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Monday, October 22, 2018

The Voice of Q

Published on Oct 22, 2018 VoiceEncoder
Update: looks like VoiceEncoder pulled the video.
I found other uploads and a link to the 12" on Bandcamp for those interested.
This of course went up as a demo of the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 according to the original description from VoiceEncoder further below.

"12" Now On Bandcamp:

The leftfield electro disco gem originally released in 1982 finally gets an official reissue. Bootlegged badly in recent years, Isle Of Jura does it right with fully remastered versions from Matt Colton and the added inclusion of a previously unreleased Q song ‘Keep It Strong’."

Original description from VoiceEncoder:

"Q: 'The Voice of Q' (Full VINYL album uploaded in 1080p HD). Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201. Full VINYL album.


1. "The Voice of Q" (Original 12").
2. "Keep It Strong" (Unreleased Dub Edit).
3. "The Voice of Q" (Vocoder 12")."

Apollo I analog synthesizer demo

Published on Oct 22, 2018 GS Music

"Demo of some presets to show the sound of the new Apollo I synthesizer.
Update: the Apollo I can now store up to 32 presets."

TEST SERIES Lexicon Vortex with Make Noise Mysteron Eurorack Sound Design

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Make Noise Mysteron with Lexicon Vortex. EH 8 step controlling parameters via the expression pedal input.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"


via this auction

"Beautiful mint condition Sequential Circuits T8. An 8 voice polyphonic synth. Currently belongs to Chromeo (proof will be provided to buyer if requested).

This particular synth was used in many recordings. Selling to get funds to build a mega monster modular. If you're looking at this you probably don't need an intro to this beast.

Museum quality condition. Smoke free studio all it's life. It plays, sounds and feels like it's new. Even though it didn't need servicing it still went under the microscope at Rosen Sound to make sure it was running perfectly inside and out. Stays in tune. The weighted keys feel incredible."

Transcendent 2000 w/ Colored Knobs

via this auction

Note this one is non working: "Transcendent 2000 Synth, bought this years ago as a project years ago and its sat in the spare room ever since. Bought it without a power supply as you will see from the rear pic its some sort of two pin affair."

“Empathy” - An Elektron Digitone Improv

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Nostalgic Ruckus

MINT CASE - High Quality Custom Wood Synth Cases

You can find MINT CASE's latest synth cases here. They are milled from various types of hardwood depending on the case. The wood is finished in Danish oil which brings out the subtle wood grain effect, and the MDF base is covered with oil which becomes waterproof.

Pictured here:
Korg Polysix Brown Sapele Wood
Korg Polysix Iroko Wood
Korg Poly 61 Ebony Sapele Wood
Korg Monopoly black wood
Korg Monopoly brown wood

Yamaha DX7II + Roland Juno 60 + Roland TR707 AMAZING Electric piano!

Published on Oct 22, 2018 synthartist69

"In this video I am playing the Yamaha DX7 for electric piano, a Roland Juno 60 for bass which I have synced to the Roland TR707 drum machine. I am using very little reverb on the DX7.. no chorus. The chorus effect that you hear on the piano is built into the patch (I did not create this patch). Although I have never been a fan of the DX7 series, there is one thing that I can say about these, they produce excellent electric piano patches! This patch just makes me melt when I hear it..."

Teil1 Keinedelay Playable Delay

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Perfect Circuit

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!


"This delay effect from Teile is a stereo delay designed for DJ use with arcade style buttons for tap tempo and punching the effect in and out. The delay also works great with synths or in the send of your mixer in a live synth setup. We used the Korg Volca Kick as the sound source for this video.

Black Teil1 Keinedelay available here:
Silver Teil1 Keinedelay available here:"

"The Teil1 Keinedelay is a compact DJ effects box that simulates a tape delay and sports 4 knobs that's great for a variety of live performance effects to give any DJ set a little flair. Inspired by the Boss DD-7 Delay, the Teil1 can loop up to 12-seconds and has intricate parameterized timing selection. MOM stands for momentary, when this is activated signal only is sent to the FX loop when on. When FX effects from mixers are not enough, reach for the Teil1.


Knobs for FX, Feedback, Time, Speed,
Analog/digital switch
Loop Mode

New PM Foundations State Machine Demo

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Randy Piscione

"This is a demo of an upcoming Eurorack module from PM Foundations, a function/envelope generator called 'State Machine.' It will be available here: The video starts with scope stuff, then at 2:56 a demo of the module and at 6:49, percussion pattern generator.

As with all PM Foundations modules, this is sold as a panel and PCB. The demo uses, at various times, the State Machine, a clock, 4 VCFs, 2 LFOs, 4 VCOs, 3 other EGs and 4 VCAs. The percussion in the last section is all resonating filters, there are no actual drum modules used."

Roland Jupiter-8 SN 181894 w/ Encore MIDI

via this auction, also on eBay here with different pics. This is synthartist69's Jupiter-8 featured back in April here.


via this auction

"The Europa upgrade gives extra MIDI functionality such as recording slider movements/ aftertouch response etc and gives increased memory storage and arpeggiator possibilities along with new wave selection possibilites for each VCO

1 Extra to the original output jack - The old tape out & in Jacks have been replaced with seperate outputs for the upper and lower synths so they can be mixed seperately giving amazing flexiblity for effects and in whole mode can create massive sounds.

2 The LFO 2 on the bender board has been modified so that instead of the old slim limited range of oscillation it can now go from extremely High to extremely low making LFO 2 really creative in synthesis which it was not before as it was meant as a tremello expressive effect. It still can be used for this purpose."

Moog One: Factory Presets

Moog One: Factory Presets - Part 1 (Live from the Moog Factory)

Starts at 30:28

"Amos Gaynes, Moog Product Design Engineer and Trent Thompson, Moog Product Marketing Manager explore the factory presets shipping in Moog One."

Moog One: Factory Presets - Part 2
Streamed live 3 hours ago
Starts at 30:15

"Nick Valente, Moog Moog Instrument Specialist and Trent Thompson, Moog Product Marketing Manager explore the factory presets shipping in Moog One."

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview With Caspar Hesselager

You can find an interview on Sequential's website here.

"Caspar Hesselager is a classically-trained pianist working with a wide range of genres. He works in Copenhagen as a composer, producer, and pianist, as well as a mixing and mastering engineer, and has worked with a great many Danish bands in genres ranging from free-jazz to pop, indie-rock, and techno. He has recorded and released music as a solo artist under the moniker My Heart the Brave and currently works with Australian-native singer/guitarist Carl Coleman on their joint venture, Palace Winter. Having just released their second album, “Nowadays,” Palace Winter have received praise from The New York Times, NME, The Guardian, KEXP, KCRW, The Line of Best Fit, BBC 6 Music, Guy Garvey (Elbow), and Elton John on his Beats 1 show. Caspar has also composed music for radio, TV, and film, as well as having played hundreds of shows across Europe and Denmark as a synth player."

Note, Sequential was formally Dave Smith Instruments. You can find previous posts featuring Dave Smith Instruments's Spotlight series here.

Opening for Moldover - Skot Wiedmann on the Hyve Synth - October 7, 2018

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Skot Wiedmann

Casio in Playboy Magazine

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the write-up.

"Casio KX-101 computerized audio system '16-pound recording studio' ad from page 159 in the May 1984 issue of Playboy Magazine."

Curious how many synth manufacturers took out ads in Playboy.


via this auction

LELL 22 Russian Analog Synth / Electric Organ SN 05238 0186

via this auction

"LELL 22 Russian Analog Synth, Electric Organ.
Perfect working condition.
Has some scratch and wear but good cosmetic condition for its age. Please see photos.
DIN - JACK Adaptor will be included!

In case of fixed price purchase the Lell CZ delay pedal comes as gift (that is in perfect working condition and weary cosmetic condition)."

Elektron Sidstation NINJA Early Release Ltd. to 50 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Limited edition version of the Elektron Sidstation is called Sidstation Ninja. Elektron's 1st Legacy product with 50 ever made. Like the other early instruments by Elektron the Sidstation is unique."

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 Limited Edition Synthesizer Keyboard 500 Made w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Limited edition keyboard version of the Elektron Monomachine SFX6. Elektron's 3th Legacy series product since the Sid Station. Like the other early instruments by Elektron the monomachine is unique. 500 of these were made."

Vintage and Rare Hammond 102100 Analog Synthesizer SN 391912

via this auction

"A rare Hammond 102100 analog synthesizer. Refurbished, in excellent working condition. a couple of the pushbuttons have replaced numerical inserts. All other parts original. Good descriptions of this synthesizer exist on the internet, monophonic. numerous waveforms, and other controls all selected by pushbutton. Some presets as on the Moog satellite. Does not include the plexiglass music stand..."


via this auction

"c1978 Minimoog for sale recently-serviced and in excellent condition.

Reluctantly parting with my original Minimoog Model D due to studio upgrade. It's in excellent condition overall and plays very well. Recently serviced by pro engineer (Audiocircus). The woodwork is in excellent condition with some very minor marks but it is very clean overall. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition. Comes with a copy of the manual (not original)

Serial: 9993

Voltage Information:
• 110/120v model"

Roland XV-3080 Sound Module - 128 voice Synth/Sample Player with 3x expansion SN ZN65534

via this auction

CasioTone 701 into the Mattoverse Swell Echo Desktop - P2

Published on Oct 22, 2018 mattoverse

Bass unit revisited

Published on Oct 22, 2018 organfairy

"I made this bass unit back in the late 1990s but I thought it was about time to revisit it and see if there was something I could do better with the knowledge I have now.

The music is something I put together on my Elka X-1000 organ."

Waldorf Quantum - Morphing between Oscillators (patch from "init")

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Default Corporation

"Hi, Here a patch that can be a bass or brass or atmo/pad. Just morphing between oscillators by modulation wheel. First oscillator goes in filter one/digi. former and filter env one. Second Oscillator direct to VCA. For the performance, the keyboard is in chord mode. Thanks for watch"

Moog One: System Architecture

Moog One: System Architecture - Part 1 Starts at 30:10

"This series of live streams features several Moog One engineers deep diving into the work flow of the Moog One.

Today we have Michael Ashton, Moog's Senior Firmware Engineer who is joined by Amos Gaynes, Moog's Product Design Engineer discussing the Moog One's System Architecture."

IK Multimedia Uno Overview Videos by Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay

Published on Oct 22, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is an introduction to the IK Multimedia Uno demonstrative series. It features a short introduction, some exploration of preset sounds, and more timbral demonstrations through several instances of music created by multitracking the Uno.

This video was funded by the Patreon supporters of Automatic Gainsay. Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!

The theme was created using an IK Multimedia Uno for all sounds and parts except for the drums."

01-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 1: Introduction
02-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 2: Oscillators
03-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 3: Filter
04-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 4: Envelopes, Octaves, Glide, and Presets
05-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 5: LFO
06-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 6: Effects
07-The IK Multimedia Uno- Part 7: Arpeggiator and Sequencer

Who are Soundtronics? 5U Modular with MFOS Yusynth & more // Synthfest 2018

Published on Oct 22, 2018 DivKidVideo

"There was no escaping the draw of 3 5U systems laid out on a larger stand at Synthfest 2018. Soundtronics had there range of 5U format modules on show, making licensed versions of MFOS (music from outer space) with both 1/4" and banana options as well as bringing Yusynth products to market too. Here we have a chat about Soundtronics, who they are and the products from the show floor at Synthfest."

NEW Tiptop Audio MIX7 // Eurorack Analog Summing Mixer

Published on Oct 22, 2018 once upon a synth

"Tutorial/demo of the new MIX7 summing mixer eurorack module by Tiptop audio. You can use this to mix audio, CV or gates/triggers. In this vid I start off by going over the basics, then do a few demo and finally end with a mini-review.

Official info:
MIX7 is a seven channel analog summing mixer module for Eurorack. It is designed for summing any of the different types of signals you’ll find in a modular system: Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate.

MIX7 gives ability to sweeten your mix with more headroom using the power of low noise analog summing. A compact 3HP Eurorack utility module, MIX7 is an attractive mixing addition to any rig, especially with the ability to also combine rhythms, note patterns or CV automations from different control sources. The main output of one section can be connected to the input of another MIX7 to create larger mixing groups and complex signal routes inside your modular.

The MIX7 summing mixing circuit is built with low-noise operational amplifiers, giving it an excellent sound quality for mixing audio, the beautiful texture of classic analog mixing with plenty of headroom to handle hot modular signals, and the versatility to sum non-audio signals in your system to open up new creative possibilities."

UNO Synth - How Does it Sound?

Published on Oct 22, 2018 Dawless Jammin'

'80s Dark jamming with the new cabling setup

Published on Oct 22, 2018 SynthMania

"The track starts at 2:35
An '80s style Dark jam with ARP Omni-2, LinnDrum, guitar, and bass
Drum machine: Linn LinnDrum
String synth: ARP Omni-2
Bass: 1976 Fender Precision
Guitar: 2015 Ibanez ARZ200FM"

Patch n Tweak

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