MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018

DrummingEvil RezzoDrone - Resonant Drone Synth - voice prototype

Published on Dec 28, 2018 DrummingEvil

"Had this idea last night, made a quick prototype and here's the result."

OB6 Mono/Unison 1-6 Voice Illustration/Improv

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Kris Lennox

"The OB-6's place as one of the finest polys on the market is (I assume!!) by this stage likely without question. But the big question is: is the OB-6 also one of the finest monosynths DSI has ever produced?!

In mono mode it is brutal. For around the first minute of this video I'm layering the voices, starting with only one, through to all 6. This gives a good sense of the size of the sound. Sometimes a sound can be 'too big' - which is where the voice-layering/stripping possibilities are very useful.

At around 1:13 I'm turning the detune knob - hence the wider sound. Again, great sound.

Towards the end of the improv, the tone reminded me of Chicane's music. I think the track is called 'Fibreglasses', but I could be wrong, as I haven't listened to it since the album release. I'm probably not even playing it in the correct key!

PS excuse any errors - this was a literal 'sit down and hit record' improv as a Friday-night break from a transcription project I'm working on.

All best

Kurzweil K250 SN 10001801

via this auction

"This Kurzweil K250 was part of Jim Johnson's (Composer for the WWE) personal studio. It has been tested and is fully functional This Kurzweil K250 is in great condition. Only cosmetic wear is two caps missing on the "Tune" and "Instrument A Group" sliders. The Tune slider shaft is bent slightly but still works well. Includes the power supply which also works as a sustainer pedal for the keyboard itself."

Also see: WWE Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Digital Sampler Rack SN 0562

Waldorf Pulse SN 101825

via this auction

X1L3 - circuit bent casio SA-46 - power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Dec 28, 2018 X1L3

"20 minute PE set to check out the noise potential. Probably a bit long and drawn out in terms of demo material, but if you're into this stuff you're probably used to full C60 outings etc. Transition from navicon torture technologies type drone to an escallation into noise at 7.10. If you hate this sort of stuff i probably already know this and the sun will still rise in the morning :)

Where to get and what's in there below:

Drone is constantly triggered via midi as i don't have three hands. The rest is just hands on manipulation and experimentation to see how it behaves in the context of drone and power electronics performance. Filter as a very hot resonance peak when the res is cranked which can be used to cut into the delay loop, even when the loop feedback is maxed out and trying to inject additional audio into it becomes tricky.

Fitted with a monophonic midi interface. The board is polyphonic but the amount of routing and circuitry required to implement this via midi isn't doable in the space available. The compromise is still cool though, giving a mix of automation that can be played over, plus being a bent machine it can pull off all sorts of strange stuff when you spend a bit of time getting to know it. The standard format on the spectrum of nice to nasty - melodic to harsh noise all loaded up in this one.

It has a resonant filter, 'ruiner' ringmod/distortion and a digital delay configured as a circuit bent delay pedal might be - that is untethered feedback and filtering for texture and noise generation and manipulation. Also added is a global pitch control with fine and coarse dials."

Prophet XL - Gil Assayas

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Sequential

"Gil Assayas on the Prophet XL! More Info:"

Polyend Seq & Korg MonoPoly

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Polyend

"Polyend has paid a visit to and so Polyend Seq is sequencing Korg MonoPoly (plus some postproduction drum sounds)."

Polyend Seq & Roland Jupiter 8

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Polyend

"Polyend has paid a visit to and so Polyend Seq is sequencing Roland Jupiter 8 (also 808 & Jupiter 4 in the postproduction process)."

The Curve of Time | Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Lightbath Lightbath

"Live performance multitracked to Zoom F8, mixed in Logic with additional processing.

This configuration is a variation on my Moogfest case but it’s patched differently and most notably uses Stages as a sequencer into Marbles as a quantizer."

Just a Minute - gBiz uDervish

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Stefan Tretau

"Going through some of the preset effects (sorry for the overdriven singal in some parts, was a bit to enthusiastic there...;-)...)"

Tne uDervish was first featured here.

Digitakt vs Octatrack MK1 // So Same.. But So Different

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Enrique Martinez Music

"Why buy a Digitakt when you can get an Octatrack for the same price?!"

Verbos Electronics Eurorack Modular Synthesizer + Dark Modular Case + Extras

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a barely used Verbos Electronics system + Dark Modular case W/ Make Noise Power.

Modules Include:
-Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan Stereo Mixer and Scanner
-Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator
-Verbos Electronics Multiple
-Verbos Electronics Random Sampling
-Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator
-Verbos Electronics Amplitude & Tone Controller
-Verbos Electronics Multi Envelope
-Verbos Electronics Sequence Selector
-Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage CV Source
-Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole Filter

-Make Noise Blued Steel Eurorack Case Stand
-Enough patch cables to patch system twice over

All modules are in Excellent condition"

Bob Moog Foundation Squarewave to Heaven Synth T-Shirt by David Lovelace, Posters, & Interviews

Soon to be a classic, this t-shirt was conceptualized and designed by our graphics guru David Lovelace. It has been so popular in Germany that we listed it on as well. Check it out here.

"Inspired by Bob Moog? So are we! The Bob Moog Foundation strives to ignite creativity in children and adults through the intersection of science, music, and technology. Your support helps our ongoing work inspiring young children about the science of sound through our hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, and our historic preservation of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, which includes thousands of schematics, photos, notes, vintage catalogs, personal correspondence, instruments, and more. In the spring of 2019 both of these projects will converge in a Moogseum in downtown Asheville, NC."

"Starting today and running through Tuesday, January 1st, all of the art and festival posters (many signed by the performing artists!) on our online store are 25% off!

Go here to check out the entire sale. Just enter discount code 'Posters25' at checkout!"

"Our executive director Michelle Moog-Koussa was recently featured on the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz, which explores the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds. Both she and theremin virtuoso Rob Schwimmer appear alongside the podcast's host, Dallas Taylor, discussing the theremin's history, functionality, and its link to Bob Moog and his work.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Michelle was also interviewed by Heather Anders of 98.1 The River in the Foundation's hometown of Asheville, NC. Heather delved into all of the Foundation's work, with an exploration of the plans for the Moogseum.

You can listen to that insightful interview here."

Medusa Synth techno improvisation by Umba

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Polyend

"Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer is a very versatile instrument. Polish techno scene fellow UMBA is utilizing its six oscillators sequencing them separately from the Polyend Seq. Moody minimalistic trip, enjoy!"

Kilpatrck Auido Redox Reverb On The Phenol Synthesizer

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Perfect Circuit

"Kilpatrick Audio's Redox ( is a stereo reverb with tons of algorithms, modulations and tweakable settings to get many different sounds. The Redox also has presets and an LCD screen so you can easily see and adjust the settings. The sounds range from vintage to modern and the routing is adjustable with the modulation effects either before or after the reverb. In this video the sound source is the Phenol, Kilpatrick's analog banana patchable synthesizer."

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Oberheim OB-X Restoration (Part 2) - Pratt Read History, Keybed Service, Key Polishing.

Published on Dec 28, 2018 GOLT !

Some fascinating history here. You can find Part 1 here.

"How to polish keys! Full restoration guide for the Pratt Read keybed of the Oberheim OB-X synthesizer.
- Plus Pratt Read's technical history.
Please note I am not a historian, for corrections please see the description and comments.

Skip ahead to 9:00 minutes to go straight to the teardown and service guide.

Here's the links to the websites I featured:
The Arc Sound bushings

Nord Modular G1 Synthesizer SN 21041873

via this auction

"This Modular G1 is in good condition and working well. All controls have great feel and respond accurately. All lights and screen fully functional. All ports and jacks in great shape and connect without issue. Sound is strong and clear from all inputs and outputs.

Unit is in good physical condition with a little residue on a few of the keys, shown in photo 12. This residue is mild and feels slightly rough, is not sticky or tacky at all. Otherwise in great condition."


via this auction

Roland SH-101 with HardCase and Mod Grip SN 542055

via this auction


via this auction

Sparkling December // Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Igor Yalivec

"Sparkling December // Eurorack Modular Ambient
A tiny and simple holiday patch. Explanations below.



1010Music Bitbox playing previously recorded granular pad made on Nord Modular G2 → Happy Nerding Out.
Mutable Instruments Plaits self triggering in particle noise mode making bell sound→ ALM Tangle Quartet VCA → Erica Pico DSP in delay mode.
Make Noise Telharmonic P Output making just a little sub bass → ALM Tangle Quartet VCA → Pico DSP in delay mode → Happy Nerding Out.
Happy Nerding Out → Tape recorder (out of frame).



AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914 - a HUGE range of tonal sculpting!

Published on Dec 28, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**SKIPPABLE TIMING INDEX BELOW** As you expect from anything AJH this sounds great. It takes a single input and gives us a huge range of tonal sculpting that can be spread across left and right bands creating a stereo image, you can take the ALL summed output or the mix output that allows crossfading between dry/wet and fading and modulating between the left and right bands. The Dry/Wet blend allows you to take a single input and re-balance the dry level to match the wet or even plug in a different sound to fade between processed wet sounds and something else entirely as the dry signal. The inbuilt feedback path is tapped from the mix output meaning any changes to dry/wet blend and the left/right blend control affects the feedback path too.


00:12 Patch Previews

00:57 Features, what is it, verbal run down … stereo imaging, mixed out, feedback paths, second input to the dry/wet etc.

04:01 Sound demo - wave shaping, feedback, input drive and more

09:42 Ambient sound demo, basic shaping over full mixes

10:43 Adding animation, tonal sculpting and modulation over wavetable drones. Here we use different crossfader audio to merge wet affected sounds with different dry sources.

14:02 Shaping noise sources and percussion sounds and synthesis.

16:02 No input FEEDBACK … THIS IS ACE! I got lost in this and performed some music to release I was that excited.

20:52 Using the filter bank to process and influence FX feedback paths. This patch uses the Filter Bank to colour and shape the delay trails in a patch.

22:11 Shaping classic synth tones and synth riffs

23:49 Quick tonal exploration shaping drum beats

24:26 Modulating dry/wet and left/right blend for animated sounds."

Winter Wonder | modular synth chill pill performance

Published on Dec 28, 2018 Funk Tree

"Chill pill relaxing 8 steps sequence with 0-coast. Rene sequencer used as trigger while other hand manually modulate noise engineering loquelic iteritas"

MODX + Cubasis as MIDI sequencer (detailed tutorial)

Published on Dec 27, 2018 thebrackett

"If you are like me and enjoy composing in MIDI sometimes, you may be interested to know that it's pretty darn easy to use an iOS device as your midi sequencing brain with the MODX.

I've only had Cubasis for a week, and I've only had the MODX for 3 weeks, so there might be a more elegant way to do it that I'm not aware of, but here's one workflow to consider.

Spotted this one on discchord.

And one with TNR-3

MODX 6 jam with TNR-e (Tenori-On iOS App)

Published on Dec 20, 2018 thebrackett

"Ahhhh! Yamaha sent me an MODX to borrow and I'm pretty blown away at the power of this synth. Here's a quick morning jam with the MODX. I'm triggering midi notes using the Yamaha TNR-e (Tenori-On iOS app) via the Bluetooth to MIDI adapter MD-BT01 which is connected to the MODX."

Patch n Tweak

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