MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020

MacBeth M5 Sound Design: 3rd edition Patch Book


"After programming the Korg Arp 2600 FS for several months, I put together a 50-page patch book of new sounds for the Arp. I translated many of those sounds to the M5 and expanded the M5 patch book to 70 patch diagrams. Here is a sampling of sounds from 3rd Edition M5/M5N Owner's Manual and Patch Book."

Modular Filter Fun

George Benton

"Playing with filters. The lower keyboard riff has two filters with one oscillator per. The Low Pass is being enveloped with a sawtooth wave and a higher sine wave being brought in. The State Variable filter is manually set with that oscillator tuned up a fifth. Lots of resonance on that one. Dusted off the old CR-68 drum machine for some beats."

Malekko Manther Monophonic Analog Synthesizer and Sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction

ROLAND MC-303 Groovebox

via this auction

Oakley 5U Modular Synth

via this auction

"Oakley 5U Modular Synth housed in a wooden enclosure. Also included are two extra modules.

This was built a few years ago and has had minimal use.

The synth consists of the following modules:

Master panel/PSU/Multiple

Triple LFO

2x VCO’s

VCO Controller

Transistor Superladder Filter (VCF)

Quad VCA

2x ADSR/VCA (1 mounted in the rack, 1 Loose)

MiniDAC Midi to CV converter. (Loose)

Everything is working as it should, and sounds superb.

The wooden enclosure has a few marks on it here and there but nothing serious.

The modules are extremely high quality 5U units with quality hardware, 1/4” jacks, “Bridechamber” steel front panels with high quality silkscreening.

IEC power inlet on rear of enclosure.

Inside is the Oakley “Dizzy” power/cv & gate distribution pcb.

Grab yourself a bunch of modules for approximately half the price of buying new."

DK80 SIEL Synthesizer SN 000745 w/ Foot Pedals

via this auction

"12 Voices Analog Polyphonic
CEM Filters SSM 2045 (can be found also on other italo- machine like Solton Project 100 or famous milestone like Emu Emulator II or some Fair light CMI versions.)Worth to mention a useful key tracking option
OSC SSM 2031
Full Midi implementation(all parameters can be controlled by midi)
Suzuki Ram Pack in the box with Ram stickers included
Siel Rom Pack Set n°1 included
Power supply PS-80 included
Original Owner Manual included"

Yamaha CX5M Music Computer With FM Sound Synthesizer

via this auction

MODAL ELECTRONICS ARGON8 Demo & Review by musictrackjp


DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

English sub-titles will soon ......
English sub-titles available. Click [CC] and choose English from the Settings menu."

1979 DSD Mono Sync

Todd Barton

"This is the second in a series of demos and tutorials on the new Buchla format 1979 Digital Stereo Delay from
Today I look at synchronized delays in Mono Mode. More to come.
Big thanks to all my patrons that help make these video possible at"

Todd Barton 1979 posts

Taurus Littrow Touchdown


"Lost In Space again. The Moog Subharmonicon drives as the centerpiece to clock everything in the modular. All sounds are from the Subharmonicon and the modular. Additional editing for levels done after the recorded take. I added the Apollo 17 mission communications after and the bass line and additional kick drum from the midpoint. Everything else was tracked at the same time into Cubase. Delay and reverb pedals included a Behringer DD400, Empress Reverb and EH Canyon. All footage public domain from NASA and Internet Archives."

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 4: BLAKMOTH

Noise Engineering

BLAKMOTH tip jar:
BLAKMOTH Bandcamp:
Host Shawn Jimmerson's Instagram:

"It's the Noiseblast Hour, brought to you by Noise Engineering, hosted by Pyraphonic (aka Shawn Jimmerson)! This is the fourth installment in a series of indeterminate length and sporadic release (h/t Roman Mars). Watch here for future episodes!

For this fourth episode of The Noiseblast Hour, we welcome Blakmoth to the stage. BLAKMOTH is a a Maryland based electronic musician specializing in a lofi, dark, and brooding ambient aesthetic he calls “Doombient.” Influenced by doom/death metal, techno and cinematic soundtracks. With an artist's palette of modular synths, field recordings, and tape loops, Blakmoth paints emotive soundscapes with aspirations of film scoring.

Debuting in 2017 BLAKMOTH has released a prolific catalog of 23 albums, including a new EP “Deluge“ released in June of 2020, with another solo release coming this year alongside a collaborative release with Andy Black.

Blakmoth is an advocate for mental health, having struggled with anxiety and depression from an early age. 'Listening or creating music was always a great coping tool and escape from the noise of anxiety. I create music today hoping that it helps provide that same safe space destination for someone else, or inspires them to pick up music therapy.'"

ocean - Ambient Eurorack Synthesizer


"Another trip to mangrove beach with my three sisters. We scaled the steps of the batumi rock face and bellowed out of our mimeophon. After we swam, we ate cold mac on sandy plaits. It was mostly delicious. Video was made in Davinci Resolve."

Synthex & Raumzeitmaschine July 2020


"ELKA Synthex: synthesizer
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Raumzeitmaschine: reverb"

SEQUENTIAL PRO 3 SE / PRO 3 Demo & Review by musictrackjp


"SEQUENTIAL PRO 3 SE / PRO 3 Demo & Review.
DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.
Sorry,LEDs in the sequencer section flashing are video flicker.

English sub-titles will soon ......
English sub-titles available. Click [CC] and choose English from the Settings menu."

1010 Bitbox Micro/MK2: Multisampling is easy and fun!

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Nick Bigelow of Patchwerks walks us through multisampling on the new 1010 Bitbox Micro. Using the Moog DFAM as a sound source Nick is able to quickly create accurate polyphonic samples which he triggers using the Novation Launch Pad Pro Mk3.

1010 Bitbox Micro:
Bitbox micro provides Eurorack sampling for smaller racks and smaller budgets. In only 18 HP of rack space you can get a touch screen based sampler with support for 8 stereo sample pads. Now you can record samples directly into the module or load them from the microSD card. Trigger your samples via CV or MIDI, then apply effects and mix the outputs. Save your configurations to multiple presets for later reuse.

Order 1010 Bitbox Micro here:

Moog DFAM:
DFAM is the first addition to the Mother-32 family of synthesizers and presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. It requires no patching, and absolutely no experience is needed for human-beings of any age to quickly begin synthesizing new and unique rhythmic compositions.

Order Moog DFAM here:

Novation Launch Pad Pro:
Launchpad Pro is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks. Tailor Launchpad Pro to your setup, then take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software — with or without a computer. Use Custom Modes to send MIDI commands to software and hardware simultaneously. Hook Launchpad Pro up to an all-hardware rig using MIDI In, Out and Out 2/Thru ports on 3.5mm connectors.

Order Launch Pad Pro here:
Demo by : Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

The WASP - A Very British Synthesizer

Alex Ball

"The WASP is an iconic British synthesizer designed by Electronic Dream Plant in 1978.

EDP were Adrian Wagner (yes he was a relation), Chris Huggett and Steven Evans. They only traded until around 1982, but that wasn't the end of their synth story. Chris Huggett in particular has had a prolific career in the industry, founding the Oxford Synthesizer Company in 1983 and releasing the (also iconic) OSCar and subsequently (after work with Akai), he joined Novation, who are still trading to this very day.

Back to 1978, the concept of the WASP was to build a powerful, low cost synthesizer. That seemed to have worked as one of the original reviews I found uses the headline "The Synth we can all afford" but still dubs it a professional instrument.

I also found a Moog price list dated June 15th 1978 and it lists the Minimoog as $1,995, the Multimoog as $1,495 and the Micromoog as $895. Assuming they sold for about the same in the UK, the equivalent prices would be approximately £1,090, £820 and £490 respectively. The aforementioned WASP review also states that an Odyssey is still over £1,000 in 1978, so with the WASP priced at £199 this demonstrates what a bargain it was at the time.

In fact, I had a brief conversation with a friend who remembers running out to buy it the moment he heard about it in 1978 and he still has his. It was also the first synth of Dave Stewart and Nick Rhodes among others.

In this video I breakdown its features and use it to make a short track.

0:00 - Intro
0:42 - The WASP
2:07 - The Keyboard
2:59 - The Oscillators
3:40 - Noise
4:03 - The Controller Oscillator
5:06 - The Filter
6:08 - The Envelopes
6:30 - LINK
7:11 - Internal Speaker
7:32 - Demo Track
9:21 - Outro

Gear used:
EDP WASP (1978)
Simmons SDS-3 (1978)
AMS DMX 15~80S (1978)
Roland CR-78 (1978) samples

Some original brochure scans stolen from the wonderful Retro Synth Ads blog:"

Alex Ball synth vids

On the Run


"played on the DIY EMS-Clone
(some elektron Rytm beats added)"

How to make a TINY live techno modular synth in only 62HP.


"This video is like a step-by-step workshop where I will systematically explain and patch an entire wee tiny live techno modular synth, that works a LOT like my bigger live system. I'll show how I wire it up, and talk about techniques/problems and options throughout.

I've designed many iterations of my live modular system at this point but it's been interesting to work on how SMALL you can make a system and still keep it relatively usable and flexible. I've been able to take ideas from Surgeon, Colin Benders and my own experiments and squeeze them into the smallest space practical. This video should be useful if you are new to modular, as it is intentionally systematic without missing out any steps!"



via LMNC

"This is July’s Offering of the Kosmo Module a month project.

Its a multi function MIDI - CV module that is based around the CV12 chip made by midimuso

This module all in all has 12 CV outputs and 6 Trigger outputs. 2 MIDI THRU’s and also a MIDI SIGNAL LED

There has been some changes to the Midimuso code, for instance the action at which is works is return to bass, Also 0v is C

The CV12 has a massive amount of flexibility, you can have it as an extencive 1 channel midi to cv device, a 4 voice polyphonic midi-cv even a 6 channel midi to cv device

Not to mention the fact it can be chained together to expand even more!

Sequential Prophet 6 & TC Electronic Helix


WEM Watkins Copicat TapeEcho (Ft Novation Peak / Tanzbar / Arturia DrumBrute Impact with Solo Part)

Sound Provider

"On this video I did a Sound Demo of the lovely and vintage WEM Solid State Watkins Copicat Tape Echo with a kind of Techno Dub Loop .

To go with the delay I used 1 synth and 2 Drum machines:

The Novation Peak Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer (Half analog Half Digital) is used for the Stab chord part.

I used the MFB Tanbar analog Drum Machine for the Snare.

And finally I took the Arturia DrumBrute Impact to do the Kind of Tom Bass with its analog Fm Drum part.

At the beginning you can listen to the Full "track" , then at 3 Minutes you can listen to the Peak Chord in solo with the delay , Around 6 minutes you can listen to the snare in solo, then at 9 it s the DrumBrute Impact Fm Drum turn.

Other stuff you have to know about this video:

I switch off the Novation Peak Delay for this demo, the Watkins Copicat warm delay is the only delay used on this video.

At some point I did feedback loop with the Delay (with the aux of my Allen & Heath GS 3000 Recording Console you can see on the video).

I did a quick mix and master with compressor limiter and eq on Cubase


ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: Created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine"

Fantasy Soundtracks Ep:5 'Fresh Meat'


"5th in a series of simple live jams inspired by some of my favourite vintage sci-fi and horror from the cinema and TV. I thought it'd be a fun idea to see what I can do with a simple setup, perhaps ony 2 analog monophonic synth voices, and modest digital effects. The synthesizer soundtracks of the 70's and early 80's were often very simple, spartan compositions, using few instruments and often on a shoestring budget, which is what made them special I think.

In this instance I'm using my AJH Eurorack modular synth to generate two voices: The first is the square waves from 2 VCO's going into the Entropic Doom's ring modulator, then the Gemini dual filter to create the phaser-like effect. See this video for a more detailed explanation of this patch:
The second sound involves a sawtooth from a third VCO, modulated by the Sample & Hold with slew, passing through the Wave Swarm, and then the ladder Filter. The notes are played manually using a Keystep controller, and the Precision Voltages module is used to shift the pitch of the second sound. Reverb from EOS2.

The movie 'Death Line' (UK title), or 'Raw Meat' (US title) is a little known gem, which is essentially a cannibal movie, taking place below the London subway. It captured my imagination as a teenager partly due to it's setting/location (which I was very familiar with), but also because it wasn't completely silly like most of the horror, and particularly zombie movies that I was collecting in my youth. It had the kind of atmosphere I was looking for in such movies, but rarely found. I made an earlier soundtrack to this clip in the first part of the following video: [posted here]

My music is available here:

To support this channel:"

Prickly Pear - Lúbadh, Arbhar, Morphagene, VCV Rack, Magneto, Basimilus, Mimeophon, Freak, Nebulae

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

"Here are some patch notes:
- I recorded a short loop with Janso from Felt Instruments into Morphagene, and this is going directly to the mixer.
- I also recorded it into Arbhar, which is going through Flame, the analog distortion model on Freak from Vult.
- I have a sample of The Hollow Men by T.S Eliot on Nebulae, which is playing it back slower and it's also going through a tape delay on the Disting, which is being modulated by S&H from VCV Rack. I also modulate the Size function from VCV Rack.
- The Basimilus is being triggered by the 1U Noise Tools from Intellijel, and it's going the LedRover from VoicAS and the Mimeophon from Make Noise.
- I have another Freak loaded with the Vraids firmware (dual Braids), and one channel is set to PRTC mode and the other to NOIS. The PRTC is going to the 2HP Freez module, which is being triggered and modulated from VCV Rack, and the NOIS is going to the Microcell.
- I recorded the Cello from Felt Instruments into Magneto from Strymon, which is in Shift mode so it adds overtones to the sample.
- I recorded a short sequence from VCV Rack with an FM voice into the first channel of Lúbadh, which is playing it back in reverse, and I'm modulating the Start function from VCV Rack.
- I also recorded another voice from VCV Rack, a PD voice, into the second channel of Lúbadh , and it's playing it back slower.
- I'm in love with Lúbadh... "

YAMAHA CS-80 - Ambient Pads & Soundscapes | Synthesizer Demo


"Yamaha CS-80 analog synthesizer demo, featuring some ambient pads and soundscapes. In this Yamaha CS-80 demo I play an improvisation featuring oscillator, filter, LFO, tremolo and chorus adjustments. Additional delay/reverb effects from Boss DD-7 pedal. Filmed at Vintage Synth Museum in Oakland, CA.

The Yamaha CS-80 is one of the most organic and expressive polyphonic analog synthesizers ever built. It is a dual channel 8-voice synth with polyphonic aftertouch, VCO/VCF/VCA, LFOs, built-in chorus and tremolo effects, ribbon controller, noise, ADSR envelopes and an incredible ring modulator. Used most famously by Vangelis on the Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire soundtracks, the Yamaha CS-80 provides the musician unparalleled creative control over their music and live performances.

This particular Yamaha CS-80 was recently acquired by the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Oakland, CA and had some unique factory modifications installed that control filtering and other aspects of the synth (for more details, see this video: posted here ). During my visit to the VSM, I was able to try the Yamaha CS-80 and record some ambient pads and soundscapes which are showcased here. Hope you enjoy the demo."

Rare Godwin K32 drum machine synth arpeggiator

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Suzuki PK37 Keyboard w/ Rhythm Section SN 5410

via this auction

Zebranalogic 2A Oscillator Synth

via this auction

"A synthesizer with five modules and a white noise generator configured at various frequencies.
*Exterior cracks, gully, and the knobs on the side panel do not work. (Not covered by warranty)
Accessories: AC cable (Japanese specification)"

See the Zebranalogic label below for more.

Chimera Synth bC6r SN *8E1F3D*

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synth

via this auction

"The Andromeda A6 is a true analog synthesizer using two analog oscillators per voice, sub-oscillators, hard and soft sync and more! It features 16-voice polyphony. With the Andromeda, you'll find a huge range of tonal possibilities: searing leads, warm pads, fat bass lines, extreme sound effects and more. And of course there are plenty of knobs (72) and buttons (144), even an assignable ribbon controller for addictive hands-on real-time control! The large high-resolution LCD display is excellent and shows you actual rather than relative values of parameters. Andromeda will integrate seamlessly into any studio with its total MIDI control and sync, individual voice outputs, stereo outputs and several audio inputs.

Andromeda is completely analog - no emulation! It features two analog filters per voice that sound great! They are a multimode 2-pole and a 4-pole lowpass. External audio can be routed through these filters too (three 1/4" jacks)! As for modulation, Andromeda has three LFOs, each with six waveforms and they can be synced to MIDI clock. And there are three 7-stage envelopes with very creative and flexible functions. Also onboard is an extensive mod matrix for enormous freedom in configuring Andromeda's sounds!"

Roland System-100 Model 101

via this auction

Roland SH-7 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"One of the Best Roland monosynth definitely,
Duophonic and so many modulation possibilities, 2 VCO 1dual and 1single,
Ring mod 2env a great filter and a modulation section really complete !
This synth sounds like no other one.
This is a must have to own for every collector.
This one has been fully serviced,
The VCO boards had some OPAmp changed
The LFO section as well, the KCV board has been inspected as the hold parameter tends to drift. This one does not !
The keybed has been disassembled, fully cleaned and inspected.
MIDI has been installed and is a great upgrade for this synthesizer."

Technics SY-1010 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Word on the street is Technics threw away all assets & manuals when they shut down their synth department. They must've gotten tired of all that SL 1200 success so they went on a edgy streak.

This synth is simple but effective and has it's own character. Included is a cover that says Technics Music Synthesizer to guilt trip you into playing this little beast.

Also included, translucent overlay in Japanese if you are interested in learning Katakana. Which you should.

Japanese model, comes with a step down transformer if you need one."

ACL Sinfonion

via this auction

Some nice pics of it lit up. You can find demos of the Sinfonion in previous posts here.

DigiLog Microne + Chase Bliss Audio M O O D

Masaki Takada

DigiLog Microne

ROLAND JUPITER-X Synthesizer - JUNO-106 Presets | Sound Demo


"Here are some presets of the JUNO-106 Engine from the amazing #Roland #JupiterX."

ARP 2600 + RE-201

studio snippets

Self-generative S+H patch

가위눌릴때 저는 가끔 이런 비슷한 소리를 듣는데요.. (The Sound of Sleep Paralysis In My Case)

J Gran - 제이그랜

가위눌릴때 저는 가끔 이런 비슷한 소리를 듣는데요..😖
이렇게 반복된 소리가 점점 고조되고 나중에 쫙-하고 울릴때 그때 가위에 많이 걸리더라고요.
우연히 신디사이저를 만지다가 이런 소리가 나와서 남겨보았습니다.
#가위 #가위눌림 #sleepparalysis

Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet Rev2

Just Read The Instructions

Just Read The Instructions from Lyonel Bauchet on Vimeo.

"Buchla 200e, One Stereo Pass.
Percs, Strings and French Horn Overdub."


This one reminded me of Michael Brook's early works, specifically the second half of Shona Bridge.


Patch n Tweak
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