MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

More VCS3 - Home made VCS 3 Synthi

Published on Oct 15, 2016 100 Things I Do

"I decided to do something a little more tuneful with using sounds only from the VCS3 this week, Part of a much larger track eventually which I will share on the Bandcamp site once complete. 100% recorded with the VCS 3 besides adding the Pro 2 to send the sequence voltages to Oscillator 1. Some reverb and Delays are used. Some nice chill sounds for the weekend :D
Twitter : @100ThingsIDo
Instagram : 100thingsido"


Published on Oct 15, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander² , QPLFO, VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Doepfer A101-2², A131², A133², A134²² , A141,
A143-2,9, A151²², A156², A160, A175²²², A185-2(14x),
A138m,a²²b²²c²²², A 191-2 (Lexicon MPX 100 midi CC)
Cynthia's Zeroscillator (quad panning)
Flame Chord Machine, Q Slider², Tame Machine
foh choices
Grendel Formant Filter
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths², Moddemix²,
Optomix, QMMG, RenĂ© , Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², MP 201
Oberheim Sem
Roland SRV - 350 Vocoder, System 104 Sequencer
SSL Modulation Orgy
Tip Top Audio Z 8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (mixolydian) Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX:Boss EF 303, RV 5², VF-1, Lexicon MPX 100², MX 400
Line6 Echopro, Roger Linn Adrenalinn 2, Strymon Dig
live drums Clavia D Drum 4se
mackie the mixer³, Dynacord SM 8030
vid #1611 22-Space Studio Cabinet QCS-22

via this auction

Note the listing is for the cabinets only, not the modules.

" 22-Space Studio Cabinet. QCS-22.

2 Years old. Cost $600 new.

Excellent condition. Rarely moved. A couple of barely visible marks at most..."

Roland JUPITER-6

via this auction

CS5 Sound1016

Published on Oct 15, 2016 ryouichi harada

Eurorack synth module 'SUSHI - hotate' testing

Published on Oct 15, 2016 tatsuya shinyagaito

"Eurorack synth module 'SUSHI - hotate'
Chorus/Flanger + Pitch shifting delay
under development"

Waldorf Micro-Q: TheTire Guy has a really bad day . .

Published on Oct 15, 2016 stuthomson

"The Micro-Q has an odd factory patch called "Tire Guy" so I decided to have some fun with it. Poor Tire Guy. . Great for Halloween. The effects are Korg Mini Kaoss Pad patch 12 (radio isolator) through an Alesis Microverb"

Vintage 1980's Realistic by Moog MG-1 Concertmate Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

KAWAI SX 240 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

BARD Tube Overdrive with Roland MC-202 - demo from Warstat #34 :o)=

Published on Oct 15, 2016 Druweed

DL - Techno Live Set 2016 #31

Published on Oct 15, 2016 DL Live

"Hardware Techno Live Set with two Elektron Octatracks, Analog Four, Roland TR-8, TB-3 and TM-2."

Amy's Cafe

"P6TV. All Prophet-6, all the time."

100% Korg Minilogue Analog Synthesizer

Published on Oct 15, 2016 RemixSample

"I recorded five separate audio tracks sequenced via midi from the Minilogue into a DAW. Stacked them, added reverb, shimmer and EQ."

Roland HS-80 Analog Polyphonic Synth - Alpha Juno 2 with Speakers

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ Gligli CPU upgraded Knobs & Wood Sides

via this auction

Roland TR-909

via this auction

TH 0 Folktek session

Published on Oct 15, 2016 Tristan Musikgear

Folktek Omnichord to OTO Bim Delay.
Folktek Garden to Valhalla Room Reverb.

Custom Modded Roland TR-8 Drum Machine Rhythm Performer

via this auction

"A custom modded Roland TR-8. I personally custom modded this TR-8 with orange and white led's. If you would like different colored led's, like blue or more orange, please let me know and I can swap them out.

Replacing the led's is very difficult, but I have the skills to do it.

This unit includes a synthgraphics 909 overlay attached permanently.

Custom 909 knobs AND 2 ORIGINAL 909/707 knobs on the scatter and tempo knob to give a more official look.

Border trim has been spray painted to grey to match the 909 overlay.

One rubber foot is torn a bit, but does not hinder the way the machine works."

Beatamines - Novation session #1

Published on Sep 14, 2016 Beatamines

"Hi folks.

Novation just sent me a litte collection of their outstanding products. And while having lots of fun, configuring and actually playing these bad boys in my studio I started to prepare a little "beata-nova" session to demonstrate you guys what my new Novation Gadgets are capable of. I wanna send a big thank you to the wonderful people over at novation!

Expect more to come!"

"dreams of halal fried chicken" -

Published on Oct 15, 2016 Dmitri SFC

"early 1970s Paperfaced Serge Modular Analog Synthesizer, Mutable Instruments Ambika, Alesis HR-16, Roland TR8,"

Follow-up to this post.

chris randall - deep_dark

Published on Oct 14, 2016 Chris Randall

"Some evening dubbin' with the Euro.

Get my new EP "oscillator breach" on Detroit Underground. Remixes by Baseck, Proem, Qebo, and Corbin Davis.

My music:"

Chris Randall of Audio Damage and Analog Industries.

S U R V I V E - live at The Catalyst - Santa Cruz CA - 14 October 2016

Published on Oct 15, 2016 rollerskater

Roland SH-5 & Sequential Circuits Six-Trak in the foreground. Korg Mono/Poly & Odyssey next over. There was a Roland SH-101 and I believe a Polysix one over that.

Audio is a little low on this next one. It's much better live. If they are playing your area, definitely check them out.

S U R V I V E – Stranger Things Theme Song Live - 14 October 2016

Published on Oct 15, 2016 rollerskater

"The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California."

Hyve Jam

Published on Oct 14, 2016 Amunraja - Joey Gage

"The first jam I recorded with my Hyve Touch Synthesizer.
Many more to come!

Gear used: Hyve Touch Synthesizer, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Ableton, Allen & Heath ZED-10FX"

live modular techno : blood industry

Published on Oct 15, 2016 Maxime F

"industrial techno week end fixing !"

Roland MC-303 Get Your Groove Back 2016 Rik Marston Techno Experience Dance Music 909 808

Published on Oct 14, 2016 SynthgodXXX

SynthgodXXX sample sets

"Roland MC-303 'Get Your Groove Back'
2016 Rik Marston Techno Experience
100% No Talking! Just PURE MC-303 Power!!
Watch in HD!!! Turn It UP!!

The Roland MC-303 Groovebox Synthesizer
Sequencer & Drum Machine! Awesome FUN!
This unit is a BLAST to play & gets you off of
your PHAT butt!! Way easy to tweak & have
quick Block Rockin' Beats! Super cool!!!!
Instant late '90's early 2000's sound & feel!
Here are two preset patterns played at slower
tempos to make them a bit more "GROOVY"!!
(B12 & B02 I think!?!!)

Recorded with NO FX into Ableton Live 7
There is some noise on the outputs of
this MC-303 so sorry for that!

Thank you for watching!
Please Like, Share & Subscribe!!!
More synthesizer demos
new electronic music

Rik Marston

Korg Minilogue

Published on Oct 15, 2016 SyntheticMachines

"These are six little pieces were made with the Korg Minilogue. Six short multitrack demos. Sometimes I've used the internal

sequencer/Arpeggiator, sometimes with external FX, and/or with the Korg Minilogue Delay.
Note: If you're searching for a demo with dry single sounds without FX & Mixing, please go to another video on YT. There are enough other

videos out there demonstrating this. These are short demo tracks with mixing + FX. They should demontrate the huge amount of different

sound variations of the Korg Minilogue. Everything is from the KM including the drums. I was surprised how easy it was making interesting

drum sounds (e.g. simmons drums)
As always multitrack recordings with mixing & FX."

DIY Analog Synthesizer Complex Sound Generator

Published on Oct 15, 2016 David Peters

via this auction

"This item is a DIY Analog Synthesizer Complex Sound Generator with power cord. It also contains a 9v battery inside the case (you have to unscrew the 4 small screws on the bottom plate. It has a speaker as well as an output jack that allows you to push the sound to other audio devices.

I believe this device is either an old Telstar kit or even possibly is a total custom job based the chip schematics. The estate this came from was a true "old school" electrical engineer; a magician."

Jackson 5's Arp 2600 For Sale?

SN 261042 via this auction

"Arp 2600 with keyboard. Some slider caps missing and a few have broken ends but are movable.
This Arp 2600 used to belong to Jackson 5 and has been on tour with them. You will see a "J5" engraving in the front! The fact that this used to belong to Jackson 5, probably adds some value to it!

It has seen very little usage since late 70s and mostly stored. Unit makes sound and most sliders seem to make a difference to the sound but I do not know too much about modular synthesis to make sure everything works. One thing I can guarantee (and you will see from watching my demo) is that all VCO's are functioning, including their frequency sliders, and tuning sliders, ADSR section is functioning, Sample & hold Sections is functioning, other than that I am no expert in this unit to tell if other functionality is as normal. It probably could use a rehab.

The keyboard is not the original and was purchased later. This is a later model of the keyboard (orange faced) and has more functionality than the first edition (grey faced). The keyboard works fine except one key towards the left end which does not trigger.

I have lost the door cover for the synth but the keyboard has the cover.

It seems there are a couple of minor mods on this synth for monitor outs. You will see the switches on the right top and right bottom."

Moog Minimoog Voyager XL Limited Edition White Monophonic Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"Moog Minimoog Voyager XL
Limited Edition White (1 of 75 made)
Monophonic Synthesizer

Mint Condition

Moog Expression Pedal
Gator Frameworks Gfw-Utility-Tbl Heavy duty Keyboard Stand
Dust Cover"

Soundmachines 114 Synth Plus Oak 84 Up 3u Case Plus Rack

via this auction

ARP 1601 Sequencer Clone

via this auction

"Up for auction is a beautiful, perfect circuit clone of an ARP 1601 sequencer. This sequencer is packed full of features as is a must have piece to accompany an ARP 2600, TTSH, Eurorack or any other 1V/octave modular synths.

Some of the major features:

1x16 step sequencer or 2x8 step sequencers

3 gate outputs selectable per step

Selectable step or random sequencing

Internal or external clocking

2 built in quantizers

Transposable via quantizer CV Input

Foot switch start/stop control

Passive multiples"

wangernumb 1

Published on Oct 15, 2016 cirtcele

"wangernumb duets with a CEM3340 VCO"

Make Noise 0-Coast Quickie

Published on Oct 15, 2016 Mike Kiraly

"Welcoming the Make Noise 0-Coast into the Sonic Scenarios studio."

Dataline - How High

Published on Oct 15, 2016 MrDataline

nnoiz Papp - Black Digeridoo

Published on Oct 15, 2016 nnoiz Papp

"Black Wavetable VCO by ERICA synths controlled by Hornberg hb1 breathcontroller.
Midi CC02 goes to MUC800 midi-CV interface. CV signal controlls WAVETABLE select and the VCA at the mixerchannel (MIIIIX of ProModular)."

MFB Tanzbar & Korg Volcas

Published on Oct 15, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

MFB Tanzbar & Korg Volca Beats
MFB Tanzbar & Korg Volca Bass
MFB Tanzbar & Korg Volca Keys

Der Kreis - Machine vs Man

Published on Oct 15, 2016 TheKraist

Patch n Tweak

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