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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Yamaha TX16W | The Sampler from Hell | That was Saved

Espen Kraft

"Yamaha released the TX16W in 1988 and it appeared to offer a lot, and it did. Unfortunately, the OS they put into it made using it quite arcane, tedious and annoying to the extreme. However....

The demo song can be downloaded here:

.... a group of idealists decided they would make a new operating system for this sampler (as the OS i loaded into memory from a floppy disk when you start it up) and so they made what was to be known as the TYPHOON software. This makes using this machine easy, fun and it becomes very powerful.

The original OS is interesting as a case study in how to really annoy a customer and as such it can be fun in itself, if you're into those kinds of things.

Regardless of OS, the TX16W has a very fat and cinematic low end to its sound and it almost rivals the Roland JV-880 for that. Considering you can sample anything you want into it and preserve that bottom end, I find this sampler a real gem."

Yamaha FS1R Unleashed

Robert Skerjanc

"A small session controlling the FS1r Synthesizer live with a custom hardware controller."

Custom controller for the Yamaha FS1r. Almost looks like custome eurorack modules.

Curious how many of the FS1r parameters it controls. I once made an 80 page editor with Touch OSC with over 1000 parameters. It was ported to TB MIDI Stuff. There is also an editor for Patch Base here and free Edisyn 26 editor here. Without an editor it's like trying to paint a canvas through a keyhole.

NAMM2021: Yamaha Introduces YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards with YC OS v1.1

The YC61 (additional posts) was introduced back in NAMM 2020. The YC73, YC88, and OS v1.1 are new. Details follow.

"YC stage keyboards feature great sound, expressive touch and modern design. YC is powered by our proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) organ engine which recreates individual component behavior to reproduce classic organ character and most important - sound. It all comes with acoustic/electric pianos, and iconic FM synth sounds that Yamaha made famous.

Three keyboard actions are available for different players: YC61 features 61 semi-weighted 'waterfall' keys for organ-focused players, YC73 has 73-key weighted and balanced keys for keyboardists, and YC88 uses an 88-key weighted triple-sensor action with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops for pianists."

Some key features include:
- Exclusive Yamaha Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) to capture not only the sound of classic “drawbar” organs, but also their behavior down to the component level
- A distinctive rotary speaker effect
- Nine drawbars that shape the sound by controlling individual footages and essentials like percussion and vibrato/chorus enhance the tone
- The organ section also features FM synthesis, the now-famous synthesis method pioneered by Yamaha

In addition to the new YC73 and YC88, Yamaha has also introduced YC OS v1.1, the first OS update for its popular YC Series Stage Keyboards.

And the press release:

Yamaha YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards Put Classic Drawbar Organs and Vintage Keys in Packages for All Musicians

BUENA PARK, Calif. (January 14, 2021) — Yamaha will be showcasing the YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards during NAMM’s virtual Believe in Music week starting January 21, 2021. The YC73 and YC88 combine great-feeling new keyboard actions with the soulful sounds, drawbar control, and gig-ready ease of use of the YC61 (introduced in January 2020). The YC73 features 73 weighted, balanced keys and is ideal for keyboardists who divide their playing between organ, piano, electric piano, clavi, synth, and other staple keyboard sounds. The YC88 is meant for musicians who prioritize the touch and response of an acoustic piano, offering 88 weighted Natural Wood keys with triple-sensor action, synthetic ebony and ivory key tops. Both add options alongside the semi-weighted “waterfall” action of the YC61 — the key shape preferred by organ players.

The YC73 and YC88 employ exclusive Yamaha Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) to capture not only the sound of classic “drawbar” organs, but their behavior down to the component level. VCM also reproduces the distinctive rotary speaker effect, which most keyboardists consider inseparable from the organ itself. In other words, the YC series does not merely take a digital snapshot of the world’s most imitated organ sound — it builds that sound from the ground up. This results in unprecedented authenticity.

In true vintage fashion, nine drawbars shape the sound by controlling individual footages, and essentials like percussion and vibrato/chorus enhance the tone. The player can also customize key click, “leakage,” rotary speaker speed changes, and more. The keyboard may be split between upper and lower organ registrations. In addition to VCM modeling organ, the organ section also features FM synthesis, the now-famous synthesis method pioneered by Yamaha.

Complementing the organ, two “Keys” sections utilize proprietary Yamaha “Advanced Wave Memory” which provides authentic acoustic and electric pianos, strings and brass, analog-style synth sounds, and much more. The Keys section features two dedicated effects processors along with configurable envelope and filter controls for real time manipulation and interaction. Like the Organ section, the Keys section also features FM synthesis for many classic sounds like DX7 electric pianos, leads, basses and more. The Keys section may also be split with the organ section across the keyboard or played from an external MIDI controller keyboard to either the Organ or Keys section.

“A staple of keyboard playing is access to classic keyboard sounds,” says Nate Tschetter, manager, Synthesizer Marketing, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Now more than ever, players want more control of those sounds to express themselves. The YC series gives them that control to easily make adjustments on the fly. And now with the introduction of YC73 and YC88, there are options to suit every player in every situation from the perfect ‘top keyboard’ in YC61 to the great ‘all around’ YC73 and finally our best stage piano action in YC88.”

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards will ship to retailers beginning January 21, 2021, at manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) of $2,999 and $3,499, respectively.

To see the Yamaha YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards on display during Believe in Music week, January 21-24, 2021, please register online at

For more information about the YC78 and YC88, visit

Marianne by The Human League & Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Synth Covers by Circuit3

Circuit 3

"A highlight from my December 2020 livestream show. One of my favourite Human League songs which appears on the Holiday '80 EP."

Two covers by supporting member, Circuit3.

Another Brick In The Wall by The Pink Floyd - Circuit3 Cover

"Here's a cover version I performed during my December 2020 livestream show. It's in the angriest of all keys...."

Oxi One Showcase Series


1. Oxi One Showcase Series #1
OXI ONE demo with Ableton Live showing the creation of a track from scratch. Melody, chords, drums, bass and some arpeggios on the top!
2. OXI One Showcase Series #2
OXI One - A new and inspiring way to create musical ideas and control all your studio gear.
Showcase with Ableton Live.
3. OXI One Showcase Series #3 - Modular Rig
Modular time! 🎛🔈
Take control of a full setup with the OXI One and its 8 cvs and 8 gates and one modulation cv input.
4. OXI One Showcase Series #4 - LFOs and CHORD triggering
If parameters lock per step wasn't enough you have one LFO per sequence assignable to more than 20 parameters which gives you even more ways of expressivity.
5. OXI One Showcase Series #5 - Modular & Chords
Performing and sequencing chords with a modular rig has never been so easy.
OXI One is here delivering some chords with 4 voices (4cvs and 4gates).
A bit of modulation is sent to the pitch of all them to make a more interesting sound. Chords are manually transposed and we play also with the Global Gate control to get different note lengths.
6. OXI One Showcase Series #6 - Sequencing 18 tracks in Ableton Live
Oxi One running 18 tracks in Ableton Live with. All modulation is done by MIDI sent by Oxi One in real time.

💡Sequencer 1 in Poly mode with a 8 bar chord progression. Poly mode allows up to 7 notes and 4cc’s per step.
💡Sequencer 2 in Mono mode playing an 8 bar (128 steps) baseline. Cutoff modulation with one CC.
💡Sequencer 3 in Multitrack mode triggering some samples and playing the lead melody. Multitrack mode provides 8 independent tracks with 128 steps and one CC per track.
💡Sequencer 4 in Multitrack mode playing drums.
7. OXI One Showcase Series #7 - CC & Motion Recording
With OXI One you have motion recording of up to 8 CCs per sequencer (there're 4!). This feature quickly enables you to give movement to any parameter on a hardware synth or VST via MIDI or modular synth via the 8 fully configurable CV outputs.
8. OXI One Showcase Series #8 - ARP Recording
Here's a new video showing Arp recording capabilities.

OXI One has one arpeggiator per sequencer which can be directly recorded into the pattern.

If you have a polyphonic synth you can record overdub, up to 7 notes per step. This is great to layer up your arpeggios or whatever you throw at MIDI in.

Arpeggiator, chord engine and MIDI filtering features can also be used from external gear from all available MIDI connections (USB, TRS and Bluetooth).
9. OXI One Showcase & Setup explanation #9 - Hybrid MIDI & Eurorack Setup
Techno Jam with OXI One, Eurorack and MIDI gear (KORG Volca Sample & Arturia Microfreak).

Setup and explanation of the OXI One configuration at the end of the video. Enjoy!

Note: The third Cv is also outputing a triggered envelope whose decay is set by the step gate and the amplitude by the step velocity.

P.d. No usb/power cord 🙂
10. OXI One Showcase #10 - Sequencing and modulating Pulsar-23
OXI One and Pulsar-23 are great companions. With Pulsar's MIDI learn capabilities you can control all sound engines plus a plethora of other functions though CC messages, cv and gate outputs.
11. OXI One Showcase #11 - Euclidean Generator & Multitrack sequencer
An euclidean sequencer with a whole set of randomization features, ratcheting, microtimings, independent time divisions and all kind of edition capabilities??

✅ YES❗️❗️

Now, OXI One has an Euclidean Generator and it's the perfect companion 👬 of the Multitrack MODE !!

One is the first MIDI sequencer and controller implementing modular interfaces (8 gates and 8 cvs), USB MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and of course, standard MIDI.
12. OXI One Showcase #12 - Behringer K2 Paraphonic!
Demo with Behringer K2 (MS-20 Desktop replica). All modular formats now supported!

- V/Oct , Hz/V , 1.2V/Oct
- 5V/10V V-Triggers , S-Triggers

And all that with up to 8 voice of polyphony support...Plus LFOs, modulations, ADs envelopes, etc...

With all the MIDI to CV-Gates capabilities already inside 🙌🏻🙌🏻
13. OXI One Showcase #13 - OXI Pipe, eurorack, Volca Sample and OP-Z
Hi everyone, here's our first video showcasing the OXI Pipe in the production version of the OXI One. The OP-Z is connected by MIDI Bluetooth to the OXI One thanks to the Dual role support.

BugBrand Binary Block Voltage (BBV) - rough overview


"The BBV is a logic controlled preset/sequencer.

Here I show a little how you might approach controlling it..
The DDSR would also be good - indeed you could also use lfos (sync'd or not) or any other voltage source..
A quick & rough video - hence why you can't see the LEDs of the module very well for most of it..!"

via Bugbrand

"The Binary Block Voltage (BBV) is a logic controlled 8 stage preset selector/sequencer.

One of the eight voltage stages is selected based on the settings of the 3 logic control inputs, each of which can be set Logic Lo/0 (Mid), Hi/1 (Up), or controlled by an external signal (Down). As each logic input can be separately controlled, a variety of stage sequence variations can be created and moved between. Traditionally you might use various clock divisions to step through stages in a repeating fashion, different from sequential approaches, but comparators on each input (threshold c.+1V) mean any modular signal can be used as a control.

The three digits under each stage correspond to the 3-bit logic input or can be thought of as controlling (see extra image above):
A – toggles each pair of stages, with logic Lo/0 selecting left and logic Hi/1 selecting right
B – selects the top (logic Lo/0) or bottom (logic Hi/1) block of 4 stages
C – selects the left (logic Lo/0) or right (logic Hi/1) block of 4 stages

The output voltage can be switched for low (0 to +2V) or high ranges (0 to +10V)."

Noise Engineering December Staycation - Live Modular Jam Session

Noise Engineering

"Recorded on Dec 30 on staycation with a case of things I had wanted to revisit or hadn't ever played with... plus a helping hand from the NE demo case.

Bastl Knit Rider on gates (and as master clock)
Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis on CV
Noise Engineering Integra Solum

3x Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Percido
Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas (save the pangolins!)
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas

Make Noise MMG
Qu-Bit Prism

Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio

Winterbloom Big Honking Button
Noise Engineering Mullet, Extra Mullet
Noise Engineering Pons Asinorum
Noise Engineering Lapsus Os
Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix
Xaoc Batumi

Malekko Mix 4, Bastl ABC

Recorded on 1010music Bluebox

Assist: Cellador Famille Small Oat Saison, courtesy of submodular cases"

Moog Realistic MG-1 (1981) vs Cherry Audio MG-1 VST (2020)


"Comparing Cherry Audio's Surrealistic MG-1 Plus digital plugin to a vintage Realistic Moog MG1. One of the best analog emulating plugins that I have heard. Sounds were matched on the VST to the originals first by sight, then by ear as closely as possible."

Roland D-50 D50 Linear Synthesizer SN 801442

via this auction

Maxim MDS-500 (Japanese Simmons SDS8 clone) SN 009396

Kory Westerhold

"Brief video for a Reverb listing showing the state of this very rare old Japanese Simmons SDS8 clone, the Maxim MDS-500. It’s obviously seen better days as I’ve had it in storage for quite some time, and is in need of a tune up/servicing. As you can hear, there is a hum/noise (ground?) coming from all the different outputs (1/4”, headphone and XLR) and some of the pots are scratchy as well—but as is, I suppose you could run it through a comb filter and filter out the noise and have a rad glitchy drum brain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, and the pan pots work but I’m an idiot and even though I had a few of the channels panned, I didn’t have L/R panned on my mixer, so everything is running through the center 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️"

via this auction

Arturia MicroFreak V3 - 3 New Oscillators - Bass - SawX - HARM & New Unison Mode - Epic Update

The Sound Test Room

Details on the V3 update in the post directly below, here.

Arturia & Noise Engineering Collaborate on New MicroFreak Firmware V3

MicroFreak - Firmware V3 | Performance by Tom Hall

"Experience MicroFreak’s wild new sonic capabilities first-hand with an immersive glitch-fuelled performance from renowned LA sound designer Tom Hall. For MicroFreak's latest firmware release, V3, we’ve teamed up with Eurorack visionaries Noise Engineering to push MicroFreak further into the digital realm with 3 powerful new oscillator modes."

Arturia x Noise Engineering | Collaborating on MicroFreak Firmware V3

"Since its inception in 2019, it’s mad talents have grown exponentially. Numerous free firmware updates, new oscillator modes, fresh presets, and even a limited edition skin with 2020’s Vocoder Edition. This little hybrid maniac has become a living, breathing, ever-changing force of fluid creativity - and is showing no signs of slowing down now. For the latest firmware release, V3, we’ve teamed up with EuroRack visionaries @Noise Engineering to push MicroFreak further into the digital realm with 3 powerful new oscillator modes."

And the official press release:

"Arturia unleashes MicroFreak V3 firmware update, collaboration with Noise Engineering
MicroFreak's mad talents continue to evolve with every free update. Introducing MicroFreak Firmware V3, designed in collaboration with Noise Engineering to push MicroFreak’s sound further into the experimental digital realm. 3 razor-sharp new oscillator modes and a number of enhancements bring gritty digital character, workflow flexibility, and even more creative value to this wild hybrid synth.

3 Noise Engineering oscillator modes
Bass, SawX, Harm; 3 new algorithms that also feature in Noise Engineering’s flexible Virt Iter module, offering additive harmonic color, wavefolding, phase modulation, and more. Digital never sounded so dirty.

Unison mode
Up to 4-voice unison is now available for all oscillator types, with unison spread of up to 12 semitones that can also be used as a modulation destination. Make your basses bigger and your melodies more massive than ever.

More factory presets and slots
The number of preset slots has increased from 256 to 384, giving you more legroom to make MicroFreak your own - this even includes 96 more factory presets for more musical madness straight out the box.

Saving and loading presets
Enhancements to preset functionality makes MicroFreak easier and more intuitive than ever, including loading the last saved preset upon restart, and always retaining Chord Mode’s most recent chord within your saved preset."

Additional details and demos at

And some pics grabbed from the site:

Oberheim OB-X w/ MIDI

via this auction

"This OBX 8 voice has midi. It works fine and sound very fat and beautiful! It has Encore midi interface. Looks beatiful in very good condition the panel and also the wood part look fine."

Roland Boom Box Style Music Player MT 300S MIDI Recorder 16-Track Sequencer And Synthesizer

via this auction

Never seen one of these before.

"The MT-300S Music Tutor¨ provides all the functions a pianist needs for effective practice, including adjustable tempo control, metronome and repeat functions. It's a simple, fun and effective way to improve your practice, enhance your performance and have fun - just turn it on, insert a music file disk and press PLAY.

Newly developed sound source compatible with GM format

64-voice polyphony

16-track sequencer; powerful editing features, including new Step edit functions for notes, numbers and velocity

Lyric display function on large custom LCD, as well as on an external TV monitor when connected to Roland's LVC-1N (SMFs must contain lyrics-like TUNE 1000-style data)

Compact body with handle for easy portability

Powerful stereo sound system with two speakers

Friendly user interface with simple button layout and large custom LCD

Metronome function features a "bouncing ball" for a musically-flowing visual reference

Onboard rhythm pattern library for creating original music files

Built-in computer interface

Max. Polyphony64

Tones 369

Drum Sets 9 (8 + 1 SFX set)

EffectsReverb, ChorusTracks 5 (ism) /

16 tracks

Tempo Quarter note = 20 to 250 bpm

Rhythm Pattern 30 types

Disk Drive 3.5” FDD

Speakers 4” (10 cm) x 2

Display Large custom LCD

Connectors MIDI (In, Out), Output (Stereo/RCA phono type), Microphone (with echo), Computer Connector"

Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1

via this auction

Polyend Tracker Acid


"Polyend Tracker Acid by Isobutane"

TR-909 vs RE-909 EP1 - Sunshine Jones' 909


"I will be comparing in a series of videos my RE-909 build to various TR-909 machines. Thanks to Sunshine Jones for providing a few patterns to serve as a benchmark."

DinSync RE-909 posts

Behringer's EMS VC3S (SYNTHI) Prototype

"That’s the real fun - assembling a new prototype:-)
We’ll soon show you the complete unit. Stay tuned."

New TAL J-8 Sound Bank from New Loops

New Loops

New Loops - Gas Giant TAL J-8 Bonus Presets Demo

New Loops has released Gas Giant - TAL J-8 Presets.

Featuring 65 new presets for TAL J-8. From classic analogue brass, to new evolving pads and modern leads. Gas Giant features a well-rounded set of J-8 presets that really show off the powerful Jupiter sound.

You will find the 65 presets categorised by type including, 5 Arpeggios, 15 basses, 6 sound effects, 12 keys, 15 leads, and 12 pads. All level matched to around -6db and with the mod and pitch wheels assigned for expressive playing.

1.1 Update: Gas Giant now includes 10 bonus presets using the new Osc 1 Sync feature for a total of 75 presets!

Intro price: £12.99 (reg: £14.99) until end of February. Use coupon INSPIRE20 for 20% off store wide.

Free demo presets are available to download from"

Synthesizer Manuals on Internet Archive

This one is in via Ajgersten. You can find them here.

"Collecting several hundred manuals in one location, this collection of information about Music Synthesizers spans over 40 years of technology and products. Most consist of information about programming, usage and operation of synthesizers, as well as software products that emulate synthesizers. Additional scans are always welcome."


zack dagoba

"Enjoy swimming in the deep blue Mr D!

Sequential Prophet VS
JVC KY1900
Panasonic MX-50"

The Battle for "Warmth": Novation Peak vs. ASM Hydrasynth

Red Means Recording

'The Novation Peak and ASM Hydrasynth represent the pinnacle of hardware desktop synthesizers, but the real question is: which is the warmer synth? It's not that simple. It's a stupid question. Why did you ask me to do this?
Check out a writeup and lossless sound files over here:

00:00 intro and methodology
04:19 raw saw
06:22 saw and filter decay
07:58 saw and filter attack (exponential envelopes)
09:28 triple oscillator chords
11:48 chorus
14:15 long filter sweep square
17:27 reverb
21:27 bass
22:31 hydra low pass filters
24:31 filter drive
27:09 soft triangles
28:58 lfo lead
30:11 detuned lead
33:38 the most important tests"

kNoB technology DPLPG DALPG Demo and Comparison

kNoB Technology

"Test, demo, and comparison of our new LPG's
DPLPG - passive classic version with 3 modes
DALPG - active version without voltage threshold
Time sections:
00:00 Hello
00:04 DPLPG demo
03:46 DPLPG vs DALPG
06:02 DPLPG CV threshold and response
07:16 DALPG demo"

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 (Presets Part 2)


Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 Preset videos by 3rdStoreyChemist

Norand Mono PatchOfTheWeek #10


"Every week (give or take) a new patch with the Norand Mono.

Here is a new patch : An oldschool techno synth with a punchy kick !
No processing or effects."

Using Reaper DAW and software synthesisers on the Raspberry PI 400

Floyd Steinberg

"Using Reaper DAW and software synthesisers on the Raspberry PI 400 - table of contents below! The Raspberry PI 400 has enough CPU power to run multiple virtual synths and effects simultaneously. Let's waste these resources trying to run the ARM version of Reaper with software synths and effects. Reaper on ARM Linux does not have VST or LV2 compability, but we can use Linux' audio subsystem to route our audio and MIDI signals from one standalone app to the next, using even WebMIDI apps within our DAW.
Note: everything shown here will also work on all the other Raspberry PIs. Reaper is a very lean software, so it's a perfect match for the PI. If only it would support LV2 plugins. :-)

Table of contents
00:21 Introduction
01:00 Hardware overview (you should also buy the PSU)
02:43 Downloading and installing Reaper
03:19 solving the "there was an error opening the audio hardware" problem
03:47 ... and the "no midi devices found" problem (a2jmidi)
04:50 ... and the "no plugins available" problem (synthv1 and qjackctl)
05:14 how to set up the midi and audio routing in qjackctl and Reaper
05:54 armed with that knowledge, recording vocals & a synth track
06:54 adding an external webaudio reverb effect to a track recorded previously ("pavucontrol" and pulseaudio-module-jack)
08:42 recording a track with that reverb effect
09:51 conclusion / bye bye"


Raspberry PI 400

ARP QUADRA Handmade miniature 1 6 scale

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Welson Syntex 1975 Nero SN 151551

via this auction

You can find previous posts featuring the Syntex including demos here.

"The rare 70's Italian BEAST. It produce a real blasting sound. Who knows it know what de talkin about... Recently service but: it need a cap for one fader, no lights on presets news and some parts of wood are broken and damaged (as you can see clearley from the pics ). It comes with a relic gig bag."

Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic keyboard 1977 SN 564198

via this auction

You can find a couple of demos of one in previous posts here.

"Multivox MX-65, in a wonderfull playing condition and in a really good esthetical condition. All the keys are working perfectly. All the section knobs are working too. The knob of the filter section is broken but it does not have much incidence on playing. This is a little keyboard with a great potential and has a real rich sound. The feeling of the keys is pretty good, not cheap and all the keys are pretty white. Serial number is 564198.."

Arturia Matrixbrute Analog Keyboard Synthesizer With Custom Fitted Flight Case

via this auction

Touché by Expressive E - How To Change Cylinders & Customize Movement - Plus CV Out Demo

The Sound Test Room

21- The Arturia PolyBrute- Morphée Part A


'Here is part one of a two-part demonstration of the Morphée 3-D touch controller present on the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

It's Enough // OP-Z ambience with Valhalla Supermassive

Payton Carter

"Get my Circuit pack for free/pay-what-you-want:

Here's a little track with just the Teenage Engineering OP-Z running through the amazing free effects VST from Valhalla DSP, Supermassive. All dry synth sounds are coming from the OP-Z. I copied the audio in Reaper on four different tracks, each with a different Supermassive preset. I then did some automation of the Supermassive wet/dry level and track levels. There's also processing with Ozone Elements. I accidentally had the gain on my audio interface set super low, so apologies for the noise; let's just call it lo-fi."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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