-tune, and playability"

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol W/ Extras

via this auction

"Kilpatrick Phenol desktop analog synthesizer in perfect working order! Comes with manual, power adapter, three (3) sets of banana cables (qty 30) and UTL-1 passive banana to Eurorack converter box."

Roland SH-101 - w/ MIDI & Tubbutec SH-1oh1 Mod

via this auction

"For sale is a Roland SH-101 that is equipped with the SH-1oh1 modification from Tubbutec.

Not only does this mod equip the SH-101 with MIDI connectivity but it also enhances the overall functionality with features like a special "accent" envelope, a second filter LFO, a second ADSR envelope generator and a bunch of new and improved options for the sequencer..."

You can find a video of the Tubbutec mod here.

Moog Taurus 2 ~ syncing ~ Roland System 102

Published on Aug 25, 2016 Ebotronix

"Taurus 2 to TWF (square out) to System 102 sync in
EHX Deluxe MM Tap in by A 152 , Feedback CV in by René" Q173 Gate Math Demo Videos

Published on Aug 25, 2016 synthesizersdotcom

"Overview of the Q173 Gate Math module in a system.

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

Playlist: Q173 Gate Math in Action
Q173 Gate Math Configurations
Q173 Gate Math Sequencing
Q173 Gate Math Internal Clock
Q173 Gate Math Reset
Q173 Gate Math Sources
Q173 Gate Math Bonus Features
Q173 Gate Math Programming
Q173 Gate Math With Audio
Q173 Gate Math Simple Mode
Q173 Gate Math Reset Trick

Knobcon 2016 Details are In

"Knobcon, the world's only synthesizer convention, returns to the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg near Chicago IL USA for the fifth happening of this immersive event featuring over 60 exhibitors, live performances and workshops!

Jack to the Future Part V
$35 Entry Fee for ALL 3 DAYS!
Optional Knobcon Banquet only $50

It all begins with an opening reception on Friday, September 9 with live performances by Allerian, Entanglement, Studio Dummies, and Suit & Tie Guy. Attendees of the reception will also enjoy specially priced drinks featuring whiskey from Balcones Distilling.

Multiple exhibit halls open to the public at 10AM Saturday and Sunday and are filled to capacity with large manufacturers such as Roland, Korg, Yamaha, and Moog, the finest boutique modular and pedal companies, and even some "classic cars" that collectors bring to display. Behringer’s new analog polysynth DeepMind12 will be making its North American debut at the event. Also appearing will be the new Minimoog Model D from Moog, and Arturia's Matrixbrute. See the latest releases and even purchase gear at special Knobcon pricing throughout the weekend!

Workshops scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 10-11. See the Knobcon website ( for complete descriptions and times.
• Syntheizer Basics and Synthesizer Myths presented by Marc Doty
• History and Theory of Additive Synthesis presented by Jon Sonnenberg
• Birth of the Prophet VS presented by Chris Meyer
• Tomita: A Voyage Through His Greatest Techniques presented by Nicholas D. Kent
• Experimental Music: Composition with an Arduino MIDI Controller presented by Elliott Inman
• MIDI: What’s it All About? presented by Amos Gaynes
• BeatPPL - Live Podcast Recording
• SynthSummitShow - Live Podcast Recording
• Learn to solder SMT with synthCube building a Buffered Mult and Cable Tester Module
• Build an AstroNoise Euro Module or Standalone Circuit with Synthrotek
• Build a Dual Passive Low Pass Gate Euro Module with Modular Addict

Saturday evening features multiple events including the annual Knobcon Banquet with a keynote address by guest of honor, Bill Hemsath. Enjoy cocktail music by the Knobcon Supper Club All-Stars, a classic organ, guitar, and drums trio.

Bill Hemsath, RA Moog's Chief Engineer from 1969 to 1971, gave us three fantastic things we all treasure to this day. He developed the first CV joystick, which then became pitch and mod wheels. He also had the bright idea to wire some modules together in a box with a keyboard, and the Minimoog was born.

The entertainment continues Saturday night with multiple live music events. The Knobcon Big Room - a house and techno party with projections by Lorenzo Vektor and Dennis Stein. Big Room performers include Glacial 23, Introvert, Low-Gain, Komprezzor and Oliver Dodd. If that's not your thing, head over to the International Players Club - a live music and jam session with The SynthFreq & Friends.

Knobcon ends on Sunday, September 11 at 5pm.

Full event details can be found at

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Published on Aug 25, 2016 LESINDES


All parts here.

Elektron In-Store Event at Perfect Circuit Audio, Featuring John Tejada & Special Guests Wed 7 PM

Perfect Circuit Audio presents an evening with Elektron !

Product Demo + Q&A
>> John Tejada (Palette, Kompakt)
>> Devon Hughes (Elektron, USA)

Octapong Tournament with PRIZE

Be*rs + Pizza by Pizzanista!
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
7PM — 10PM
2405 W. Empire Ave. Burbank, CA 91504

<<< FREE EVENT >>>

Classic Syntar T-shirt and Hoodie Designs at Synthrotek

via Synthrotek, available here.

"No classic synth t-shirt collection is complete without the original SYNTAR marketing material graphics which were HAND DRAWN by George Mattson himself!!!. This shirt also comes as a hoodie. Limited edition. Click on the image above to check out the garment selection on the Synthrotek store."

New ADDAC709C VC Organ Machine Eurorack Module

Published on Aug 25, 2016 ADDAC System

"The ADDAC709C is an official recreation of Electro-Harmonix's C9 Organ Machine pedal which is meant to “transform the tone of a guitar or keyboard into that of a convincing electric organ”. Well here it is ready for your modular system!

Feed it with any audio signal you want, and look to be surprised. EHX's polyphonic pitch tracker makes any waveform turn into amazing organ timbres, the three audio inputs makes it easier to achieve polyphony removing the need for an external mixer.

In our 709C, the EHX C9 control-knobs ORGAN (volume), MOD (modulation speed) and CLICK (percussive attack level) have been preserved. The DRY volume knob has been replaced by the INPUTS MIX. In ADDAC’s Organ Machine this knob controls the volume of the input signal(s) to be processed, i.e. a value of 0 will mute the module. You also have control over each inputs individual volume through three dedicated multi-turn trimmer pots. The dry/wet MIX OUTPUT will let you control the percentages of dry and wet signals present at the output. The ORGAN and MIX SATURATION trimmer pots amplify or attenuate their maximum volume values, here less saturation generates sweeter and mellow timbres while more saturation generates nasty growling organs.

The 9 PRESETS* of the original electro-harmonix Organ Machine were kept, but here, besides selecting them with a knob, you are also able to swap them with a CV signal (PRSTS CV).

The 6 CV inputs available in the module let you CV variate its corresponding parameter. Each has a dedicated attenuation knob (ATT.) and an INVERT toggle that change its polarity (and hence the way that attenuation acts).

The AUDIO OUTPUTS section offers three separate outs: INPUTS MIX, DRY/WET MIX and ORGAN.

We can't express how gratefull we are to Electro-Harmonix for allowing us to do such module!

All about it here:"

Dale Ong on the 1st Prototype Moog Modular

The Bob Moog Foundation has a post by Dale Ong covering his work with the prototype Moog modular, as Bob Moog's tech at Big Briar. Click through for the full post.

Pictured: Dale Ong, Bob’s synthesizer tech at Big Briar, Inc., with the prototype Moog modular, 1982.

"The instrument itself was comprised of three units. A small vertical cabinet housed two voltage controlled oscillators, two voltage controlled amplifiers, and a power supply. These were the oldest of the modules and had a distinctly handmade look to them. Controls were identified with labels printed on heavy card stock which were glued to the metal panels. Next was a small horizontal cabinet which held a low-pass filter, a band-pass filter, a noise generator, a trigger extractor, an ADSR envelope generator, and a second power supply. These were newer and sported the form which would later become so familiar to users of the 900 series modules. The third unit was a dual keyboard with built in envelope generators. All in all, it was not particularly impressive looking – If you were not aware of its history, you would never know how important this synthesizer was."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction


via this auction

Interesting little bit of info via the listing: "The serial number show's that it was produced on 1990 (0490496)"

Curious if this is correct.

0-Coast PGM Pages

Published on Aug 25, 2016 MAKEN0ISE

"The 0-COAST is a single voice patchable synthesizer. It’s name reflects the fact that it utilizes techniques from both the Moog and Buchla paradigms (aka “East Coast,” and “West Coast,” due to their locations), but is loyal to neither and thus implements “no coast synthesis.”

While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical MonoSynth. Using only the MIDI controller of your choice you could apply new timbres to your existing musical forms!

Using the included Patch Cables you could get more scientific, experimenting with new ways to wire up the circuits. You might even forgo MIDI altogether, disappearing into a cloud of analog FM induced Sidebands and harmonics scattered around a single fundamental drone that has nothing to do with any form of music you’ve ever known.

All sounds in this video are the unaltered output of the Make Noise 0-Coast."

Moog Multimoog SN 1765

via this auction

"This MultiMoog is in perfect playing condition and near perfect cosmetic condition (badge is missing). With only 1000 ever made, few are still in existence making this Moog especially rare and a reliable investment.

It is the first analog monosynth with aftertouch, and it is SPECTACULAR! Combined with comprehensive routing options, sample and hold, ribbon controller, mod wheel, two oscillators with continuously variable waveshapes, three distinctive filter modes and some modular capability, this is one of the most expressive and playable lead synths ever made. Fully analog, the oscillators are stable and the filters sound superb. All knobs and switches are 100%."

Yamaha CS01

via this auction

"For sale is an original Yamaha CS01. This comes with I think to be the original zippered and padded bag and looks like original power supply. The unit is in good working order and good physical condition for its age. It has a fair amount of scratches on it and it is missing the battery cover. Everything tested ok with this unit powered up via the power supply."

Pic of the inside of the bag below. Curious if that's what Yamaha went with or if it's a custom bag.

04-The Moog Memorymoog Part 4: Voice Modulation Part 1

Published on Aug 25, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part one of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "Voice Modulation" function present on the Moog Memorymoog."

All parts here.

Interview: DeepMind 12 Engineer Rob Belcham On Details

Published on Aug 25, 2016 sonicstate

"Modular Meets Leeds was the first public outing for the Behringer DeepMind 12 - we grabbed a short chat with the engineer behind many of the design decisions for the new instrument."

Stria 2.1 preview

Published on Aug 25, 2016 Alessandro Petrolati

"Multilevel Interactive Sound Synthesizer

Idea and Csound-Orchestra by Eugenio Giordani

'Stria' is the title of a very important composition by John Chowning and I would like to say that this computer music piece represents the manifest of Frequency Modulation technique applied to audio synthesis, invented by Mr. Chowning himself."

iTunes: Stria - apeSoft

Moog 701 & 702 - sequenced #3

Published on Aug 25, 2016 noddyspuncture

Watch your volume levels on this one.

'Here is another Moog drum video... again being sequenced. This time I managed to get three separate gate channels so there are three modules in play...two 701's and a 702. (Apologies for the shorts by the way...:)"

Intellijel Metropolis, Antimatter Brainseed, Doepfer vcdlfo / precision adder

Published on Aug 25, 2016 Zaphyd

"Modular Sequencing Roland SH 101 & Octave Cat"

No talk, just sound - Eventide H9 (Episode 1) with Arturia MiniMoogV

Published on Aug 25, 2016 The Inventory

"We explore some of the sounds of the incredible Eventide H9 Multi-Effects processor. Sounds are from a Arturia MiniMoogV sent from Ableton and we use the iPad editor to control and modify the sounds.

PLEASE use good quality headphones or studio monitors to listen to the rich harmonic content in this video."

BEHRINGER Synth Vol 12 Connections

Published on Aug 25, 2016 BEHRINGER

"Behringer DeepMind12 connections demonstration."

All parts here.

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