MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

Moog Mother 32 Midi Sequence

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Joey

"Moog Mother 32 playing a midi sequence being sent from Logic. Recorded into apogee duet. Drums Dave Smith Tempest. Bass Roland Juno 60."

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer SN 33780-D w/ Cart

via this auction

"I Believe In Father Xmas" - Minimoog/Q960 version...;)

Published on Nov 24, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Merry Xmas...!"

Tetrapad: Mode 1 - Fader Mode

Published on Nov 24, 2017 intellijel

"In Chapter 1 we check out Tetrapad's Fader Mode, which turns the pads into four touch faders able to output simultaneous position and pressure controls.

Tetrapad is a versatile, multi-dimensional, touch-sensitive control surface for Eurorack. Each of its four pads use force sensing resistors to respond to both the vertical position of your finger and its pressure. Four push encoders and a shift function give you even more tactile control over your modular system.
Tetrapad operates in numerous modes — each of which configures the module to perform a specific control task. Through these modes, Tetrapad can emulate a bank of faders; a voltage storage device; a finger drumming surface; a chord generator; an 8-key keyboard; four independent LFOs; or an 8-switch panel. The chosen mode determines what type of signal (CV, note, trigger, gate, etc.) is sent from each of Tetrapad’s eight independent outputs, while its multitude of multi-colored LEDs keep you informed of exactly what’s happening within each mode.
Tetrapad automatically remembers how you’ve configured each of its modes, and retains these settings when powered off. By default, Tetrapad automatically saves these settings every minute, or whenever you change modes. This makes Tetrapad ideal for live performance, since you know it will always power up with your configurations intact."


Dave Smith Tetra song "Agents of Chaos" by Roikat

Published on Nov 14, 2017 Roikat

"A song made entirely with the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra synthesizer module. © 2017 by Roikat."

MeeBlip Anode Stop Motion Animation Videos by Roikat

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Roikat


MeeBlip anode bass and lead demo (Roikat cartoon 2)
Meelip anode bass demo (aka unboxing video) by Roikat
MeeBlip anode ultrasonic frequency test (Roikat cartoon 1)
Korg Gadget ODYSSEi Lexington MeeBlip anode Halloween jam 2017 by Roikat


Published on Nov 24, 2017 TRAVLLR

" - Click here to choose your favorite music store and listen!"

Moog Subsequent 37 & Sub 37, and a DSI Sequential Prophet-6.

Circuit Bent Darth Vader Mask by Psychiceyeclix

Published on Nov 23, 2017 psychiceyeclix

"Circuit bent Darth Vader Mask, this is an 4 sample FX pen mounted to a Darth Vader Mask with pitch control & body contacts that crash the sound & make it crazy!!!"

via this auction

"Modified by Psychiceyeclix, this is an 4 sample FX pen mounted to a Darth Vader Mask with pitch control & body contacts that crash the sound & make it crazy!!!

Pitch Control,
pitch on/off switch,
reset button,
2 x body contacts,
jack out.

Mask has a crack in - shown in pic, does not interferre with noise creation!!"

Malekko Quad Gate Delay - Pattern Variations

Published on Nov 24, 2017 DRD_Tutorials

"Just a quick little patch, showing how quickly and easily the Quad Gate Delay can create pattern variations."

Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

via this auction

"Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

Made in Japan

Condition. Almost Mint condition. Only One Yellow Book show light creases."

You can find scans of Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition on Analog Industries.

The SH-01A as an ARP for the NYX (Riamiwo StudioVlog 69)

Published on Nov 24, 2017 riamiwovideos

"I tried to sequence the Dreadbox NYX with the Roland Boutique SH-01A.. the arpeggiator works great for modular-gear...

Roland SH-01a
Roland TR-08
Dreadbox NYX

Filmed with:
Sony a6300
Sony Nex 5t
Sony Nex 3
Panasonic 757"

OB-6 VS MS2000 - Matching Patches and Sound

Published on Nov 23, 2017 MR TUNA Music

"It's the comparison nobody asked for!!! Join your friend, Mr Tuna for an excerise in futility, comparing basic sound and matching patches with two very different synths!

Why compare these two stellars synths as if they were in the same league??? A matter of convenience, I suppose. If you've got one synth on top of another synth it just makes sense!

If you're watching this, forgive me. This video is so basic and unentertaining I have no idea why I am even posting it.

OB-6 or MS2000 ---what's YOUR preference???"

Roland JX-305 Back on the Dancefloor 2017 Groovesynth Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Nov 24, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland JX-305 Back on the Dancefloor 2017
Synthesizer demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **Turn it UP**
**Sonic BOOM @ 07:27 Watch your speakers!**

I finally found a RESTORED, CUSTOMIZED JX-305
with BLUE LEDs and I am sooo happy about it!!!!
The JX-305 was my main synth in 1999, no joke!!
Here are 5 preset patterns that are just the tip of
the JX-305 groove experience! I LOVE THIS SYNTH!!
A Roland MC-505 Groovebox in a synth? No way!!
I love the JUNO-DS because it's sequencer is like
the JX-305 groovesynth... Now I have both to tweak
with!!! I have actually started my collection of Roland
Groove Gear circa 1996-1999 & a working JX-305 is a
MUST if you want to collect'em all! I will make a bunch
more JX-305 videos soon so SUBSCRIBE if you haven't
already! A TON OF GROOVE GEAR videos coming soon!!
Thank you for watching!!!
Rik Marston
Earth Empire
Ahnyxian Sound Design

Analog Four - Synth Basic Bass Tutorial

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Synth & Sundry

"How to make a smooth versatile and evolving bass sound on the Elektron Analog Four"

Synth Jam in C min

Published on Nov 24, 2017 therudyrude

Tokyo Festival Of Modular 2017: Malekko MANTHER Synthesizer First Look & Sound Demo

Published on Nov 24, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Josh Holley from Malekko Heavy Industry showed me on this year's Tokyo Festival Of Modular the final version of the MANTHER analog/digital Synthesizer box.

More information here:"

Big Little Tonic Sample Pack from Goldbaby

Published on Nov 23, 2017 GoldbabySamples

"Big Little Tonic sample pack. Available now here:"

"It’s not a small calculator, it’s a huge drum machine! The PO32 is the amazing collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Sonic Charge. A hardware drum machine that, when paired with it’s older brother the legendary software MicroTonic, can create almost unlimited drum sounds. Once loaded on the PO32 these sounds are raw, punchy and have a unique character all their own!

At first I was developing a sample pack based on a collection of mini hardware drum machines. However it soon became apparent that the PO32 deserved it’s own pack!

775 x 24 bit wav samples including drums, FX and even a few synth and bass sounds. All recorded through various studio hardware in the Goldbaby studio: UBK Fatso, ez1073-500 Pre & EQ, Fat Bustard II Valve mixer, Elektron Analog Heat, Strymon Deco, EM-PEQ Pultec style EQ. I even recorded a few of the sounds directly from the tiny PO32 speaker.

With kits and patches for: NI Maschine, Ableton Live, Geist, Battery, Kontakt, Logic EXS24 and Reason.

Also as a little bonus for those who own the Micro Tonic software I have included some of the patches I created while developing this sample pack."

Rob Papen Introduces SuBoomBass 2

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Rob Papen

"Rob Papen produces bigger booms and shake-shake-shake the rooms with SubBoomBass 2

“I've loved SubBoomBass from the start — instant access over lots of great-sounding deep basses that immediately sit nicely in the mix! A must-have for every dance producer!”
- Tom Holkenberg (a.k.a. Junkie XL), composer/producer (Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool), 2017

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effect plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of SubBoomBass 2 — succeeding the award-winning, self- explanatory floor-shaking SubBoomBass soft synth with the original (often) bass-heavy presets all present and accounted for alongside an abundance of new features and new sound colours to take things closer to the (cutting) edge — as of November 24…

It is immediately obvious to the naked eye that SubBoomBass 2’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) is on the receiving end of a musical makeover making for more comfortable control of all its fanciful features. Fortunately for fans of the original soft synth, SubBoomBass 2 retains its much-loved modelled analogue waveform-driven warmth, but brings into being a brave new world of new sound colours courtesy of supplemental spectrum waveforms, with high-quality thinking outside of the box-style samples sitting alongside a welcome inclusion of Karplus-Strong string synthesis — a method of physical modelling synthesis that loops a short waveform through a filtered delay line to simulate the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion. Put it this way: with so much musical firepower placed at adventurous users’ fingertips, SubBoomBass 2 surely sets loose some seriously fresh-sounding and hitherto unheard sounds... above and beyond the (arguably) restrictive realms of dance production with which SubBoomBass first found its musical mark so beautifully.

But, Rob Papen being Rob Papen, there is so much more to SubBoomBass 2 than might first meet the eye... enter an X/Y screen (which will already be familiar to owners of the company’s critically-acclaimed BLUE-II and RAW soft synths both designed differently for different musical motivation in mind); access an all-new SEQUENCER (capable of running four patterns); plus an easy-to-use BANK MANAGER (with ‘star’ feature for speedily searching for favourites — whether user- created or one of the trademark Rob Papen professionally-programmed presets presented in their thousands). Speaking of which, all of the original SubBoomBass (sometimes) bass-heavy presets are all present and accounted for, so SubBoomBass 2 can capably boom and shake-shake-shake the room with the very best — bigger and better than its predecessor, possibly!

SubBoomBass 2 allows anyone to creatively compliment any style of contemporary music at any time — whether working on video game or film scores, or anything in between and beyond. After all, fellow high-flying Dutchman and original SubBoomBass supporter Tom Holkenberg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) started out on the dance floor, fraternising with worldwide chart positions, and ended up on the big screen as a hotshot Hollywood film scorer. Similarly, SubBoomBass 2 is surely set to become another success story for Rob Papen. Anything is possible... just ask Junkie XL!

SubBoomBass 2 can be purchased in a boxed edition — as an AAX (32-/64-bit), AU (32-/64-bit), VST (32-/64-bit) compatible audio software plug-in for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) and Windows (Vista, 7, 8, and 10) — from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or as a download directly from Rob Papen for €99.00 EUR/$99.00 USD from here: (Owners of SubBoomBass are eligible to upgrade to SubBoomBass 2 for €39.00 EUR/$39.00 USD, while SubBoomBass 2 is included in eXplorer4, the latest incarnation of Rob Papen’s all-encompassing software bundle, so owners of eXplorer4 can download the SubBoomBass 2 installer for free.)"

TURKEYMOOG Sale - 20% off all Moog Merch & Apparel - New Synth Ts

via @moogmusicinc

"#BlackFriday: Right now take 20% off all merch & apparel at w/ #promocode TURKEYMOOG. *US residents only*"

"3 is the magic number. New #Moog Trilogy Hoodie now 20% Off w/ #promocode TURKEYMOOG:… *US residents only*"

Roland JX-3P w/ PG-200

via this auction

"The Roland JX-3P is a synthesizer produced by Roland Corporation of Japan in 1983. The "3P" in its name refers to "Programmable Preset Polyphonic".[1] It is notable as one of the company's first synthesizers (along with the Jupiter-6) to incorporate a MIDI interface."

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Wavetable Virtual Analog

via this auction

2016 Roland Jupiter 80 Ver 2 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

YAMAHA DX100 w/ Case

via this auction

Modded YAMAHA CS01 II Mobile Analog Synthesizer SN 2242

via this auction

"Yamaha CS01 II analog synth in very good condition (there are some minor cosmetic scratches -- see pictures) with a modification made so that the breath controller VCA knob has been replaced with a pitch bend range potentiometer.

In an unmodified CS01 II, I believe you only get a half or whole step pitch bend range. (It's been a while since I've played an unmodified CS01 II, so I might be incorrect with the original range; suffice to say that it's fixed and narrow.) With this modification, you get between a half step and an full octave pitch bend range, depending on how far you turn the potentiometer. This modification makes this instrument MUCH more useful.

After adjusting the pitch bend range, you may need to adjust the VCO pitch slider to bring the synth back into concert pitch, as changing the pitch bend range tends to make the overall keyboard pitch slightly different, but that's a small inconvenience for having a truly useful pitch bend. I do not know if the breath controller will still work with this keyboard since it has been modified to have the pitch bend range potentiometer."

Audiothingies DoubleDrummer Intro Video

Published on Nov 24, 2017 audiothingies

You can find details on Audiothingies DoubleDrummer here.

"Introducing the Audiothingies DoubleDrummer, a 12-voice hybrid synthesis/sample player drum sound generator with internal FX's.

Sound credits:
- Drums: Audiothingies DoubleDrummer
- Bass: DSI Mopho
- Keys/Lead: Audiothingies MicroMonsta

Sequencer: Arturia Beatstep Pro triggering all 3 synths.

Pad drum map, left to right:
Upper Row: Sample 1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, Nothing, Open Hat
Bottom Row: Bass drum, Snare drum, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Clap, Cowbell, Closed Hat"

Radikal Technologies Jam // Synthfest 2017

Published on Nov 24, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Radikal Technologies had a jam on their modules at Synthfest 2017 for us. Some sequencing, keys playing, stereo FX and big voices."

Jörg Schaaf of Radikal Technologies.

XAOC Devices - Belgrad (Timbral Explorations)

Published on Nov 24, 2017 eightball

"Timbral explorations of incredibly versatile filter from XAOC Devices. Belgrad is not only a filter but it can act as a VCO with very good V/Oct tracking - just crank up the "Reso" knob and it will start to self-oscillate beautifully.

It is capable of giving very lushy and gentle touch to your sounds but it could be also gritty and aggressive. Play with different filter types and SM/XM switch and explore unheard before territories."

Ceremony II - A Eurorack Performance featuring the E352 Cloud Terrarium

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Genshi Media Group

"Ceremony II - A Eurorack Performance featuring the Synthesis Technology E352 CLOUD TERRARIUM and other modules.

- Patch notes are as follows, in order of appearance:

• CLOUD TERRARIUM is Wavefolding its Morphing Wavetables, then sequenced via the Make Noise RENE.

• Intellijel METROPOLIS sequencing Mutable Instruments BRAIDS which is going into WARPS, then RIPPLES then into the Make Noise OPTOMIX low pass gate.

• Beats provided by two Erica Synths PICO DRUMS sequenced by PICO TRIGG and going into the PICO A MIX and finally the PICO DSP. This is all clocked by the Make Noise TEMPI going through a Sputnik Modular SELECTOR Sequential Switch (which is also clocking RENE.)

• Erica Synths BLACK WAVETABLE VCO is surfing through it's own Wavetables and going into the BLACK STEREO MIXER.

• All of the above (except for the Beats) is going through Mutable Instruments CLOUDS.

• Mutable Instruments RINGS then makes an appearance and the whole thing is finished off by two Music Thing Modular RADIO MUSIC modules going into the Make Noise MORPHAGENE which is also going through CLOUDS.

• Modulation for everything provided by Make Noise RICHTER WOGGLEBUG and Xaoc Devices BATUMI."

Modular Monthly: Open source synthesis with GMSN! Pure Modular

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Future Music Magazine

"We explore the sonic capabilities on offer from this open-source, do-it-yourself modular system from Glasgow Make Some Noise!"


Published on Nov 24, 2017 peter synthbrothers

"using vca to vco1v gives detuning effect by changing the volume"

VGM #123: Faron Woods (Twilight Princess) *ZELDA MONTH*

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Ace Waters

"This video almost didn't happen, but I am so happy that it did. I really focused in on grooves on this one, pulling inspiration from BBNG and Radiohead. I hope you enjoy it. One more zelda track left. WHAT COULD IT BE????"

CASIO CZ-1 SOUND DEMO - Lost Patrol Theme

Published on Nov 24, 2017 tiergrinder

"Casio CZ-1, digital synth from 1986.

Instead of the more popular FM synthesis, CZ-1 uses PD (Phase Distortion) synthesis to create sounds.

While it doesn't sound exactly like an FM Synth, it can get to same region and beyond. CZ-1 shines on bright metallic and bell sounds. It also does pretty good string , brass and pad sounds, especially when two sounds are layered in split mode.

CZ-1 has 16 voice polyphony with 2 "oscillators" per voice and also ability to split the keyboard, so that the upper and lower parts play their own sounds. User interface is MUCH more user-friendly when compared to many of the legendary FM synths. Almost all functions have dedicated buttons and sound editing follows the traditional subtractive architecture. CZ-1 has 64 presets and 64 user patches, there is also a possibility to use external memory cartridge to expand the memory to 128 user patches. CZ-1 also has pretty good midi implementation and is multitimbral.

Demo song : Lost Patrol Theme, originally composed by Chris Glaister

All synth sounds are from Casio CZ-1 synth :

Bass : Preset B-4 SLAP BASS
Main Strings : Preset A-4 STRINGS
Backing Strings : Preset G-1 SYNTH STRINGS
Polysynth Chords : Preset A-1 Brass 1
FM Percussion : Preset F-6 Afro Percussion
Guitar : B-1 Acoustic Guitar
Pan Flute : C-7 Recorder
Backing Percussion at end : F-3 Xylophone
Whistle : Preset C-5 Whistle


Helicopter sample is taken from old sample CD."

Triadex Muse driving synth

Published on Nov 24, 2017 otherunicorn

"Prototype Muse to Synth interface. The Muse output can be heard, as well as a driven voice, a drone and a beat being triggered by the clock from the Muse."

Christopher Kah - Session XIX with the Elektron Digitakt

Published on Nov 24, 2017 HighWav

"Precise, Loud, Effective, Raw.
🔥 🔥 🔥 BANG. 🔥 🔥 🔥
Inspiration directly on one machine.

100% Machines. No Laptop. TOTAL IMPROVISATION."

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