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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Farewell Florian Schneider - Vintage Synth Lab tribute - The Model - Das Model

Published on May 6, 2020 Vintage Synthlab

"Farewell tribute to Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk. Dad Model excerpt on Eurorack, by Vintage Synth Lab."

Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider Has Passed Away

Modal Craft Synth v2.0 - "Sphere" 32 presets

Published on May 6, 2020 LFOstore

"#ModalCRAFTSynth 2.0#ModalElectronics#CRAFTSynth2.0Presets

Buy: presents a series of banks for Modal Electronics synthesizers.

The series will cover such synthesizers: Argon8, Sculpt, CRAFTsynth 2.0.

This bank is dedicated to the youngest synthesizer from the Modal family, Craft Synth v2.0

The bank features massive basses, punch leads, plucks, flowing drones

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"


Published on May 6, 2020 LESINDES

"Complete synth voice CWEJMAN SM-1 for EURORACK. Exploring extremely NARROW PULSES here. Lo pitched. Beating and singing.Through the interesting multimode filters. With some add atenuators, Lfos, mixers + (here and there) cheap TC ELECTRONICS ECHOBRAIN BDD delay."

Vintage Akai EWI1000 and EWV2000 Analog Wind Controlled Synth

via this auction

"Missing back cover of EWI1000"

Knob Technology Muscarin

via this auction

"You may know or not know this one. This is the rare Muscarin by Knob Technology.
Crazy experimental synth. Great condition.

You can rack it or keep it in the original case it came with but I would recommend putting it in your own rack. It works in the case that it shipped with but that case looks to be kind of a DIY. You will see in the photos. It takes up 48HP. Solid module build."

You can find demos of the Muscarin in the archives here.

Audiothingies Micromonsta SN 646 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Note there are no longer in production. They sound amazing.

"The MicroMonsta is an 8-voice polyphonic desktop synthesizer.
Small, powerful, great sound, usability and easy editing were key elements while designing the MicroMonsta.

It features:

8 voices of polyphony
2 oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, 1 multimode filter, 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 6 modulation slots, 3 scalers, 1 lag operator per voice
12 oscillator types + 30 (multi-sampled) wavetables (15 factory featuring both evolving sweeps and totally random wavetables + 15 user for your own creations)
8 filter types
Powerful detuning options (both per voice and per oscillator)
Powerful arpeggiator with step pattern editor, slide and accent capable for 303-ish arpeggiated phrases
Deep modulation matrix (with for example filter parameters, envelope or LFO speeds as destination)
A chorder module allowing the generation of 4-note chords within a key/scale
Internal FXs
384 preset slots to store your sound creations

Plus, added to the original release with firmware updates:

Non-interpolated wavetables
Arp pattern randomization options
MPE compatibility (Settings: Channel 1 = common, Channels 2 to 16 = notes, pitch bend set to +- 48 semitones, slide: CC1, relative unipolar or CC74, relative bipolar)
USB MIDI input
Drone mode
Microtuning support"

Novation DrumStation Rack

via this auction

"This is the first true / clone! Unlike the rest which use only samples, the Drum Station employs analog Sound Modeling - digitally synthesized models of the original waveforms which can be shaped, just like analog. This means you can adjust the tone, attack, decay, tuning, snap, and distortion of its drum tones. It includes all of the sounds found in the original 808 and 909's, the same tone controls for each drum part, and my favorite is the DIN Sync output which will allow you to sync a , 909, or 808 to it, just like the original boxes."

Novation SL MkIII - Total Control of your studio hardware // Novation Live

Published on May 6, 2020 NovationTV

"In tonight’s livestream -CALC- takes you on a tour of his studio and how it is all totally interconnected and controlled from the SL MkIII centrepiece."

EZBOT's Favorite Minimal Setup ~ Erica Synths DB-01, Digitakt, Octatrack MK2, TC Hall of Fame

Published on May 6, 2020 EZBOT

"In this video I debut my first track with the Erica Synths DB-01. I am in love with this bass synth, it does exactly what I wanted from a Bass synth, for example: it's very small. I do a few tricks to get the most out of 1 pattern including a sidechain pumping effect using copious amounts of reverb and one shot trigs on the Octatrack."

Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider Has Passed Away

Some sad news in. Florian Schneider has passed away at the age of 73 due to cancer. As you can see below he was recently active and accessible in the synth community. To say he will be missed is an understatement. It could be said that Florian along with Kraftwerk is directly responsible for bringing the appreciation of synthesizers and electronic music to the masses. His influence is legendary. According to the WhoSampled site, Kraftwerk has been sampled 769 times, covered 180 times, and remixed 56 times.

Via The Guardian

"Florian Schneider, who as one of the founding members of German group Kraftwerk changed the sound of pop music forever, has died aged 73 of cancer.

The news was confirmed to the Guardian by one of his musical collaborators, who said Schneider had died a week ago and had a private burial. It was also confirmed via Sony Berlin.

Born in 1947, Schneider was the son of Paul Schneider-Esbelen, a noted architect who designed Cologne’s airport. Schneider first played music in various groups while studying in Düsseldorf, beginning in a band called Pissoff. Operating in the experimental, open-minded rock scene dubbed “krautrock” in the British press, he formed the group Organisation with Ralf Hutter, the pair later forming Kraftwerk in 1970.

Schneider played the flute, violin and guitar, though often filtered through electronic processing. His interest in electronic music grew. 'I found that the flute was too limiting,' he later said. 'Soon I bought a microphone, then loudspeakers, then an echo, then a synthesiser. Much later I threw the flute away; it was a sort of process.'"

Great tribute video from a djmixsound in 2009:

Electronic legend Florian Schneider Published on Jan 8, 2009 djmixsound

An nterview with Florian Schneider at SUPERBOOTH16 (previously posted here)

Some tributes from various artists in this BBC article, sent my way via Michael Hewel:

Take a look back at posts featuring Florian Schneider here.

Update: a nice tribute from CatSynth and couple of tributes from Korg and Moog below:

Florian Schneider (1947-2020)

Published on May 6, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We look back at the life and legacy of Florian Schneider, who passed away today (May 6, 2020).

Schneider was a founding member of Kraftwerk and saw the group’s evolution from experimental rock in the early 1970s to the icons of electronic music that we know today. He began as an accomplished flutist, and many of the Kraftwerk’s early albums feature him on flute and electronics. He later moved to pure electronics including vocoders for the band’s most well known albums and their iconic stage performances.

We at CatSynth send our thoughts to his family, friends and collaborators."

Farewell Florian Schneider - Vintage Synth Lab tribute - The Model - Das Model
Novation Pays Tribute to Florian Schneider
MIKE303 'Tribute to Kraftwerk'
KRAFTWERK tribute to Florian Schneider 1947 - 2020

The Place

Published on May 6, 2020 EugLemke

"Table jam with small modular system, Waldorf MW II and E-mu Proteus/1.
Beats and atmospheres by Ableton.
Please excuse poor video quality. Next time - better."

DSI Prophet Rev 2 Eventide H9 (Ultratap)

Published on May 6, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

RH SYNTH Zoia [Serge] Patch Explained

Published on May 6, 2020 Cray

First Zoia synth patch RH SYNTH

Published on May 5, 2020 Cray

from Stefano Bertoli - 川明かり - on Vimeo.

川明かり chapter XVII 光


All music created with an Organelle M
All videos created on a IphoneXS running lumafusion

New piece from supporting member, Stefano Bertoli.

All parts here

Modular Wind Chimes (Synthesizer Soundscape)

Published on May 6, 2020 Autotross

"A breezy soundscape created using a 5U / MU format modular synth."

ROLAND MPU-401 Computer Midi Interface w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Custom Double Decker Korg Minikorg 700

via this auction

"Rare two minikorg 700 units modded in one unit. Unique. Is in good working condition. Only little cracking in the volume sliders. With the lower toggle switch (orginal on/of switch on the front) you can put the unit(s) on and off. On the back is a cv/gate/filter mod and some switches to control the lower or the upper part for the cv gate and the filter. The upper cable hole is empty see picture 9. The seperated outputs on the back still works. Next to the standard volume outputs is a extra output, this is for the both parts. 220 volt version."

Looks like SNs 6211 & 6559

Ultimate Percussion K2-X

via this auction

"8 channel drum synth from the 80s. All 8 channels have their own audio outputs/trigger inputs which can also be triggered from audio sources. Stereo and headphones outputs as well as a basic left/right mixer. Each channel has a button with a ‘preset’ sound which bypasses all parameters when pressed. Also has a very basic sequencer with a few preset patterns as well as a gate trigger switch for each channel. German made if I’m not mistaken. All channels and knobs in working order. Does not have MIDI. It has a European power supply, will require a step up/down a converter if you’re in the US. Not a whole lot of info about this one, it’s got a big punchy sound I was always quite fond of, but I’m downsizing for studio space."

Kawai SX-240 Polyphonic SYNTHESIZER w/ TAUNTEK OS & built in SEQUENCER

via this auction

"Excellent overall condition, this enhanced Kawai SX240 synth (with Tauntek) looks much newer than a ~35 year old classic! Made in Hammamatsu, Japan in 1986.Tauntek O/S allows Sysex patch transfers/dumps and MIDI CC, so you can use a MIDI control surface (like Novation Remote SL) for multi-parameter editing. (The 1-at-a-time parameter editing is a big limitation of the original factory O/S.)Just recently professionally cleaned and serviced, including deep cleaning of keybed. All 8 voices work, 24 total OSC. Super creamy, silky SSM2044 filters! All keys, pitch bender, LEDs, and tact switches function, 100% ready for studio or field use!This SX240 is also upgraded with:1) latest Tauntek O/S, so MIDI SYSEX & CC capable.2) a CR2032 coin cell battery holder, no more dumb soldered Lithium batteries! Now it's just an easy-to-replace LiR2032 lithium battery going forward."


via this auction


via this auction

Crumar BIT ONE Owners Manual

via this auction

Crumar CPB-2 Analog Bass Synth Foot Pedals

via this auction

"This unit is a powered, self-contained bass pedal system, with VCF parameters for envelope, cutoff, and resonance. Able to produce a Moog-esque thickness and width, this Crumar offers 13 pedals and a wide range of easily accessible options with large buttons that make it easy to switch settings on the fly either by selecting the footswitches or moving the oversized Sustain and Volume wheels. The 32'/16' switch essentially controls the depth of the signal, while the Doubling switch has a chorusing sound. The Waveform switch alternates between a smoother, warmer sound and a signal that has a bit of bark and fuzziness. And lastly, a tuning knob makes it very easy to tweak the CPB-2 and ensure it's always at concert pitch."

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 151000

via this auction

Accent sur Rhythm Composeur -

Published on May 6, 2020 PortamentoFr

"Cette vidéo, présente l'évolution majeure de la version dev.44 de la Rhythm Composeur d' (dev.42)."

"This video presents the major evolution of the dev.44 version of the Rhythm Composer from (dev.42)."

L-1 DD VCF in parallel mode.

Published on May 6, 2020 Aleksei Laman

Beats in F Major (Sonicware Elz_1 & Korg Volca Kick)

Published on May 6, 2020 J. Dylan Proctor

"Beats in F Major, inspired by Maurice Ravel's String Quartet in F Major, which is my favorite piece of music. This track is quite small compared to the great impressionistic piece, but nonetheless, here you go!

(Made with. Sonicware Elz_1 and a Korg Volca Kick)"

Mother of 4 (Moog Mother 32 Multi-tracking)

Published on May 6, 2020 Khoral

"4 tracks of Moog Mother 32, sequenced and tweaked!"

Chapter 4: Vermona PERfourMER MKii - 4 Voices 7 patches

Published on May 6, 2020 While We Were Sleeping

0:00 Le Strum it all night long
2:00 Walking through the waves
4:11 Crocodile
5:38 Smooth like velvet, sweet like chocolate
7:55 Pebbles & Drones
10:22 Distorted reflections
11:46 Quack Quack

"The 5th chapter of my Strymon Volante with mostly synth series and the second featuring the wonderful Vermona PERfourMER mkii.

The PERfourMER is a four part/oscillators analog synth that is flexible and creative and I have deep love for it. I have had several ideas for patches but to be honest between the PERfourMER and the Volante it is easy to get lost in creativity and I could have easily kept on for days. Maybe ill have a PERfourMER part 3 at some point.

I have used a number of sequencers and MIDI devices on these patches. I again used the Arturia Microfreak for MIDI on a couple of them.
I also used the internal sequencer of the PERfourMER. I always thought of them as Vermona standards that need to be reinterpreted in different ways.
I also used the six4pix noodlebox again for CV control and some glitchy MIDI on the Pebbles & Drones. My noodlebox is an early prototype and the MIDI implementation is not complete on it but that created some interesting semy randomness that was fun.
I also used another six4pix device, the Le Strum. A MIDI guitar style strummer, that helps me to overcome my deep desire to play an electric guitar. Would love to know what you think? I love playing it with the Vermona as the 4 voices act like 4 strings. In the opening patch, the Le Strum is competing with the PERfourMER sequence for the voices creating an interesting and less predictable effect.

I am also using a couple of cheap pedals. Including a £12 including delivery one from China that I am totally into as it is super sensitive and can turn its noise input into drones (Like in the Pebbles & Drones patch). Don't know much about it and maybe my one is faulty but I like it.

I would love to know what patches work for you? and if you have a Strymon Vermona and use it with synthesizers or other interesting gear would like to know how you are getting on with it

Audio and video recorded live into iPhone 11 using Zoom U-24 audio interface
Audio from strymon into Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixer and then into into the U-24. any other pedals will be shown in the patch description.
No other processing except level normalisation
Video effects using iPhone.
Edited in iMovie
All video (except crocodiles), photography & music by While We Were Sleeping"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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