MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

PMF QuantOct

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Randy Piscione

"This is a demo of a new quantizer from PM Foundations, the QuantOct.

It's a four input, four output module with 14 resident scales. Mine has the following: chromatic, whole tone, major, major pentatonic, harmonic minor, aeolian minor, minor pentatonic, dorian, lydian, plus four 4-note chords. Other scales are available.

Here's another quick video with some harmony-related fooling around:"

PM Foundations Prototype Quad Quantizer test

Published on May 21, 2018 Randy Piscione

"Since I've been doing so many videos for PM Foundations, I am now part of a list of testers for new stuff. This is a prototype quantizer with an octave pot, four inputs and four outputs. It has access to 14 different scales. This video was really just a test for PMF but I thought it was interesting so PMF gave me permission to make it public."

Minimoog Voyager Rack RME Synthesizer + CP-251 + VX-352

via this auction

"This sale also includes the CP-251 and VX-352 expansion modules, both in perfect working condition. Using 1/4" patch cables (also included) these modules add enormous functionality/flexibility to the synth by introducing external control voltage processing."

Invincible Garrisons of the 4075

Published on Jun 22, 2018 StudioElectronics

"Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 sound like pearls—Think Russian piano teacher.

Found some 2017 isos yesterday and just taking my hands off the plow now. Gorgeous mood’s what I’m in because of it. Transcendental composing, sequencing and programming by maestro and marvelous human being @livsinghkhalsa. Dropping the needle where it suits me and mashing/reversing/time stealing/shaping selected takes by YT, MSR. Healing notes in this piece by Liv in my estimation.

These 4075s (yes the older model in this instance) sound decent Honus. Maybe I'll upload the entire Boomstar iso lead bounce... maybe. They are insanely gorgeous after all.

There are basses too...

Mustard flowers never disappoint 'round this time of year.


Spacecraft Granular Synth Demo Review

Published on Jun 22, 2018 iPadLoops

"Every once in a while a new granular synth type app comes out and I get like a little kid in a candy store. I'm a sucker for some good ole fashioned granular fun. SpaceCraft by Mark Watt is fun and simple. The following first impression/demo will show you how I imported something I prerecorded in AUM. You can however also load Spacecraft into an AU FX slot for easy sampling in AUM. Spacecraft does lack SOME useful features like being able to save your setup as a preset and what about sync? but it is an instant inspiration and a great deal for the price."

iTunes: SpaceCraft: Granular Synth - Mark Watt

OB-6 Friday Night Improv #2

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Kris Lennox

"If the channel becomes more popular, I should just livestream for a few hours and folks can simply tune in (and out!) as/when :)

The OB-6 is definitely a sound to be shared. Wonderful instrument.

Tonight I'm playing around with the softer side of the sound as earlier I was working on a track for someone that required the softer sound. But when the OB-6 goes wild, it could easily rip a hole in the ozone layer.


Part 1 here.


Published on Aug 20, 2016 Mojave

"It's a simple test song which was recorded in 2005 on a Windows XP PC with Logic Audio Platinum 5.5. I prepared a pre-programmed midi sequences on the Logic for the realtime program number change by rolling over the Microwave's red big knob by hand. hence I feel sorry for the voice stealing. All sounds from the Microwave1 except drum loops. I used a little bit of Logic's Plantinumverb and Stereo Delay. Thank you for the time."

Terratec Promedia Waldorf micro Wave PC EWS Synthesizer Module for the PC

via this auction

Here's something you don't see often. A Waldorf synth that sits in a PC drive bay.

The Waldorf microWavePC or micro WavePC. Curious what the EWS stands for. Electronic Wavetable Synthesizer? Excellent Waldorfian Supersynth?

P.S. I swear I've seen one before, but this just might be the first one to be featured on the site.

Update via Swissdoc:

"It [EWS] stands for Eierlegende WollmilchSau. Terratec used the EWS name for a series of soundcards.

The term 'eierlegende Wollmilchsau' is often used to describe product, which can do everything and more. It describes an animal, which is a hybrid out of chicken (can lay eggs), sheep (produces wool), cow (gives milk) and pig (in German Sau or Schwein). Translated it would then be: egg-laying wool-milk-pig. This is not working out in English, since the English language is missing the option of composing new words out of existing. Like Donaudampfschif...

There is a German Wikipedia entry for EWS only. But here is a nice visualization, of how a EWS may look like.

Coming back to the Terratec microWave PC. This a special version of the Microwave II/XT, but it runs a different OS. The latest OS for Microwave II/XT was not ported over back in time, so the Terratec microWave PC lacks a few features. On there was a recent thread about soundsets for the Terratec microWave PC, where forum member Summa posted some converted banks. I made it available for download."

Jasper Synth - EDP Wasp Clone with MIDI

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Vostok semi modular synth

via this auction

"Very good condition, fully working, with pins included. Fat sound. 3 VCO, 2 envelops, 2 LFO, 1 ring modulator, 1 Filter, 1 VCA"


via this auction

Manufacturers Attending Brighton Modular Meet Set for Next Weekend

via @thonk_synth

"Here are the manufacturers attending Brighton Modular Meet next Sunday."

Click through for full details on this year's event.

Junost 21 USSR Synth - Soviet Juno SN 13411

Published on Jun 22, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction

"Works but need to be serviced

See test video -

original case, strap, power supply included"

Manual - USSR Soviet Analog Vintage Synthesizer Drum Machine

Published on Jun 22, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction


Estradin 11 USSR Soviet Drum Machine

Published on Jun 22, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction

"Estradin 11 - Ultra Rare Vintage Analog Drum Machine



Ambient Electro Jam On The Top Of A Mountain

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Perplex On

"My iPad and me went hiking and stayed for a little jam on the mountaintop. Enjoy!

Apps in use:

OB-6 (Friday Night Improv)

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Change of scenery tonight: short improv/some fun on the OB-6.

Beautiful tone. Beautiful instrument.


Warped Metal Sound Pack Library Outsider Sound Design Cinematic Impacts Whooshes

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Warped Metal is a sample library that features over 300 sounds harvested from thousands of never heard before field recordings.

These recordings range from small kitchenware to large junkyard wreckage that have been layered and heavily processed.

Categorized into six folders.

90 Impacts
40 Motion Clusters
40 Processed Composites
30 Reverse Transport
55 Bent Metal
50 Whooshes

Metal on metal scraping, bending, exploding debris, and destruction. Perfect for metal sound effects, cinematic trailers, animation, games, experimental music, and more.

Available on our website at"

Novation // Launchkey 49 MKII - Performance

Published on Jun 22, 2018 NovationTV

"Check out a new Launchkey performance using Launchkey 49 MKII.

Launchkey is pretty much the quickest and easiest way to produce and perform electronic music using Ableton Live. An easy-to-use MIDI keyboard controller with everything you need to make music.

For more about Launchkey, visit:"

Novation // Launchkey 49 MKII - Performance Explained

Treadstone Synth Through The Wow & Flutter Delay

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The classic Snazzy FX effects boxes are back, being built by a collaboration between Snazzy FX and Erica Synths. We wanted to hear the Wow & Flutter which is a digital delay that has some of the weird warbling pitch shifting effects of a broken tape delay. The sounds going into the wow and flutter were made with Analogue Solutions tiny semi-modular synthesizer, the Treadstone and sequenced by Doepfer's Dark Time.

Wow & Flutter:


Dark Time:"

SUPPORT MATRIXSYNTH and get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

AudioKit Pro - Synth One - FREE SYNTH for iPad! Coming June 28

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Electronisounds Audio


Synthesis Technology - Live From Control 03.21.2018

Published on Jun 22, 2018 CTRL MOD

"Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology visits Control (Brooklyn, NY) on the last city snowstorm of 2018. Nearly cancelled, Paul pulled through 2+ feet of snow to give a riveting discussion of the dos and don'ts of Eurorack modular design and production. Note: video ends after five minute break, before Paul's very special (+ secret) prize giveaway finale. Thanks to all who made it out to Control that day!

Control specializes in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Online Orders:
(929) 277-7956
11-6pm — Mon-Fri

(347) 699-2875
12-8pm — Everyday

Visit Us!
416 Lorimer St #1R
Brooklyn, NY 11206 USA

SpaceCraft: Granular Synth for iOS

iTunes: SpaceCraft: Granular Synth - Mark Watt

"SpaceCraft is a musical instrument.

Transform any sound into a playable musical instrument via a technique known as Granular Synthesis. With SpaceCraft, you can create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms from everyday sounds such as your voice, ambient noise or the high quality built-in audio samples.

Tap the 'Import Audio' button (top left) to record audio via your device's microphone or load a file from your device (supports iCloud, Dropbox, Audioshare etc.). Experiment with turning everyday sounds into unusual instruments. Try recording your voice or ambient noise!

Tap the 'rec' button (top right) to record your performance (maximum 120 seconds). Your audio will be saved as a .wav file on your device in a location of your choice.

Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA). Compatible with Garageband."

Olivier Briand on matrix Brute With Philippe Brodu Synthfest 2017

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Olivier Briand on matrix Brute With Philippe Brodu Synthfest 2017"

Crumar BIT01 Synthesizer - A 1985 DeLorean time machine

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Espen Kraft

"In 1985 Crumar released the souped up version of the BitONE synthesizer that addressed many of the problems of the BitONE, detune on DCO2, programmable volume on whole patches, noise generator and much better MIDI specs.

The Bit01 has real personality and I show off many of it's sonic possibilities in this video with some original patches I made.

The opening track is the theme from the Italian horror movie "Zombie Fleash-Eaters" aka "Zombie 2" by Lucio Fulci. Released late in 1979 in contained music from the fabolous Fabio Frizzi, one of my all time favourite soundtrack composers.

All the sounds in my recreation of this theme, apart from the drums, is from the BIT99 synthesizer. Multitracked. Additional effects used throughout this video."

VCV Rack Outdoor Session #3

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Omri Cohen

"I always wanted to sit under a tree or next to a lake and combine Nature with my music. This is me, letting a patch evolve while breathing the fresh air of the great outdoors..."

See the outdoors label below for more.

Arturia "SkiniBrute" Synthesizer

via this auction

"GMUSynth SkiniBrute Walnut / Hand Rubbed Satin finish."

modal electronics 002 synthesizer w/ original box

via this auction

"Modal Electronics 002 hybrid synthesizer with fx expansion, digital IO fitted in stunning condition boxed! Capable of sounds like the ppg wave and much much more!"

Pacific Fast Mail Model Model Railroad Sound

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Switched On

"Vintage analog Model Railroad Sound."

You can find a demo of a second mode with tons of knobs in the archives here.

Squarp Instruments Hermod - Everything you Need to Know!

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Dawless Jammin'

"A modular brain for you Eurorack System!"

Nebulae 2 Real time audio process

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Ariel Raguet

"This is a demo of the Nebulae 'World Of Echo' function.
The Disting provides the audio (a recording of russian news from YouTube)
The Wogglebug provides the random gate values for the RDMN (a piece of Buchla SOU made by a friend of mine)

Controls in the Nebulae:
Start: Delay time (2 secs max.)
Size: Delay feedback
Density: Reverb time
Overlap: Reverb filter
Blend: balance between dry and wet signal
Window: Sends post-delay signal to the reverb bus

At the beginning we have the audio dry from the Disting.
Then I manipulate controls.
And finally I plug random voltages to the Start (Delay time), Blend (balance between dry and wet signal) and Window (Sends post-delay signal to the reverb bus)

BTW: I did a kind of tape delay in Pure Data that process audio in real time and the audio input works very well form me, no noticiable latency detected."

First Test Soma Laboratory Lyra-8

Published on Jun 22, 2018 St├ęphane Schott

"No additionnals effects; just delay and distortion of Lyra"

WMD: How to process hardware synthesizers with a tiny eurorack system

Published on Jun 22, 2018 WMDevices

"Eurorack is an exciting and enticing concept for many but the complexity and expensive cost of entry can be enough to turn many potential users away. There is also lots of confusion between what you can and can't do. Our advice to anyone trying to get into eurorack is see how it could fit into your existing setup, and just go for it!

In this video, I created a small Eurorack system made for processing external gear using the Doepfer Beauty case, the Shakmat Knight's Gallop, a WMD Aperture, and WMD Aperture.

I came upon an Arturia Microbrute and Drumbrute super cheap at a local synth swap. These little devices work really well together and are a great place to start with synths/drum machines. They're CV compatibility made me instantly want to make this system and in turn, this video.

I am clocking the Shakmat Knight's Gallop with the Clock out on the DrumBrute and then using the KG to create the triggers for the sequencer on the Microbrute. This way I can create interesting rhythmic sequences with only programming a few notes and change up the rhythm easily with the turn of a knob.

The Microbrute and Drumbrute are running into the TRSHMSTR and Aperture respectively (via their headphone outs!) and eventually I control the filter frequencies of each module with the CV outs on the Microbrute's patchbay. Though the Drumbrute has a built in filter, you cannot control it dynamically with the LFO or with CV. Also, the Aperture has a character that I love on drums due to it's variable bandwidth and feedback control.

The TRSHMSTR crushes the bass line and with a little help from the Microbrute's envelope CV output, it gets a nice and gnarly squelch pretty quick. Both of the modules are running directly into my audio interface via 1/8" to 1/4" adapters and 1/4" cables. This is fine to do as long as you aren't clipping the input of your interface or mixer. If you are having clipping issued due to high volume, add an attenuator.

If you have hardware synths that you love, are thinking about getting into eurorack but don't know where to start, try some processing! It's super fun and relatively easy to understand. Also, processing let's you start making music immediately with what you already have, which we here at WMD believe is the most important part. Make music and have fun doing it!

No talking in this video, just tunage and some complimentary text spelling out what happens as it happens."

GRP Eurorack Expected to Ship by the End of the Month


"The first batch of modules by GRP should arrive in Berlin by the end of the month. We are very much looking forward to try these Italian modules that promise to bring the outstanding quality of GRPs stand-alone synthesizers to eurorack. Not only high-quality parts and manufacturing distinguish this manufacturer, but also their sense for details. For example:

an audio through path in an envelope-follower module
or the lovely VU-meters on the output module
or a through path for gate signals in an ADSR
or this ultra-wide-range octave switch on the VCO module
or the feature list of the two available filters: separate outputs AND an additional output that can be switched between the available filter-slopes, two audio inputs and a built-in distortion are nothing less than an invitation for wild feedback adventures."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Free Workshop with Wowa Cwejman Coming to SchneidersLaden


"Workshop with Wowa Cwejman about his 4 new modules! July-5th @SchneidersLaden
Jun 22, 2018 | Workshop at Schneidersladen

We are very pleased to be able to announce another workshop with Wowa Cwejman. The release of four new Cwejman modules is coming closer and Wowa Cwejman is coming to SchneidersLaden to present his latest creations and to answer your questions. This workshop is about the updated BLD, AP-1 and VM-1 modules which will be available as MK2 versions and about the totally new VC-SC Stereo Compressor. Please send an e-Mail to Timm to save your space in this workshop – we have to limit this event to 30 people.

You missed our last workshop with Wowa Cwejman? No worries – you can watch a video of it here.
Participation is free-of-charge as always!
Looking forward to seeing you at SchneidersLaden on July 5th, 7pm!"

Patch n Tweak

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