MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 8, 2020

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Synth Spotting with Munatix - You Just Keep Hanging On (Official Video)

New track from supporting members, Munatix.

Spotify :
Apple Music :

ISRC : BE 3ID 20 00010 - Song
ISRC : BE 3ID 20 90010 - Video

Special thanks to Jan Nys from Nys Creations for shooting the drone video images!
Special thanks to Fré Goossens from I-Catcher for shooting the video with the portable camera!

Thanks to DronePort in Sint Truiden for granting access to the runways of the airport and the airplane hangars.

And some pics of the synths used via their Instagram.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Roland Jupiter-8

Moog Minimoog

Novation Circuit - Autonomy

Payton Carter

"This one's somewhere between the TRON: Legacy soundtrack and Oneohtrix Point Never. I'm using a couple of patches here that I'll be putting in an upcoming Circuit pack!

You'll notice a whole bunch of cuts in the video when switching between sessions. Normally, the synth patches are saved as part of the session, so even if they aren't part of the 64 patches currently on the Circuit, the patches associated with the session will play just fine. But there seems to be a bug: if you try and switch sessions without first pausing the Circuit, the patch doesn't actually switch, and it just maintains the last patch. This doesn't happen if you pause the Circuit, switch sessions, then play again. I made these patches in the Components editor as I was writing the song, so they weren't actually saved as presets. Because of that, when I want to switch sessions, I have to pause the session, wait for the FX to tail off, and then start the next session. I edited the audio and video to make the transitions seamless.

Check out my music here -'

808 Electro Live Jam for 8.08 day by Honeysmack


"A little live Elelctro feel improv with the TR-808 and friends for 8.08 day. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of the most influential drum machines of our time (yes yes, not forgetting the TR-909 either - but lets leave that for another time). This jam was originally recorded for Instagram Live as a single take, totally unrehearsed.

Gear in use:
Roland TR-808
Roland SH-101
Play Differently - Model 1
Elektron Analog RYTM
Elektron Analog Four
Eventide Space
TC Electronic Flashback
(Roland TB-303 and TR-09 pictured but not in use)

No software or computer were harmed during this recording."

Happy 808 Day 2020 by SynthMania


"Technical explanations for the technically curious:
- I pre-recorded the synth bass, analog synth, acid line, Funky Drummer loop, etc. in the DAW (Cubase Pro 10);
- Sync'ed the TR-808 to Cubase via a Garfield Dr. Click 2 (MIDI to Roland sync)
- Improvised the other sampled vocals ad lib on the MIDI controller (M-Audio Axiom 61).
- All effects done in Cubase.
- Camera - Canon 6D mkII with 24-70 L
- Video Editor - Vegas Pro 17"

808 Day jam 2020 by thisoldhouz


"just having fun on 808 day"

Sequential PRO 3 To The Extreme VCO Hybrid Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

#sequentialpro3 #sequentialsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer
Sequential PRO 3 "To The Extreme"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn It UP!** ***No Talking!!!***

The Sequential PRO 3 in action playing To The Extreme!
This synth is an excellent LEAD synth. Seriously! It's FUN!
It should be on top of every synthesizer rig. Get one!
Meteorite friend featured:
"Kirk" Algerian Stone Chondrite meteorite!
Sending POSITIVE VIBES to YOU!!! ;)
Please see all of my 490+ synth videos right here on my channel!
Oberheim, Roland, Korg, ARP, Moog, Sequential, Yamaha etc. etc.
*Keep posted & check in for all of my new daily uploads!*

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 digital recorder!

Modular World-Ep6-Frequency Shift

Modular World

This one is in via supporting member, Abe Mora.

"Modular World is hosting Frequency Shift, moderated by Trovarsi, Space Racer and Kyythane, and showcasing female and non-binary artists from all over the globe.

Cult of One (United States)

Marie (United States)
instagram: @modularmarie

Tunegirl (Germany)
instagram: @the_tunegirl

Evil Medvěd (Czech Republic)

Neptune Luau (United States)

If you like the show, please consider supporting Modular World on Patreon. THANK YOU!"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine"

06-The Dreadbox Typhon: Amp Envelope


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the somewhat unique amplifier envelope architecture of the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

808 Themed Toyota AE86

Update: not an Audi, but a Toyota AE86. Thanks goes to @therealmushy for catching it. Pic of one below.

Another one via @djmarkfarina. Don't miss the 808 themed van posted earlier.

See the 808 Day label for more 808 day posts, and the Synth Cars label for more synth themed cars.

via @therealmushy

"A Toyota AE86. An absolute classic and coveted amongst the drift community."

Sequential Pro 3 & Boss DD8 Digital Delay


Happy 808 Day from Retro Synth Ads

Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer (1979) Power Generator


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer from the year 1979
drums: E-MU Emax SE samples
recording: multi-track without MIDI, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


Casio Spectrum Dynamic synths --- HT-700 + MT-600 = HT-1300???


"The MT-600 was a preset version of the HT-700 and has the same factory sounds, but without the opportunity to modify any of them. They're digital synths that use Casio's SD "Spectrum Dynamic" synthesis method, with digitally-controlled analogue filters. While the top of the range HT-6000 had up to 4 oscillators per voice, these each only have 1 oscillator per voice, but since I had both hanging around in my synth lair, why not string them together via MIDI and build myself a hybrid...?

Stereo outputs were recorded from each keyboard and reverb was added during mixdown. Drums were added courtesy of the Boss Dr Rhythm DR-110 (1983).

You can support the creating of these videos by a) buying my music at or b) making a donation via PayPal to alfonsemusic at

(C) Copyright 2020 Alfonse


Some Whitney Houston for 808 Day

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Official Video)

And spot the Juno-106 in the shadows... :)

Test Drive The TR-808 For Free!!

Roland Cloud

"Have you ever wanted to try the authentic Roland TR-808? To hear the real original sounds? Do you want to get to know the drum machine that changed music? Now's your chance!

Test drive the Roland TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer and all of our TR-808 patch collections from August 8th to 31st, for free with a Roland Account—no membership required."

808 DAY 2020 - Launchpad Pro Finger Drumming Performance

Nular Music

"Happy 808 Day everyone! This finger drumming performance is my way of celebrating "808 Day" 40 years after the release of Roland's iconic drum machine, the TR-808.

I ran some 808 drum samples (from Samples From Mars) through 4 different signal chains between which I switched live during the performance using 4 of the Launchpad Pro's pads. As always, all played live, no editing or quantisation.


Happy #808day - Jam with Digitone, prophet-6, Sirin, Soundlink, RMX-500

Masaki Takada

"Happy TR-808 40th anniversary! have fun:)"

Roland Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Legendary TR-808 Drum Machine on 808 Day with New Content

via Roland

New Video, Interviews, Stories, and More Highlight How the 808 Has Evolved and Transformed Music, Plus Test Drive the TR-808 Plug-In on Roland Cloud for Free Through August 31

Los Angeles, CA, August 8, 2020 — Roland today honors the celebration of 808 Day, the global music community’s annual salute to the most influential drum machine of all time, the TR-808, by publishing a series of cross-platform content that delves into the way the 808 has evolved and transformed music over the past forty years, and as GRAMMY-winning producer Terry Lewis likes to say, “put the boom in music.”

Introduced 40 years ago, the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was one of the first affordable and widely available programmable drum machines to hit the market. Though only in production for approximately three years, its signature kick and snare—along with many other unique sounds—became tonal anchors for the hip hop and techno movements from the mid-’80s onward. Commonly just called “the 808,” the instrument has been embraced by artists and producers of many genres. Its sound is heard on thousands of dance tracks and hit records, and it is directly referenced in the lyrics of numerous songs over the last few decades.

In honor of the TR-808’s 40th anniversary this year, Roland is offering fans a never-before-seen look at the legendary instrument through an exclusive new series of curated #808day content, including a Q&A with lead TR-808 engineer Tadao Kikumoto, interviews with legendary producers who helped make the 808 so influential, a look at classic 808-powered tracks, and more, as well as announcing a new Roland apparel collaboration.

To celebrate the TR-808’s 40th anniversary, Roland spoke to some of the most prolific producers and artists and gave them the impossible task of picking a song from their discography that had the most impressionable use of the TR-808 and its timeless sounds. Viewers will take a trip down memory lane, hopping between decades, genres, songs, and artists, as they honor the 808, including: Arthur Baker, Cozmo D, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Carl Craig, A Guy Called Gerald, and Jermaine Dupri.

Forty years after the original TR-808 was launched, Chief Engineer Tadao Kikumoto sits down for an exclusive interview to look back on his most famous creation, and share an update on his current projects, including a return to the 808 concept.

The Roland TR-808 is available as part of the Roland Cloud suite of plug-in instruments that work directly within a DAW. Beginning August 8, Roland is offering a free test drive of the TR-808 virtual instrument through August 31. The new “TR-808 Dark Techno Raw Loops” and “Techno 808" patch collections are also offered. Simply sign up for a free Roland Account and start using the most popular drum machine of all time.

The “808 40-Year Playlist” on Spotify celebrates 40 years of great music, made with a little help from the TR-808.

Zenbeats is adding two new in-app sound packs to celebrate 40 years of the Roland TR-808. Vintage TR loop pack includes 100+ audio loops that will enhance tracks with the legendary sounds of the 808. Mixtape Vol. 4 "808" is a free pack that includes 70 audio loops, three Sample Verse pitched presets, one full 808 kit, and five patterns, available for a limited time. Roland Zenbeats is a music creation app designed to keep creators in an effortless artistic flow.

Los Angeles-based streetwear brand PLEASURES and Roland have worked together to create a capsule collection celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 808. The limited run collection is set to release later this month and will feature five unique pieces of apparel that highlight the functions and beautiful design of Roland’s iconic beat making machine.

Roland’s new editorial platform, Roland Articles, takes a behind-the-scenes look at some classic tracks that were made with the help of the TR-808, including “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West, “Doin’ It Right” by Daft Punk”, “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé, and “Voodoo Ray” by A Guy Called Gerald.

To learn more about the TR-808 and its 40th anniversary, please visit Roland’s TR-808 story page and celebrate by joining the #808day conversation online."

Celebrate 808 Day With A Special Offer from Akai

via Akai

808 Day Savings

To celebrate 808 day, we have an exciting offer on our Essential 808 Expansion Pack by F9 Instruments. For a limited time, save 30% on this great collection of 808 samples. Add this pack of industry standard 808s to your library today. Use code "808BEATS" at checkout.

Happy 808 Day! [Roland Tr-08]

zerozero island

"Happy 808! These days we don't have much to celebrate, but i'll always take some time to celebrate the 808. Here's a simple, goofy rhythm i threw together on the TR-08, introduced an instrument at a time. It's no wonder the 808 is a classic, those sounds still sound amazing."

Fragment 2.0 - Wavetable drone

Fragment Synthesizer

"Fragment is an online collaborative programmable noise-of-all-kinds realtime audio / visual software.

This video show the Wavetable feature of the coming update with an evolving drone and a glimpse at virtual channels and the fx chain. Unlike previous videos it is all standalone : client + audio server

The new version of the synthesizer is a huge step forward and come with increased stability, a complete set of new oscillators covering most of the available sound synthesis spectrum (filters bank, wavetable etc.), instrument / channel separation with virtual channels, embedded FX chain with Faust support for custom DSP effects, Jack support for the audio server, enhanced workspace, more inputs (MIC, improved analysis), embedded audio server files manager...

You can try the Fragment synthesizer now at :"

Patch of the Week 70: Chords progressions with volca bass


"You asked, we listened: check out how you can use the three lanes of sequencing on volca bass to create chords."

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Macbeth Micromac D – with additional functions + flight case

via this auction

"Macbeth X-Series Micromac D with additional patchpoints & aluminium flight case

3 oscillator semi-modular synth, complex modulation capabilities, MIDI & CV control.
! ! ! >>> Unique: Comes with 4 additional CV outs, accessible via the built in MIDI interface (MIDI to CV, to control synth parameters or external modules) – installed by Ken Macbeth.

Fully functional. Panel: Very good cosmetic condition. Light signs of wear. Has been taped on one side and is a bit sticky at that spot (can probably be cleaned). Otherwise fine. Comes with switchable PSU."

Conductive Labs The NDLR

via this auction

"Four midi tracks, sequenced arpeggiator, chord player and drone machine! Swiss army knife of melodies. Excellent used condition w/ original box and USB cable."

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"One of only 500 units ever produced."

Roland VP-03 Vocoder

via this auction

"The VP-03 is a reissue of the classic VP-330 Vocoder Plus, a landmark vocoder synthesiser released by Roland in 1979. The VP-03 marries the human voice to the synthesiser using the latest ACB technology to accurately emulate the sound that made the original so influential. The VP-03 has the VP-330’s vocoder, human voice, and strings sound sources on board, and comes with a gooseneck microphone. New features includes 16 Chord Memory set ups and a Voice Step Sequencer. Includes original box and microphone."

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 7284

via this auction

"The synth was recently serviced, which included replacing the power cable with a new flex and plug and refurbishing the keyboard with new silicon greased keyboard bushings. Internally, the synth is very clean, probably the best we've seen. Its 100% fincitional and all controls work as they should.

Cosmetic condition is truely outstanding. Near to mint. With the exception of a couple of minor blemishes to the wooden side panels its free of marks and wear. As clean as example as you would hope to find."

ALESIS NanoSynth Synthesizer Midi Modules

via this auction

Music Synthesizers: A Manual of Design and Construction

via this auction

"- Describes the power supplies, signal sources, VCOs, amplifiers, filters, mixers, and other circuits that go into the construction of an electronic music synthesizer.

- Dozens of electronic circuits with complete parts lists that you can easily build and experiment with.

- Special circuits including signal brighteners, distortion boosters, ring modulators, and voicing circuits.

Apart from some moderate cover wear, the book is internally clean and in very good condition. Ex-libris. Hardcover, 376 pages. Copyright 1984."

Vintage Moog Music Realistic Analog Synthesizer Concertmate MG-1 SN 13 849

via this auction

Vintage Casio CZ-5000 Phase Distortion Digital Synthesizer SN 301118 w/ Custom Case

via this auction

Roland TR-8S Jam Session By Ascetic Wires: "Lisbon Nights". Electronica, House, Techno & Minimal.

Ascetic Wires

"'Lisbon Nights'. Live Electronica by Ascetic Wires (Roland TR-8S)

Listen with Headphones!

Ascetic Wires #42 YouTube Video

Recorded live with a Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer (internal compression and internal effects) without further audio processing on a Q2n Zoom Handy Video Recorder (Video + Audio) and a Readme X2 Pro (Video)."

How To Make Beats With The 808

Doctor Mix

'It's 808 day! I celebrate by making 3 beats on my custom Roland TR-808."

Vintage TR | Fresh Sounds

Roland Zenbeats

"Celebrate 40 years of the Roland TR-808 with the Vintage TR Loop Pack! Whether it's classic 808 BOOM, or processed snap and sizzle, these 100+ loops will infuse your tracks with the legendary sounds of the drum machine that started a revolution. Now available in the Zenbeats store."

Akai Timbre Wolf Get Back In Your Prowler

The Free Radikal

Robaux LL8

"Say hello to Sweetie's little brother!

The LL8 is a tiny eight-track trigger sequencer for your eurorack.

This lil bro got some skills!

Program your patterns like on a classic TR machine. Record patterns with your fingertips. Create random patterns at the touch of a button.

Turn your patterns into exciting performances with the mute and fill function.

The LL8 has 16 patterns with up to 16 steps. Create longer rhythms by chaining multiple patterns.

Expand your sequencer with a MIDI adapter to control your good old MIDI treasures.

Enter the world of modular drums with the Robaux Little Eight."

TWILIGHT TRITON - Summer Garden Concert Party

Woody Piano Shack

"Join me in the garden on a wonderful summer evening to enjoy the sounds of the mighty KORG TRITON synthesizer workstation sampler from 1999. I'll demonstrate the combi programs, pads, drums and assorted presets by playing some dodgy 80s hits."

Moog Slim Phatty Polychain Review & Demo

Pure Ambient Drone

Follow-up to this post.

"My Moog Slim Phatty Polychain Review & Demo. The Slim Phatty and Little Phatty synthesizers are the last synths that Bob Moog ever worked on. This video shows 4 Slim Phatty Synthesizers polychained together for one massive Moog sound! You can't go wrong with just one Moog Phatty but four is much better than one. And the Polychain feature works great!"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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