MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prophet REV2 Desktop and Tempest - 10 Good Minutes Ep. 1

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Noir Et Blanc Vie

"I just messed around with the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2 module, nothing series, all unscripted, just improvising. We shall see what you think. The patch is a split, as you can tell, it's a fantastic synth. I'll be reviewing it in the coming month."

Synthchaser #090 - Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Factory Patches Demo

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Synth Chaser

"This Prophet 5 is for sale!

Demo of the 40 factory patch sounds from the Prophet 5 (Rev 3.2). This is not intended to be musical, just a demo of the sounds. I am far better at fixing them than playing them.

Parts, service and synthesizers available on my website."

Buchla Format Sputnik 289 Synthesizer Module

via this auction

"Here is the famed Sputnik 289 Dual Defect Processor designed by Roman Filippov and built by Adam Scramstad, aka Djangosfire."


via this auction

"It's triggered by any instrument using regular input and output jacks. It's a very unique synthesizer and 100% working. It's in great shape with only some minor cosmetic wear."

Roland Jupiter 6 JP-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 353979

via this auction

Update: now on Reverb here.

Akai X7000 Sampling Keyboard with Disk Library

via this auction

Moog MiniMoog Model D 1972 SN 9373

via this auction

"Minimoog D Moog Music (1972). These ones are the “famous” old osc. board but these osc board are not at all the same as the RA & Musonic. This is the common version of the Mini D. Their tunning was better than the first models (RA & Musonic). All serial numbers until SN 10175 were issued with this “original” oscillator board. First Moog Music models have metal panel (not only the RA and the Musonic). The later one (but before SN 10175) have full plastic panel. Modulation wheels are smooth white and perhaps the last models (but before 10175) the white ribbed plastic. Inscriptions around knobs are different than on the RA & Musonic models."


Published on Jan 10, 2018 LESINDES

"There is once a gain a new MOOG MINIMOOG MODEL D craze. So here you hear what the original MODEL D sounds like. Phatt as butter and crisp as toast: this is the original!
This model ought to be confused with Studio Electronics SE-1 which had the MINIMOOG architecture but unfortunately not the original boards and software modution and envelops: Not a bad analog VCO synth but another world!
Just a simple demo ofthe pure synth with an arpeggio and transposition with a little tweaking: Begins with a single pulse -- what a pulse! -- and then building and speeding up..."

Behringer Model D Is Shipping

A couple of pics shared by Behringer and a user video from YouTube below.

Via Behringer:

"It has arrived in stores. Whew..."

Quick Noodle Demo and First Look Published on Jan 10, 2018 Gubatz / Dirtbox

"I am trying out the retail Model D synthesizer by Behringer. Please make your conclusions ;)"

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

OB6 + Prophet6

Published on Jan 10, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Just some more jams- PORTRAIT STYLE for your viewing pleasure!!!"

Black Corporation's Deckard's Dream Expander Coming to NAMM

Coming to Booth 10905

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Steam Trax

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Step time sequenced analog synthesisers starting of with noise from the Trax RetroWave R-1 and then a bunch of stuff in my usual improvised old school one take and take a break style.

Other equipment used:
Elektor formant modular
Beat Step Pro
Roland CR8000
SH101 with tubbutec mod
Boomstar 4075
Waldorf Streichfett
Doepfer Dark Energy Mk1 x 3
Doepfer MAQ 16/3
Doepfer modular racks
Mackie USA mixers
Eventide reverb and delays"

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows a few things the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence can do. The Micro Sequence is a small eurorack sequencer that has a built in quantizer and clock divider and has 8 playback directions and 8 scales that it can quantize to.

Available here:"

HandWiring the GroundPlane For the AniModule LogicOgic

Published on Jan 10, 2018 JRock17991

"Check Out my Modules at:
Wiring up the GroundPlane for one of the older designs, a CMOS and Transistor based Logic Module (Super Fast!)"

And a few videos on the "AniModule Microwave Oven Transformer Stick Welder" and Lathe:

Transformer Down! ReWinding Secondary Coil on the AniModule Microwave Oven Transformer Stick Welder

Published on Jan 3, 2018 JRock17991

"Check out my modules at :
Overheated the transformer on the AniModule Microwave Oven Transformer Stick Welder and melted the secondary coil wire jacket. Not too surprised because it was 12Ga.
Luckily the Primary appears to remain in useable condition.
Let's have at it again, this time with 10 Ga!"

Snazzy FX Eternal Spring Filter Demonstration

Published on Jan 5, 2018 Bastl Distribution

"Unstable filterability!"

Snazzy FX Dronebank & Hi Gain Couple Demonstration

Published on Jan 5, 2018 Bastl Distribution

"Dronebank is source of five tunable triangle oscillator while Hi Gain is an advanced (& proper trashy!) VCA"

AI Synthesis AI004 OTA MS-20-filter clone Full How to Build Video

Published on Jan 10, 2018 AI Synthesis

"A video showing every step of building the AI004 OTA Filter Eurorack MS-20 Filter clone."

Oberheim Four Voice FVS-1 SEM

via this auction

"As you can see from the pictures, a MediaMix aftermarket kit was installed in this synth. The kit features 3 separate master CV (control voltage) adjustment knobs connected to each SEM, a knob to adjust pitch bend intensity, and a knob to adjust VCF bend intensity. Pitch bend is on the X axis and Filter CV (control voltage) is on the Y axis. The small switches turn on and off their related features. The large switch is not connected. The 5 1/8 in jacks are not connected either.

The 4 switches on the top rail of the synth are part of a kit that is still installed, but no longer connected. The 4 switches could potentially add sine wave capabilities to each SEM, but I am not sure if the kit is working properly."

Moog Taurus III 3 Bass Synth Pedals

via this auction

Moog Source - Synthesizer Bass Sound Tutorial - Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Published on Jan 9, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

The bass line in the song West End Girls from the Pet Shop Boys.

All single tracks in the original track are made with the E-MU Emulator II (1984)
You can hear the the famous Marcato Strings from the EII sample library and the bass is made with the Moog Source (1981)"

Roland TB-303 With Quicksilver CPU

via this auction

Moog Taurus 2 Autographed by Bob Moog SN 1699

via this auction

"This Taurus is fully functional and in great condition. Autographed by the one and only Bob Moog! The Taurus II is a full synth voice optimized for earth rattling bass. The Taurus I's successor, the Taurus II - essentially a foot-controlled Moog Rogue. It has modulation and pitch bend wheels, oscillator sync functions and full CV interfacing so it can be sequenced externally. Its also very nice as a desktop synth with warm Moogy low end."

Cyndustries Cynthia Zeroscillator - Eurorack Analog TZFM Oscillator

via this auction

"Analog through-zero and non-TZ FM oscillator with morph function.

For best FM results with the Zeroscillator I'd recommend pairing it with a very accurate sine oscillator or a CV keyboard.

36 hp, approx. 3 inches deep including cable connection on the back of the module."

Roland Boutique Custom Wood Panels

via this auction

"Custom wood side panels for the Roland Boutique series! These will fit the TR-09, TR-08, TB-03, JP-08, JX-03, JU-06, VP-03.

Hand made from walnut with a danish oil finish for a next level professional look!

Final sale does not include Roland boutique. Just custom wood panels"

Analogue Solutions Semblance SN 4104

via this auction

MFB Urzwerg Pro MK II – Sequencer

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Red Square

via this auction

"Red Square is a patchable analogue monosynth that can also be used as an effects processor. It has some of the advantages of a modular synth (re-wireable synth circuits, external control, external signal routing) and the advantage of a pre-patched monosynth (easy to use, instant sound, tidy front panel). Its 1/4" jacks sockets mean it can easily be integrated into a studio just like any synth or processor.


Congratulations on buying the Phobos Red Square patchable synthesiser. Red Square is part of the Phobos range of analogue music equipment. Red Square's synthesiser circuitry is entirely discrete and analogue.


Red Square introduces 'modular synthesis' style sound creation for all those that are either daunted by the complexities of modulars, do not have to space for them, or for those that find them too expesive. Red Square gives you the oppurtunity to create a diverse range of sounds by using patch cables to re-route the signals. Red Square is a quick and easy to use synthesiser as its design is in a more familiar monosynth format.


The top row of controls on Red Square act as a complete (pre-patched) monosynth. This section allows Red Square to be used straigth away without having to patch any sections together. All that is needed is a MIDI cable and an audio cable. This means Red Square can be used straight away with no fuss or confusion as a powerful and flexible synthesiser sound machine.

The top row synthesiser comprises VCO1, Noise, External Signal, Sub Oscillator, LPF, EG1 and the VCA. The Ring Mod output also goes to the filter audio input, but its inputs must be patched first.

The additional sections like EG2, VCO2, Ring Mod, etc, can be patched into the monosynth to create even more varied and complex sounds, or they can be used independently or in conjuction with other synthesisers.


Don't just think of Red Square as just a patchable synthesiser. It is also a highly versatile analogue effects processor. Red Square has a panel full of professional quality 6.35mm jack sockets which allows it to be integrated into your studio set-up just like any effects processor. But instead of just another lifeless DSP processor, you have a warm, fat, or even down right dirty analogue effects processor.

The analogue filter or ring modulator can be used as two independent effects processors or chained in series for dual effects. They can be wired into your mixing desk's effect sends and returns just like any other effects unit. The additional sections of Red Square can be patched in to modulate the effect on your external audio signals. All this and you can still create and use an independent synthsiser patch too!"


Published on Jan 10, 2018 LESINDES

"Good old DOEPFER SCHALTWERK step sequencer used for a jam with KORG VOLCA BEATS, FM, ROLAND SE-02, DSI TETRA. Live jam. FX added in DAW."

modularbeats: System Cartesian Drum Machine

Published on Jan 10, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"Patching up a simple drum machine on the System Cartesian."

[Week2] Paraphonic sequence

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Optimistic

With the MFB Dominion I.

New Happy Nerding TriTone as noize generator

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Happy Nerding

"TriTone can be self patched to become a weird noise generator."

New Two Princess Eurorack Module From Error Instruments

Published on Jan 10, 2018 paul tas

"triple vactrol controlled feedback drum generator"

Soviet Maestro Demo 10 January 2018

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Cyril Metodej

ULTIMATUM (Analog4, Volca FM, Blofeld, EM1)

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Chocolate Pulp

It's been a while since my last video, hope u enjoy my last jam, There is a lot more to come, getting ready for some jams for my first #jamuary, so, stay tunned. Cheers.
Elektron Analog4
Korg Volca FM
Korg electribe EM 1
Waldorf Bloefeld
Arturia Keystep

Thanks for watching!"

Roland TR-08 Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers


Published on Jan 10, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"new fandangled camera, which will be used sparingly for a few things. heres a little tour of my stuff. and a bit of performance. :)"

Just noticed 360 videos are working in Safari!

A Splash of Plonk: Rhythmic Gates

Published on Jan 10, 2018 intellijel

"Here's another quick example of Plonk in action. This patch uses rhythmic gates from Metropolis as modulation sources for Mallet Stiffness, Noise Density, Decay time, and Resonator Inharmonicity. A second Plonk provides the kick drum."

Patch n Tweak

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