MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

AKAI samplers & The Denny Jaeger Private Collection Volume 1

Published on Sep 19, 2017 SynthMania

"A few demos of The Denny Jaeger Private Collection Volume 1 sample CD, loaded on AKAI S3000XL sampler."

Moog Minimoog Voyager 10th Anniversary Limited GOLD Edition

via this auction

"The 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager has been carefully dipped in a 24-karat gold finish.
The classic wood housing has been neatly dressed in a custom, high gloss, black piano lacquer with Japanese Awabi pearl adornment on the sidepieces.
24 Karat Gold Dipped Chassis
Black Piano Lacquered wood
Japanese Awabi Pearl Inlay
Personalized 24 Karat Gold Name Badge
Rear backlit Indigo Moog Logo
Indigo LEDs with Tricolor LFO Rate LED
Translucent Rotary Knobs
All Black Switches
Custom Printed Manual Cover
Handbound Manual
Custom Made Wood Crate
Letterpress Certificate of Authenticity
Custom Printed Manual Cover
!! Only 31 in the World !!"

Expressive E Touché With UVI Workstation Presets

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"In this video, we explore how the Expressive E Touché can be coupled with a MIDI keyboard to act as a next-generation source of musical expressivity. Branching past the simple pitch bend/mod wheel paradigm, the Touché offers multidimensional control over whatever musical parameters you desire, even all at the same time. Here, we explore the Touché along with some of its bundled UVI Workstation presets. Created using UVI's Falcon, these sounds range from airy, crackly pads and searing leads to throbbing basses and beyond.

Available here:"

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Quasimidi Polymorph Synthesizer / Sequencer

via this auction

BENJOLIN - DIY Crazy melodic noise making synth machine thingy

Published on Sep 19, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"BENJOLIN a DIY melodic noise making synth machine thingie. designed by rob hordijk.

Search it up and you can find a PCB. or even a pre made module! there are a few variants but they are all the same in principle.

Check at the end where the benjolins are talking to the special stage systems MING MECCA. which is truly a crazy trigger source/game/visual module

Its really a snazzy machine. with pre patching inside of it, every part effects another part! its all intertwined. making it a really interesting and un predictable thing to use! which can make some nice patterns and stuff!"

Introducing Basilimus Iteritas Magnus by Noise Engineering

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Noise Engineering

"With BIM, Noise Engineering enters the 5U/Moog Unit format. Same great sounds, larger format. Final face plate and layout coming soon!"

Very Rare Ultimate Percussion Green K2-X Analog Synthesizer System Drum Machine SN K2X1084087

via this auction

"Rare Ultimate Percussion Green K2-X Analog Synthesizer System 8 Channel Drum Machine with built in sequencer in very good working condition, missing 2 buttons (snare and stop/start) and some tops off the knobs. All of them are fully functional. This is a rare monster of a drum synthesyzer that is impossible to find! Approximately 18" wide, 12" deep and 1.75" high."

Wusik Station V8.2.2 Preset Tutorials - Messing Around With Sounds

Published on Sep 19, 2017

"Just playing with Wusik Station trying to get some new sounds ideas out."

Serge Modular System - VCFQ into Ring Mod, Waveshaper & Multipliers

Published on Sep 19, 2017 batchas

"I did put the wave processor back in the case.
A DUSG is modulating the VCFQ which is processed by the Wave Processor module."


via this auction

Moog Sub 37 Upgrade Path to Subsequent 37 Features In the Works

If you are a Moog Sub 37 owner you will be able to upgrade to the Subsequent 37 feature set. Note this is a hardware update. Via Moog:

"We recently released the Subsequent 37, an updated version of an already wonderful instrument in the original Sub 37 (’s Gold Award winner for 'Best Hardware' 2015, and 'Best Keyboard/Synth of 2016' from SoundOnSound). We hope that you will continue to enjoy your Sub 37 in light of the new Subsequent 37 release, as they are both excellent tools for creative expression, each with their own sonic flavor.

If you feel that you would prefer the features of the Subsequent 37 over the features of your original Sub 37, we will be offering an upgrade option for existing Sub 37 owners (we’ll need a little time to get the parts together). You can signup below to receive an email once the full details are available. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy your Sub 37—it is a fantastic instrument on its own merit and will bring you countless hours of enjoyment.

Your friends at Moog"

BACH-Goldberg Variations with Synthesizers

Published on Aug 24, 2017 Machiwoomiapoo

This is one massive playlist currently featuring 100 videos. They feature the Roland Jupiter-8, Juno-60, Juno-106, JX-3P, Alpha Juno 1 & 2, JD-800, JP-8000, D-50, KORG DW-8000, and DW-6000, etc. You can use the drop down controls on the top left of the player to view what you want, or just hit play and let it run in the background.

Roland TR-808 Versus TR-08 Demo

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Machiwoomiapoo

"Roland TR-808 Versus TR-08
Here's a comparison video between the Roland TR-808 and the TR-08. Please have a good listen and leave your opinions below. Take care, Sam."

Roland SH-101 versus SH-01a Demo

Published on Sep 14, 2017 Machiwoomiapoo

"Roland SH-101 versus SH-01a Demo
Here I compare two of Roland's great synthesizers. Thanks for watching. Please share, subscribe, and leave feedback. Take care and have a wonderful week. Sam."

Roland SH-01A Synthesizer User Review SH-101

Published on Sep 19, 2017
Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

The Roland SH-01A boutique synthesizer is a recreation of the coveted SH-101 monosynth. In this video I will be getting down to the bottom of some questions. What's the big deal with the SH-101? How does the SH-01A sound? Is it worth the money? Is this something I can recommend?..

0:00 Gesaffelstein 'Pursuit'
0:33 Intro
1:06 What's the big deal with the SH-101?
1:49 Orbital 'Halcyon' Bass
2:20 Royksopp 'Remind'
2:35 Design and Construction
3:27 Poly Mode - Desire 'Under Your Spell'
4:21 Features and Sound
6:38 Things you need to know about the Sequencer
7:21 A trick using External Clock for Shuffle
8:37 My only lament, as redeemed by the sequencer
9:28 Realtime Pattern Changes - Eurythmics 'Here Comes The Rain'
9:47 About Poly Mode
10:27 Poly Mode - G-storm 'Harp-y'
10:52 In Summary
11:43 Outro - 808 State 'Magical Dream'


Roland SH-01As on eBay


IK Multimedia's Syntronik for iPad Released

iTunes: Syntronik - IK Multimedia

"Play the vibe. Hear the magic. Syntronik is IK’s cutting-edge synthesizer that features the sound of the most iconic machines to ever grace the planet.

Syntronik comprises 17 powerful virtual synths recreating the legendary sonic signature of 38 of the most sought-after classic analog synthesizers and string machines ever created, recognizable by their elegantly designed, easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Thanks to IK’s exclusive DRIFT™ technology, which emulates the way real analog circuits behave over time, the astounding circuit-modeled filters and the multi-sampled oscillators, Syntronik is the most authentic sounding analog virtual synthesizer to date and is the one-stop solution for musicians, discerning producers and synth aficionados demanding utmost sound quality and extreme playability both live and in the studio.

Our team of developers and sound designers worked relentlessly to capture each machine’s “DNA” for the most realistic and flexible instruments possible that maintain the real character of the originals while extending their creative potential even further.

Syntronik offers Multis with 4 parts. Each part has its own synth, dynamic arpeggiator and a dedicated 5-slot effect section for unprecedented sound design flexibility, allowing for highly sophisticated sonic palettes.

The instruments available in Syntronik cover an incredibly wide range of sounds, triggering inspiration right from the start with 1200 instrument presets, easily accessible with a smart browser, 200 multis*, 129 arpeggios and much more.


Five12 Vector Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Synthtopia

"At Knobcon 2017, we talked with Jim Coker of Five12 (makers of numerology) and he gave us an in-depth overview of his new Vector Eurorack sequencer."

SDIY Class # 7 - Taktile : A simple pressure sensitive Touch Pad!

Published on Sep 18, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Here's another alternative controller idea, based on the human body's resistive properties. Very simple project with cool results, enjoy!

Also, please like, Subscribe, and support me on Patreon!

Stay noisy! See you next week with the first installment of a series on the Erica Synths Polivoks voice bundle!"

You can find previous previous SDIY Class posts here.

The Incredible Sounds of Synclavier II (1981)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 VCO8

"This is the full 24 minute blue vinyl record from 1981."

Tony Banks and His Emulator & Phil Collins and LinnDrum

Published on Oct 7, 2015 VCO8

"Tony Banks sampling a telephone on The Farm in 1983 for Genesis' 1983 self-titled album."

Phil Collins and LinnDrum

Published on Oct 7, 2015 VCO8

"This is clip from a Genesis rehearsal video from '86-'87. Mama was originally composed on a Linn LM-1, as opposed to a LinnDrum seen here."

Peter Vogel demonstrates the Fairlight CMI 30A

This one in via iSapien. See this post. The video went up in 2009, but was pulled, and is now back again. If you missed it, it's definitely worth a watch. Also see Fairlight CMI Series I Audio Demo [1980] re-published here.

The Safety Dance on Pocket Operators

Published on Sep 18, 2017 chisel316

"Tried my best to cover The Safety Dance using the PO-20 and PO-28. I had to double the BPM in order to change up the chords mid-measure. Hope you enjoy it!

Peace \/

Hypersynth Xenophone Advanced Analog Mono Synthesizer - White Edition with Stand

via this auction

"Xenophone is an advanced analog mono-synth with 100% analog signal path. It has three oscillators, two subs, four ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb. The extensive modulation capabilities of the sound engine plus the warm and unique character of Xen's filter enriched by built-in analog distortion make it the best choice for creating deep basses, aggressive leads, transparent and crisp synth lines, acid sequences, complex arpeggios, punchy percussive sounds, extreme SFXs and more. Besides the synthesis capabilities, it can be used as a powerful audio processor to colorize an external input signal by analog filter, distortion and DFX."

Studio Electronics Midimini SN 1542

via this auction

Korg Z1 Physical Modeling Synth

via this auction

Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer

via this auction

"Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer with macro controls, .My Kids lost some coins in it, I cant get them out, so you will hear a sound of moving coins. Other than that , working great"


Cat Food Synthesizer

Published on Sep 18, 2017 Simon The Magpie

Rheyne - LIP and DFAM (Noise Engineering blog guest post)

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Rheyne

"Created for the Noise Engineering blog. See the blog post and interview here:

Triggering the Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido and the Moog DFAM with a Make Noise Tempi, Maths, and an Erica Synths Pico Trigger. Signals are combined into a Pico Logic in "OR" mode, with one channel triggering the DFAM and the other to the LIP. Bass swells are from a Make Noise DPO, processed in stereo by a modDemix, and using Function for the envelope with its EOR triggering the chord changes on a Morphagene, containing some splices of my Fender Rhodes."

Roland Boutiqe @ 4Sound

Streamed live 12 minutes ago Tonefloat

Synthesis Technology - E352 2 Op FM Acid Electro Jam

Published on Sep 19, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's a jam with the E352 from Synthesis Technology (or Synth Tech). By now I'm sure you know the module is awesome and if not check out the links other E352 videos below.

Here I'm using the E352 in 2 Op FM mode with the FM modulation shown on the Mordax DATA oscilloscope next to the module. I've mixed a looping envelope and faster more percussive envelope before modulating the FM index (depth of modulation). There's also an accent out of my sequencer going to FM Ratio (tuning difference) to accent certain notes with different tones of FM. There's also a a slow looping envelope into the wavetable modulation. These all come from the Qu-Bit Contour. The sequence is from the killer Stepper Acid from Transistor Sound Labs which you can see top right in the video (just). I'm playing the sequencer in terms of starting and stopping and also manually stepping through steps while stopped. The E352 goes through the ZVEX Fuzz Factory and you can see me move the dry/wet blend manually throughout (it's never that wet, just added a bit of hair and grit in places). That then goes onto the Make Noise Erbe Verb before going into the WMD Performance Mixer. The Performance Mixer has an inverted envelope (the WMD MME) going into it's level modulation to create the side-chained affect against the kick drum. The Kick is the KICK mode on Braids from Mutable Instruments, the Hi Hats are from Mutable Instruments Peaks and the clicky percussion is also from Peaks but put through the WMD Geiger Counter. The rhythms are generated from the Stepper Acid clock going into a Chaos Divider from Tsyklon Labs."

Previous posts.

Huge Update for WerkBench Arrives

iTunes: WerkBench - Bolasol, Inc.

"What's New in Version 3.0.0
This is a huge update:

* iOS11 compatibility
* Audiobus 3 (Audio receiver and sender, MIDI receiver)
* All new graphics

More effects:
* Reverb (decay, color, and mix), independent sends for each sample
* Bit crusher
* High-pass filter in instrument controls.

More step-editing/automation parameters:
* Attack
* Reverb sends
* Bit crusher down-sampling per step
* Low-pass filter

New ways to interact:
* All step-automation parameters can be recorded in real time.
* All step-automation parameters can be randomized.
* Step-automation can be preserved when sampling (letting you pre-program melodies, etc. before sampling).

New file format:
* Easy sharing and importing between devices:
* .werk files can be made by zipping a folder of wavs and renaming the extension.
* And vice versa, you can unzip .werk files on your computer to get the .wav files that were recorded in Werkbench.

Engine stuff:
* Longer sample times (2x as long as before)
* Wider pitch range (up to 8 octave range per sample).
* 64 note max polyphony (configurable)
* Tempo goes up to 999 BPM"

A Brief History of the Vocoder (Road to the Roland VP-03)

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Noir Et Blanc Vie

"In this episode of whatever I want, I do a brief history of the vocoder and an intro into the Roland VP-03 I'll be reviewing next week."

KORG iMono/Poly 1.0.1 Update Adds MIDI CC

iTunes: KORG iMono/Poly - KORG INC.

What's New in Version 1.0.1
• MIDI CC# Learn has been added.
• Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.

Korg Minilogue: Custom Sounds, Preview A

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Todd Smith Music

"This video will jump into my upcoming Korg Minilogue custom sound pack which will be available on Patreon. I plan to release atleast 100 new sounds. I'm going to release the sounds in small batches, 10/20 at a time till my goal reached.

All my presets are released on Patreon, I release various hardware and iOS presets weekly ! Get access to the upcoming Korg Minilogue sounds along with all my other presets for only 1$ a month on Patreon.

Patreon Link -"

Korg Rhythm 55 Analog Vintage Drum Machine Demo (KR-55 )

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Sound Provider

"Quick demo of the Korg Rhythm 55 , it is another Drum machine we use for the Sound Provider Sound Banks.( )
Even if it s rather basic we like its punchy sounds and also the swing.
This version is modded with separate outputs for each sound and an Sync24 in.
Few words from Vintage Synth Explorer
"The KR55 was, for its time (1979), an advanced preset rhythm drum machine with up to 96 preset rhythm patterns! These patterns cover the whole gamut of presets (Waltz, Samba, Rhumba, Bossa Nova, Tango, Slow Rock, Swing, Rock, etc.). The KR55 also featured a "swing beat" control to add a variation to the groove. Each drum sound's level can be individually adjusted for each pattern. It can also be externally controlled via footswitch jack for the Start/Stop and Intro/Fill switches. The KR55B was a black-chassis version released a few years later in 1982 with twice as many rhythm patterns. It has been used by Jean-Michel Jarre, Trio and Depeche Mode."

TB-303 vs TT-303

Published on Sep 18, 2017 SERI@ACIDWORX

AKAI samplers & Analog Meltdown

Published on Sep 18, 2017 SynthMania

"Analog Meltdown sample CD in an AKAI S3200XL sampler."

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