MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016

AniModule STD (Syncopated Timing Disruptor) QuickStart Guide

Published on Nov 19, 2016 JRock17991

"Dual Channel Tap Tempo Clock with CV controllable Divisions / Multiplications + Logic section for added syncopation
You're gonna want an STD from AniModule!"

Grant Richter of Wiard Evenfall Mini Modular

via this auction

"Up for sale is a very rare factory-assembled Evenfall Mini Modular semi-modular synthesizer in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Item will ship with original power supply. It's in great shape and works perfectly. It is one of the biggest sounding monosynths I've heard, vintage or otherwise. It's incredible and sounds somewhere in-between a Roland and vintage oberheim (sem) oscillator sound, with a very raw, drippy filter like an Arp Odyssey.

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

Analogue Solutions - Raw Session with Oberkorn sequencing #1

Published on Nov 19, 2016 rezfilter

"Here's a quick capture of the Analogue Solutions Oberkorn running a few synths, drums and modules. The Medic Module Defibrillator is utilizing the CV cutoff input from the Oberkorn. Telemark is on bass (modulated via Oberkorn), Concussor drums, Nyborg on kick drum.

Just some raw, live fun...

I'll throw a few of these raw jam/studio sessions up in the coming days. Lots in the archive that are sitting on the cutting room floor!"


Akai 1994 Product Sampler, Akai S3000, S3200, Akai DD1000, Akai DR4

Published on Nov 19, 2016 House of Angels

"Akai 1994 Product Sampler, Akai S3000, S3200, Akai DD1000, Akai DR4 , CD3000"

EP06 VCFs - Elektor Formant Modular Synthesizer Overhaul

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Marco Reps

"In this episode we take a look at the voltage controlled filter 12 dB and 24 dB modules and their theory of operation. One module needs a bit of work because an op-amp has passed away. VCFs have almost no applications apart from music electronics, but the integrator amplifiers, they are based on, are very interesting and useful."

All parts here.

Vintage Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer SN 197500

via this auction

Korg MonoPoly synthesizer with MidiPoly and Original Box

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 6 Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-4 JP-4 Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI

via this auction

"This Jupiter 4 is in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional. It has been serviced top to bottom and needs nothing. During service a MIDI retrofit was added to give this unit some modern control features...

MIDI: There is a CHD ElectroServis MIDI kit installed."

AI003 Looping ADSR Build Guide

Published on Nov 19, 2016 AI Synthesis

"A build guide for building the AI003 Looping ADSR DIY synthesizer module in Eurorack format. Purchase the AI003 at"

Xaoc Belgrad with Span Modulation

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"More filter sweeps with the Xaoc Belgrad, this time with Span modulation to go along with the Cutoff Modulation"

Korg Volca Kick & Roland TR-09 & TB-03 Jam V2.0

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Jason Dale

"2nd Jam using the Korg Volca Kick & Roland TR-09 & TB-03. A simple bass line and drum pattern. Korg Volca Kick on sub bass duty."

Xaoc Belgrad Simple Filter Sweeps of all modes

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"Very simple filter sweeps from the Xaoc Belgrad. Saw from the Rubicon into the Belgrad. Input at 5.5, Res at 6.5, Span at 5 and neutral balance. Saw wave from the Batumi is adding some light modulation to the Cutoff Freq. TITO is off

Filter modes, in order are;

01. LowPass/Lowpass
02. Lowpass/Bandpass
03. Lowpass/Notch
04. Notch/Notch
05. Lowpass/Highpass
06. Bandpass/Bandpass
07. Bandpass (Highpass/Lowpass)
08. Highpass/Notch
09. Bandpass/Highpass
10. Highpass/Highpass"

MFB Tanzbar Lite (Presets)

Published on Nov 19, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Messing around with the presets on the Tanzbar Lite drum machine.

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Novation UltraNova Modulation Matrix Tips via ab

MATRIXSYNTH reader ab sent in some tips for the UltraNova's modulation matrix complete with examples & pics, for my my official review here. You'll find them in the comments section of the post and referenced at the start of the Modulation Matrix section of the review. The following are the pics with examples backed up. Refer to the comments in the review for context.

sine LFO
a- LFO unipolar x Direct
b- LFO unipolar x LFO unipolar
c- LFO bipolar x LFO bipolar
d- LFO unipolar x LFO bipolar

Sequencing Mutable Instruments Braids

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Harry M

"Mutable Instruments Braids Sequenced in Wavetable Mode"

FARA live session at PYRO Music HQ Shanghai

Published on Nov 4, 2016 FARA Official

Some good synth spotting in this one, including a DSI Prophet '08 desktop, MoPho X4, Moog Sub Phatty and Voyager, Arturia MiniBrute, Roland JU-06, elektron analog rytm, and Sequentix Cirklon.

"Live session at the PYRO Music HQ in Shanghai, October 28, 2016.


Quadnic, Doepfer SEM, Demora - Berlin School style DEMO

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

Some nice sweet spots in this one.

"Playing the Studio Electronic Quadnic, filtered by Doepfer A-106-5 SEM VCF and processed by Roland Demora.
Spoiler alert: could be a very boring demo if you're not a fan either of modulars or Berlin School style!

First I set up all four oscillators of Quadnic, with different waves and pitch.
Second, I passed a little bit through all Process Modes and kept until to the end of the video my favoured one: W SEQ.

Roland Demora - which suffered a dramatic price drop (about 149 euros on Thomann) - is giving me the exactly pan delay I like. I did not had time to customize with my iPad (I only tested a few factory patches from the customizer) but it seems to be a monster. You see a few twists of its functions.

Disting mk3 - LFO - is modulating a little bit the SEM filter (by the way - a very fat and juicy replica from Doepfer) and I used the Beatstep Pro to control the CV of Quadnic.


After Nine Evenings: Morton Subotnick & Lillevan, September 27th, 2016

After Nine Evenings: Morton Subotnick & Lillevan, September 27th, 2016 from ISSUE Project Room on Vimeo.

Joerg Schaaf Step Sequencer Business

Joerg Schaaf is the man behind Radikal Technologies.

"That track is from my "The Daily Schaaf"- Description can be found here:"

"What is the magic behind a step sequencer? Playing 8 or 16 notes in a row for half an hour? I don’t think so. The magic starts, when you change something at the sequences, while the sequences are running. In my first sequencer example you can listen to two main sequences. The second fades in after a couple of bars. As soon as the sequence reached it’s final volume it starts to rotate by one step against the first sequence. That means for a sequence with a 16th resolution, that the second sequence get’s delayed against the first one by one 16th note for each rotate step. I am doing that multiple times. At the end the second sequence is 11/16th behind.

I added one track with overdubs to the pattern performance to add further variations – some sounds, SFX etc. All sounds are performed on the Spectralis 2 synthesizer."

Xaoc Devices Belgrad - 001

Published on Nov 19, 2016 eightballpl

"XaoC Devices - Belgrad (TITO SM) as oscillator/filter controlled by Doepfer Ribbon Controller
Sequence from Mutable Instruments Braids by Arturia Beatstep Pro"

Qu-Bit Chord Disintegration Jam #2

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Nick Jackson

"Another 'disintegration jam'.

Chord into Ripples into Clouds, then some secret sauce from my guitar pedalboard :P

My camera spontaneously gave out towards the end again -_- ..Anyone possibly have some insight as to why the Canon Rebel t5 does this? ...but I kept recording audio and figured I'd share it anyway.

Thanks for checking it out! Much love _/\_"

DL - Hardware Techno Live Set 2016 #36 (2x Octatrack, Analog Four, TR8, TB3)

Published on Nov 19, 2016 DL Live

Hardware Live Set with elements of Deep, Dark and Tribal Techno.

Gear used:
- Elektron Octatrack x2
- Analog Four
- Roland TR8
- Roland TB3


via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"Re-writable cartridge with a total of 80 patches. (2 Banks* 40 Patches)

Compatible with the ESQ1, ESQ-M and SQ80.

This cart is re-writable, the preprogrammed patches can be overwritten.

Contacts are gold plated.

Patch List:

11: TOADQ 12: ZILTS 13: SYNBRA 14: FATBAS 15: CLAP 1
21: TOYPN2 22: ORGON2 23: TRUMPS 24: FNKBS2 25: SLTDR3
26: MP STR 27: NEAR 28: GAMELA 29: ECHO P 30: WSTLVX
31: BLPNO2 32: LOPIPE 33: BRASS2 34: AC BAS 35: SYNTOM
36: PIZZ 37: HOARSE 38: SWEET 39: ECHOBL 40: "BEE"2

21: ELPNO4 22: FLUIT 23: BIG 2 24: THUMP 25: BRUSH
31: TOYNSE 32: BLAP 33: HIPLSE 34: BASS 5 35: KICKLO
36: 12 STR 37: SAKU-H 38: AMBVIB 39: NIMPEX 40: BENDUP"

Roland Juno-60 with JSQ-60 SN 372164

via this auction

"Juno-60 Programmable Synthesizer and JSQ-60 Digital Keyboard Recorder. Ships In Original HardCase. Excellent Condition All The Way Around."

Synton Fenix I Modular Synth

via this auction

Vintage Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

Moog Prodigy 220V Analog Synth SN 1620x

via this auction

Future Retro XS Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer SN FRXS207

via this auction


via this auction

ARPIE Midi Arpeggiator

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2016 Nick Capone

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Monophonic Synthesizer SN 1483

via this auction

"This J-wire equipped Pro-One is fully functional and in great condition. It does have a crack in the mod wheel which was filled in with expoxy. The synth was recently tuned and calibrated--it sounds amazing!

One of the more beastly of mono synths ever created, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One is a powerhouse of punchy bass and singing leads. It is comparable with the Roland SH-101 or the Moog Source, feature-wise, but sounds very different from either. The oscillator hard-sync sounds are especially exciting and only emphasized by the sharp filter resonance and super snappy envelopes.


CEM 3340 Oscillators x 2
CEM 3340 Lowpass filter
Oscillator Hard Sync
Modulation Matrix
Arpeggiator and Sequencer
CV+Gate Control for the Oscillators/Audio In/CV Filter Control"

Minimoog Voyager XL Special Edition Tolex

via this auction

Note the font style and panel graphics are different than the original as well. The individual sections look like individual modules.

KORG PS -3100

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2016 Ben Talmi

via this auction

"Absolutely Incredible sounding vintage analog synth. Nothing beats the raw oscillators inside this beauty. Minor cosmetic damage but it plays perfectly. Pitch bend needs service, sample & hold needs new nob, very cheap and easy to fix. Otherwise perfect condition."

Steiner Parker Synthacon Model 174 Vintage Synthesizer SN 1270

Published on Nov 18, 2016 johnnyangel69

"Demo of Steiner Parker Synthacon vintage synthesizer. Admittedly I am not a synthesizer pro but just took this video to show some of the sounds that can be made with the Synthacon."

Update: looks like this one is for sale on Reverb.

via the auction:

"Here is an extremely rare Steiner Parker Synthacon Analog Synthesizer. The serial number on back is 1270 and there is also a hand written sharpie "1270A" on the bottom of the unit.

I picked this up locally here in Salt Lake City a little while ago. These Steiner Parker synths were made right here in SLC and as far as I know this unit has never left the state of Utah, but I do not know it's history so I cannot say for sure. The guy I got it from said he got it from a friend who claimed this may have been a prototype. I really don't know. All keys are working (check out video time 11:55) to show all notes from keys. This synth is pretty amazing but way beyond me as far as putting it to good use and making the most of it. I've uploaded a video here for you to check out the sounds this synth can make. Of course this video of sounds is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what this thing is capable of."

Korg ARP ODYSSEY 2nd demo recording

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Bruno Ender Lee

"recorded on 4 stereo-tracks, every sound was made with the Odyssey (plus Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencer & stereo-delays)
filmed during the recording of the leads"

More Dam Drum v3

Published on Nov 19, 2016 djhombre

"Upbeat & cheerful noodle on the trusty Dam Drum v3.0" & iMini Chilled Jam - iPad mini

Published on Nov 19, 2016 KlaatuNinja

iTunes: Groovebox Synth - Make House, Dubstep, Techno, Breakbeat - Apps LLC
iMini Synthesizer - Arturia

Transition One

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"I was thinking to take a break before starting a new Saturday series, but as you already may figured it out, I'm addicted to music and I can't stop it!
This video music is a transitional one until a figured out what thematic I'll approach.
Using for this video: Roland Gaia SH-01 for pads (controlled by microKorg), Eurorack as sequences and bass, Virus Ti2 for lead Circuit for percussion and Roland JD-Xi for sequence and percussion.

Have a great weekend, friends!


Roli Blocks - Haunted Game Soundtrack (quick demo)

Published on Nov 18, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"Just a quick demo of the Roli Lightpad Block and Live Block while doing a little haunted video game soundtrack with Roli's NOISE app. Coming soon are demos of the Roli Seaboard Rise with both Software apps as well as my Eurorack setup! You can hear more of my little tunes using the Roli Blocks with the NOISE app at"

Kurzweil K1000SE and Eventide Space demo

Published on Nov 18, 2016 MIDERA

"Title: The horseleach and the grave"

Melbourne-Dash - a quick patch before I jump on a plane to Melbourne

Published on Nov 18, 2016 Luke Killen

"Today's patch is about contrasting textures. Lumpy sub blobs, grinding wind, metalic ticks and melodic sequences all sit somewhat compartmentalised in the mix both temporally and sonically."

Volca Keys sounding like Tycho

Published on Nov 18, 2016 Zachary Berry

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